The UNH Mural Project: What Does Diversity Mean to Your Generation?

Diversity mural

February 2 - March 2, 2007
Fourteen students representing their campus residence halls participated in a unique project under the direction of UNH Department of Residential Life and funded by the UNH Parents Association. They designed a mural for Devine Hall based on the question: "What does diversity mean to your generation?" Each student completed a drawing proposal for the mural in the style of their mentor, Richard Haynes, Portsmouth artist and UNH Associate Director of Admissions for Diversity. From the finished drawings, the students chose one to represent their efforts. Together they painted the mural that was installed in Devine Hall on December 8, 2006.

The students expressed sincere gratitude for the unique opportunity to work with a dynamic artist such as Richard Haynes.

The drawings showed a variety of responses to the diversity issues of the day; their legacy in the Devine Hall mural is a message of hope. Following this exhibit, the drawings were exhibited at the Seacoast African American Cultural Center in Portsmouth, NH. Following that, the drawings were to be permanently installed in the students' respective residence halls.

Special thanks to Richard Haynes, the students, and to Shannon Marthouse, Assistant Director of Residential Life, who, with Hall Directors Sarah Linz and Corey Brown, organized the project. Thanks also to the UNH Parents Association.