Thank You, Ladies

Thank you, Ladies, for what you brought in,
soup to nuts a la mode au gratin,
and Es for Majorca and raw Manhattan.

Ellie for bringing the Governor’s lady,
Diane for sinister sisters and shady,
Cathy whose dear, strange corpse-scooping aunt
rides with me, rides with me, like a haunt.
Marie for the sites, sights, of Puerto Rico,
and Kay for every week something unique-O.
For Liz for returning from samurai battle
although she scares us by saying Seattle;
to Betsies and Connies and Margos and Barbaras,
confusing spring warbles, confusing fall warblers,
thankyous on wings; also Bill for satyrs
and other amazements of mythical creatures
and Bash for the mythical houses they try –
these hardly are ladies, but what a guy!
(And Dana I’m almost forgetting, oh my!)
(And Marjorie, nothing will rhyme with Marjorie
but endless-belt segments of long short story.
Will April find peace with that turk of a lover?
Tune in next year and we may discover . . .)

Thank you, dears, for the steady miracle –
something so tasty and something so lyrical –
winter can come, be it ever so bummer,
it never will freeze off the balls of this summer!

Skimmilk Farm

©1987, Jean Pedrick