Roy D. Hunter Papers, 1935-1937

Collection number: UA 2/1/6
Size: 7 boxes (2.33 cu.ft.)

About Roy D. Hunter

Roy Deneale Hunter was born in Carson City, Nevada on April 12, 1873. He studied at the University of Wisconsin and Massachusetts State College. Hunter came to New Hampshire in 1892 as general manager of the Sullivan Machinery Company. In 1914 he established a dairy farm in West Claremont and then became interested and active in education and the progress of agriculture. He held offices on the Boards of the Claremont School, Eastern Farmers' Exchange, Sullivan County Farm Bureau and the Farm Bureau Federation. On June 14, 1916, Governor Rolland H. Spaulding appointed Hunter to the Board of Trustees of the University of New Hampshire. From 1931 until his death, Hunter served a President of the Board of Trustees. Following the deaths of both President Lewis and President Englehardt, Hunter acted as Chief Executive Officer of the University. In 1937, the University gave him the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. Hunter died on November 14, 1944 at his home in West Claremont.

About the Roy D. Hunter, (Interim) Papers

This series consists of the papers of Roy D. Hunter while he served as interim President of UNH, and include materials on Library alterations, the swimming pool, and correspondence with William H. Cowell.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Roy D. Hunter Papers, 1935-1937, UA 2/1/6, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11935-1936Alumni Fund Council
Box 1, Folder 21935-1936American Association of University Women
Box 1, Folder 31935-1936American Council on Education
Box 1, Folder 41935-1936Bleachers for Stadium
Box 1, Folder 51935-1936Blewett, Edward Y.: Executive Secretary
Box 1, Folder 61935-1936"C"
Box 1, Folder 71935-1936Clippings
Box 1, Folder 81935-1936Cowell, William H.: Director of Athletics
Box 1, Folder 91935-1936Eastman, M. Gale: Dean of College of Agriculture
Box 1, Folder 101935-1936Engineering Experiment Station
Box 1, Folder 111935-1936Faculty, General Notices
Box 1, Folder 121935-1936Gifts
Box 1, Folder 131935-1936"H"
Box 1, Folder 141935-1936Henderson, O.V.: Registrar
Box 1, Folder 151935-1936Hood, Charles H.: Trustee
Box 1, Folder 161935-1936Hood House, T.Q. Phillips: Chairman
Box 1, Folder 171935-1936Kendall, J.C.: Director of the Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 1, Folder 181935-1936"L"
Box 1, Folder 191935-1936Library Alterations
Box 1, Folder 201935-1936Loveren, H.W.
Box 1, Folder 211935-1936Magrath, R.C.: Treasurer and Business Secretary
Box 1, Folder 221935-1936Magrath, R.C., Appointments
Box 1, Folder 231935-1936Marine Zoological Lab
Box 1, Folder 241935-1936Meetings and Conferences (to be held on campus)
Box 1, Folder 251935-1936Military Department
Box 1, Folder 261935-1942Murphy, Francis P.: Governor
Box 1, Folder 271935-1939The New England College conference on Intercollegiate Athletics
Box 1, Folder 281935-1936Northern New England School of Education
Box 1, Folder 291935-1936"P"
Box 1, Folder 301935-1936Parker, Clifford S.
Box 1, Folder 311935-1936Portraits
Box 1, Folder 321935-1936Summer School, 1936
Box 1, Folder 331935-1936Swimming Pool
Box 1, Folder 341935-1936Trustees Meeting, May 26, 1936: Special Meeting
Box 1, Folder 351935-1936Trustees Meeting, June 18, 1936
Box 1, Folder 361935-1936Trustees-Report
Box 1, Folder 371935-1936Weld Farm Barn; Weld Farm House
Box 1, Folder 381935-1936W.P.A. Workers' Education
Box 1, Folder 391936-1937"A"
Box 1, Folder 401936-1937Alexander, Norman: Dean of Men
Box 1, Folder 411936-1937Alumni Secretary: Auerbach, Eugene K.
Box 1, Folder 421936-1937The Alumnus
Box 1, Folder 431936-1937American Council on Education
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11936-1937Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 2, Folder 21936-1937"B"
Box 2, Folder 31936-1937Blewett, Edward Y.: Executive Secretary
Box 2, Folder 41936-1937Bridges, H. Styles: Governor
Box 2, Folder 51936-1937Budget, Executive Department
Box 2, Folder 61936-1937Bureau of Appointments
Box 2, Folder 71936-1937Business Office
Box 2, Folder 81936-1937By-Laws of UNH
Box 2, Folder 91936-1937"C"
Box 2, Folder 101936-1937Case, George W.: Dean, College of Technology
Box 2, Folder 111936-1937Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarships
Box 2, Folder 121936-1937Committee Appointments
Box 2, Folder 131936-1937Committee, Faculty Athletic: C.L. Stevens, Chairman
Box 2, Folder 141936-1937Committee on Class Schedules: F.W. Taylor, Chairman
Box 2, Folder 151936-1937Committee on Dormitory Management
Box 2, Folder 161936-1937Committee on Scholarship: N. Alexander, Chairman
Box 2, Folder 171936-1937Committee on student aid
Box 2, Folder 181936-1937Committee on Wholesale Water Rates (Durham Spring Water Company)
Box 2, Folder 191936-1937Commons Dining Hall
Box 2, Folder 201936-1937Contracts: July-August, 1936
Box 2, Folder 211936-1937Contracts: September-December, 1936
Box 2, Folder 221936-1937Contracts: January-March, 1937
Box 2, Folder 231936-1937Convocation
Box 2, Folder 241936-1937Convocation: Committee on Lectures and Concerts
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11936-1937Cowell, William H.: Director of Athletics
Box 3, Folder 21936-1937"D"
Box 3, Folder 31936-1937Dad's and Mother's Day, 1937
Box 3, Folder 41936-1937Dallas, Bishop John J.: Trustee
Box 3, Folder 51936-1937Eastman, M. Gale: Dean, College of Agriculture, Professor of Economics
Box 3, Folder 61936-1937Education, U.S. Bureau of, Department of the Interior
Box 3, Folder 71936-1937Employment of Married Women
Box 3, Folder 81936-1937Englehardt, Fred: President
Box 3, Folder 91936-1937Engineering Experiment Station: July-December, 1936
Box 3, Folder 101936-1937Engineering Experiment Station: January-March, 1937
Box 3, Folder 111936-1937"F"
Box 3, Folder 121936-1937Faculty: General Notices, etc.
Box 3, Folder 131936-1937Faculty Meetings
Box 3, Folder 141936-1937Faculty Meetings: Minutes
Box 3, Folder 151936-1937Finances
Box 3, Folder 161936-1937Forestry Camp, Passaconaway, NH
Box 3, Folder 171936-1937Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 3, Folder 181936-1937"G"
Box 3, Folder 191936-1937Gifts
Box 3, Folder 201936-1937Gilford Winter Sports Cabins (Belknap Recreation Center)
Box 3, Folder 211936-1937Graduate School
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11936-1937"H"
Box 4, Folder 21936-1937Henderson, O.V.: Registrar
Box 4, Folder 31936-1937Hoitt, George G.: Property
Box 4, Folder 41936-1937Hood House: T.G. Phillips, Chairman
Box 4, Folder 51936-1937Huddleston, E.T.: Professor of Architecture
Box 4, Folder 61936-1937Instructional Service Scholarships
Box 4, Folder 71936-1937Insurance
Box 4, Folder 81936-1937Insurance Studies
Box 4, Folder 91936-1937Invitations
Box 4, Folder 101936-1937"J"
Box 4, Folder 111936-1937Jackson, C.F.: Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Box 4, Folder 121936-1937"K"
Box 4, Folder 131936-1937Kendall, J.C.: Director of Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 4, Folder 141936-1937Kindergarten School-Nursery School
Box 4, Folder 151936-1937"L"
Box 4, Folder 161936-1937Lewis Fields: Control and Maintenance of
Box 4, Folder 171936-1937Legislature, 1937
Box 4, Folder 181936-1937Legislature, 1937: Pamphlets
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11936-1937Library Alterations
Box 5, Folder 21936-1937Lovern, H.W.: Superintendent of Property
Box 5, Folder 31936-1937"M"
Box 5, Folder 41936-1937Magrath, R.C.: Appointments
Box 5, Folder 51936-1937Magrath, R.C.: Treasurer and Business Secretary
Box 5, Folder 61936-1937Marine Zoological Laboratory: C.F. Jackson, Professor
Box 5, Folder 71936-1937May Pageant
Box 5, Folder 81936-1937Meetings and Conferences (to be held on campus)
Box 5, Folder 91936-1937Military Department
Box 5, Folder 101936-1937Miller, Marvin A.: Librarian
Box 5, Folder 111936-1937Ministers Seminar
Box 5, Folder 121936-1937Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 131936-1937Morrow, Kenneth: Professor of Husbandry
Box 5, Folder 141936-1937The New England Council
Box 5, Folder 151936-1937News Bureau
Box 5, Folder 161936-1937Normal Schools
Box 5, Folder 171936-1937The Northern New England School of Religious Education: Thaxter Eaton, Treasures and Business Manager
Box 5, Folder 181936-1937Nutrition Building-Poultry Plant
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11936-1937Old Dairy Barn
Box 6, Folder 21936-1937Organizations Accrediting University
Box 6, Folder 31936-1937Out of State Travel: List
Box 6, Folder 41936-1937Out of State Travel: A-J
Box 6, Folder 51936-1937Out of State Travel: K-Z
Box 6, Folder 61936-1937"P"
Box 6, Folder 71936-1937Personal: R.D. Hunter
Box 6, Folder 81936-1937Petitions
Box 6, Folder 91936-1937Pettee, Charles H.: Dean
Box 6, Folder 101936-1937Pond, Bremer Whidden: Landscape Architect
Box 6, Folder 111936-1937President's House
Box 6, Folder 121936-1937President's Report
Box 6, Folder 131936-1937Questionnaires
Box 6, Folder 141936-1937"R"
Box 6, Folder 151936-1937Radio
Box 6, Folder 161936-1937Randall, Frank W.
Box 6, Folder 171936-1937Real Estate Committee
Box 6, Folder 181936-1937Requests, Board of New York: Recognition of UNH Degree
Box 6, Folder 191936-1937Right of Way, Old Boston and Maine Railroad Bed
Box 6, Folder 201936-1937Rules and Regulations
Box 6, Folder 211936-1937"S"
Box 6, Folder 221936-1937Sabbatical Leave for Professional Improvement
Box 6, Folder 231936-1937Salaries
Box 6, Folder 241936-1937Scholarships
Box 6, Folder 251936-1937Sewage Disposal
Box 6, Folder 261936-1937Student Activity Tax
Box 6, Folder 271936-1937Student Handbook
Box 6, Folder 281936-1937Student Organization
Box 6, Folder 291936-1937Student Organization Committee
Box 6, Folder 301936-1937Summer School, 1937
Box 6, Folder 311936-1937Sundial - Gift of Class of 1936
Box 6, Folder 321936-1937Swimming Pool
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11936-1937"T"
Box 7, Folder 21936-1937Taylor, Frederick W.: Director, Commercial Dept. of the Farms
Box 7, Folder 31936-1937Trustees
Box 7, Folder 41936-1937Trustees: Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 7, Folder 51936-1937Trustees: Faculty Committee
Box 7, Folder 61936-1937Trustees: Finance Committee
Box 7, Folder 71936-1937Trustees: Meeting, October 16, 1936
Box 7, Folder 81936-1937Trustees: By-Laws, October 16, 1936; October 21, 1936
Box 7, Folder 91936-1937Trustees: Meeting, December 10, 1936
Box 7, Folder 101936-1937Trustees: Meeting, January 15, 1937
Box 7, Folder 111936-1937University Catalog, 1937-1938
Box 7, Folder 121936-1937"W"
Box 7, Folder 131936-1937W.P.A.
Box 7, Folder 141936-1937Water Supply
Box 7, Folder 151936-1937Weather Station
Box 7, Folder 161936-1937Weekly Letter
Box 7, Folder 171936-1937Weld Farm Barn; Weld Farm House
Box 7, Folder 181936-1937Wellman, James A.: Trustee
Box 7, Folder 191936-1937Whidden Farm
Box 7, Folder 201936-1937Woodruff, Ruth J.: Dean of Women