Grant Stereoscopic Slides of China, 1908-1915

Collection number: VC 29
Size: 3 boxes (1.00 cu.ft.)

About William A. Grant (1868-1954)

William A. Grant was born in the Bronx, New York City, in 1868. He studied art at Cooper Union and learned engraving under the tutelage of Lewis Delnoce, one of the outstanding engravers of the day. Grant then became head of the engraving room at the American Bank Note Company. In 1908 he was invited to Beijing, China, in order to found the Chinese Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Until his retirement in 1928, Grant served as technical advisor to the Bureau, and designed and engraved many stamps for the Chinese government; he also trained several hundred Chinese in the art of steel engraving and printing. After his retirement, he moved to Contoocook, New Hampshire, where he died in 1954.

About the Grant Stereoscopic Slides of China (1908-1915)

The collection consists primarily of stereoscopic slides taken by Grant in and around Beijing, China, during the period 1908 to 1928. The slides, several of which were used by Grant to prepare postage stamps, include views of many famous Chinese landmarks, among them the Ming Tombs, the Summer Palace, and the Western Hills outside of Beijing, as well as Beijing street scenes, pictures of the military, and vignettes of the Grants’ home life. Also included are slides taken by Grant on hunting trips in China, during a visit to Hawaii in 1914, and at the 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair.

Of particular interest is a picture of Grant’s 1908 Studebaker, said to be the first car in Beijing. This car, draped with American flags, was used by Grant to transport the young Chinese Emperor from his palace to the Japanese Legation at the height of the 1911 revolution, which resulted in the emperor’s overthrow and the formation of the Republic of China.

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[Identification of item], [folder], [box], Grant Stereoscopic Slides of China, 1908-1915, VC 29, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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March 18, 1986 (Accession number: 8571)

Collection Arrangement

This collection contains images which are sequentially numbered according to their format:

  • Sepia photo prints are numbered 1-280;
  • Glass negatives are numbered 1N-42N;
  • Flexible negatives are numbered 1F-42F;
  • B&W photo prints are numbered 1P-26P;
  • Postcards are numbered 1PC-5PC;
  • Items are numbered Item 1-Item 3.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Stereoscopic Slides

Note: Sepia toned slides are: #2; #29; #30; #32; #33; #37; #38; #71; #72; #74; #75; #76; #79; #93; #96; #100; #102; #110; #115; #119; #126; #127; #128; #129; #139; #145; #154; #163; #164; #165; #166; #171; #182; #183; #253; #260; #261; #262; #263; #265; #266; #273; and #277 (total: 43 slides). Green tinted slides are: #107; #244; and #245. Color slides are: #51; #206; and #237. These have been reproduced in B/W.

Subseries A: Positive Glass Images #1-280

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Travel 1914: Del - Deck boy costume
Box 1, Folder 4Travel 1914: Japan - garden
Box 1, Folder 7Travel 1914: Bringing on coal in Japan
Box 1, Folder 8Travel 1914: Washington, D.C.
Box 1, Folder 9Travel 1914: Del - Deck boy costume
Box 1, Folder 10Travel 1914: China - travel 1914
Box 1, Folder 11Travel 1914: Chinese junk
Box 1, Folder 12Travel 1914: Freighter
Box 1, Folder 13Travel 1914: Lisa Stillman & Del
Box 1, Folder 14Travel 1914: Del & Mother
Box 1, Folder 15-18Travel 1914: Unlabled
Box 1, Folder 19-21Social: Unlabled
Box 1, Folder 22Social: Ambassador Reinch
Box 1, Folder 23Social: William Grant and Family
Box 1, Folder 26Social: Golf in Peking 1914, Dad
Box 1, Folder 27-28Social: Unlabled
Box 1, Folder 29-36Our House; Peking 1908-1928; Friends: Unlabled

(See also #lN-5N, 9N-11N, lF)

Box 1, Folder 37Same as lN
Box 1, Folder 37-41Our House; Peking 1908-1928; Friends: Unlabled

(See also #lN-5N, 9N-11N, lF)

Box 1, Folder 42-50Hawaii 1914: (Color slide)
Box 1, Folder 51Hawaii 1914: (Color slide)
Box 1, Folder 52-69San Francisco World's Fair 1915
Box 1, Folder 70Bureau of Engraving, Peking: Same as 12N
Box 1, Folder 74Bureau of Engraving, Peking: Same as 13N
Box 1, Folder 76Bureau of Engraving, Peking: Same as 14N
Box 1, Folder 77-83Bureau of Engraving, Peking: Unlabled
Box 1, Folder 84Bureau of Engraving & Printing gateway, Sept. 1914. Peking, China
Box 1, Folder 85-90Country Outside our Compound at Bureau, Peking, 1914: Untitled
Box 1, Folder 91Country Outside our Compound at Bureau, Peking, China 1914
Box 1, Folder 92S. West gate Chinese City, Peking, China, Sept.17, 1914
Box 1, Folder 93-94Untitled
Box 1, Folder 95Peking, China - making paper pulp, Sept. 17, 1914
Box 1, Folder 96-103Untitled
Box 1, Folder 104Country Outside our Compound at Bureau, Peking, 1914. (Two corners broken off)
Box 1, Folder 105-112People - Peking 1914: Untitled
Box 1, Folder 113People - Peking 1914: A woman feeding chickens [two corners broken off]
Box 1, Folder 114Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Crowd scene

See also 25N-35N for this image and others following.

Box 1, Folder 115Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Street vendor - or laundry?
Box 1, Folder 116Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Village scene
Box 1, Folder 117Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Palace?
Box 1, Folder 118Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Street scene
Box 1, Folder 119Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Another village street scene
Box 1, Folder 120Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Man at work?
Box 1, Folder 121Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Partial view of a pagoda
Box 1, Folder 122Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: City wall, Peking
Box 1, Folder 123Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: View of a dwelling
Box 1, Folder 124Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: South-west gate Chinese City wall, Peking, Sept. 1914
Box 1, Folder 125Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Pagodas
Box 1, Folder 126Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Men eating
Box 1, Folder 127Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Street scene
Box 1, Folder 128Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: At the barber's
Box 1, Folder 129Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Children
Box 1, Folder 130Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Elderly Chinese woman walking in street
Box 1, Folder 131Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Large crowd outside the pagoda
Box 1, Folder 132Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: One of the gates to the city?
Box 1, Folder 133Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Young man wrapped in coat
Box 1, Folder 134Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Another street scene
Box 1, Folder 135Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Mrs. Grant, William's mother(?) amidst group
Box 1, Folder 136Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Grant's Studebaker (?) and curious onlookers in front of pagoda gate
Box 1, Folder 137Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Woman pushing perambulator down commercial street
Box 1, Folder 138Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Funeral
Box 1, Folder 139Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Military parade
Box 1, Folder 140Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Mrs. Grant, William's mother
Box 1, Folder 141Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Another street scene
Box 1, Folder 142Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Traffic
Box 1, Folder 143Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Man in hat in foreground, pagoda in background
Box 1, Folder 144Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Damming the river
Box 1, Folder 145Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: The road to the palace?
Box 1, Folder 146Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Rock formation
Box 1, Folder 147Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: A group of men carrying a big weight
Box 1, Folder 148Street Scenes, Peking, 1914: Busy street scene
Box 1, Folder 149-154Peking Gates and Walls
Box 1, Folder 155-160Ching Hua University, Peking

Exclusively for Chinese students, run by Chinese, but with many American teachers or U. S. Educated Chinese. The founding money was returned indemnity money for the damage done to Americans in Boxer Rebellion, 1901.

Box 1, Folder 161-175Summer Palace, Peking. (See also 17N-24N, 6F-8F)
Box 1, Folder 176Summer Palace, Peking (Broken in half and mended with tape)
Box 1, Folder 177-186Summer Palace, Peking. (See also 17N-24N, 6F-8F)
Box 1, Folder 187Reviewing troops

Pei Hai (North Lake) Legation Quarter, American, Dutch, French, British, Japanese, Italian, Etc.

Box 1, Folder 188Reviewing troops
Box 1, Folder 189Reviewing troops
Box 1, Folder 190Reviewing troops
Box 1, Folder 191Reviewing troops
Box 1, Folder 192Pei Hai North Lake
Box 1, Folder 193Pei Hai North Lake, view from distance
Box 1, Folder 194Pei Hai Stupa N. Lake
Box 1, Folder 195Legation Quarter 1914
Box 1, Folder 196American Legation 1914 Peking
Box 1, Folder 197Legation Quarter Peking 1914
Box 1, Folder 198Outside the legation?
Box 1, Folder 199Tung Chou School
Box 1, Folder 200Airplane in Peking 1914
Box 1, Folder 201Methodist Mission in Peking
Box 1, Folder 2031914 Western Hills, Peking 202-205 (See also 36N-41N)
Box 1, Folder 206Pei Ta Ho, North Big Water, Seashore (Big Water is Pacific Ocean) #206-238 (See also #42N): (Color glass slide)
Box 1, Folder 207-223Untitled
Box 1, Folder 224Bathing Suits in 1914!
Box 1, Folder 225Pei Ta Ho Baker's seashore house
Box 1, Folder 226Bathing Suits - Del
Box 1, Folder 228Seashore
Box 1, Folder 229-236Untitled
Box 1, Folder 2372 women outside of the beach house(Color slide, one corner broken and mended with tape)
Box 1, Folder 238-248Ming Tombs
Box 1, Folder 249-252Shausi Hunting Trip, China 1915 #249-280 (See also 38F-42F)
Box 1, Folder 253Shausi Hunting Trip, China 1915 (One corner broken)
Box 1, Folder 254-280Shausi Hunting Trip, China 1915

Subseries B: Negative Glass Images #1N-42N.

ID numbers followed by "N" designate glass negative format.

Box 1, Folder lN-5NFamily, Peking. (See also #29-41,9N-llN, lF)
Print (No other identification)6N-8N
Box 1, Folder 9NStudebaker of W. A. Grant, 1st car in Peking, 1914
Box 1, Folder 10NMrs. W. A. Grant in the country outside of Bureau of Engraving, Pai Chih Fang
Box 1, Folder 11NMemorial Arch - entrance of an avenue at Ming Tombs
Box 1, Folder 12NBureau of Engraving, Peking (Same as #74)
Box 1, Folder 13NBureau of Engraving, Peking (Same as #75)
Box 1, Folder 14NBureau of Engraving, Peking (Same as #76)
Box 1, Folder 17N-24NSummer Palace, Peking
Box 1, Folder 25N-35NPeking Street Scenes (See also #114-148)
Box 1, Folder 36N-41NWestern Hills, Peking (Western Hills Race Course) (See also #202-205)
Box 1, Folder 42NPei Ta Ho (North Big Water) Seashore (See also #206-238)

Subseries C: Negative Flexible Images #1F-42F

ID numbers followed by an "F" designate flexible negatives.

Box 1, Folder 1FFamily, Peking (See also #29-41, lN-5N, 9N-llN)
Box 1, Folder 2F-5FNegatives (No other identification)
Box 1, Folder 6F-8FSummer Palace Peking (See also #161-186, 17N-24N)
Box 1, Folder 9F-36FUnlabeled
Box 1, Folder 37FMing Tombs (See also #239-248)
Box 1, Folder 38F-42FShausi Hunting Trip, China. 1915. (See also #249-280)

Series 2: Photographs - B&W #1P-26P

Box 2
Folder lPLittle boys, Peking (3 x 3.5)
Folder 2PLlama Temple, outside north wall of Peking (3 x 4)
Folder 3PA Temple Terrace in Western Hills, Peking (4.5 x 3.5)
Folder 4PCart for hire, outside Tartar Cith Wall, Peking (3.25 x 4)
Folder 5PBridge, Summer Palace, west of Peking (3 x 4)
Folder 6PThe ever curious and friendly Chinese when a foreigner appears, Peking (3 x 4)
Folder 7PHome from the Fair! Candied crabapples on a stick, 1912, Peking (3.5 x 5.8)
Folder 8PSawing wood, Peking (3 x 5.25)
Folder 9PSawing wood (3 x 5.5)
Folder 10PCamel train and soldiers, Peking (3.5 x 5.5)
Folder 11PFather and son (3 x 5)
Folder 12PRamp 15, the Tartar City Wall, Peking (5.5 x 3)
Folder 13PCommemoration tablet, Peking (5.5 x 3)
Folder 14PEmperor's reviewing stand at Imperial troops parade grounds near Summer Palace, west of Peking (5.5 x 3.25)
Folder 15PGreat Wall of China (3.5 x 5.5)
Folder 16PWinter scene, outside Peking City Wall (3.5 x 5.5)
Folder 17P(No caption) (3.5 x 5.5)
Folder 18PBureau of Engraving and Printing, Peking, camel train from Western Hills resting (3 x 5.5)
Folder 19PHorse shoeing, Peking (3.5 x 5.5)
Folder 20PTypical street scene, Peking (3 x 5.25)
Folder 21PSleds for hire on the frozen moat outside city wall, Peking (3.5 x 5.5)
Folder 22PStreet traveling barber (3.5 x 5.5)
Folder 23PTemple guardians, Peking (3.25 x 5.25)
Folder 24PTemple guardians, Peking (5.5 x 3.25)
Folder 25PGateway into the Chinese City Wall, Peking (3.25 x 5.25)
Folder 26PPeking cart, no springs! (3.5 x 5.5)

Series 3: Postcards #1PC - 5 PC (All are 3.5" x 5.5")

Box 2
Folder 1PCS. J. Betines & Co. Photographic studio, Peking (Contains 2)
Folder 2PCAusfuhrung: Graphische Gesellschaft. Berlin SW (Contains 9)
Folder 3PCDenniston & Sullivan, Serie 2, no. 24, 31, 121 (Contains 3)
Folder 4PCHans Bahlke, Peking (Contains 16)
Folder 5PCChas. F. Gammon Photo Series. No. 4-281 (Very incomplete, one unnumbered) (Contains 28)

Series 4: Three-dimensional Objects

Box 3
Item 1Stereoscopic Viewer, Binocular type
Item 2Polyscope, Brass and wood, Purpose: Unknown
Item 3Stereoscopic Viewer, Box type, Wood with brass fittings, very fine
Finding Aid Image TEMP