The Art of Drawing: Works by UNH Studio Art Faculty

drawing titled, The Property of Old Jones by Craig Hood

The Property of Old Jones by Craig Hood

April 4 - June 14, 2014
Dale Valena, Museum Curator
Craig Hood, Guest Curator, UNH Painting and Drawing Professor

The art of drawing has always been a fundamental priority of the Studio Art Program at UNH. All art majors take at least two drawing courses and most take several. Some take many. Introductory Drawing is taken by majors from almost every other program at the university.

The art of drawing, which is both a method of observation and a form of expression, represents a distinct kind of engagement with the visual world. An artist renounces a passive position once a drawing begins, and the act of drawing sustains a heightened state of awareness, where surprising and unusual insights occur as long as the energy and attention of the artist is maintained. Of all the ideas that emerge during the lifetime of an artist, none are as significant as those that come when the artist draws.

This small exhibition gave the university community and its visitors an opportunity to glimpse a basic component of what art education means in the Department of Art and Art History.