Library Catalogs

Catalog Differences

UNH Library Catalog

The UNH Library catalog searches only the UNH Library collection in Durham and Manchester.

This catalog contains some local items not available in Boston Library Consortium WorldCat, such as items on order, some items on reserve, equipment, and some electronic books.

It can also be used to request items checked out to other UNH patrons.

Boston Library Consortium (BLC) WorldCat

Boston Library Consortium WorldCat searches most of the UNH Library collection in Durham and Manchester, the Boston Library Consortium (BLC), and participating libraries worldwide.

Searching is open to anyone. Current UNH students, faculty, and staff may use BLC WorldCat to request books and media from other libraries.

Which items are not included in BLC WorldCat?

  • Some course reserves
  • Recently ordered items that are not yet available for checkout
  • Special equipment, such as laptops and Ethernet cords
  • Some electronic books

Electronic Resources

  • E-resources listed in BLC Worldcat are accessible only if UNH has them listed (or they are free)
  • Access to e-resources varies between the UNH library catalog and BLC WorldCat. If you don't find what you're looking for in one, try the other.

If you have any questions, Ask a Librarian.

Catalog Locations

Many locations in the UNH Library catalog indicate the building and/or floor where the item is located. However, some do not; below is a list of the more commonly used UNH Library catalog locations and their physical locations.

Durham campus map showing the libraries and floor plans for Dimond are available.

If you still have questions about where to find items listed in the UNH Library catalog, please contact a service desk or Ask a Librarian (Durham).

UNH-Manchester patrons can request items from Durham. For help, contact a librarian in Manchester.

Catalog Location Physical Location
Archives Dimond Library, University Archives, Level 1, Room 101
Chem Parsons Hall, Iddles Wing, Chemistry Library, Room N109
Circ Desk Dimond Library, Level 3 (Main Floor)
Dimond Library 18 Library Way, Durham
Engr/Math Kingsbury Hall, Engineering/Math/Computer Science Library, Room S236
Juvenile Collection Dimond Library, Level 4
Manchester Durham patrons: Request from UNH Manchester
Microforms Level 2 Dimond Library, Room 210
Multimedia Dimond Library, Level 2, Room 231
NHamp Dimond Library, Special Collections, Level 1, Room 101
On Display - Level 3 Dimond Library, Adjacent to the Circ Desk, (Main Floor)
Oversize Various locations and buildings, Check for shelf markers and signs
Physics DeMeritt Hall, Physics Library, Room 114
Special Dimond Library, Special Collections, Level 1, Room 101
Storage Request in the UNH Library Catalog (more info) or from Document Delivery


How We Organize Our Collections

Call Numbers 

Library of Congress

Most call numbers for items in our collection are assigned using the Library of Congress Classification system, often abbreviated LC, which groups items by subject. The first letter in the call number tells you the general subject of an item, which can be useful if you want to browse a subject of interest.

U.S. Federal Depository Documents

Federal documents in our collection use a call number scheme called the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) system.

The call numbers on these documents represent the issuing agency and type of publication, not the subject. For example, PREX 2 represents the Office of Management & Budget, while PREX 3 includes publications from the Central Intelligence Agency.

Physical Locations

  • Catalog Locations tell you where to find your item
  • Dimond Library has floor maps to help you find your way
  • Library Locations map shows you where our libraries are on campus