Multimedia Reserves

Placing Multimedia Items on Reserve

Our Place Items on Reserve form now includes multimedia reserves.

Check the UNH Library catalog to see if we own the videos or CDs.

  • If we do not already own the material, keep in mind it may take several weeks to recieve new items and have them cataloged. Please place your requests well before you need them.
  • Personal copies of videos and CDs that are put on reserve must be legally obtained copies.
  • We are unable to put materials that have been borrowed from other libraries on reserve.

If you plan on using a film for a short period of time (either on reserve for your students or to show in a class), please remember that movies in the general collection get checked out for 1 week. Contact staff at least 2 weeks in advance to have them set the material aside. This allows time to request an item which may be checked out to another patron. We cannot guarantee the availability of a VHS or DVD if given less than two weeks notice.

We usually have only one copy of an item; please consider how many students will be viewing the items. Consider booking showing of the films in Studio 235. You can reserve online or call the Information Desk (603) 862-3125.

Once Items are on Reserve

Reserve items are kept behind the Information Desk on level 3, and can be requested by title by students. Please ensure your students know the title of items they are required to use.

You can see your items on reserve by selecting the Course Reserves limiter in our library search box and searching for your name or course number.