Gordon A. Haaland Papers, 1983-1990

Collection number: UA 2/1/14
Size: 12 boxes (3.96 cu.ft.)

About Gordon A. Haaland

Gordon A. Haaland joined the UNH faculty as instructor of psychology in 1965 and later served as chair of the psychology department. He was serving as vice president for academic affairs before he became interim president and then president of the University in 1984.

During his years as president, several centers of excellence were established including those in the humanities, international perspectives, and policy and social science research. Under his leadership, the UNH Foundation was established, generating an increase in private support. Research funding increased dramatically with the establishement of the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS). Also during his term, a new undergraduate apartment complex and new Health Services building were constructed.

Gordon Haaland resigned to become president of Gettysburg College.

About the Gordon A. Haaland Papers

The presidential papers of Gordon A. Haaland include materials on the Women's Commission, accreditation of the Social Work Dept., and the 1984 Commencement.

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Transferred from the President's Office, 2/15/1993

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11981-1988Shoals Marine Lab
Box 1, Folder 21982-1988Biological Sciences Reorganization
Box 1, Folder 31982-1988Biological Sciences Reorganization
Box 1, Folder 41983-1984Academic Strategy
Box 1, Folder 51983Report of a Visit to the University of New Hampshire, Nov. 6-9
Box 1, Folder 61983-1990Affirmative Action
Box 1, Folder 71983-1984Commencement, December, fldr.1
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11983-1984Commencement, December, fldr.2
Box 2, Folder 21983-1984Commencement, May, fldr.1
Box 2, Folder 31983-1984Commencement, May, fldr.2
Box 2, Folder 41983-1984Commencement, May, fldr.3
Box 2, Folder 51983-1984Commencement Committee
Box 2, Folder 61983-1985Dairy Center, UNH (Preliminary Drawings)
Box 2, Folder 71983-1984Herbert Schneider Corp.(N.H. Cranmore Situation)
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11983-1984Honorary Degrees
Box 3, Folder 21983-1984Science and Engineering Research Building
Box 3, Folder 31983-1988Winthrop and Corrine Moore Lecture Series(Marine Sciences)
Box 3, Folder 41984-1985Commencement, December, fldr.1
Box 3, Folder 51984-1985Commencement, December, fldr.2
Box 3, Folder 61984-1985Educational Innovation, System Committee on (Draft II), (Manley R. Irwin)
Box 3, Folder 71984-1985American Foresters, Council of the Society of, Accreditation, Interim Report
Box 3, Folder 81984-1985Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11983-1984Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
Box 4, Folder 21983-1984Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
Box 4, Folder 31983-1984Honors Convocation, May,
Box 4, Folder 41983-1984Honors Convocation, May, fldr.2
Box 4, Folder 51984-1985Commencement, May, fldr.1
Box 4, Folder 61984-1985Commencement, May, fldr.2
Box 4, Folder 71984-1985Commencement, May, fldr.3
Box 4, Folder 81984-1985Commencement Committee
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11984-1985Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
Box 5, Folder 21984-1985Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
Box 5, Folder 31984-1987Honors Convocation, May,
Box 5, Folder 41984-1985Honors Convocation, May, fldr.2
Box 5, Folder 51984-1985Commencement, May, fldr.1
Box 5, Folder 61984-1985Commencement, May, fldr.2
Box 5, Folder 71984-1985Commencement, May, fldr.3
Box 5, Folder 81984-1985Commencement Committee
Box 5, Folder 91984-1985Commencement Committee
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11984-1985Presidential Inauguration Committee
Box 6, Folder 21984-1985Manchester, UNH at, fldr.1
Box 6, Folder 31984-1985Manchester, UNH at, fldr.2
Box 6, Folder 41984-1988Nursing, Nursing Prop for Greater Keene Region
Box 6, Folder 51984-1985Recreation and Park, Assn., National Council on Accreditation
Box 6, Folder 61984School of Earth, Oceans and Science (Recommendation to Establish)
Box 6, Folder 71984-1985Teacher Education, National Council for Accreditation of
Box 6, Folder 81984-1987Thompson Hall Renovations
Box 6, Folder 91985-1986Commencement Committee
Box 6, Folder 101985-1986Conant Hall Renovation, Kresge Foundation
Box 6, Folder 111985-1986Walter Hopkins Dedication- class of 1927 Room
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11985-1986MacDonald Natural Area Dedication
Box 7, Folder 21985-1986Skoglund Livestock Area Dedication
Box 7, Folder 31985-1986Digital Equipment Corp.(Prop. and Grant Program)
Box 7, Folder 41985-1986Governance Study
Box 7, Folder 51985-1987Educational Innovation Task Force Report
Box 7, Folder 61985-1986Operating Staff Recognition Program
Box 7, Folder 71985-1986Public Good, For The
Box 7, Folder 81986-1987Bamford Plaque
Box 7, Folder 91986-1988Child Care
Box 7, Folder 101986-1988Faculty Grants (Nynex)
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11986-1989Humanities, Center for
Box 8, Folder 21986-1987Markus Foundation Recognition
Box 8, Folder 31986-1988Social Work, Dept., (Accreditation Dept., Name Change)
Box 8, Folder 41986-1987South Africa
Box 8, Folder 51986-1987Student Information System
Box 8, Folder 61986-1989Trustees, Board of(Actions Reports)- 8/19/86- 4/10/89
Box 8, Folder 71986-1987Women's Commission Annual Report and Recommendations to President
Box 8, Folder 81987-1988Alumni Affairs and Development
Box 8, Folder 91987-1988Brazilian American Coop Education and Research- Marine Science
Box 8, Folder 101987-1988Society of the Cincinnati
Box 8, Folder 111987-1988Cooperative Extension- Retirement and Fringe Benefit System
Box 8, Folder 121987-1988Cooperative Extension Service Task Force Report
Box 8, Folder 131987-1989Dairy Research Center
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11987-88Development Office- Evelyn Brown Property Gift
Box 9, Folder 21987-88Development Office- Mrs. F. Samuel Knox (Jeanne M.) Last Will and Testament
Box 9, Folder 31987-88Facilities Services- EE695 Project
Box 9, Folder 41987-88Fish and Game Department- License Agreement between UNH and State of NH
Box 9, Folder 51987-89Innovation and Opportunity Grants
Box 9, Folder 61987-88George Kaludis Assoc., fldr.1
Box 9, Folder 71987-88Kaludis, fldr.2
Box 9, Folder 81987-88Policy and Social Science Research- the Institute for "Bridging the Gap"
Box 9, Folder 91987-88Student Retention Task Force
Box 9, Folder 101988UNH In the Year 2000: A Working Paper
Box 9, Folder 111987-89Violin Institute (Summer- Division of Continuing Ed.)
Box 9, Folder 121987-88Women's Commission(Sexual Harassment Education Program) report to President
Box 9, Folder 131988-89Computer Acquisition and MIS Planning(three to five yr.)
Box 9, Folder 141988-89Dedication, James "Red" Hayes Football Locker Room
Box 9, Folder 151988-89UNH Foundation- Peterson, Carsey Fund for the Performing Arts
Box 9, Folder 161988-89UNH-M six yr. strategic plan
Box 9, Folder 171988UNH-Durham Fire Department
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11988-1989Mgt. of America, Inc., (An Analysis of Higher Education Needs in NH)
Box 10, Folder 21988-1989New Hampshire School Board Assoc., conf. rev.
Box 10, Folder 31988-1989Policy Analysis USNH
Box 10, Folder 41988-1989Site Review Committee, Ad Hoc
Box 10, Folder 51988-1989SLL Academic Integration, University Committee on
Box 10, Folder 61988-1989Whittemore School- Center for Hospitality Industry Management Education
Box 10, Folder 71989-1990Academic Affairs, VP for (UNH Academic Plan, draft 5)
Box 10, Folder 81989-1990Academic Industrial Research Center Proposal
Box 10, Folder 91989-1990Alumni Affairs Development Office
Box 10, Folder 101989-1990Cost Effectiveness Study
Box 10, Folder 111989-1990Foundation, Univ. of N.H.
Box 10, Folder 121988-89Governor's Success Grant Program
Box 10, Folder 131989-1990Handicapped Employment Services
Box 10, Folder 141989-1990Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
Box 10, Folder 151989-1990Hubbard Marine Program Endowment
Box 10, Folder 161989-1990Nursing education at Keene
Box 10, Folder 171989-1990Research, Vice- President for
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11989-1990Rescission
Box 11, Folder 21989-1990Rescission
Box 11, Folder 31989-1990Rescission
Box 11, Folder 41989-1990Rescission
Box 11, Folder 51989-1990Research and Graduate Education, Committee on (Shoals Marine Lab)
Box 11, Folder 61989-1990"S"
Box 11, Folder 71989-1990Thompson School
Box 11, Folder 81989-1990Trustees
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11989-1990Trustees, Board of
Box 12, Folder 21989-1990Trustees, Board of
Box 12, Folder 31989-1990Tuition; Tuition Fees Task Force; Whittemore School
Box 12, Folder 41989-1990Women's Commission (range 1972-1990)
Box 12, Folder 51989-1990Women's Studies; "Y"; "Z"
Box 12, Folder 61989-1990Yankee Conference
Box 12, Folder 71989-1990Yankee Conference
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