University Presidents

The New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts (NHCAMA) was founded in 1866 and located in Hanover, NH for the purpose of sharing faculty and facilities with Dartmouth College. Each college, however, retained its own separate identity. The NHCAMA was governed by a Board of Trustees that had a president, but there was no elected president of the College until it was removed to Durham in 1893. The New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts became the University of New Hampshire in 1923.

Date Name Title
1866-1877 Asa Dodge Smith Pres. of the Board of Trustees
1877-1890 George W. Nesmith Pres. of the Board of Trustees
1890-1893 Lyman Stevens Pres. of the Board of Trustees
1893-1903 Charles S. Murkland 1st President
1903 Charles H. Pettee Interim
1903-1912 William D. Gibbs 2nd President
1912 Charles H. Pettee Interim
1912- d 1/23/17 Edward Thomas Fairchild 3rd President
1917 Charles H. Pettee Interim
1917-1927 Ralph Dorn Hetzel 4th President
1927 Adrian A. Morse Interim
1927- d 5/24/36 Edward M. Lewis 5th President
1936-1937 Roy D. Hunter Interim
1937- d 2/3/44 Fred Engelhardt 6th President
1944-1947 Harold W. Stoke 7th President
1947 Frank W. Randall Interim
1947-1948 Lauren E. Seeley Interim
1948-1950 Arthur S. Adams 8th President
1950-1954 Robert F. Chandler 9th President
1954-1955 Edward D. Eddy, Jr. Interim
1955-1961 Eldon L. Johnson 10th President
1961-1962 John F. Reed Interim
1962-1963 Jere Chase Interim
1963-1971 John W. McConnell 11th President
1971-1974 Thomas N. Bonner 12th President
1974-1979 Eugene S. Mills 13th President
1979-1980 Jere Chase Interim
1980-1983 Evelyn Handler 14th President
1983 Gordon A. Haaland Interim
1983-1990 Gordon A. Haaland 15th President
1990 Gus Kinnear Interim
1990-1994 Dale F. Nitzschke 16th President
1994-1995 Thomas Fairchild Interim
1995-1996 Walter Peterson Interim
1996-2002 Joan R. Lietzel 17th President
2002-2006 Ann Weaver Hart 18th President
2006-2007 J. Bonnie Newman Interim
2007-2018 Mark W. Huddleston 19th President
2018-2024 James W. Dean, Jr. 20th President
2024- Elizabeth S. Chilton 21st President