Up Close and Personal: A Look at Presidential Politics in New Hampshire

Democratic and Republican icons under a magnifying glass

September 18, 2007 - January 8, 2008
Once every four years the UNH campus is littered with well-groomed people pressing the flesh and making promises for a better tomorrow, and it all starts in New Hampshire (with the exception of the Iowa caucus). Up Close and Personal described the New Hampshire primary tradition and the unique citizen access to presidential candidates.

Here at UNH, students get some of the best exposure to the candidates. Their ubiquitous presence on campus every four years is like migratory geese, pleasant for most and a nuisance to some. Still, the opportunity to meet a future US president, up close and personal, is unique to New Hampshire. And sometimes, they come back to thank us!

Special thanks to Susan Roman (UNH '74) and her husband, Chris Regan, for the loan of their political memorabilia collection. Susan and Chris, attorneys who live in Durham, collect presidential memorabilia with a focus on NH primary materials; most of the artifacts in the exhibit relate to New Hampshire politics. Though they collect with a flare for the bipartisan, Susan's role as chair of the UNH Students for McGovern in 1972 spawned a passion for all things McGovern. A selection from this part of their collection was featured in the exhibition.

Thanks also to Bruce DeMay and Michael Dunham for their supplemental loans that helped complete the exhibition, and to Susan for making the arrangements. Susan was a true co-curator.