A Bibliography of Works by Jean Pedrick



1974: Wolf Moon; A Book of Hours (Alice James Press)
1976: Pride & Splendor (Stolz und Pracht) (Alice James Press)
1981: Greenfellow (New Rivers Press)
2003: Catgut (Pomme Press)


1979: The Gaudy Book (Juniper Press)
1980: Saints (Rowan Tree Press)
1983: Come to the Glorious Fourth: (An American Love Song) (Bob Arnold’s Scout Series)
1988: To The Ladies of Vienna (privately printed)
1989: Cat Book (privately printed)
1992: Mitteleuropa (Small Poetry Press)
1993: Bos, Bovis (Small Poetry Press)
1994: Beach Light
2005: Music From A Farther Room or Prufrock’s Peach


1972: Let’s Eat The Children: An Anthology of Readings from the Cambridge Street Artists’ Cooperative (Cambridge Street Artists’ Cooperative]
2001: The World of Grey & The Man in the Picture) (Vol. 2 Book of Hours No. 3 of Walking to Windward: Poets of New England, edited by Cicely Buckley (Oyster River Press)


1960s: The Book of Nines
1960s: Flower Safety
1968?: Love No Medicine
1969: In The New Dark (written at Northeastern)
1969?: A Requiem for Mutation
1969?: Seven Times of the Year
1969: The Old Conjuror and Other Poems
1971: No Vacancy
1979: The Fox
ca. 1980: Saints Continued
1984-1987: Sequences
1987: To The Ladies of Vienna
1988: Waking
1989: Pastoral
1989: Landscape With River and Cows
1992: Black Umbrellas, Red Umbrella
1993: The River
1994: New Spring Jacket
1994: Still Lives
1996: Family Matters
1996: A Book for Del and Win
1997: Short Poems
1998: Salt for Welcome
1998: Falling Off the Roof Matters
1998: The Winding
1999: Easter Animals
1999: Tiffany Nights
2000: A Pair of Boots
2005: Me and Galahad
Undated: Base
Undated: Calendar
Undated: Daring Hero


1947: The Fascination (a novel) (Houghton Mifflin)
1995: Who Was He When He Was To Home?: John Pedrick and His Kind. A short family history.
1998: Richard, 1925-1997. A short reminiscence of her brother.
2004: The Lord of The Manor Lean. A whimsical portrait of her brother.


????: Tristan in Cornwall: Part One