Fred Engelhardt Papers, 1937-1944

Collection number: UA 2/1/7
Size: 83 boxes (28 cu.ft.)

About Fred Engelhardt

Dr. Fred Engelhardt was born on April 15, 1885 in Naugatuck, Connecticut. He graduated from Phillips Andover Academy and received a bachelor's degree in Physics from Yale in 1908. Engelhardt received both an M.A. (1915) and a Ph.D. (1924) from Columbia University. He served in the United States Army at the rank of Major during WWI. While in the Army he was an instructor for officers in training at the Fort Monroe Heavy Artillery School in Virginia.

His career in education started at Yale in 1908 where he was an assistant instructor. A year later Engelhardt was employed as a teacher in public secondary schools in New York and at private schools in Pennsylvania and Illinois. After World War I, he served the New York State Department of Education as its Inspector of Elementary Education. A year later the Pennsylvania State Department of Education hired him as the Bureau of Administration Director where he stayed until 1922. From 1922-1924 he was the Assistant Dean in charge of Liberal Arts at the University of Pittsburgh. Before coming to UNH, Dr. Engelhardt was the professor of Educational Administration in the University of Minnesota's College of Education.

Dr. Engelhardt was chosen as president of UNH on Dec. 10, 1936, and assumed duties on April 1, 1937. He oversaw the university's transition from the end of the Depression to the beginning of WWII. The easing of the Depression brought an increase in student enrollment. However, the beginning of the war changed the character of the university completely. The civilian enrollment dropped dramatically but it was replaced by a large number of troops receiving instruction. Engelhardt was busy with the coordination of the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) and the Specialized Training and Reclassification Unit (STAR). Engelhardt was also occupied with the construction of many buildings on campus through the Works Progress Administration (WPA). A retirement plan for UNH faculty was another of his many accomplishments. He died of cancer while in office on February 3, 1944.

About the Fred Engelhardt Papers

These Presidential Papers include topics such as library alterations, the WPA, the National Defence, and the military department.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Fred Engelhardt Papers, 1937-1944, UA 2/1/7, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11936-1937"A"
Box 1, Folder 21936-1937Alexander, Norman- Dean of Men
Box 1, Folder 31936-1937Alumni Fund Council
Box 1, Folder 41936-1937Alumni Secretary- Eugene K. Auerbach
Box 1, Folder 51936-1937The Alumnus
Box 1, Folder 61936-1937Amoskeag Records(range of years-- 1936-1946)
Box 1, Folder 71936-1937Association of Land-Grant Colleges
Box 1, Folder 81936-1937"B"
Box 1, Folder 91936-1937Blewitt, Edward Y. Executive Secretary
Box 1, Folder 101936-1937Boston and Maine Railroads (range of years--1935-1937)
Box 1, Folder 111936-1937Bridges, Governor Styles H.
Box 1, Folder 121936-1937Budget Statements- Printing and Publications
Box 1, Folder 131936-1937By-Laws, revision of University Faculty
Box 1, Folder 141936-1937"C"
Box 1, Folder 151936-1937Case, George W.- Dean, College of Technology
Box 1, Folder 161936-1937Clippings
Box 1, Folder 171936-1937College and University Affairs, Presidents and Trustees and Faculty
Box 1, Folder 181936-1937Commission for the Promotion of Wealth and Income of the People of N.H.
Box 1, Folder 191936-1937Committee Appointments
Box 1, Folder 201936-1937Committee on Admissions
Box 1, Folder 211936-1937Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Repairs and Improvements
Box 1, Folder 221936-1937Committee on Checking
Box 1, Folder 231936-1937Committee in Campus Planting and Landscaping
Box 1, Folder 241936-1937Committee on Class Schedules, F.W. Taylor, chairman, Laton, Tirrill, Walsh
Box 1, Folder 251936-1937Committee on Re-examination of Seniors
Box 1, Folder 261936-1937Committee on Student Aid
Box 1, Folder 271936-1937Committee on Student Organizations
Box 1, Folder 281936-1937Congress, Proposed Legislation
Box 1, Folder 291936-1937Constitution and By-Laws of the University Faculty
Box 1, Folder 301936-1937Cowell, William H.-Director of Athletics
Box 1, Folder 311936-1937Dallas, Bishop John J.-Trustee
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11936-1937Doe, Jessie-Trustee
Box 2, Folder 21936-1937Easton, M. Gale-Dean of College of Agriculture, Professor of Agricultural Economics
Box 2, Folder 31936-1937Engineering Experiment Station
Box 2, Folder 41936-1937"F"
Box 2, Folder 51936-1937Faculty General
Box 2, Folder 61936-1937Felker, Andrew L.-Trustee, Commissioner of Agriculture
Box 2, Folder 71936-1937Grange, Durham
Box 2, Folder 81936-1937"H"
Box 2, Folder 91936-1937Hadden, Gavin-Civil Engineer
Box 2, Folder 101936-1937Henderson, O.V.-Registrar
Box 2, Folder 111936-1937Hood House- T.G. Phillips, chairman
Box 2, Folder 121936-1937Hunter, Roy D. -Trustee
Box 2, Folder 131936-1937Invitations
Box 2, Folder 141936-1937Jackson, C.F. Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Box 2, Folder 151936-1937Kappa Sigma Material
Box 2, Folder 161936-1937Kendall, J.C.-Director, experiment Station-Extension Service
Box 2, Folder 171936-1937Kingsbury, Robert T.-Trustee
Box 2, Folder 181936-1937"L"
Box 2, Folder 191936-1937Library Alterations
Box 2, Folder 201936-1937Loveren, H.W.- Superintendent of Property
Box 2, Folder 211936-1937"M"
Box 2, Folder 221936-1937Magrath, R.C.- Appointments
Box 2, Folder 231936-1937Magrath, R.C.-Treasurer and Business Secretary
Box 2, Folder 241936-1937Military Department
Box 2, Folder 251936-1937Miscellaneous
Box 2, Folder 261936-1937"N"
Box 2, Folder 271936-1937New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 2, Folder 281936-1937New England Junior Month
Box 2, Folder 291936-1937News Bureau
Box 2, Folder 301936-1937Normal Schools
Box 2, Folder 311936-1937"O"
Box 2, Folder 321936-1937Personnel, July 1936 to June 1937
Box 2, Folder 331936-1937Potato and Soils Storage House
Box 2, Folder 341936-1937Programs
Box 2, Folder 351936-1937Questionnaires
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11936-1937"S"
Box 3, Folder 21936-1937Shops
Box 3, Folder 31936-1937Speaking Engagements, past or declined
Box 3, Folder 41936-1937Special Committee to Study the Department of Physical Education and Athletics
Box 3, Folder 51936-1937Summer School, 1937
Box 3, Folder 61936-1937Taylor, Frederick W.-Commercial Department of the Farms
Box 3, Folder 71936-1937Trustees
Box 3, Folder 81936-1937Trustees- Committee on Extension of Library Facilities
Box 3, Folder 91936-1937Trustees-Committee on Revision of By-Laws
Box 3, Folder 101936-1937Trustee Meeting, April 16, 1937
Box 3, Folder 111936-1937Trustee Meeting, June 12, 1937
Box 3, Folder 121936-1937Trustees- Real Estate Committee
Box 3, Folder 131936-1937"V"
Box 3, Folder 141936-1937"W"
Box 3, Folder 151936-1937W.P.A.
Box 3, Folder 161936-1937W.P.A. Workers Education
Box 3, Folder 171936-1937Weekly Letter
Box 3, Folder 181936-1937Wellman, James A.- Trustee
Box 3, Folder 191936-1937Woodruff, Ruth J.-Dean of Women
Box 3, Folder 201936-1937Y.M.C.A Christian Work
Box 3, Folder 211937-1938"A"
Box 3, Folder 221937-1938Addresses, Engelhardt
Box 3, Folder 231937-1938Agriculture, Teacher Training
Box 3, Folder 241937-1938Alexander, Norman- Dean of Men
Box 3, Folder 251937-1938Alumni Fund
Box 3, Folder 261937-1938Alumni Secretary- Eugene K. Auerbach
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11937-1938UNH Annuity Plan
Box 4, Folder 21937-1938"B"
Box 4, Folder 31937-1938Bauer, G. N.-Officer in Charge of Freshmen
Box 4, Folder 41937-1938Blewett, Edward Y.-Assistant to the President
Box 4, Folder 51937-1938By-Laws of UNH
Box 4, Folder 61937-1938"C"
Box 4, Folder 71937-1938Carnegie Corporation
Box 4, Folder 81937-1938Case, George W.- Dean of College of Technology
Box 4, Folder 91937-1938Charles T. Burr- Professor of Poultry Husbandry
Box 4, Folder 101937-1938Christian Work
Box 4, Folder 111937-1938Commission for the Promotion of the Wealth and Income of the People of New Hampshire
Box 4, Folder 121937-1938Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarships
Box 4, Folder 131937-1938Committee Appointments
Box 4, Folder 141937-1938Committee, Faculty Athletic, A.W. Johnson, Chairman
Box 4, Folder 151937-1938Committee on Admissions
Box 4, Folder 161937-1938Committee on Buildings and Grounds
Box 4, Folder 171937-1938Committee on Campus Planting and Landscaping
Box 4, Folder 181937-1938Committee on Discipline
Box 4, Folder 191937-1938Committee on Honors Work
Box 4, Folder 201937-1938Committee on Music
Box 4, Folder 211937-1938Committee on Scholarships
Box 4, Folder 221937-1938Committee on Student Aid
Box 4, Folder 231937-1938Committee on Student Health (years 1929, 1938)
Box 4, Folder 241937-1938Committee on Student Organizations
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11937-1938Committee on the Transfer of Students from Dormitories to Fraternities or Sororities
Box 5, Folder 21937-1938Committee on Teacher Training in Physical Education
Box 5, Folder 31937-1938Congress, Proposed Legislation
Box 5, Folder 41937-1938Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 5, Folder 51937-1938Contracts for Employees of Service Departments
Box 5, Folder 61937-1938Correspondence-Engelhardt
Box 5, Folder 71937-1938Coulter, Charles W.- Professor of Sociology
Box 5, Folder 81937-1938Council, University--Council Meetings-Nov.22, 1937; Mr.21, 1938
Box 5, Folder 91937-1938Cowell, William H.- Director of Athletics
Box 5, Folder 101937-1938"D"
Box 5, Folder 111937-1938Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 5, Folder 121937-1938Dallas, Bishop John J.-Trustee
Box 5, Folder 131937-1938Directory
Box 5, Folder 141937-1938Doe, Jessie- Trustee
Box 5, Folder 151937-1938"E"
Box 5, Folder 161937-1938Eastman, M. Gale- Dean of the College of Agriculture
Box 5, Folder 171937-1938Education, U.S. Bureau of, Deptartment of Interior
Box 5, Folder 181937-1938The Elementary School of 1940, Conference July 21, 1938
Box 5, Folder 191937-1938Elliot, John S., Trustee (range of years--1936-1938)
Box 5, Folder 201937-1938Engelhardt, Fred, President
Box 5, Folder 211937-1938Engineering Experiment Station
Box 5, Folder 221937-1938"F"
Box 5, Folder 231937-1938Faculty Meetings Minutes
Box 5, Folder 241937-1938Fish and Game Management Course
Box 5, Folder 251937-1938Forestry Camp, Passaconaway, N.H., Swift River Post Office, Passaconaway Valley
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11937-1938Fraternity and Sorority Building Aid
Box 6, Folder 21937-1938Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 6, Folder 31937-1938"G"
Box 6, Folder 41937-1938General Extension Services
Box 6, Folder 51937-1938Gifts
Box 6, Folder 61937-1938Graduate School-H.L. Slobin, Dean
Box 6, Folder 71937-1938Guidance Conference, July 13 and 14, 1938
Box 6, Folder 81937-1938"H"
Box 6, Folder 91937-1938Hadden, Gravin -Civil Engineer
Box 6, Folder 101937-1938Henderson, O.V.- Registrar
Box 6, Folder 111937-1938Historic American Buildings Survey
Box 6, Folder 121937-1938Hoitt, George G., Property
Box 6, Folder 131937-1938Hood, Harvey P.
Box 6, Folder 141937-1938Hood House, T.G. Phillips, Chairman
Box 6, Folder 151937-1938Hotel Administration
Box 6, Folder 161937-1938Huddleston, E. T.- Professor of Architecture
Box 6, Folder 171937-1938Hughes, George T.- Trustee
Box 6, Folder 181937-1938Hunter Roy D.- Trustee
Box 6, Folder 191937-1938"I"
Box 6, Folder 201937-1938Institute of Public Affairs, July 7, 1938
Box 6, Folder 211937-1938Instructional Service Scholarships (Summer School)
Box 6, Folder 221937-1938Insurance
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11937-1938Insurance Studies
Box 7, Folder 21937-1938Invitations
Box 7, Folder 31937-1938"J"
Box 7, Folder 41937-1938Jackson, C. F., Dean of College of Liberal Arts
Box 7, Folder 51937-1938"K"
Box 7, Folder 61937-1938Kendall, J.C., Director of the Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 7, Folder 71937-1938Kingsbury, Robert T.-Trustee
Box 7, Folder 81937-1938Lewis Fields-control and maintenance of
Box 7, Folder 91937-1938Library Alterations
Box 7, Folder 101937-1938"L"
Box 7, Folder 111937-1938Labor Conference, May 14, 1938
Box 7, Folder 121937-1938Lectures and Concerts Committee
Box 7, Folder 131937-1938Loveren, H.W.-Superintendent of Property
Box 7, Folder 141937-1938"M"
Box 7, Folder 151937-1938Magrath, R.C.- Appointments
Box 7, Folder 161937-1938Magrath, R.C.- Treasurer and Business Secretary
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11937-1938Marine Zoological Laboratory
Box 8, Folder 21937-1938Marine Zoological Laboratory, C.F. Jackson, Professor, Portsmouth, 1070, Wallis Sands, Coast Guard Station
Box 8, Folder 31937-1938Material from President Engelhardt to Mrs. McLaughlin
Box 8, Folder 41937-1938Matron's Report
Box 8, Folder 51937-1938May Pageant
Box 8, Folder 61937-1938May, Walter M. Deputy Commissioner of Education
Box 8, Folder 71937-1938"Mc"
Box 8, Folder 81937-1938McGlaughlin, Mrs. Helen F.
Box 8, Folder 91937-1938Meetings and Conferences to be held on the campus
Box 8, Folder 101937-1938Men's Dormitory, P.W.A. Docket no. NH 1118
Box 8, Folder 111937-1938Military Department
Box 8, Folder 121937-1938Miller Marvin A.- Librarian
Box 8, Folder 131937-1938Miscellaneous
Box 8, Folder 141937-1938Municipal Progress Contest, Sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Mayors
Box 8, Folder 151937-1938"N"
Box 8, Folder 161937-1938National Farm Chemurgic Council
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11937-1938The Northern New England School of Religious Education
Box 9, Folder 21937-1938"O"
Box 9, Folder 31937-1938"P"
Box 9, Folder 41937-1938The John M. Pearson Trust
Box 9, Folder 51937-1938Personnel, July 1937-1938
Box 9, Folder 61937-1938Personnel Committee Report
Box 9, Folder 71937-1938Petitions
Box 9, Folder 81937-1938Pettee Hall and Service Building
Box 9, Folder 91937-1938Pneumonia Typing Station
Box 9, Folder 101937-1938Police, New Hampshire State
Box 9, Folder 111937-1938Pond, Bremen, Whidden- Landscape Architect
Box 9, Folder 121937-1938Portraits
Box 9, Folder 131937-1938Poultry Regulatory Measures
Box 9, Folder 141937-1938President's Report 1937
Box 9, Folder 151937-1938Pringle, James N.- Commissioner of Education
Box 9, Folder 161937-1938Programs
Box 9, Folder 171937-1938Psychiatrist
Box 9, Folder 181937-1938Publications
Box 9, Folder 191937-1938PWA 1107-F, Library Building
Box 9, Folder 201937-1938Questionnaires
Box 9, Folder 211937-1938"R"
Box 9, Folder 221937-1938Radio
Box 9, Folder 231937-1938Randall, Frank W. -Trustee
Box 9, Folder 241937-1938Rules and Regulation
Box 9, Folder 251937-1938"S, S-Sl"
Box 9, Folder 261937-1938"S, Sm-"
Box 9, Folder 271937-1938St. Anselm's
Box 9, Folder 281937-1938Sabbatical Leave for Professional Opinion
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11937-1938Sawyer, Harry D-Trustee
Box 10, Folder 21937-1938Scholarships
Box 10, Folder 31937-1938Schoolmen's Conference, April 1, 1938
Box 10, Folder 41937-1938Senate, University
Box 10, Folder 51937-1938Sewerage Disposal
Box 10, Folder 61937-1938Speakers, Suggestions for Commencement and Baccalaureate
Box 10, Folder 71937-1938Speaking Engagements, past or declined (1937, July to December)
Box 10, Folder 81937-1938Speaking Engagements, past or declined (1938, Jan. to June)
Box 10, Folder 91937-1938State Comptroller-Charles T. Patten
Box 10, Folder 101937-1938Student Activity Tax
Box 10, Folder 111937-1938Student Loans
Box 10, Folder 121937-1938Student Organizations
Box 10, Folder 131937-1938Student Rule Book
Box 10, Folder 141937-1938Study of Out of State Travel
Box 10, Folder 151937-1938Summer Library Institute 1938
Box 10, Folder 161937-1938Summer School 1938
Box 10, Folder 171937-1938Summer School February 1938 to July 1938
Box 10, Folder 181937-1938Swimming Pool
Box 10, Folder 191937-1938Student Activity Tax Committee
Box 10, Folder 201937-1938"T"
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11937-1938Taylor, Frederick W.- Director Commercial Depts. of the Farm
Box 11, Folder 21937-1938Tenure and Requirement Regulations
Box 11, Folder 31937-1938Charlotte A. Thompson Room, Library
Box 11, Folder 41937-1938Travel Authorization (out of state)
Box 11, Folder 51937-1938Travel Authorization (out of state)- Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 61937-1938Travel Authorization (out of state)- A to G
Box 11, Folder 71937-1938Travel Authorization (out of state)- H to M
Box 11, Folder 81937-1938Travel Authorization (out of state)- N to Z
Box 11, Folder 91937-1938Trustee, Election of Alumni to replace Mr. C. H. Hood
Box 11, Folder 101937-1938Trustees, Finance Committee
Box 11, Folder 111937-1938Trustees Meeting- Oct. 15, 1937
Box 11, Folder 121937-1938Trustees Meeting- Jan. 21, 1938
Box 11, Folder 131937-1938Trustees Meeting- April 15, 1938; postponed to April 22, 1938
Box 11, Folder 141937-1938Trustees Meeting- June 11, 1938
Box 11, Folder 151937-1938Trustees- Miscellaneous
Box 11, Folder 161937-1938Trustees Monthly Letters
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11937-1938Trustees- Personnel Committee, Correspondence from Oct.8, 1937 to April 14, 1938
Box 12, Folder 21937-1938Trustees- Property Committee
Box 12, Folder 31937-1938Trustees- Special Meeting-- July 22, 1937
Box 12, Folder 41937-1938University Highway Sign Project
Box 12, Folder 51937-1938University Senate, meeting Dec. 6, 1937 to June 10, 1938
Box 12, Folder 61937-1938"V"
Box 12, Folder 71937-1938Vocational Education-Smith Hughes Fund
Box 12, Folder 81937-1938"W"
Box 12, Folder 91937-1938Wellman, James A.- Trustee
Box 12, Folder 101937-1938Woodruff, Ruth J-Dean of Women
Box 12, Folder 111937-1938W.P.A. Federal Music Project, H.C. Whittemore, Director
Box 12, Folder 121937-1938The Writer's Conference, Aug. 1-11, 1938
Box 12, Folder 131937-1938"Y"
Box 12, Folder 141938-1939"A"
Box 12, Folder 151938-1939Addresses- Engelhardt
Box 12, Folder 161938-1939Analysis of the Agricultural Commercial Division
Box 12, Folder 171938-1939Agriculture, non-degree curriculum
Box 12, Folder 181938-1939Agronomy Research Greenhouse
Box 12, Folder 191938-1939Alexander, Norman- Dean of Men
Box 12, Folder 201938-1939Alumni Fund
Box 12, Folder 211938-1939Alumni Secretary-Eugene K. Auerbach
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11938-1939American Council on Education
Box 13, Folder 21938-1939Appointments, Bureau of
Box 13, Folder 31938-1939Association of American Colleges
Box 13, Folder 41938-1939Association of Land-Grant Colleges
Box 13, Folder 51938-1939"B"
Box 13, Folder 61938-1939Bankhead-Jones Fund
Box 13, Folder 71938-1939Bath House
Box 13, Folder 81938-1939Bauer, G. N.- Officer in charge of Freshmen; Professor of Mathematics
Box 13, Folder 91938-1939Blewitt, Edward Y- Assistant to the President
Box 13, Folder 101938-1939Bridges, Styles H.- Senator of the United States
Box 13, Folder 111938-1939Budgets, 1939-1940
Box 13, Folder 121938-1939Budget Recommendations for 1939-1940
Box 13, Folder 131938-1939"C"
Box 13, Folder 141938-1939Carnegie Corporation
Box 13, Folder 151938-1939Case, George W.- Dean of College of Technology
Box 13, Folder 161938-1939Christian Work
Box 13, Folder 171938-1939Civil Aeronautics Authority
Box 13, Folder 181938-1939Clippings
Box 13, Folder 191938-1939Commencement
Box 13, Folder 201938-1939Commission for the Promotion of the Wealth and Income of the People of New Hampshire
Box 13, Folder 211938-1939Committee Appointments
Box 13, Folder 221938-1939Committee-The Economics Group
Box 13, Folder 231938-1939Committee-Faculty Athletic, E.L. Getchell, Chairman
Box 13, Folder 241938-1939Committee- Miscellaneous
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11938-1939Committee on Admissions
Box 14, Folder 21938-1939Committee on Alumni Memorial Scholarships
Box 14, Folder 31938-1939Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Repairs and Improvements
Box 14, Folder 41938-1939Committee on Campus Planting and Landscaping
Box 14, Folder 51938-1939Committee on Class Schedules
Box 14, Folder 61938-1939Committee on Curricula (range 1937 to 1939)
Box 14, Folder 71938-1939Committee on Discipline
Box 14, Folder 81938-1939Committee on Financial Policies, Building Standards, Construction, Fraternity and Sorority Houses
Box 14, Folder 91938-1939Committee on Fine Arts
Box 14, Folder 101938-1939Committee on Information and Publication 1937 to 1939
Box 14, Folder 111938-1939Committee on Scholarship
Box 14, Folder 121938-1939Committee on Student Aid
Box 14, Folder 131938-1939Committee on Student Organizations
Box 14, Folder 141938-1939Committee on Road Naming
Box 14, Folder 151938-1939Committee on Senate Athletics
Box 14, Folder 161938-1939Community, Course in Planning
Box 14, Folder 171938-1939Congress, Proposed Legislation
Box 14, Folder 181938-1939Congressmen and Senators, Letters to
Box 14, Folder 191938-1939Contracts for Employees of Service Departments
Box 14, Folder 201938-1939Convocation
Box 14, Folder 211938-1939Convocation, Committee on Lectures and Conferences
Box 14, Folder 221938-1939Correspondence, Engelhardt
Box 14, Folder 231938-1939University Council
Box 14, Folder 241938-1939Courses in Insurance
Box 14, Folder 251938-1939Course- Social Legislation
Box 14, Folder 261938-1939"D"
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11938-1939Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 15, Folder 21938-1939Dallas, Bishop John T- Trustee
Box 15, Folder 31938-1939Desk Calendar
Box 15, Folder 41938-1939Doe, Jessie- Trustee
Box 15, Folder 51938-1939"E"
Box 15, Folder 61938-1939Eastman, M. Gale- Dean of College of Agriculture and Vice-Director of Agricultural Experiment Station
Box 15, Folder 71938-1939Employment of Married Women
Box 15, Folder 81938-1939Engineering Experiment Station
Box 15, Folder 91938-1939Engineer's Council for Professional Development
Box 15, Folder 101938-1939"F"
Box 15, Folder 111938-1939Faculty Dinners
Box 15, Folder 121938-1939Faculty, General Notices, etc.
Box 15, Folder 131938-1939Faculty, Letters to several members of
Box 15, Folder 141938-1939Faculty Rule Book (range of dates, 1937)
Box 15, Folder 151938-1939Felker, Andrew K. Trustee- Commissioner of Agriculture
Box 15, Folder 161938-1939Fisheries Research
Box 15, Folder 171938-1939Forensics
Box 15, Folder 181938-1939Forestry Camp, Passaconaway N.H., Swift River Post office, Passaconaway Valley
Box 15, Folder 191938-1939Forum
Box 15, Folder 201938-1939Fraternity and Sorority Building Aid
Box 15, Folder 211938-1939Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 15, Folder 221938-1939"G"
Box 15, Folder 231938-1939George Deen Act
Box 15, Folder 241938-1939Gifts
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11938-1939Graduate School, H.L. Slobin, Dean
Box 16, Folder 21938-1939"H"
Box 16, Folder 31938-1939The Harrison-Fletcher Bill
Box 16, Folder 41938-1939Henderson, O.V.-Registrar
Box 16, Folder 51938-1939Hockey Rink, relocation of
Box 16, Folder 61938-1939Hoitt, George G., Property
Box 16, Folder 71938-1939Hood House
Box 16, Folder 81938-1939Hotel Administration
Box 16, Folder 91938-1939Huddleston, E. J. Professor of Architecture
Box 16, Folder 101938-1939Huddleston-Huggins Right of Way
Box 16, Folder 111938-1939Hughes, George J- Trustee
Box 16, Folder 121938-1939Hunter, Roy D.- Trustee
Box 16, Folder 131938-1939"I"
Box 16, Folder 141938-1939Income Tax
Box 16, Folder 151938-1939Instructional Service Scholarships
Box 16, Folder 161938-1939Insurance
Box 16, Folder 171938-1939Internships in Public Affairs
Box 16, Folder 181938-1939Invitations
Box 16, Folder 191938-1939"J"
Box 16, Folder 201938-1939Jackson, C. F.- Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Box 16, Folder 211938-1939"K"
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11938-1939Kendall, J.C.- Director of the General Extension Service and the Agricultural Experiment Station
Box 17, Folder 21938-1939Kendall, J.C. General Extension
Box 17, Folder 31938-1939Kingsbury, Robert T.- Trustee
Box 17, Folder 41938-1939"L"
Box 17, Folder 51938-1939Land, exchange, purchase or sale of parcels of
Box 17, Folder 61938-1939Legislature
Box 17, Folder 71938-1939Library Open House
Box 17, Folder 81938-1939Lists
Box 17, Folder 91938-1939Loveren, H.W.- superintendent of Properties
Box 17, Folder 101938-1939Lundholm, Carl- Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Box 17, Folder 111938-1939"M"
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11938-1939Magrath, R.C., Treasurer and Business Secretary
Box 18, Folder 21938-1939Magrath, R.C.- Appointments
Box 18, Folder 31938-1939Marine Zoological Laboratory
Box 18, Folder 41938-1939May, Walter M.- Deputy Commissioner of education
Box 18, Folder 51938-1939Meetings and Conferences to be held on campus
Box 18, Folder 61938-1939Miller. Marvin A- Librarian
Box 18, Folder 71938-1939Military Department
Box 18, Folder 81938-1939Military Training
Box 18, Folder 91938-1939Minutes College Faculty Meeting
Box 18, Folder 101938-1939Miscellaneous
Box 18, Folder 111938-1939"N"
Box 18, Folder 121938-1939National Youth Administration- Federal Emergency Relief Administration- Student Relief Work
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11938-1939National Youth Administration Training Center
Box 19, Folder 21938-1939The Newcomen Society
Box 19, Folder 31938-1939New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 19, Folder 41938-1939The New England Council
Box 19, Folder 51938-1939New England Junior Month
Box 19, Folder 61938-1939The New Hampshire
Box 19, Folder 71938-1939New Hampshire Racing Commission
Box 19, Folder 81938-1939N.H. Seacoast Music Festival Association
Box 19, Folder 91938-1939N.H. Seacoast Regional Development Association
Box 19, Folder 101938-1939The New Hampshire State Board of Education
Box 19, Folder 111938-1939News Bureau
Box 19, Folder 121938-1939The Northern New England School of Religious Education (Range of years- 1938 to 1940)
Box 19, Folder 131938-1939"O"
Box 19, Folder 141938-1939"P"
Box 19, Folder 151938-1939Personnel Committee Report
Box 19, Folder 161938-1939Petitions
Box 19, Folder 171938-1939Pettee Hall and Service Building
Box 19, Folder 181938-1939Post Office
Box 19, Folder 191938-1939Pringle, James N.- Commissioner of Education
Box 19, Folder 201938-1939Programs
Box 19, Folder 211938-1939Questionnaires
Box 19, Folder 221938-1939"R"
Box 19, Folder 231938-1939Radio
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11938-1939Randall, Frank W- Trustee
Box 20, Folder 21938-1939Report of the President
Box 20, Folder 31938-1939Requisitions- Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 20, Folder 41938-1939Rules and Regulations
Box 20, Folder 51938-1939Rumford Press
Box 20, Folder 61938-1939"S"
Box 20, Folder 71938-1939Sabbatical Leave for Professional Improvement
Box 20, Folder 81938-1939Sackett, E.B.- Associate Registrar
Box 20, Folder 91938-1939Sawyer, Harry D.- Trustee
Box 20, Folder 101938-1939Senate, University
Box 20, Folder 111938-1939Senate Meetings; 9/28/38, 11/7/38, 2/8/39, 4/13/39, 6/9/39
Box 20, Folder 121938-1939Sewerage Disposal
Box 20, Folder 131938-1939Social Worker's Conference- Address by Fred Engelhardt
Box 20, Folder 141938-1939Speaking engagements-past or declined
Box 20, Folder 151938-1939Statistics
Box 20, Folder 161938-1939Stevens, Professor Clark L.
Box 20, Folder 171938-1939Student Activities Tax
Box 20, Folder 181938-1939Student Organization-Nov. 30, 1938
Box 20, Folder 191938-1939Study of Out of State Travel
Box 20, Folder 201938-1939Summer School 1938
Box 20, Folder 211938-1939Swimming Pool
Box 20, Folder 221938-1939Student Activity Tax Committee
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11938-1939"T"
Box 21, Folder 21938-1939Taylor, Frederick W.: Director, Commercial Departments of the Farm
Box 21, Folder 31938-1939Tenure and Retirement Regulations
Box 21, Folder 41938-1939Travel Authorizations (Out of State) Lists
Box 21, Folder 51938-1939Travel Authorization (Out of State) A-E
Box 21, Folder 61938-1939Travel Authorization (Out of State) F-L
Box 21, Folder 71938-1939Travel Authorization (Out of State) M-R
Box 21, Folder 81938-1939Travel Authorization (Out of State) S-Z
Box 21, Folder 91938-1939Trustees-Committee on Agricultural Affairs, Minutes and Correspondence, April 8, 1938-June 9, 1939
Box 21, Folder 101938-1939Trustees-Committee on Morals: Correspondence, April 28, 1938-June 26, 1939
Box 21, Folder 111938-1939Trustees-Correspondence, September 21, 1938-June 10,1939
Box 21, Folder 121938-1939Trustees-Executive Committee, Correspondence, July 21, 1938-June 22, 1939
Box 21, Folder 131938-1939Trustees-Finance Committee
Box 21, Folder 141938-1939Trustees Meeting-August 24, 1938
Box 21, Folder 151938-1939Trustees Meeting-October 21, 1938 (including minutes from October 17, 1938)
Box 21, Folder 161938-1939Trustees Meeting- January 20, 1939
Box 21, Folder 171938-1939Trustees Meeting- April 21, 1939
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11938-1939Trustee Meeting- June 10, 1939
Box 22, Folder 21938-1939Trustee's Monthly Letters- July 2, 1938 to June 28, 1939
Box 22, Folder 31938-1939Trustee- Personnel Committee Correspondence
Box 22, Folder 41938-1939Trustees- Personnel Committee- minutes: 4/18/38, 10/17/38, 4/18/39
Box 22, Folder 51938-1939Trustee Property Committee-minutes and correspondence from 10/13/38 to 6/9/38
Box 22, Folder 61938-1939United States Department of Agriculture
Box 22, Folder 71938-1939U.S. Government- Department of Agriculture
Box 22, Folder 81938-1939U.S. Government-Department of the Interior
Box 22, Folder 91938-1939University Catalog
Box 22, Folder 101938-1939"V"
Box 22, Folder 111938-1939Visual Aids in Education
Box 22, Folder 121938-1939"W"
Box 22, Folder 131938-1939Weekly Letter
Box 22, Folder 141938-1939Weld Farm Barn
Box 22, Folder 151938-1939Wellman, James A-Trustee
Box 22, Folder 161938-1939Wiggin, Robt. C.-Trustee
Box 22, Folder 171938-1939Woodruff, Ruth J. Dean of Women
Box 22, Folder 181938-1939W.P.A.
Box 22, Folder 191938-1939"Y"
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 11939-1940"A"
Box 23, Folder 21939-1940Accrediting
Box 23, Folder 31939-1940Addresses and Articles
Box 23, Folder 41939-1940Agriculture: Non-Degree Curriculum
Box 23, Folder 51939-1940Alexander, Norman: Dean of Men
Box 23, Folder 61939-1940Alumni Fund
Box 23, Folder 71939-1940Alumni, Letters from
Box 23, Folder 81939-1940Alumni Secretary: Eugene K. Auerbach
Box 23, Folder 91939-1940American Association of University Professors
Box 23, Folder 101939-1940American Council on Education
Box 23, Folder 111939-1940Appointments, Bureau of
Box 23, Folder 121939-1940Architectural Service
Box 23, Folder 131939-1940Association of American Colleges
Box 23, Folder 141939-1940Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 23, Folder 151939-1940"B"
Box 23, Folder 161939-1940Biological Institute
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 11939-1940Blewett, Edward Y.: Dean, College of Liberal Arts, January-June, 1940
Box 24, Folder 21939-1940Blewett, Edward Y.: Dean, College of Liberal Arts, July-December, 1939
Box 24, Folder 31939-1940Budget
Box 24, Folder 41939-1940Budget for 1940-1941
Box 24, Folder 51939-1940Building Program
Box 24, Folder 61939-1940"C"
Box 24, Folder 71939-1940Case, George W.: Dean, College of Technology
Box 24, Folder 81939-1940Christian Work
Box 24, Folder 91939-1940Civil Aeronautics Authority
Box 24, Folder 101939-1940Civil Aeronautics Authority, Applications
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11939-1940Commencement, June 1940
Box 25, Folder 21939-1940Commercial Departments, Discussion and Recommendations Concerning the Organization and Functions
Box 25, Folder 31939-1940Committee Appointments
Box 25, Folder 41939-1940Committee on Buildings and Grounds, Repairs- Improvements
Box 25, Folder 51939-1940Committee on Campus Planning and Landscaping
Box 25, Folder 61939-1940Committee on Campus Planting and Landscaping
Box 25, Folder 71939-1940Committee on Curricula (including Student Committees on Educational Policy)
Box 25, Folder 81939-1940Committee on Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 25, Folder 91939-1940Committee on Discipline
Box 25, Folder 101939-1940Committee on Fine Arts
Box 25, Folder 111939-1940Committee on Lecture and Concerts
Box 25, Folder 121939-1940Committee on Rules
Box 25, Folder 131939-1940Committee on Scholastic Standing
Box 25, Folder 141939-1940Committee on Student Aid
Box 25, Folder 151939-1940Committee on Admission
Box 25, Folder 161939-1940Committee - Senate Athletics
Box 25, Folder 171939-1940Conference Registration
Box 25, Folder 181939-1940Congressmen and Senators, Letters to
Box 25, Folder 191939-1940Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 25, Folder 201939-1940Convocation
Box 25, Folder 211939-1940Correspondence - Engelhardt, Office of the President
Box 25, Folder 221939-1940"D"
Box 25, Folder 231939-1940Dad's and Mother's Day: Mr. Magrath, Chairman
Box 25, Folder 241939-1940Dallas, Bishop John T.: Trustee
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11939-1940"E"
Box 26, Folder 21939-1940Eastman, M. Gale: Dean, College of Agriculture; Director of Agricultural Experiment Station
Box 26, Folder 31939-1940Economics Group Committee Report
Box 26, Folder 41939-1940Engineering Experiment Station
Box 26, Folder 51939-1940Executive Topics: August 2, 1939
Box 26, Folder 61939-1940Extra-Mural Courses
Box 26, Folder 71939-1940"F"
Box 26, Folder 81939-1940Faculty Dinners
Box 26, Folder 91939-1940Faculty-General Notices, etc.
Box 26, Folder 101939-1940Faculty-Letters to Several Members of
Box 26, Folder 111939-1940Faculty Meetings-Minutes
Box 26, Folder 121939-1940Federal Art Project, W.P.A. Library
Box 26, Folder 131939-1940Felker, Andrew L.: Trustee and Commissioner of Agriculture
Box 26, Folder 141939-1940Forestry Camp, Passaconaway, NH
Box 26, Folder 151939-1940"G"
Box 26, Folder 161939-1940Gifts
Box 26, Folder 171939-1940Government Research, Bureau of
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11939-1940Graduate School: H.L. Slobin, Dean
Box 27, Folder 21939-1940"H"
Box 27, Folder 31939-1940Hanson, Arnold E.
Box 27, Folder 41939-1940Historical Records Survey, W.P.A.
Box 27, Folder 51939-1940Hood House
Box 27, Folder 61939-1940Huddleston, E.T.: Professor of Architecture
Box 27, Folder 71939-1940Hughes, George T.: Trustee
Box 27, Folder 81939-1940Hunter, Roy D.: Trustee
Box 27, Folder 91939-1940"I"
Box 27, Folder 101939-1940Instructional Service Scholarships (Summer 1940)
Box 27, Folder 111939-1940Invitations
Box 27, Folder 121939-1940"J"
Box 27, Folder 131939-1940"K"
Box 27, Folder 141939-1940Kendall, John C.: Director, General Extension Service
Box 27, Folder 151939-1940Kingsbury, Robert T.: Trustee
Box 27, Folder 161939-1940"L"
Box 27, Folder 171939-1940League of New Hampshire Arts and Crafts
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11939-1940Lists
Box 28, Folder 21939-1940Loveren, H. W.: Superintendent of Property
Box 28, Folder 31939-1940Lundholm, Carl: Director of Athletics
Box 28, Folder 41939-1940"M"
Box 28, Folder 51939-1940Magrath, R.C.- Appointments
Box 28, Folder 61939-1940Magrath, R.C.: Treasurer
Box 28, Folder 71939-1940Marine Zoological Laboratory
Box 28, Folder 81939-1940Meetings and Conferences (to be held on campus)
Box 28, Folder 91939-1940"Mc"
Box 28, Folder 101939-1940Military Department
Box 28, Folder 111939-1940Miller, Marvin A.: Librarian
Box 28, Folder 121939-1940Mining Experiment Station
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 11939-1940Miscellaneous
Box 29, Folder 21939-1940"N"
Box 29, Folder 31939-1940National Collegiate Athletic Association
Box 29, Folder 41939-1940National Defense Program
Box 29, Folder 51939-1940National Youth Administration
Box 29, Folder 61939-1940New England Council
Box 29, Folder 71939-1940New England Junior Month
Box 29, Folder 81939-1940New England Town Hall, Inc.
Box 29, Folder 91939-1940"O"
Box 29, Folder 101939-1940"P"
Box 29, Folder 111939-1943Phi Delta Kappa
Box 29, Folder 121939-1940Post Office
Box 29, Folder 131939-1940Pottery
Box 29, Folder 141939-1941Pringle, James N.: Commissioner of Education
Box 29, Folder 151939-1940Programs
Box 29, Folder 161939-1940Progressive Education Association - New England Regional Advisory Committee
Box 29, Folder 171939-1940P.W.A. Docket, NH 1095-F - Agricultural Building
Box 29, Folder 181939-1940P.W.A. 1107-F - Library Building
Box 29, Folder 191939-1940P.W.A. 1118 - Men's Dormitory
Box 29, Folder 201939-1940P.W.A. 1120 - Women's Dormitory
Box 29, Folder 211939-1940"Q"
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 11939-1940Questionnaires
Box 30, Folder 21939-1940"R"
Box 30, Folder 31939-1940Randall, Frank W.: Trustee
Box 30, Folder 41939-1940Rules and Regulations
Box 30, Folder 51939-1940"S"
Box 30, Folder 61939-1940Sackett, E.B.
Box 30, Folder 71939-1940Sawyer, Harry D.: Trustee
Box 30, Folder 81939-1940Scholarships
Box 30, Folder 91939-1944Senate Agenda
Box 30, Folder 101939-1940Senate Committee on Athletics
Box 30, Folder 111939-1940Senate Meetings
Box 30, Folder 121939-1940Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Box 30, Folder 131939-1940Social Studies Forum
Box 30, Folder 141939-1940Speaking Engagements: Dr. Northby
Box 30, Folder 151939-1940Speaking Engagements - past
Box 30, Folder 161939-1940Special Committees
Box 30, Folder 171939-1940Special Committee on Industrial Education
Box 30, Folder 181939-1940Special Committee to Study Health Services
Box 30, Folder 191939-1940State Department of Education
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 11939-1940Stevens, Clark L.: Professor of Forestry
Box 31, Folder 21939-1940Street Lighting and Distribution Circuits
Box 31, Folder 31939-1940Student Activities
Box 31, Folder 41939-1940Student Activity Tax
Box 31, Folder 51939-1940Student Council
Box 31, Folder 61939-1940Student Organizations - November 28, 1939
Box 31, Folder 71939-1940Student Organizations - Officers
Box 31, Folder 81939-1940Study of Out of State Travel
Box 31, Folder 91939-1940Swimming Pool
Box 31, Folder 101939-1940"T"
Box 31, Folder 111939-1940Travel Authorization-Administration
Box 31, Folder 121939-1940Travel Authorization-College of Agriculture and Experiment Station
Box 31, Folder 131939-1940Travel Authorization-College of Liberal Arts
Box 31, Folder 141939-1940Travel Authorization-Extension Service
Box 31, Folder 151939-1940Travel Authorization-Physical Education and Athletics
Box 31, Folder 161939-1940Travel Authorization-College of Technology
Box 31, Folder 171939-1940Trustees
Box 31, Folder 181939-1940Trustees: Committee on Agricultural Affairs
Box 31, Folder 191939-1940Trustees: Committee on Election of Alumni Trustee
Box 31, Folder 201939-1940Trustees: Finance Committee
Box 31, Folder 211939-1940Trustees Meeting - October 20, 1939
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 11939-1940Trustees Meeting - January 19, 1940
Box 32, Folder 21939-1940Trustees Meeting - April 19, 1940
Box 32, Folder 31939-1940Trustees Meeting - June 15, 1940
Box 32, Folder 41939-1940Trustees Meeting - Agenda
Box 32, Folder 51939-1940Trustees: Monthly Letters
Box 32, Folder 61939-1940Trustees: Personnel Committee
Box 32, Folder 71939-1940Trustees: Property Committee
Box 32, Folder 81939-1940University Council
Box 32, Folder 91939-1940US Government: Department of Agriculture
Box 32, Folder 101939-1940US Government: Department of Commerce
Box 32, Folder 111939-1940US Office of Education - Federal Security Agency
Box 32, Folder 121939-1940University Research Committee
Box 32, Folder 131939-1940Vocational Education: Smith-Hughes Fund
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 11939-1940"W"
Box 33, Folder 21939-1940Weekly Letter
Box 33, Folder 31939-1940Wellman, James A.: Trustee
Box 33, Folder 41939-1940Woodruff, Ruth J.: Dean of Women
Box 33, Folder 51939-1940"Y"
Box 33, Folder 61940-1941"A"
Box 33, Folder 71940-1941Addresses and Articles by President Engelhardt and Dr. Northby
Box 33, Folder 81940-1941Agricultural Experiment Station Report
Box 33, Folder 91940-1941Alexander, Norman: Dean of Men
Box 33, Folder 101940-1941Alumni Fund
Box 33, Folder 111940-1941Alumni, Letters from
Box 33, Folder 121940-1941Alumni Secretary: Eugene K. Auerbach
Box 33, Folder 131940-1941American Association of University Professors
Box 33, Folder 141940-1941American Council on Education
Box 33, Folder 151940-1941Amoskeag Records
Box 33, Folder 161940-1941Association of American Colleges
Box 33, Folder 171940-1941Association of Land-Grant Colleges
Box 33, Folder 181940-1941"B"
Box 33, Folder 191940-1941Biological Institute: C.F. Jackson, Director
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 11940-1941Blewett, E.Y.: Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Box 34, Folder 21940-1941Blood, Robert O.: Governor
Box 34, Folder 31940-1941Budgets
Box 34, Folder 41940-1941Bureau of Appointments
Box 34, Folder 51940-1941"C"
Box 34, Folder 61940-1941Carnegie Corporation
Box 34, Folder 71940-1941Case, George W.: Dean, College of Technology
Box 34, Folder 81940-1941Catalogue of changes
Box 34, Folder 91940-1941Central Duplicating Service
Box 34, Folder 101940-1941Christensen, Ernest W.: Trustee
Box 34, Folder 111940-1941Christian Work
Box 34, Folder 121940-1941Civilian Pilot Training Program
Box 34, Folder 131940-1941Commencement
Box 34, Folder 141940-1941Committee Appointments
Box 34, Folder 151940-1941Committee on Admissions
Box 34, Folder 161940-1941Committee on Athletics
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 11940-1941Committee on Curricula (including Student Committee on Educational Policy)
Box 35, Folder 21940-1941Committee on Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 35, Folder 31940-1941Committee on Defense
Box 35, Folder 41940-1941Committee on Discipline
Box 35, Folder 51940-1941Committee on Fine Arts
Box 35, Folder 61940-1941Committee on Lectures and Concerts
Box 35, Folder 71940-1941Committee on National Defense Program
Box 35, Folder 81940-1941Committee on Rules
Box 35, Folder 91940-1941Committee on Scholastic Standing
Box 35, Folder 101940-1941Committee on Student Aid
Box 35, Folder 111940-1941Committee on Student Organizations
Box 35, Folder 121940-1941Committee - Senate Athletics
Box 35, Folder 131940-1941Congressmen and Senators, correspondence with
Box 35, Folder 141940-1941Convocation
Box 35, Folder 151940-1941Correspondence - Engelhardt
Box 35, Folder 161940-1941Courses Added
Box 35, Folder 171940-1941Courses: Extra-Mural and Saturday Morning
Box 35, Folder 181940-1941"D"
Box 35, Folder 191940-1941Dallas, Bishop John T.: Trustee
Box 35, Folder 201940-1941Desk Calendar and Diary - 1940
Box 35, Folder 211940-1941Doe, Jessie: Trustee
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 11940-1941"E"
Box 36, Folder 21940-1941Eastman, M. Gale: Dean, College of Agriculture
Box 36, Folder 31940-1941Engineering Defense Training Courses
Box 36, Folder 41940-1941Engineering Experiment Station: D.S. Eppelsheimer
Box 36, Folder 51940-1945Engineering, Science and Management War Training - Payment for Instruction
Box 36, Folder 61940-1941"F"
Box 36, Folder 71940-1941Faculty Dinners
Box 36, Folder 81940-1941Faculty Dinner, May 5: Guests
Box 36, Folder 91940-1941Faculty: General Notices, etc.
Box 36, Folder 101940-1941Faculty: Letters to Several Members
Box 36, Folder 111940-1941Felker, Andrew L.: Trustee
Box 36, Folder 121940-1941Forestry Camp, Passaconaway, NH
Box 36, Folder 131940-1941"G"
Box 36, Folder 141940-1941Gifts
Box 36, Folder 151940-1941Governor's Committee on Vocational Training
Box 36, Folder 161940-1941Government Research, Bureau of
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 11940-1941Graduate School: H.L. Slobin, Dean
Box 37, Folder 21940-1941"H"
Box 37, Folder 31940-1941Hanson, Arnold E.: Assoc. Prof., Voc. Ed., and Supervisor of N.Y.A.
Box 37, Folder 41940-1941Huddleston, E.T.: Professor of Architecture
Box 37, Folder 51940-1941Hughes, George T.: Trustee
Box 37, Folder 61940-1941Hunter, Roy D.: Trustee
Box 37, Folder 71940-1941Hood House: William D. Wilder, University Physician
Box 37, Folder 81940-1941"I"
Box 37, Folder 91940-1941Instructional Service Scholarships
Box 37, Folder 101940-1941Invitations
Box 37, Folder 111940-1941Invitations - personal
Box 37, Folder 121940-1941"J"
Box 37, Folder 131940-1941Jolly, David: Acting Librarian
Box 37, Folder 141940-1941Judkins, Henry F.: Trustee
Box 37, Folder 151940-1941"K"
Box 37, Folder 161940-1941Kendall, John C.: Director, General Extension Service
Box 37, Folder 171940-1941Kingsbury, Robert F.: Trustee
Box 38
Box 38, Folder 11940-1941"L"
Box 38, Folder 21940-1941League of NH Arts and Crafts
Box 38, Folder 31940-1941Legislature
Box 38, Folder 41940-1941Lists
Box 38, Folder 51940-1941Little, Earl H.: School Supervisor of Agriculture
Box 38, Folder 61940-1941Lovern, H.W.: Superintendent of Properties
Box 38, Folder 71940-1941Lundholm, Carl: Director of Athletics
Box 38, Folder 81940-1941"M"
Box 38, Folder 91940-1941Magrath, R.C.: Appointments
Box 38, Folder 101940-1941Magrath, R.C.: Treasurer
Box 38, Folder 111940-1941Marine Zoological Laboratory
Box 38, Folder 121940-1941May, Walter M.: Deputy Commissioner of Education
Box 38, Folder 131940-1941"Mc"
Box 39
Box 39, Folder 11940-1941Military Department
Box 39, Folder 21940-1941Minutes: College Faculty Meetings
Box 39, Folder 31940-1941Miscellaneous
Box 39, Folder 41940-1941"N"
Box 39, Folder 51940-1941National Bureau of Standards Study
Box 39, Folder 61940-1941National Clerical Ability Tests
Box 39, Folder 71940-1941National Defense
Box 39, Folder 81940-1941National Youth Administration
Box 39, Folder 91940-1941New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 39, Folder 101940-1941New England Council
Box 39, Folder 111940-1941New England Town Hall, Inc.
Box 39, Folder 121940-1941New Hampshire Bankers Association
Box 39, Folder 131940-1941New Hampshire Racing Commission
Box 40
Box 40, Folder 11940-1941"O"
Box 40, Folder 21940-1941"P"
Box 40, Folder 31940-1941Phi Delta Kappa Petition
Box 40, Folder 41940-1941Physician, Position of - University
Box 40, Folder 51940-1941Post Office
Box 40, Folder 61940-1944President's Monthly Letter
Box 40, Folder 71940-1941President's Report
Box 40, Folder 81940-1941President's Report - Draft
Box 40, Folder 91940-1941President's Report - Requests for
Box 40, Folder 101940-1941Programs
Box 40, Folder 111940-1941Progressive Education Association - New England Regional Advisory Committee
Box 40, Folder 121940-1941Questionnaires
Box 40, Folder 131940-1941"R"
Box 40, Folder 141940-1941Randall, Frank W. - Trustee
Box 41
Box 41, Folder 11940-1941Registrar's Studies
Box 41, Folder 21940-1941Reports: Annual
Box 41, Folder 31940-1941Report: Survey of Industrial Education - by Dr. Hanson
Box 41, Folder 41940-1941Road - Stafford Avenue to Proposed Edgewood Road
Box 41, Folder 51940-1941Roadside Conservation Associates in New Hampshire
Box 41, Folder 61940-1941Rules and Regulations
Box 41, Folder 71940-1941"S"
Box 41, Folder 81940-1941Sackett, Everett B.: Registrar
Box 41, Folder 91940-1941Sawyer, Harry D.: Trustee
Box 41, Folder 101940-1941Selective Service System
Box 41, Folder 111940-1941Senior Convocation
Box 41, Folder 121940-1941Senate, University
Box 41, Folder 131940-1941Soil Conservation
Box 41, Folder 141940-1941Speaking Engagements-Declined
Box 41, Folder 151940-1941Speaking Engagements-Past
Box 41, Folder 161940-1941Speaking Engagements-Dr. Northby
Box 41, Folder 171940-1941Special Committees
Box 41, Folder 181940-1941Special Committee on Nutrition
Box 41, Folder 191940-1941Special Committee on University Patent Policy
Box 41, Folder 201940-1941Special Committee to Study Health Services
Box 42
Box 42, Folder 11940-1941State Planning and Development Commission - Correspondence
Box 42, Folder 21940-1941State Planning and Development Commission - Minutes, Reports, etc.
Box 42, Folder 31940-1941State Planning and Development Commission - Reports, Newsclippings, etc.
Box 42, Folder 41940-1941Student Activity Tax
Box 42, Folder 51940-1941Student Organizations, Officers of
Box 42, Folder 61940-1941Studies
Box 42, Folder 71940-1941Study - Out of State Travel
Box 42, Folder 81940-1941Swimming Pool
Box 42, Folder 91940-1941"T"
Box 42, Folder 101940-1941Travel Authorization: Administration
Box 42, Folder 111940-1941Travel Authorization: College of Agriculture and Agricultural Experiment Station
Box 42, Folder 121940-1941Travel Authorization: College of Liberal Arts
Box 42, Folder 131940-1941Travel Authorization: College of Technology
Box 42, Folder 141940-1941Travel Authorization: Extension Service
Box 43
Box 43, Folder 11940-1941Travel Authorization: Physical Education and Athletics
Box 43, Folder 21940-1941Trustees: Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 43, Folder 31940-1941Trustees: Executive Committee
Box 43, Folder 41940-1941Trustees: Financial Committee
Box 43, Folder 51940-1941Trustees Meeting - October 18, 1940
Box 43, Folder 61940-1941Trustees Meeting - January 17, 1941
Box 43, Folder 71940-1941Trustees Meeting - April 18, 1941
Box 43, Folder 81940-1941Trustees Meeting - June 14, 1941
Box 43, Folder 91940-1941Trustees Meetings - Agenda
Box 43, Folder 101940-1941Trustees: Miscellaneous
Box 43, Folder 111940-1941Trustees: Monthly Letters
Box 44
Box 44, Folder 11940-1941Trustees: Personnel Committee
Box 44, Folder 21940-1941Trustees: Property Committee
Box 44, Folder 31940-1941Trustees: Special Committees, Correspondence
Box 44, Folder 41940-1941"U"
Box 44, Folder 51940-1941United States, Departments of
Box 44, Folder 61940-1941US Office of Education - Federal Security Agency
Box 44, Folder 71940-1941University Council
Box 44, Folder 81940-1941University Research Committee
Box 44, Folder 91940-1941"V"
Box 44, Folder 101940-1941"W"
Box 44, Folder 111940-1941Weekly Letters
Box 44, Folder 121940-1941Wellman, James A.
Box 44, Folder 131940-1941Woodruff, Ruth: Dean of Women
Box 44, Folder 141940-1941Works Projects Administration
Box 44, Folder 151940-1941W.P.A.: New Hampshire Art Project
Box 44, Folder 161940-1941W.P.A.: Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings
Box 44, Folder 171940-1941W.P.A.: Historical Records Survey
Box 44, Folder 181940-1941"Y"
Box 45
Box 45, Folder 11941-1942"A" (included is Report of Association of Women Students)
Box 45, Folder 21941-1942Addresses and Articles
Box 45, Folder 31941-1942Agricultural Service Departments
Box 45, Folder 41941-1942Alumni Secretary: Eugene K. Auerbach
Box 45, Folder 51941-1942American council on Education
Box 45, Folder 61941-1942American Seminar - American Friends Service Committee
Box 45, Folder 71941-1942Amoskeag Records
Box 45, Folder 81941-1942Armistice Day
Box 45, Folder 91941-1942Army-Navy Program
Box 45, Folder 101941-1943Art-Music Department
Box 45, Folder 111941-1942Association of American Colleges
Box 45, Folder 121941-1942Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
Box 46
Box 46, Folder 11941-1942"B"
Box 46, Folder 21941-1942Band Procedure Canvass
Box 46, Folder 31941-1942Bartlett Prize
Box 46, Folder 41941-1942Biological Institute: C.F. Jackson, Director
Box 46, Folder 51941-1942Blood, Robert O.: Governor
Box 46, Folder 61941-1942Bridges, Styles: Senator
Box 46, Folder 71941-1942Budgets
Box 46, Folder 81941-1942Builders Institute
Box 46, Folder 91941-1942"C"
Box 46, Folder 101941-1942Catalogue Changes
Box 46, Folder 111941-1942Central Duplicating Service
Box 46, Folder 121941-1942Christian Work, Inc.
Box 46, Folder 131941-1942Christensen, Ernest W.: Trustee
Box 46, Folder 141941-1942Circular Letters
Box 46, Folder 151941-1942Civilian Pilot Training Program
Box 46, Folder 161941-1942Civilian Pilot Training Program
Box 47
Box 47, Folder 11941-1942Commencement
Box 47, Folder 21941-1942Committee Appointments
Box 47, Folder 31941-1942Special Committees
Box 47, Folder 41941-1942Committee on Admissions
Box 47, Folder 51941-1942Committee on Alumni Scholarship
Box 47, Folder 61941-1942Committee on Curricula (including Student Committee on Educational Policy)
Box 47, Folder 71941-1942Committee on Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 47, Folder 81941-1942Committee on Fine Arts
Box 47, Folder 91941-1942Committee on General Curriculum Requirements
Box 47, Folder 101941-1942Committee on Information and Publications
Box 47, Folder 111941-1942Committee on Lectures and Concerts
Box 47, Folder 121941-1942Committee on Rules
Box 47, Folder 131941-1942Committee on Scholastic Standing
Box 47, Folder 141941-1942Committee - Senate Athletics
Box 47, Folder 151941-1942Committee on Student Aid
Box 47, Folder 161941-1942Committee on Student Organizations
Box 47, Folder 171941-1942Congregational Christian Conference, June 18-25, 1942
Box 47, Folder 181941-1942Congressmen and Senators
Box 47, Folder 191941-1942Convocation
Box 47, Folder 201941-1942Convocation, Senior
Box 47, Folder 211941-1942Council, University
Box 47, Folder 221941-1942Council, University Student Personnel
Box 47, Folder 231941-1942Course Changes
Box 47, Folder 241941-1942Course in Community Planning - Outline
Box 48
Box 48, Folder 11941-1942Curriculum, Cooperative Nursing
Box 48, Folder 21941-1942Correspondence - Engelhardt
Box 48, Folder 31941-1942Curriculum, Two-Year Secretarial
Box 48, Folder 41941-1942Course in Industrial Engineering (2 year)
Box 48, Folder 51941-1942Courses, Extra-Mural
Box 48, Folder 61941-1942"D"
Box 48, Folder 71941-1942Dallas, John T.: Trustee
Box 48, Folder 81941-1942Dean, College of Agriculture; Director, Agricultural Experiment Station
Box 48, Folder 91941-1942Dean, College of Agriculture (study regarding small classes)
Box 48, Folder 101941-1942Dean, College of Liberal Arts (study regarding condensed schedule)
Box 48, Folder 111941-1942Dean, College of Liberal Arts: H.H. Scudder, Acting
Box 48, Folder 121941-1942Dean, College of Technology: L.W. Hitchcock, Acting
Box 48, Folder 131941-1942Dean, Graduate School: Hermon L. Slobin
Box 49
Box 49, Folder 11941-1942Dean of Men: N. Alexander
Box 49, Folder 21941-1942Dean of Women: R.J. Woodruff
Box 49, Folder 31941-1942Defense Savings Committee
Box 49, Folder 41941-1942Desk Calendars
Box 49, Folder 51941-1942Director of Athletics: C. Lundholm
Box 49, Folder 61941-1942Director, Bureau of Appointments: E.K. Auerbach
Box 49, Folder 71941-1942Director, Extension Service: H.B. Stevens, Acting
Box 49, Folder 81941-1942Doe, Jessie: Trustee
Box 49, Folder 91941-1942"E"
Box 49, Folder 101941-1942Employment of Married Women
Box 49, Folder 111941-1942Engineering Defense Training Courses
Box 49, Folder 121941-1942Engineering Experiment Station
Box 49, Folder 131941-1942"F"
Box 49, Folder 141941-1942Faculty Dinners
Box 49, Folder 151941-1942Faculty: General Notices, etc.
Box 49, Folder 161941-1942Faculty: Letters to Several Members
Box 49, Folder 171941-1942Faculty Meetings-Minutes
Box 49, Folder 181941-1942Faculty Survey
Box 50
Box 50, Folder 11941-1942Faculty Survey: A-J
Box 50, Folder 21941-1942Faculty Survey: K-Z
Box 50, Folder 31941-1942Felker, Andrew L.: Trustee
Box 50, Folder 41941-1942"G"
Box 50, Folder 51941-1942Gifts
Box 50, Folder 61941-1945Group Salary Increases
Box 50, Folder 71941-1942"H"
Box 50, Folder 81941-1942Hood House: Brockway D. Roberts, University Physician
Box 50, Folder 91941-1942Hughes, George T.: Trustee
Box 50, Folder 101941-1942Hunter, Roy D.: Trustee
Box 50, Folder 111941-1942"I"
Box 50, Folder 121941-1942Instructional Service Scholarship
Box 50, Folder 131941-1942Invitations
Box 50, Folder 141941-1942Invitations - Personal
Box 50, Folder 151941-1942"J"
Box 50, Folder 161941-1942Joint Army and Navy Committee on Welfare and Recreation - Subcommittee on Education
Box 51
Box 51, Folder 11941-1942"K"
Box 51, Folder 21941-1942Kingsbury, Robert T.: Trustee
Box 51, Folder 31941-1942"L"
Box 51, Folder 41941-1942League of New Hampshire Arts and Crafts
Box 51, Folder 51941-1942Librarian: D. Jolly
Box 51, Folder 61941-1942Lists
Box 51, Folder 71941-1942"M"
Box 51, Folder 81941-1942May, Walter M.: State Board of Education
Box 51, Folder 91941-1942"Mc"
Box 51, Folder 101941-1942Meetings Held on Campus
Box 51, Folder 111941-1942Military Department
Box 51, Folder 121941-1942Military Service-World War II
Box 51, Folder 131941-1942Miscellaneous
Box 52
Box 52, Folder 11941-1942"N"
Box 52, Folder 21941-1942National Association of State Universities
Box 52, Folder 31941-1942National Association of State Universities - Committee on Military Affairs
Box 52, Folder 41941-1942National Committee on Education and Defense Committee on Military Affairs
Box 52, Folder 51941-1942New England Council
Box 52, Folder 61941-1942New England Industrial Research Foundation, Inc.
Box 52, Folder 71941-1942Northern Industrial Chemical Company
Box 52, Folder 81941-1942"O"
Box 52, Folder 91941-1942"P"
Box 52, Folder 101941-1942Personnel Committee
Box 52, Folder 111941-1942Petitions
Box 52, Folder 121941-1942Phi Beta Kappa
Box 52, Folder 131941-1942Phi Beta Kappa
Box 53
Box 53, Folder 11941-1942Phi Beta Kappa - Pres. Off. Copy
Box 53, Folder 21941-1942Phi Beta Kappa Report, Part I - Items 1-17
Box 53, Folder 31941-1942Phi Bets Kappa Report, Part II - Items 18-40
Box 53, Folder 41941-1942Post Office
Box 53, Folder 51941-1942President's Reception
Box 53, Folder 61941-1942Pringle, James N.: State Board of Education
Box 53, Folder 71941-1942Psychology Program
Box 53, Folder 81941-1942Purchase of Property
Box 53, Folder 91941-1942Questionnaires
Box 53, Folder 101941-1942"R"
Box 53, Folder 111941-1942Randall, Frank W.: Trustee
Box 53, Folder 121941-1942Registrar: E.B. Sackett
Box 53, Folder 131941-1942Registrar's Studies
Box 53, Folder 141941-1942Reports: July 1941-June 1942
Box 53, Folder 151941-1942Reports of President, Request for
Box 53, Folder 161941-1942Reports of President
Box 53, Folder 171941-1942"S"
Box 53, Folder 181941-1942Senate, University
Box 54
Box 54, Folder 11941-1942Speaking Engagements - Declined
Box 54, Folder 21941-1942Speaking Engagements - Past
Box 54, Folder 31941-1942Special Committee to Study Health Services
Box 54, Folder 41941-1942State College and University, (rates of UNH and other state colleges)
Box 54, Folder 51941-1942State Planning and Development Commission
Box 54, Folder 61941-1942State Planning and Development Commission - January 1, 1942
Box 54, Folder 71941-1942State Planning and Development Commission - Minutes, Reports, etc.: Sept. 1941 - Dec.1941
Box 54, Folder 81941-1942State Planning and Development Commission - Minutes, Reports, etc.: January 1942 - June 1942
Box 54, Folder 91941-1942State Planning and Development Commission - Minutes, Reports, etc.: January 1942 - June 1942
Box 54, Folder 101941-1942State Planning and Development Commission - National Resources Planning Board
Box 54, Folder 111941-1942State Planning and Development Commission - Plastic Research Fund
Box 54, Folder 121941-1942State Planning Committee on Natural Science Publications
Box 54, Folder 131941-1942Student Activity Tax
Box 54, Folder 141941-1942Student Organizations
Box 54, Folder 151941-1942Studies
Box 55
Box 55, Folder 11941-1942Study of Out of State Travel
Box 55, Folder 21941-1942Summer Session - 1941
Box 55, Folder 31941-1942Summer School - 1942
Box 55, Folder 41941-1942Superintendent of Properties: H.M. Fitz, Acting
Box 55, Folder 51941-1942Swimming Pool
Box 55, Folder 61941-1942"T"
Box 55, Folder 71941-1942Thut, I.N.
Box 55, Folder 81941-1942Travel Authorization: Administration
Box 55, Folder 91941-1942Travel Authorization: College of Agriculture and Agricultural Experiment Station
Box 55, Folder 101941-1942Travel Authorization: College of Liberal Arts
Box 55, Folder 111941-1942Travel Authorization: College of Technology
Box 55, Folder 121941-1942Travel Authorization: Extension Service
Box 55, Folder 131941-1942Travel Authorization: Physical Education and Athletics
Box 55, Folder 141941-1942Treasurer: R.C. Magrath
Box 55, Folder 151941-1942Treasurer: R.C. Magrath; Appointments, July 1941-September 1941
Box 55, Folder 161941-1942Treasurer: R.C. Magrath; Appointments, October 1941-March 1942
Box 56
Box 56, Folder 11941-1942Treasurer: R.C. Magrath; Appointments, April 1942-June 1942
Box 56, Folder 21941-1942Benjamin Thompson, Essential American, by Donald C. Babcock
Box 56, Folder 31941-1942Trustees: Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 56, Folder 41941-1942Trustees: Correspondence
Box 56, Folder 51941-1942Trustees: Executive Committee Correspondence
Box 56, Folder 61941-1942Trustees: Finance Committee
Box 56, Folder 71941-1942Trustees Meeting - October 17, 1941
Box 56, Folder 81941-1942Trustees Meeting - January 16, 1942
Box 56, Folder 91941-1942Trustees Meeting - April 17, 1942
Box 56, Folder 101941-1942Trustees Meeting - June 13, 1942
Box 57
Box 57, Folder 11941-1942Trustees Meeting - Agendas
Box 57, Folder 21941-1942Trustees Meeting - Minutes, July 1941-June 1942
Box 57, Folder 31941-1942Trustees: Monthly Letters
Box 57, Folder 41941-1942Trustees: Personnel Committee, February-June 1942
Box 57, Folder 51941-1942Trustees: Personnel Committee, July 1941-January 1942
Box 57, Folder 61941-1942Trustees: Property Committee
Box 57, Folder 71941-1942"U"
Box 57, Folder 81941-1942United States, Departments of
Box 57, Folder 91941-1942US Office of Education - Federal Security Agency
Box 57, Folder 101941-1942University Financial Policy
Box 57, Folder 111941-1942University Research Committee
Box 57, Folder 121941-1942"V"
Box 57, Folder 131941-1942"W"
Box 57, Folder 141941-1942War Production Board
Box 57, Folder 151941-1942University War Service Committee
Box 58
Box 58, Folder 11941-1942War Service Opportunities Bulletin and Related Material, July 1942-April 1943
Box 58, Folder 21941-1942War Service Opportunities Bulletin and Related Material, February-June 1942
Box 58, Folder 31941-1942Weekly Letter
Box 58, Folder 41941-1942Wellman, James A.: Trustee
Box 58, Folder 51941-1942W.P.A.
Box 58, Folder 61941-1942W.P.A.: New Hampshire Art Project
Box 58, Folder 71941-1942W.P.A.: Historical Records Survey
Box 58, Folder 81941-1942"Y"
Box 58, Folder 91942-1943"A"
Box 58, Folder 101942-1943ASTP and STAR Meeting, June 22
Box 58, Folder 111942-1943Addresses and Articles
Box 58, Folder 121942-1943Agricultural Service Departments
Box 58, Folder 131942-1943Air Raid Precaution Instructions
Box 58, Folder 141942-1943Alumni in Service
Box 58, Folder 151942-1943Alumni Secretary: Lewis C. Swain, Acting
Box 58, Folder 161942-1943American Council on Education
Box 58, Folder 171942-1943American Council on Education - Higher Education and National Defense
Box 58, Folder 181942-1943The American Seminar, Faculty and Staff
Box 59
Box 59, Folder 11942-1943Amoskeag Records
Box 59, Folder 21942-1943Annual Report of President
Box 59, Folder 31942-1943Armistice Day
Box 59, Folder 41942-1943Association of American Colleges
Box 59, Folder 51942-1943Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
Box 59, Folder 61942-1943"B"
Box 59, Folder 71942-1943Biological Institute
Box 59, Folder 81942-1943Blewett, Edward Y.
Box 59, Folder 91942-1943Blood, Robert O.: Governor
Box 59, Folder 101942-1943Bridges, Styles: Senator
Box 59, Folder 111942-1943Budgets
Box 59, Folder 121942-1943"C"
Box 59, Folder 131942-1943Central Duplicating Service
Box 59, Folder 141942-1943Christensen, Ernest W.: Trustee
Box 59, Folder 151942-1943Christian Work, Inc.
Box 59, Folder 161942-1943Circular Letters
Box 59, Folder 171942-1943Civil Pilot Training Program: July-October, 1942
Box 59, Folder 181942-1943Civil Pilot Training Program: November-June
Box 60
Box 60, Folder 11942-1943College Chest Fund
Box 60, Folder 21942-1943Commencement
Box 60, Folder 31942-1943Commission on Wartime Placement of College Faculties
Box 60, Folder 41942-1943Committee Appointments
Box 60, Folder 51942-1943Committee on Admissions
Box 60, Folder 61942-1943Committee on Athletics
Box 60, Folder 71942-1943Committee on Curricula
Box 60, Folder 81942-1943Committee on Curriculum Requirements
Box 60, Folder 91942-1943Committee on Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 60, Folder 101942-1943Committee on Fine Arts
Box 60, Folder 111942-1943Committee on Lectures and Concerts
Box 60, Folder 121942-1943Committee on Scholastic Standing
Box 60, Folder 131942-1943Committee on University War Service
Box 60, Folder 141942-1943Committee - Senate Athletics
Box 60, Folder 151942-1943Convocations
Box 60, Folder 161942-1943Convocation, Senior
Box 60, Folder 171942-1947Cooperative Project in Meteorology - Payment for Instruction
Box 60, Folder 181942-1943Correspondence: Engelhardt, July-December 1942
Box 60, Folder 191942-1943Correspondence: Engelhardt, January-June 1943
Box 60, Folder 201942-1943Correspondence: Military
Box 60, Folder 211942-1943Correspondence: Miscellaneous
Box 61
Box 61, Folder 11942-1943Council, University
Box 61, Folder 21942-1943Course Changes, July 1942-January 1943
Box 61, Folder 31942-1943Course Changes, February-June 1943
Box 61, Folder 41942-1943Curriculum-UNH
Box 61, Folder 51942-1943Curriculum-New
Box 61, Folder 61942-1943"D"
Box 61, Folder 71942-1943Dallas, John T.: Trustee
Box 61, Folder 81942-1943Dean, College of Agriculture - Director, Experiment Station
Box 61, Folder 91942-1943Dean, College of Liberal Arts: H.H. Scudder, Acting
Box 61, Folder 101942-1943Dean, College of Liberal Arts: H.H. Scudder, Acting
Box 61, Folder 111942-1943Dean, College of Technology: L.W. Hitchcock, Acting
Box 61, Folder 121942-1943Dean, Graduate School: Hermon L. Slobin
Box 61, Folder 131942-1943Dean of Men
Box 61, Folder 141942-1943Dean of Women
Box 62
Box 62, Folder 11942-1943Deferment of Military Service
Box 62, Folder 21942-1943Director of Athletics: Carl Lundholm
Box 62, Folder 31942-1943Director, Bureau of Appointments: I.N. Thut, Acting
Box 62, Folder 41942-1943Director, Extension Service
Box 62, Folder 51942-1943Doe, Jessie: Trustee
Box 62, Folder 61942-1943"E"
Box 62, Folder 71942-1943Engineering Experiment Station: D.S. Eppelsheimer
Box 62, Folder 81942-1943Engineering, Science and Management War Training
Box 62, Folder 91942-1943Engineering, Science and Management War Training - Final Proposals, July-December 1942
Box 62, Folder 101942-1943Engineering, Science and Management War Training - Final Proposals, February-March 1943
Box 62, Folder 111942-1943Engineers' Council for Professional Development
Box 62, Folder 121942-1943Enlisted Reserve Corps
Box 62, Folder 131942-1943Enrollment-UNH
Box 62, Folder 141942-1944Extra Compensation
Box 63
Box 63, Folder 11942-1943"F"
Box 63, Folder 21942-1947Faculty and Staff Requesting Permission to Register for Course
Box 63, Folder 31942-1947Faculty and Staff on Retirement Basis
Box 63, Folder 41942-1943Faculty: General Notices, etc.
Box 63, Folder 51942-1946Faculty Members on Leave During War Period
Box 63, Folder 61942-1943Felker, Andrew L.: Trustee
Box 63, Folder 71942-1943Faculty: Letters to Several Members
Box 63, Folder 81942-1943"G"
Box 63, Folder 91942-1943Gifts
Box 63, Folder 101942-1943"H"
Box 63, Folder 111942-1943Health Education Conference
Box 63, Folder 121942-1943Hood House: B.D. Roberts, University Physician
Box 63, Folder 131942-1943Hughes, George T.: Trustee
Box 63, Folder 141942-1943Hunter, Roy D.: Trustee
Box 63, Folder 151942-1943"I"
Box 63, Folder 161942-1943Invitations
Box 63, Folder 171942-1943Instructional Service Scholarships
Box 63, Folder 181942-1943"J"
Box 63, Folder 191942-1943Joint Army and Navy Committee on Welfare and Recreation, Sub-Committee on Education
Box 63, Folder 201942-1943Judkins, Henry F.: Trustee
Box 63, Folder 211942-1943"K"
Box 63, Folder 221942-1943Kingsbury, Robert T.: Trustee
Box 63, Folder 231942-1943"L"
Box 63, Folder 241942-1943Land-Grant College Status in Higher Education
Box 63, Folder 251942-1943League of New Hampshire Arts and Crafts
Box 63, Folder 261942-1943Librarian
Box 64
Box 64, Folder 11942-1943Legislature
Box 64, Folder 21942-1943Lists
Box 64, Folder 31942-1943"M"
Box 64, Folder 41942-1943Meetings held on campus
Box 64, Folder 51942-1943Military
Box 64, Folder 61942-1943Military Department
Box 64, Folder 71942-1943Minutes, College faculty meetings
Box 64, Folder 81942-1943Miscellaneous
Box 64, Folder 91942-1943"N": Na - N.E.I.
Box 64, Folder 101942-1943"N": N.E.I. - Noyes
Box 64, Folder 111942-1943National Association of State Universities
Box 64, Folder 121942-1943National Association of State Universities - Committee on Military Affairs
Box 64, Folder 131942-1943National Committee on Education and Defense Subcommittee on Education
Box 64, Folder 141942-1943New England Industrial Research Foundation
Box 64, Folder 151942-1943New Hampshire Federation of Taxpayers Associations, Inc.
Box 65
Box 65, Folder 11942-1943"O"
Box 65, Folder 21942-1943"P"
Box 65, Folder 31942-1943Pratt and Whitney Aircraft
Box 65, Folder 41942-1943President's letter to upperclassmen and responses
Box 65, Folder 51942-1943President's report, requests for responses regarding
Box 65, Folder 61942-1943Property transactions
Box 65, Folder 71942-1943Questionnaires
Box 65, Folder 81942-1943"R"
Box 65, Folder 91942-1943Registrar, E.B. Sackett
Box 65, Folder 101942-1943Registrar's studies
Box 65, Folder 111942-1943"S"
Box 65, Folder 121942-1943Selective service
Box 65, Folder 131942-1943Senate, University
Box 65, Folder 141942-1943Speaking engagements
Box 65, Folder 151942-1943Speaking engagements declined
Box 65, Folder 161942-1943Speaking engagements, Dr. A.S. Northby
Box 65, Folder 171942-1943Special collections
Box 65, Folder 181942-1943S.T.A.R. schedules
Box 65, Folder 191942-1943State Council for Defense
Box 65, Folder 201942-1943State Department of Education, J.N. Pringle, W.M. May, etc.
Box 65, Folder 211942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Correspondence, July - Oct. 1942
Box 66
Box 66, Folder 11942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Correspondence, November 1942 - June 1943
Box 66, Folder 21942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Mica Production
Box 66, Folder 31942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Minutes, Reports, etc., July - December 1942
Box 66, Folder 41942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Minutes, Reports, etc., January - June 1943
Box 66, Folder 51942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Minutes, Reports, etc., January - June 1943
Box 66, Folder 61942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Reports, newsclippings, etc.
Box 66, Folder 71942-1943State Planning and Development Commission - Wood Plastics Research Report
Box 66, Folder 81942-1943Student Organizations, officers of
Box 66, Folder 91942-1943Study of out of state travel
Box 66, Folder 101942-1943Superintendent of Properties, Harry M. Fitz, acting
Box 66, Folder 111942-1943Swimming Pool
Box 66, Folder 121942-1943"T"
Box 66, Folder 131942-1943Travel Authorization: Administration
Box 66, Folder 141942-1943Travel Authorization: College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station
Box 67
Box 67, Folder 11942-1943Travel Authorization: College of Liberal Arts
Box 67, Folder 21942-1943Travel Authorization: College of Technology
Box 67, Folder 31942-1943Travel Authorization: Engineering Exp. Station
Box 67, Folder 41942-1943Travel Authorization: Extension Service
Box 67, Folder 51942-1943Travel Authorization: Physical Education Dept.
Box 67, Folder 61942-1943Travel by University car
Box 67, Folder 71942-1943Treasurer - Personnel changes, July- Aug. 1942
Box 67, Folder 81942-1943Treasurer - Personnel changes, Sep.- Nov. 1942
Box 67, Folder 91942-1943Treasurer - Personnel changes, Dec. 1942 - April 1943
Box 67, Folder 101942-1943Treasurer - Personnel changes, May - June 1943
Box 67, Folder 111942-1943Treasurer - R.C. Magrath
Box 67, Folder 121942-1943Trustees - Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 67, Folder 131942-1943Trustees - Committee on Election of Alumni Trustee
Box 67, Folder 141942-1943Trustees - Executive Committee
Box 67, Folder 151942-1943Trustees - Finance Committee
Box 67, Folder 161942-1943Trustee Meeting Oct. 16, 1942
Box 67, Folder 171942-1943Trustee Meeting January 15, 1943
Box , Folder 11942-1943Trustee Meeting April 15, 1943
Box , Folder 21942-1943Trustee Meeting May 15, 1943
Box , Folder 31942-1943Trustee's Meetings Agendas
Box , Folder 41942-1943Trustees Monthly Letter
Box , Folder 51942-1943Trustees - Personnel Committee
Box , Folder 61942-1943Trustees - Property Committee
Box , Folder 71942-1943Trustee Record Book
Box , Folder 81942-1943U.S. Departments
Box , Folder 91942-1943U.S. Department of Commerce/Weather Bureau
Box , Folder 101942-1943U.S. Office of Educ. - Federal Security Agency
Box , Folder 111942-1943U.S. War Department, Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP)
Box 69
Box 69, Folder 11942-1943U.S. War Department, Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP)
Box 69, Folder 21942-1943U.S. War Department, ASTP - Campus Correspondence
Box 69, Folder 31942-1943U.S. War Department, ROTC, etc.
Box 69, Folder 41942-1943U.S. War Department, STAR unit - campus correspondence
Box 69, Folder 51942-1943"V"
Box 69, Folder 61942-1943"W"
Box 69, Folder 71942-1943War Courses for Women (special)
Box 69, Folder 81942-1943War Manpower Commission - survey questionnaire
Box 69, Folder 91942-1943War Production Training in Dairying
Box 69, Folder 101942-1943War Savings Committee
Box 69, Folder 111942-1943War Training Programs for Women
Box 69, Folder 121942-1943Weekly Letter
Box 69, Folder 131942-1943Wellman, James A. - Trustee
Box 69, Folder 141942-1943W.P.A. Historical Record
Box 69, Folder 151942-1943"Y"
Box 69, Folder 161943-1944ASTP Committee, University
Box 69, Folder 171943-1944ASTP Class Schedule, U.S. Army
Box 70
Box 70, Folder 11943-1944ASTP Campus Corr., faculty and staff, U.S. Army
Box 70, Folder 21943-1944ASTP Campus Correspondence, faculty and staff, U.S. Army
Box 70, Folder 31943-1944ASTP Class Lists, Course Outlines, Grades, Schedules, etc., U.S. Army
Box 70, Folder 41943-1944ASTP Contract (#2) January-March 1944
Box 70, Folder 51943-1944ASTP Contract, Spring 1944
Box 70, Folder 61943-1944ASTP Contract Negotiations, October 1943
Box 70, Folder 71943-1944ASTP Directives and Memoranda, U.S. Army
Box 70, Folder 81943-1944ASTP Directives and Memoranda, U.S. Army
Box 70, Folder 91943-1944ASTP Directives and Memoranda, U.S. Army
Box 70, Folder 101943-1944ASTP Directives and Memoranda, U.S. Army
Box 71
Box 71, Folder 11943-1944ASTP Directives and Memoranda, U.S. Army
Box 71, Folder 21943-1944ASTP Excess Hour Payments to Faculty
Box 71, Folder 31943-1944ASTP Faculty Criticisms
Box 71, Folder 41943-1944ASTP Faculty Load Questionnaire -Oct. 18, 1943
Box 71, Folder 51943-1944ASTP Faculty Load Questionnaire Working Sheets
Box 71, Folder 61943-1944ASTP Meeting - May 18, 1944
Box 71, Folder 71943-1944ASTP Program and Material
Box 71, Folder 81943-1944ASTP Report on First Term Instruction
Box 71, Folder 91943-1944ASTP 7 STAR Tech. Faculty Schedules, April-September 1943
Box 71, Folder 101943-1944ASTP 7 STAR - Textbooks Used
Box 72
Box 72, Folder 11943-1944ASTP Tech Faculty Teaching Schedules - September, October, November 1943
Box 72, Folder 21943-1944ASTP Training Manuals
Box 72, Folder 31943-1944"A"
Box 72, Folder 41943-1944Admissions, Recommendations on RE
Box 72, Folder 51943-1944Agenda for the Revision of the Curriculums of the College of Liberal Arts
Box 72, Folder 61943-1944Agricultural Service Departments
Box 72, Folder 71943-1944Alumni Secretary: Lewis C. Swain, Acting
Box 72, Folder 81943-1944Alumni in Service
Box 72, Folder 91943-1944American Association of University Professors- UNH Chapter
Box 72, Folder 101943-1944American Council on Education
Box 72, Folder 111943-1944American Council on Education - Higher Education and National Defense
Box 72, Folder 121943-1944Amoskeag Records
Box 72, Folder 131943-1944Annual Reports
Box 72, Folder 141943-1944Applicants for Positions
Box 73
Box 73, Folder 11943-1944Association of American Colleges
Box 73, Folder 21943-1944Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
Box 73, Folder 31943-1944"B"
Box 73, Folder 41943-1944Bills and Laws (Federal)
Box 73, Folder 51943-1944Blood, Robert O.: Governor
Box 73, Folder 61943-1944Bridges, Styles: U.S. Senator
Box 73, Folder 71943-1944Budget Statements
Box 73, Folder 81943-1944"C"
Box 73, Folder 91943-1944Christian Work, Inc.
Box 73, Folder 101943-1944Christensen, Ernest W.: Trustee
Box 73, Folder 111943-1944Circular Letters
Box 73, Folder 121943-1944Commencements
Box 73, Folder 131943-1944Commencement - August 5, 1943
Box 73, Folder 141943-1944Commencement - September 25, 1943
Box 73, Folder 151943-1944Commencement - February 6, 1944
Box 73, Folder 161943-1944Commencement - May 28, 1944
Box 73, Folder 171943-1944Committee Appointments
Box 73, Folder 181943-1944Committee on Admissions
Box 73, Folder 191943-1944Committee on Curricula
Box 73, Folder 201943-1944Committee on Curriculum Requirements
Box 74
Box 74, Folder 11943-1944Committee on Fine Arts
Box 74, Folder 21943-1944Committee on Lectures and Concerts
Box 74, Folder 31943-1944Committee on Rules
Box 74, Folder 41943-1944Committee on Scholastic Standing
Box 74, Folder 51943-1944Committee on University War Service Council
Box 74, Folder 61943-1944Special Committees
Box 74, Folder 71943-1944Wartime Student Advisory Committee
Box 74, Folder 81943-1944Commons Dining Hall
Box 74, Folder 91943-1944Commons Extension
Box 74, Folder 101943-1944Congressmen and Senators
Box 74, Folder 111943-1944Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 74, Folder 121943-1944Convocation
Box 74, Folder 131943-1944Senior Convocation
Box 74, Folder 141943-1944Cooperative Project in Meteorology - Extra Compensation
Box 74, Folder 151943-1944Correspondence - Engelhardt
Box 74, Folder 161943-1944University Council
Box 74, Folder 171943-1944Course Changes
Box 74, Folder 181943-1944Croghan, Margaret D. (Mrs. John T.): Trustee
Box 74, Folder 191943-1944Curriculum, Occupational Therapy
Box 74, Folder 201943-1944"D"
Box 74, Folder 211943-1944Dallas, John T.: Trustee
Box 74, Folder 221943-1944Dean, College of Agriculture - Director, Agriculture Experiment Station
Box 74, Folder 231943-1944Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Box 74, Folder 241943-1944Dean, College of Technology: L.W. Hitchcock, Acting
Box 75
Box 75, Folder 11943-1944Dean, Graduate School: Hermon L. Slobin
Box 75, Folder 21943-1944Dean of Men: Norman Alexander
Box 75, Folder 31943-1944Dean of Women: Ruth J. Woodruff
Box 75, Folder 41943-1944Desk Calendar and Diary
Box 75, Folder 51943-1944Director of Athletics: Carl Lundholm
Box 75, Folder 61943-1944Director, Bureau of Appointments: I.N. Thut, Acting
Box 75, Folder 71943-1944Director of Extension: H.B. Stevens
Box 75, Folder 81943-1944Doe, Jessie: Trustee
Box 75, Folder 91943-1944"E"
Box 75, Folder 101943-1944Employment Opportunities
Box 75, Folder 111943-1944President Engelhardt
Box 75, Folder 121943-1944President Engelhardt, Memorial Services - February 23, 1943
Box 75, Folder 131943-1944President Engelhardt, Memorial Services - February 23, 1943: Correspondence
Box 75, Folder 141943-1944President Engelhardt, Memorial Services - February 23, 1943: Published Material
Box 75, Folder 151943-1944Engineering Experiment Station: D.S. Eppelsheimer
Box 75, Folder 161943-1944Engineering, Science and Management War Training
Box 75, Folder 171943-1944ESMWT - Final Proposals, July 1943
Box 75, Folder 181943-1944ESMWT - Final Proposals, November 1943
Box 76
Box 76, Folder 11943-1944ESMWT - Final Proposals, January 1944
Box 76, Folder 21943-1944ESMWT - Final Proposals, February-July 1944
Box 76, Folder 31943-1945Extra Compensation for Extension Courses
Box 76, Folder 41943-1944"F"
Box 76, Folder 51943-1944Faculty: General Notices, etc.
Box 76, Folder 61943-1944Faculty: Letters to Several Members of
Box 76, Folder 71943-1944Faculty: Supplemental Schedules
Box 76, Folder 81943-1944Felker, Andrew L.: Trustee
Box 76, Folder 91943-1944"G"
Box 76, Folder 101943-1944Gifts
Box 76, Folder 111943-1944"H"
Box 76, Folder 121943-1944Hood House
Box 76, Folder 131943-1944E.T. Huddleston, Supervising Architect
Box 76, Folder 141943-1944Hunter, Roy D.: Trustee
Box 76, Folder 151943-1944Hughes, George T.: Trustee
Box 76, Folder 161943-1944"I"
Box 76, Folder 171943-1944Invitations
Box 76, Folder 181943-1944Invitations - Personal
Box 76, Folder 191943-1944"J"
Box 76, Folder 201943-1944"K"
Box 76, Folder 211943-1944Kingsbury, Robert T.: Trustee
Box 77
Box 77, Folder 11943-1944"L"
Box 77, Folder 21943-1944Librarian: Miss Thelma Brackett
Box 77, Folder 31943-1944Lists: July-September 1943
Box 77, Folder 41943-1944Lists: October-December 1943
Box 77, Folder 51943-1944Lists: Directory, UNH
Box 77, Folder 61943-1944"M"
Box 77, Folder 71943-1944Meetings Held on Campus
Box 77, Folder 81943-1944Minutes: College Faculty Meetings
Box 77, Folder 91943-1944Miscellaneous
Box 77, Folder 101943-1946Miscellaneous Correspondence (some undated)
Box 77, Folder 111943-1944Miscellaneous Office Correspondence
Box 77, Folder 121943-1944Music
Box 77, Folder 131943-1944"N"
Box 78
Box 78, Folder 11943-1944National Association of State Universities
Box 78, Folder 21943-1944National Roster of Scientific and Specialized Personnel
Box 78, Folder 31943-1944New England Land-Grant College Meeting
Box 78, Folder 41943-1944News Bureau
Box 78, Folder 51943-1944Northby, A.S. - Personal
Box 78, Folder 61943-1944"O"
Box 78, Folder 71943-1944Out of State Travel
Box 78, Folder 81943-1944"P"
Box 78, Folder 91943-1944Post-War Education Service
Box 78, Folder 101943-1944Post-War Plans
Box 78, Folder 111943-1944Pratt and Whitney Aircraft
Box 78, Folder 121943-1944Property Transactions
Box 78, Folder 131943-1944Questionnaires
Box 78, Folder 141943-1944"R"
Box 78, Folder 151943-1944Randall, Frank W.: Trustee
Box 78, Folder 161943-1944Registrar: E.B. Sackett
Box 78, Folder 171943-1944Registrar's Studies
Box 78, Folder 181943-1944Releases to Members of Faculty and Staff
Box 78, Folder 191943-1944Reports, July 1943-June 1944
Box 78, Folder 201943-1944"S"
Box 78, Folder 211943-1944Salaries
Box 78, Folder 221943-1944Sawyer, Harry D.: Trustee
Box 78, Folder 231943-1944Selective Service Deferment
Box 78, Folder 241943-1944Selective Service Deferment - Inactive Requests, A-E
Box 78, Folder 251943-1944Selec. Service Deferment-Inact. Requests, F-L
Box 78, Folder 261943-1944Selec. Service Deferment-Inact. Requests, M-Z
Box 79
Box 79, Folder 11943-1944University Senate
Box 79, Folder 21943-1944Speaking Engagements: Declined
Box 79, Folder 31943-1944Speaking Engagements: Past
Box 79, Folder 41943-1944STAR, Enrollment in Classes
Box 79, Folder 51943-1944STAR Unit - U.S. Army
Box 79, Folder 61943-1944STAR Unit, Campus Correspondence - U.S. Army
Box 79, Folder 71943-1944STAR Contract, Apr.-Oct. 1943, Jan.-May 1944
Box 79, Folder 81943-1944State Department of Education
Box 79, Folder 91943-1944Student Organizations, Officers of
Box 79, Folder 101943-1944State Planning and Development Commission
Box 79, Folder 111943-1944State Planning and Development Commission (Biennial Report, 1941 - NH)
Box 79, Folder 121943-1944State Planning and Development Commission: Minutes and Reports (July-December)
Box 79, Folder 131943-1944Student Activity Tax
Box 79, Folder 141943-1944Summer School 1943
Box 79, Folder 151943-1944Summer School: Student Directory, 1943
Box 79, Folder 161943-1944Superintendent of Properties: H.M. Fitz
Box 80
Box 80, Folder 11943-1944"T"
Box 80, Folder 21943-1944Travel Authorization/Administration
Box 80, Folder 31943-1944Travel Authorization/College of Agriculture
Box 80, Folder 41943-1944Travel Authorization/College of Liberal Arts
Box 80, Folder 51943-1944Travel Authorization/College of Technology
Box 80, Folder 61943-1944Travel Authorization/Engin. Exper. Station
Box 80, Folder 71943-1944Travel Authorization/Extension Service, A-L
Box 80, Folder 81943-1944Travel Authorization/Extension Service, M-Z
Box 80, Folder 91943-1944Travel Authorization/Physical Education Deptartment
Box 80, Folder 101943-1944Travel by University Car
Box 80, Folder 111943-1944Treasurer-R.C. MaGrath
Box 80, Folder 121943-1944Treasurer-Personnel Changes, July-August 1943
Box 80, Folder 131943-1944Treasurer-Personnel Changes, Sept.-Dec. 1943
Box 80, Folder 141943-1944Treasurer-Personnel Changes, Jan.-April 1944
Box 80, Folder 151943-1944Treasurer-Personnel Changes, May-June 1944
Box 81
Box 81, Folder 11943-1944Trustees-Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 81, Folder 21943-1944Trustees-Election of Alumni Trustee
Box 81, Folder 31943-1944Trustees-Executive Committee
Box 81, Folder 41943-1944Trustees Finance Committee, Benjamin Thompson Trust Fund
Box 81, Folder 51943-1944Trustee Meeting, October 15, 1943
Box 81, Folder 61943-1944Trustee Meeting, January 21, 1944
Box 81, Folder 71943-1944Trustee Meeting, February 7, 1944
Box 81, Folder 81943-1944Trustee Meeting, February 22, 1944
Box 81, Folder 91943-1944Trustee Meeting, March 18, 1944
Box 81, Folder 101943-1944Trustee Meeting, April 29, 1944
Box 81, Folder 111943-1944Trustee Meeting, May 13, 1944
Box 81, Folder 121943-1944Trustee Meeting, May 27, 1944
Box 81, Folder 131943-1944Trustee Meeting, June 22, 1944
Box 81, Folder 141943-1944Trustee-Monthly Letters
Box 82
Box 82, Folder 11943-1944Trustee Personnel Committee
Box 82, Folder 21943-1944Trustees-Property Committee
Box 82, Folder 31943-1944Trustee Record Book
Box 82, Folder 41943-1944Trustees-To Members of the Board
Box 82, Folder 51943-1944"U"
Box 82, Folder 61943-1944United States Army-General
Box 82, Folder 71943-1944United States Army-ROTC
Box 82, Folder 81943-1944United States Office of Education
Box 82, Folder 91943-1944United States Department of Commerce
Box 82, Folder 101943-1944"V"
Box 82, Folder 111943-1944"W"
Box 82, Folder 121943-1944Waldron, Jeremy R. (Trustee)
Box 82, Folder 131943-1944War Acceleration
Box 82, Folder 141943-1944War Food Administration
Box 82, Folder 151943-1944War Man Power Commission
Box 82, Folder 161943-1944Weekly Letter
Box 82, Folder 171943-1944Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 82, Folder 181943-1944"Y"
Box 82, Folder 191943-1944Engelhardt Miscellaneous
Box 83
Box 83, Folder 11939-1944Engelhardt Miscellaneous
Box 83, Folder 21941-1943Engelhardt Miscellaneous
Box 83, Folder 31941-1944Engelhardt Miscellaneous
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  • Photo of Fred Englehardt