Engineering, Math & CS Library

Location & Hours

The Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science Library is on the second floor in the middle portion of Kingsbury Hall, with the entrance on the south side (one floor up from the Hatch mural on the first floor). It is located in Kingsbury Hall, Room S236. See today's hours.

About Us

We serve the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, as well as others from the community with research and educational needs in the areas of computer science, mathematics and statistics, and engineering. Materials for math education are found at both this library and Dimond Library.

The on-site collection includes approximately 26,000 books, 890 current periodical subscriptions, and thousands of bound journal volumes, as well as databases. Course reserve material for many computer science, engineering, and mathematics classes is located here.

The Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science Library holds mainly recent materials. Older materials are located in other campus libraries or in the Library Storage Facility. To locate materials, check the UNH Library online catalog.

We are open to the public as well as the UNH community.


New Books at the Engineering, Math, & CS Library

Rigid geometry of curves and their Jacobians. / Werner Lütkebohmert Algorithms unplugged / Berthold Vöcking ... [et al.], editors Groups, languages, and automata / Derek F. Holt, University of Warwick; Sarah Rees, University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Claas E. Röver, National University of Ireland, Galway The parabolic Anderson model : random walk in random potential / Wolfgang König The spectrum of hyperbolic surfaces / Nicolas Bergeron Poincaré-Andronov-Melnikov analysis for non-smooth systems / Michal Fečkan, Michal Pospíšil Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation : technologies, engineering economics, and risk management / Peter Gevorkian, Vector Delta Design Group, Inc Producing women : the Internet, traditional femininity, queerness, and creativity / Michele White Deep learning / Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville Application of holomorphic functions in two and higher dimensions / Klaus Gürlebeck, Klaus Habetha, Wolfgang Sprössig