New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz

Gray Sargent, Marshall Wood, and Clark Terry

Gray Sargent, Marshall Wood, and Clark Terry
Photo credit: Jim Howe

The New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz (NHLTJ) was founded in 1978 by jazz aficionado Dorothy Prescott to preserve and foster appreciation of traditional jazz as an American art form. The archive includes recordings, books, videos, periodicals, photographs, and memorabilia.

UNH Traditional Jazz Series Media Collection

About the Traditional Jazz Concert Series

Since 1978, the library has produced the Traditional Jazz Series concerts in partnership with the UNH Music Department and has helped bring an impressive range of world-renowned jazz musicians to campus.

Search the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz Recordings

The New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz archives hold over 25,000 recordings on 78, 33 1/3 LP, and 45 EP. Contact a librarian to search the recordings collection.

Other jazz recordings, generally those more recent and commonly available, are held in Dimond Library's circulating collection, which is searchable via the library catalog.

Photograph Collections

  • DeLellis, Achilles R. and Albert Publio

Recorded Music Collections

  • Coe, Joan
  • Cullimore, Sherry
  • Curran, Leo F. (1927-2008)
  • Coffey, Roger T.
  • Foreman, Margaret
  • Hale, Richard
  • McKay, Walter
  • Schmidt, Doris
  • Weaver, James
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    Dorothy Prescott Ruth Cooke (1921-1988) was born in Everett, MA. Her respect for jazz musicians manifested itself in 1978 when she formed the New Hampshire Traditional Library of Jazz (NHLTJ). In 1979, Prescott collaborated with the UNH music…