George Hough (1757-1830)

On September 8, 1789, George Hough, a native of Connecticut, set up the first printing press in Concord, New Hampshire. On January 6, 1790, he published the town’s first newspaper, The Concord Herald and New Hampshire Intelligencer.

Most of Hough’s work was government commissions, including the Constitution of New Hampshire.

The Constitution of New Hampshire (Concord: G. Hough, 1792)

Hough also published numerous almanacs and sermons. The first pamphlet printed in Concord was a sermon by Joseph Eckley on the installation of Reverend Israel Evans.

The Concord Calendar; or New Hampshire Almanack (Concord: G. Hough, 1791)

A Sermon, delivered July 1, 1789 (Concord: G. Hough, 1789)