Acceptable Public Computer Use Policy

Internet Disclaimer

The UNH Library has no control over the materials found on the Internet. Consistent with academic library best practices, the library does not censor access to material nor protect you from information you find offensive, controversial or inappropriate. Due to the nature of the Internet, not all information you find will be accurate, complete or current. Discretion is advised when using this global resource.

UNH Library employees are authorized to terminate any user's session or to prohibit a user from subsequent sessions when given cause to believe the user has failed to comply with the following Acceptable Use Policy. This applies to all library users, including faculty, staff, students, and members of the public.

UNH Library Acceptable Public Computer Use Policy

The following categories of use are inappropriate and prohibited when using a library owned computer or library network access on your personal computer:

  1. Illegal use of computer resources in violation of civil or criminal law at the federal, state, or local levels is prohibited. Examples of such uses are: promoting a pyramid scheme; distributing illegal obscenity; receiving, transmitting, or possessing child pornography (see 18 USC 110 of the US Code), infringing copyright, and making bomb threats.
  2. Use that impedes, interferes with, impairs, or otherwise causes harm to the activities of others. Users must not interfere with, or attempt to interfere with, the use of computer resources by other users. Behaviors that cause a network traffic load or computing load and interfere with the use of computer resources are also prohibited.
  3. Harassing or threatening use, including, for example, discriminatory harassment, display of offensive or sexually explicit images, except as may be part of legitimate academic pursuits, and repeatedly sending unwelcome, offensive or sexually-explicit e-mail messages or other electronic communications to another (see USNH Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy).
  4. Disguised use. Users must not conceal their identity when using computer resources. Users are also prohibited from masquerading as or impersonating others or otherwise using a false identity.
  5. Harmful use, including distributing computer hoaxes and viruses. Users must not knowingly distribute or launch hoaxes, computer viruses, worms, or other rogue programs intended to compromise computer resources.
  6. Manipulating the computer's operating system, setup or files is prohibited. This includes changing the home page and adding or altering screen savers. Abuse of the hardware and/or software will result in the user being denied use of the Library’s computer workstations. Users will be held responsible for any damage to equipment caused by misuse.

Approved, Dean's Cabinet, 11/17/2010