This list has been created from published histories, information from Campus Planning and Facilities, and the university website.

Building Name Built/Demolished Use
Alexander Hall built 1951 Student Residence
Babcock Hall built 1967 Student Residence
Ballard Hall built 1894; demolished 1961 Student Residence
Barton Hall built 1969 Academic/Thompson School
Brook House built 1946?; demolished 2005 Administration
Chase Ocean Engineering Building built 1996 Academic/CEPS
Christensen Hall built 1969 Student Residence
Cole Hall built 1987 Academic/Thompson School
Conant Hall built 1893 Academic/COLA
Congreve Hall built 1920 Student Residence
Craft Cottage (original Practice House) built pre-1893 Academic/SHHS
Dairy Bar/train station purchased 1911 by B&M railroad; by UNH 1965 Restaurant/Academic/Thompson School/Amtrack
DeMeritt Hall built 1914; rebuilt 2008 Academic/CEPS
Devine Hall built 1966 Student Residence (Upper Quad)
Dimond Library built 1958 Library/Academic
East-West Halls (formerly Barracks) built 1914; demolished 1971 Student Residence
Eaton House built 1974 Student Residence (Mini Dorms)
Elizabeth DeMeritt House (formerly Practice House) built 1930; demolished ca. 2019 Administration
Elliott Alumni Center built 1976 Alumni Assoc./Foundation
Engelhardt Hall built 1946 Student Residence (Lower Quad)
Fairchild Hall dedicated 1916 Student Residence
Field House built 1937 Athletics
Forest Park Apartments built 1961-1968; part demolished 2003 Married Student Residence
The Gables built 1991 Student Residence
Gibbs Hall built 1946 Student Residence (Lower Quad)
Grant House purchased 1942 Admissions/Administration
Gregg Hall built 2001 Academic/Administration aka Environmental Technology Building
Haaland Hall (formerly known as SERC C) built 2008, renamed 2013 Student residence
Hall House built 1974 Student Residence (Mini Dorms)
Hamel Recreation Center (former Snively Arena) renovated 1995 Recreation/fitness center
Hamilton-Smith Hall built 1907 Academic/COLA, was the Library
Handler Hall (formerly known as SERC A) built 2007, renamed 2013 Student residence
Health Service Center built 1989 Student Health
Hetzel Hall dedicated 1927 Student Residence
Hewitt Hall built 1893 Academic/SHHS
Hitchcock Hall built 1959 Student Residence (Upper Quad)
Holloway Commons (aka HoCo) built 2003 Dining hall
Hood House built 1931/1932 Administration/Honors programs
Horton Social Science Center built 1966 Academic/COLA
Hubbard Hall built 1967 Student Residence
Huddleston Hall built 1919 Dining hall, aka Commons
Hunter Hall built 1946 Student Residence (Lower Quad)
Jackson Estuarine Lab built 1971 Academic/COLSA
James Hall built 1930 Academic
Jessie Doe Hall built 1963 Student Residence
Kendall Hall built 1970 Academic/COLSA
Kingman Farm acq. 1970 Academic/COLSA
Kingsbury Hall dedicated 1950 Academic/CEPS
Lord Hall built 1958 Student Residence
Louella Pettee House built 1893 Administration
Marston House built 1974 Student Residence (Mini Dorms)
McConnell Hall built 1967 Academic/WSBE
McLaughlin Hall built 1955 Student Residence
Memorial Union Building (aka The MUB) built 1957 Student Union
Mills Hall built 2002 Student Residence
Morrill Hall built 1902 Academic/COLA
Morse Hall built 1985 Academic/CEPS
Murkland Hall built 1927 Academic/COLA
Nesmith Hall built 1893 Academic/COLSA
New England Center built 1967-1968; 1988; 2010 Administration
New Hampshire Hall built 1906 Academic/SHHA
NHPTV studio built 1985 USNH system
Observatory built 1985; relocated 2004 Academic/CEPS
Parsons Hall built 1966 Academic/CEPS
Peter T. Paul College built 2013 Academic/Business and Economics
Peterson Hall (formerly known as SERC B) built 2007, renamed 2013 Student residence
Paul Creative Arts Center built 1960 Academic/COLA, Visual and Performing Arts
Pettee Hall built 1938 Academic/SHHS
Philbrook Hall built 1969 Dining
Poultry Lab Building built 1962 Academic/COLSA
President's House built 1904 Administration
Putnam Hall built 1948 Academic/Thompson School
Randall Hall built 1959 Student Residence (Upper Quad)
Richardson House built 1974 Student Residence (Mini Dorms)
Ritzman Animal Nutrition Lab built 1960 Academic/COLSA
Rudman Hall built 1995 Academic/COLSA
Sackett House built 1974; razed 2007 Student Residence (Mini Dorms)
Sawyer Hall built 1951 Student Residence
Schofield House purchased 1941; razed 2010 Administration
Scott Hall built 1933 Student Residence
Service Building built 1939 Facilities/Administration
Smith Equine Center built 1980 Academic/COLSA and TSAS
Smith Hall built 1908 (first dorm) Admissons
Snively [Arena] built 1965; renovated 1995 Athletics/Recreation
Spaulding Hall (Spaulding Life Sciences Center) built 1960 Academic/COLSA
Stillings Hall built 1963 Dining hall
Stoke Hall built 1964 Student Residence
Taylor Hall built 1910 Academic/COLSA
Thompson Hall built 1893 Administration
Whittemore Center built 1995 Athletics/recreation
Williamson Hall built 1970 Student Residence
Woodman Horticulture Farm unknown Academic/COLSA
Woodside Apartments built 1984 Student Residence
Woodruff House built 1974; razed 2007 Student Residence (Mini Dorms)
Zais Hall built 1948 ROTC