Henry Ranlet (1762-1807)

Henry Ranlet began his business in Exeter, where he settled in 1785. In July of that year, he began publication of The American Herald of Liberty. In 1787, he formed a partnership with John Lamson, which dissolved by the time Lamson opened his own printing office in 1790. Ranlet was a skillful printer and his publications are large in number and variation.

Ranlet printed several books and pamphlets, partly on his own account and partly for publishers in Boston and Worcester.

The New-Hampshire Diary; or Almanack (Exeter: H. Ranlet, 1796)

The New Testament Bible (Exeter: H. Ranlet, 1795)

Ranlet was one of the earliest of country printers to supply his office with the types for musical characters, and issued as many as ten or twelve volumes of collections of vocal and instrumental music.

The Essex Harmony: An Original Composition, in Three and Four Parts (Exeter: H. Ranlet, 1800)