Maps & Atlases

USGS Historical Topographic Maps

High resolution scans are available through the USGS Historical Topographic Maps collection.

The UNH Historical USGS Maps of New England & New York quad maps are available through the Internet Archive.

Hurd Town & City Atlas of New Hampshire

Tables of Contents and county index pages are available through the Internet Archive.

A digitized version of the atlas is also available through the David Rumsey Map Collection.

Atlas Accompanying the Hitchcock Geology of New Hampshire

An atlas detailing the geology and topography of New Hampshire, and other special features. These maps, published in 1878, predate the earliest USGS maps of New Hampshire.

Gazetteer of the state of New-Hampshire

A general view, geographical and statistical, of New Hampshire.

Merrill, Eliphalet; Merrill, Phinehas, 1767-1815 1817