Materials Science

Covers patent history, filing, and classification, with a complete database of US patents allowing full text searching of patents granted from 1976 to present; patents granted from 1790-1975 are searchable via classification. Patents can be viewed as images (TIF format). The USPTO site also offers links to some international patent databases. it also lets you search for active and inactive US trademarks, with words or numerical descriptors, providing online images of the trademarks, dating back to the late 19th century.

For chemistry, nanoscience, and related fields. Reaxys is based on the combined content of CrossFire Beilstein and Gmelin, and the Patent Chemistry Database (PCD). Reaxys contains experimental reaction and substance data extracted from the major organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry literature, plus linked literature references. Allows researchers to identify and combine selected reaction steps to generate synthesis strategies. Substance searching includes (sub-)structure, generic and R-group searching, molecular formula, name, etc. Indexes multi-step reactions.

The world's leading resource for coverage of research literature in physics, including astronomy and astrophysics. Its other subject strengths are electrical engineering; control, and computing, including information technology. International journals and conference proceedings are covered, with selected indexing of books and reports. This resource allows searching by specialized fields.

Multidisciplinary platform connecting regional, specialty, data, and patent indexes to the Web of Science Core Collection, allowing researchers to track ideas across disciplines. Databases with a subject focus include Medline, BIOSIS Citation Index, and Zoological Record; databases with a document type focus include Derwent Innovations Index (patents) and Data Citation Index (datasets and data studies); and databases highlighting content from regions around the world include the Russian Science Citation Index, KCI Korean Journal Database, and SciELO Citation Index.

The Web interface for the world's foremost resource for chemical information, Chemical Abstracts. Indexes the literature of pure and applied chemistry and broadly related areas; searchable by text, such as author and research topic; plus chemical identifiers, structures, and reactions. Sources covered include journals, conference proceedings, patents, books, technical reports, and dissertations. Corresponds to the databases CAplus, CAS Registry, and CASREACT, and to the printed resource Chemical Abstracts.

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