Library Workstations

All online library resources are accessible through the following:

Student Computing Clusters

  • Available only to current UNH students, faculty, and staff; log in using your UNH IT ID
  • Located on Level 3 (main floor) of Dimond Library
  • Our science branch libraries have cluster laptops that circulate for in library use only
  • Supported by the IT Help Desk
  • Equipped with standard cluster software, including adaptive technology; some have scanners attached

Public Computers

  • Available to everyone
  • Located in all of the libraries. In Dimond Library, they are available on all levels but most are on the main floor.
  • Equipped with Microsoft Office and several browser options

Government Information Computer

  • Available to the public
  • Located on the main floor of Dimond Library
  • Equipped with ArcExplorer 2.0, Census CD + Maps 1990, Climate Atlas of the U. S., MicroAnalyst PUMS 1980-1990, Terrain Navigator 2001 (data disks at the Information Desk), Microsoft Office readers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Virus Scan, and Internet Explorer

Our libraries also have a limited number of laptops (non-cluster) available to borrow.