Close Associations: UNH MFA Invitational

Blind Spot, oil painting of woman by Suzanne Schireson

Blind Spot, 2009, 16x12, oil on muslin on board by Suzanne Schireson

April 25 - May 3, 2009
Close Associations partnered UNH Masters of Fine Arts students with former undergraduate classmates who were attending MFA programs in different schools around the country. Each participating UNH graduate student invited one or two artists they had met as undergraduates or with whom they found connections in their work. Quotes on text panels introduced each UNH host and their close associates, creating a biographical connection to this compelling collection of works by emerging artists.

Close Associations was planned in conjunction with the MFA Thesis exhibitions at the UNH Museum of Art.

Thanks to guest curator Erin Murray who, with her classmates, organized and installed the exhibition.

Participating UNH MFA Students:

  • Erin Murray
  • Christopher Dolan
  • Alan Rushing
  • Dustin O'Hara
  • Graham Loper
  • Gregory Poulin
  • Suzie Dittenber

Participating Close Associates:

  • Chris Carter, University of Washington
  • Jessica George, Maine
  • Bree Johnson, Chicago Art Institute
  • Brian Kelley, Indiana University
  • Brendan Loper, American University
  • Aaron Lubrick, Kentucky
  • Will Reed, New York Studio School
  • Megan Rogers, University of Pennsylvania
  • Suzy Shireson, Indiana University
  • Carly Slone, Wright State University
  • Lana Stephens, American University
  • Aron Wehr of Indiana University.