Electronic Reserves

About Electronic Reserves

Library employees will curate a list of electronic resources for you to link to in MyCourses. We will link to articles and books available electronically in the library's collection. If we cannot obtain electronic access, we can scan materials if they are less than 10% of the whole. We are also able to scan old exams, class notes, etc. into PDF format and place them on our server.


  • You must provide full citations for all articles each semester
  • Please submit your requests early so we can process them before you need them. During busy processing times it may take up to two weeks for reserve lists to be completed.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, we can only scan one chapter per book or one article per journal issue. Read more about our copyright guidelines.

Request Electronic Reserves

To submit a request, email us and include the following information:

  • Department and course number
  • Semester items are needed
  • Estimated number of students in the course
  • Full bibliographic information for each item, including page numbers (the information can be an attachment)

Additional Resources