Edward Morgan Lewis Papers, 1927-1936

Collection number: UA 2/1/5
Size: 62 boxes (20.5 cu.ft.)

About Edward Morgan Lewis

Edward Morgan Lewis was born on Dec. 25, 1872 in Machynlleth, Wales, and came to the United States in 1880. He received a B.A. in 1896, and an M.A. from Williams College. While working on his masters degree, he was a pitcher for the Boston Braves from 1896-1900, and for the Boston Red Sox in 1901.

After leaving baseball, Lewis assumed the position of Instructor of Elocution at Columbia University. In 1904, he returned to Williams College where he was an instructor in public speaking and was soon promoted to Assistant Professor.

In 1911, Lewis became Dean at the Massachusetts Agricultural College. While at MAC, Lewis also served as Head of the Languages Department, Head of the Literature Department, Head of the Humanities Division, Acting President, and President.

He came to the University of New Hampshire in September 1927. Even though the depression years made the University's financial situation less than desirable, Lewis oversaw the construction of several buildings, including James Hall, and Hood House, as well as construction of new athletic fields, which were named for him. He was also successful in improving teaching and administration standards. Lewis died while serving as President of the University of New Hampshire on May 24, 1936. His friend, Robert Frost, read at the memorial service.

About the Edward Morgan Lewis Papers

The Edward "Ted" Lewis Papers include material from the Association of Land Grant Colleges, fraternity and sorority problems, Frederick "Pa" Taylor Correspondence, and Hood House.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Edward Morgan Lewis Papers, 1927-1936, UA 2/1/5, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11919-1929Miscellaneous
Box 1, Folder 21923-1929New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 1, Folder 31924-1933Faculty, General Notices
Box 1, Folder 41924-1932Graduate School
Box 1, Folder 51925-1932Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 1, Folder 61925-1932Military Department
Box 1, Folder 71925-1931Miscellaneous
Box 1, Folder 81925-1931Salary Studies and Ten- and Twelve-Month Question
Box 1, Folder 91926-1930Committee Appointments
Box 1, Folder 101926-1930DeMeritt, Elizabeth P. (Dean of Women)
Box 1, Folder 111926-1930Fuller, John M. (Professor of Dairy Husbandry)
Box 1, Folder 121926-1930Miscellaneous
Box 1, Folder 131926-1928Morse, A.O. (Executive Secretary)
Box 1, Folder 141925-1935Military Training (folder 1 of 5)-Material from Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 1, Folder 151926-1936Military Training (folder 2 of 5)-Legislation Regarding Military Training)
Box 1, Folder 161931-1935Military Training (folder 3 of 5)-Material from R.O.T.C. Association of U.S.
Box 1, Folder 171933-1935Military Training (folder 4 of 5)-Articles, Memorandums, etc. written by President Lewis
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11934-1936Military Training (folder 5 of 5) correspondence
Box 2, Folder 21926-1930O'Kane, W.C.-Professor of Entomology
Box 2, Folder 31926-1936Teachers Insurance Annuity
Box 2, Folder 41927-1928Agricultural Talks
Box 2, Folder 51927-1928American Association of University Women
Box 2, Folder 61927-1928American Council on Education
Box 2, Folder 71927-1929Annual Reports of Administrative Officers
Box 2, Folder 81927-1928Association of American Colleges
Box 2, Folder 91927-1928Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 2, Folder 101927-1928Association of New England Colleges for Conferences on Athletics
Box 2, Folder 111927-1931Athletic Field (New)
Box 2, Folder 121927-1928Austin-Cate Academy
Box 2, Folder 131927-1928"B"
Box 2, Folder 141927-1928Butterfield, Ernest W.
Box 2, Folder 151927-1928Caldwell, William H.
Box 2, Folder 161927-1939Committees
Box 2, Folder 171927-1928Copper-Ketcham Fund
Box 2, Folder 181927-1930Case, George W. (Dean, College of Technology)
Box 2, Folder 191927-1928Clippings
Box 2, Folder 201927-1928College of Business Administration
Box 2, Folder 211927-1932Committee on the Prevention of Cheating
Box 2, Folder 221927-1928Contracts, agreements, etc.
Box 2, Folder 231927-1928Dean of the College of Agriculture, Taylor, F.W.
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11927-1930Faculty, General Notices
Box 3, Folder 21927-1928Fire Department
Box 3, Folder 31927-1928Greenhouses
Box 3, Folder 41927-1928Lucy Hastings Memorial Hospital (Dr. G.S. Foster)
Box 3, Folder 51927-1928Hills, Mrs. Alfred E.
Box 3, Folder 61927-1928Insurance
Box 3, Folder 71927-1928Isles of Shoals Marine Laboratory
Box 3, Folder 81927-1928Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 3, Folder 91927-1928Magrath, R.C.-Treasurer and Business Secretary
Box 3, Folder 101927-1928Magrath, R.C.-Appointments
Box 3, Folder 111927-1928May, Walter M.-Deputy Commissioner of Education
Box 3, Folder 121927-1928Miscellaneous correspondence
Box 3, Folder 131927-1928Miscellaneous
Box 3, Folder 141927-1928Morse, A.O. (Executive Secretary)
Box 3, Folder 151927-1928Normal Schools
Box 3, Folder 161927-1928John H. Pearson Trust
Box 3, Folder 171927-1928Personnel, July 1927-June 1928
Box 3, Folder 181927-1928Pond, Bremer Whidden (Landscape Architect)
Box 3, Folder 191927-1928Publications of Faculty
Box 3, Folder 201927-1928Replies to Questionnaires
Box 3, Folder 211927-1928Re-instatement Cases and Policies
Box 3, Folder 221927-1928Sawyer, Miss Elizabeth C. (Trustee)
Box 3, Folder 231927-1928Sawyer, Harry D. (Trustee)
Box 3, Folder 241927-1928Schedule Summary
Box 3, Folder 251927-1928Scholarships
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11927-1928Sewerage Disposal
Box 4, Folder 21927-1928Smith-Hughes, from Massachusetts
Box 4, Folder 31927-1928Spaulding, Huntley N. (Trustee and Governor)
Box 4, Folder 41927-1928Student and Faculty Rule Book
Box 4, Folder 51927-1928Sulloway, Richard W.
Box 4, Folder 61927-1928Summer School
Box 4, Folder 71927-1928"T"
Box 4, Folder 81927-1928Thompson, Benjamin
Box 4, Folder 91927-1928Trustees-April 13, 1928
Box 4, Folder 101927-1928Tufts, Dr. J.A.
Box 4, Folder 111927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Index of Questionnaires Used
Box 4, Folder 121927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Circulars of Information Relating to the Survey of Land Grant Colleges (Numbers 1-3)
Box 4, Folder 131927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire VIII-"Library"
Box 4, Folder 141927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire XVIII-"Adult Education"
Box 4, Folder 151927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire IV-"Finance"
Box 4, Folder 161927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire VII-"Registrar's Information"
Box 4, Folder 171927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire XII-C-"Home Economics Undergraduate Work"
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire XIII-D-"Teacher Training"
Box 5, Folder 21927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire XV-F-"Military Education"
Box 5, Folder 31927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire XVI-G
Box 5, Folder 41927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire XX-"Student Relations and Welfare"
Box 5, Folder 51927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire XI-"Engineering"
Box 5, Folder 61927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Questionnaire-"Summer Session"
Box 5, Folder 71927-1928U.S. Bureau of Education-Land Grant College Survey, Summary of Statistics-October 15, 1929
Box 5, Folder 81927-1928Vouchers
Box 5, Folder 91927-1928Waldron, William G.
Box 5, Folder 101927-1928Waldron, W.G.
Box 5, Folder 111927-1928Water Supply
Box 5, Folder 121927-1928Whidden Farm
Box 5, Folder 131927-1928Y.M.C.A./Y.W.C.A.
Box 5, Folder 141928Correspondence, January-June 1928
Box 5, Folder 151928Correspondence, July-December 1928
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11928-1929American Association of University Women
Box 6, Folder 21928-1929American Council on Education (C.E. Hewitt)
Box 6, Folder 31928-1929Arts, Course in the Fine
Box 6, Folder 41928-1929Association of American Colleges
Box 6, Folder 51928-1929Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 6, Folder 61928-1929Association of New England Colleges for Conference on Athletics
Box 6, Folder 71928-1929Athletic Problems
Box 6, Folder 81928-1929Automobiles, Question of
Box 6, Folder 91928-1929Aviation Course
Box 6, Folder 101928-1929Blewett, E.Y. (Alumni)
Box 6, Folder 111928-1929"C"
Box 6, Folder 121928-1929Carter, James B. and Belle
Box 6, Folder 131928-1930Charles, Thomas Burr (Professor of Poultry Husbandry)
Box 6, Folder 141928-1929Chemistry Building
Box 6, Folder 151928-1929Colby Junior College
Box 6, Folder 161928-1929Commencement
Box 6, Folder 171928-1932Committee on Course of Study:Liberal Arts Subcommittee
Box 6, Folder 181928-1930Committee on Scholarship (Dean Norman Alexander, Chair)
Box 6, Folder 191928-1929Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 6, Folder 201928-1930Cowell, William H. (Director of Athletics)
Box 6, Folder 211928-1930"D"
Box 6, Folder 221928-1933Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 6, Folder 231928-1930Dean's Luncheon
Box 6, Folder 241928-1930Dudley, Albertus T. (Trustee)
Box 6, Folder 251928-1929"E"
Box 6, Folder 261928-1930"F"
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11928-1930Educational Survey
Box 7, Folder 21928-1930Faculty, Letters to
Box 7, Folder 31928-1929Felker
Box 7, Folder 41928-1929Fraternity and Sorority Building Aid
Box 7, Folder 51928-1929Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 7, Folder 61928-1929French, Albert N. (Dean of Liberal Arts)
Box 7, Folder 71928-1929Governor-Spaulding, Huntley N.
Box 7, Folder 81928-1929Grades, Student Averages
Box 7, Folder 91928-1929Lucy Hastings Memorial Hospital (Dr. G.S. Foster)
Box 7, Folder 101928-1929Henderson, O.V.-Registrar
Box 7, Folder 111928-1929Hills, Mrs. Alfred E.
Box 7, Folder 121928-1929Hitchcock, L.W.
Box 7, Folder 131928-1930Howes, Dr. H.L.-Professor of Physics
Box 7, Folder 141928-1930Huddleston, E.T.-Professor of Architectural Drawing
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11928-1930Hunter, Roy D. (Trustee)
Box 8, Folder 21928-1929"I"
Box 8, Folder 31928-1929Insurance
Box 8, Folder 41928-1929Insurance Studies-April 3, 1929
Box 8, Folder 51928-1929Isles of Shoals Marine Laboratory
Box 8, Folder 61928-1929"J"
Box 8, Folder 71928-1929Jackson, C.F.-Professor of Zoology
Box 8, Folder 81928-1929Charles James Memorial
Box 8, Folder 91928-1929"K"
Box 8, Folder 101928-1929Kalijarvi, Thorsten
Box 8, Folder 111928-1929Kendall, J.C. (Director of Experiment Station and Extension Service)
Box 8, Folder 121928-1929Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 8, Folder 131928-1929Kingsbury, Major Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 8, Folder 141928-1929"L"
Box 8, Folder 151928-1929Legislative correspondence with E.M. Lewis
Box 8, Folder 161928-1929Legislature-miscellaneous
Box 8, Folder 171928-1929Lewis, President E.M.
Box 8, Folder 181928-1929Lewis, Professor W.P. (Librarian)
Box 8, Folder 191928-1929Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Properties)
Box 8, Folder 201928-1929McLaughlin, Mrs. Helen F. (Professor of Home Economics)
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11928-1929Magrath, R.C. (Appointments)
Box 9, Folder 21928-1929Magrath, R.C.-Treasurer and Business Secretary (July-December 1928)
Box 9, Folder 31928-1929Magrath, R.C.-Treasurer and Business Secretary (January-June 1929)
Box 9, Folder 41928-1929May, Walter M.-Deputy Commissioner of Education
Box 9, Folder 51928-1929Military Department
Box 9, Folder 61928-1929Miscellaneous
Box 9, Folder 71928-1933Mill Road and Main Street
Box 9, Folder 81928-1929Morse, A.O.
Box 9, Folder 91928-1930"N"
Box 9, Folder 101928-1929Normal Schools
Box 9, Folder 111928-1929"O"
Box 9, Folder 121928-1929"O"
Box 9, Folder 131928-1929John H. Pearson Trust
Box 9, Folder 141928-1930Pearson, John H. (trustee)
Box 9, Folder 151928-1929Personnel-July 1928-June 1929
Box 9, Folder 161928-1930Pettee, C.H.-Dean of the University
Box 9, Folder 171928-1929Pettee-Enrollment and Entrance
Box 9, Folder 181928-1929Phi Kappa Phi
Box 9, Folder 191928-1929Physician, University-Dr. Arthur W. White
Box 9, Folder 201928-1929Portraits
Box 9, Folder 211928-1929Power Plant
Box 9, Folder 221928-1929Probation Students and President's Probation
Box 9, Folder 231928-1930"R"
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11928-1929Resignation Letters
Box 10, Folder 21928-1929Rhodes Scholarships
Box 10, Folder 31928-1930Richards, Dr. A.E. (Head of Department of English)
Box 10, Folder 41928-1929Rules and Regulations
Box 10, Folder 51928-1929"S"
Box 10, Folder 61928-1929Salaries and Income of Faculty
Box 10, Folder 71928-1929Sawyer, Miss Elizabeth C. (Trustee)
Box 10, Folder 81928-1929Sawyer, Harry D. (Trustee)
Box 10, Folder 91928-1929Sewerage Disposal
Box 10, Folder 101928-1929Shirley, William W. (Librarian)
Box 10, Folder 111928-1929Smith-Hughes Work
Box 10, Folder 121928-1929Smythe, Mrs. Frederick
Box 10, Folder 131928-1929Spaulding, Huntley N. (Trustee and Governor)
Box 10, Folder 141928-1929Statistics
Box 10, Folder 151928-1929Stevens, Henry B.-Correspondence pertaining to Tolstoy
Box 10, Folder 161928-1929Student and Faculty Rule Book
Box 10, Folder 171928-1929Student Welfare Committee
Box 10, Folder 181928-1929Summer School
Box 10, Folder 191928-1929"T"
Box 10, Folder 201928-1929Taylor, Frederick-correspondence July 5, 1928-June 29, 1929
Box 10, Folder 211928-1929Tobey, Charles W. (Governor)
Box 10, Folder 221928-1929Trustee Committee on Instructors
Box 10, Folder 231928-1929Trustee Meeting-October 11, 1928
Box 10, Folder 241928-1929Trustee Meeting-January 11, 1929
Box 10, Folder 251928-1929Trustee Meeting-April 12, 1929
Box 10, Folder 261928-1929Trustee Meeting-June 15, 1929
Box 10, Folder 271928-1929Tufts, Dr. J.A.
Box 10, Folder 281928-1929"U"
Box 10, Folder 291928U.S. Bureau of Education, Land Grant College Survey-Questionnaire III-"Individual Staff Inquiry"
Box 10, Folder 301928U.S. Bureau of Education, Land Grant College Survey-Questionnaire III-"Individual Staff Inquiry"
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11928U.S. Bureau of Education, Land Grant College Survey-Questionnaire III-"Individual Staff Inquiry"
Box 11, Folder 21928U.S. Bureau of Education, Land Grant College Survey-Questionnaire III-"Individual Staff Inquiry"
Box 11, Folder 31928U.S. Bureau of Education, Land Grant College Survey-Questionnaire III-"Individual Staff Inquiry"
Box 11, Folder 41928-1929Voucher
Box 11, Folder 51928-1929"W"
Box 11, Folder 61928-1929Water Supply
Box 11, Folder 71928-1929Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 11, Folder 81928-1929Wellman, Justin C.-Professor of Education
Box 11, Folder 91928-1929Y.M.C.A./Y.W.C.A.
Box 11, Folder 101929Correspondence, January 1929
Box 11, Folder 111929Correspondence, February 1929
Box 11, Folder 121929Correspondence, March 1929
Box 11, Folder 131929Correspondence, April 1929
Box 11, Folder 141929Correspondence, May 1929
Box 11, Folder 151929Correspondence, June 1929
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11929Correspondence, July 1929
Box 12, Folder 21929Correspondence, August 1929
Box 12, Folder 31929Correspondence, September 1929
Box 12, Folder 41929Correspondence, October 1929
Box 12, Folder 51929Correspondence, November 1929
Box 12, Folder 61929Correspondence, December 1929
Box 12, Folder 71929Correspondence, 1929 (no months given)
Box 12, Folder 81929-1930"A"
Box 12, Folder 91929-1930Administration Committee
Box 12, Folder 101929-1930Agricultural Studies, Statistics, etc.
Box 12, Folder 111929-1930Alexander, Norman (Dean of Men)
Box 12, Folder 121929-1930American Association of Adult Education
Box 12, Folder 131929-1930American Association of University Professors
Box 12, Folder 141929-1930American Association of University Women
Box 12, Folder 151929-1930American Council of Education (C.E. Hewitt)
Box 12, Folder 161929-1930Arts, Course in the Fine
Box 12, Folder 171929-1930Associated Student Organizations
Box 12, Folder 181929-1930Association of American Colleges
Box 12, Folder 191929-1930Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 12, Folder 201929-1930Association of New England Colleges for Conference on Athletics
Box 12, Folder 211929-1930Athletic Equipment Study
Box 12, Folder 221929-1930Athletic Problems
Box 12, Folder 231929-1930Aviation Course
Box 12, Folder 241929-1930Bathhouse
Box 12, Folder 251929-1945"The Brown Book"
Box 12, Folder 261929-1930Butterfield, E.W.
Box 12, Folder 271929-1930Butterfield, E.W.-suggested agreements with E.M. Lewis
Box 12, Folder 281929-1930By-Laws, Revisions
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11929-1931Case, George W. (Dean, College of Technology)
Box 13, Folder 21929College of Agriculture
Box 13, Folder 31929-1930Committee-Agricultural Subcommittee on Course of Study
Box 13, Folder 41929-1930Committee on B.E. Degree (Pettee, Chair)
Box 13, Folder 51929-1934Committee on Course of Study
Box 13, Folder 61929-1930Committee to Study Degrees
Box 13, Folder 71929-1930Contracts, agreements, etc.
Box 13, Folder 81929-1933Various correspondence from Office of the President
Box 13, Folder 91929-1930Degrees
Box 13, Folder 101929-1931Delta Sigma Chi
Box 13, Folder 111929-1932"E"
Box 13, Folder 121929-1930Education, Bureau of-Department of the Interior
Box 13, Folder 131929-1930Egbert, Dr. Edward H. (Medical Center)
Box 13, Folder 141929-1933Engineering Experiment Station
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11929-1930Faculty Meeting, Material for
Box 14, Folder 21929-1930Fairchild, Edward T. (previous President of NHC)
Box 14, Folder 31929-1930Forestry Camp, Passaconaway, N.H
Box 14, Folder 41929-1930French, Albert N. (Dean of Liberal Arts)
Box 14, Folder 51929-1930(Lucy) Hastings Memorial Hospital
Box 14, Folder 61929-1930Henderson, O.V.-Registrar
Box 14, Folder 71929-1930Hills, Mrs. Alfred E.-Gabbott Street-Nashua,N.H.
Box 14, Folder 81929-1930Hitchcock, L.W.-Professor of Electrical Engineering
Box 14, Folder 91929-1930Hood, Charles H. (Trustee)
Box 14, Folder 101929-1930Iddles, Harold A.-Professor of Chemistry
Box 14, Folder 111929-1930Insurance
Box 14, Folder 121929-1930Isles of Shoals Marine Laboratory
Box 14, Folder 131929-1930"J"
Box 14, Folder 141929-1930Jackson, C.F.
Box 14, Folder 151929-1930"K"
Box 14, Folder 161929-1930Kendall, J.C.-Director of Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 14, Folder 171929-1930Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 14, Folder 181929-1930Kingsbury, Major Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 14, Folder 191929-1930"L"
Box 14, Folder 201929-1930Laboratory High School
Box 14, Folder 211929-1933Lewis, E.M. (Personal)
Box 14, Folder 221929-1930Liberal Arts and Teacher Training
Box 14, Folder 231929-1930Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Properties)
Box 14, Folder 241929-1930"M"
Box 14, Folder 251929-1930McLaughlin, Mrs. Helen F.-Professor of Home Economics
Box 14, Folder 261929-1930McNutt, J.C.-Professor of Animal Husbandry
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11929-1930Magrath, R.C. (Appointments)
Box 15, Folder 21929-1930Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 15, Folder 31929-1930May, Walter M. (Deputy Commissioner of Education)
Box 15, Folder 41929-1930Memoranda
Box 15, Folder 51929-1930Military Department
Box 15, Folder 61929-1936Mill Tax
Box 15, Folder 71929-1934Minutes-College faculty Meetings
Box 15, Folder 81929-1934Miscellaneous
Box 15, Folder 91929-1930New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 15, Folder 101929-1930New England Council
Box 15, Folder 111929-1930"The New Hampshire"
Box 15, Folder 121929-1930Normal Schools, September-December 1929
Box 15, Folder 131929-1930Normal Schools, January 1930
Box 15, Folder 141929-1930Normal Schools, February-March 1930
Box 15, Folder 151929-1930Northern New England School of Religious Education (Nellie T. Hendrick, Dean)
Box 15, Folder 161929-1930Outing Club
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11929-1930"P"
Box 16, Folder 21929-1930Pattee, Charles W. (Alumni Secretary)
Box 16, Folder 31929-1930John H. Pearson Trust
Box 16, Folder 41929-1930Personnel
Box 16, Folder 51929-1930Personnel changes
Box 16, Folder 61929-1930Placement Committee
Box 16, Folder 71929-1930Planning Board
Box 16, Folder 81929-1930Pond, Bremer Whidden (Landscape Architect)
Box 16, Folder 91929-1930Correspondence to Durham Postmaster-March 17, 1930
Box 16, Folder 101929-1930Potter, George F. (Professor of Horticulture)
Box 16, Folder 111929-1931Practice House (New)
Box 16, Folder 121929-1930President's Report
Box 16, Folder 131929-1930Prospective Land Purchases
Box 16, Folder 141929-1930Real Estate Committee
Box 16, Folder 151929-1932Religion, Course on
Box 16, Folder 161929-1930Reports
Box 16, Folder 171929-1930Rhodes Scholarships
Box 16, Folder 181929-1930Room Assignments
Box 16, Folder 191929-1930Rules and Regulations
Box 16, Folder 201929-1930"S"
Box 16, Folder 211929-1930Sabbatical Leaves for Professional Improvement
Box 16, Folder 221929-1930Salaries
Box 16, Folder 231929-1930Sawyer, Elizabeth C.
Box 16, Folder 241929-1930Sawyer, Harry D. (Trustee)
Box 16, Folder 251929-1930Sewerage Disposal
Box 16, Folder 261929-1930Shirley, William W. (Librarian)
Box 16, Folder 271929-1930Smith-Hughes
Box 16, Folder 281929-1930Smythe, Mrs. Frederick
Box 16, Folder 291929-1930S.P.E.C.-Data in Connection With Studies in English Education
Box 16, Folder 301929-1930Statistics
Box 16, Folder 311929-1930Student Council
Box 16, Folder 321929-1930Student Organizations Committee
Box 16, Folder 331929-1931Studies by E.Y. Blewett
Box 16, Folder 341929-1930Summer School
Box 16, Folder 351929-1930Surveys of State Universities
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11929-1930"T"
Box 17, Folder 21929-1930Taylor, Frederick
Box 17, Folder 31929-1930Tobey, Charles W. (Governor)
Box 17, Folder 41929-1930Trustee By-Laws, January 17, 1930
Box 17, Folder 51929-1930Trustee Meeting-October 11, 1929
Box 17, Folder 61929-1930Trustee Meeting-November 8, 1929
Box 17, Folder 71929-1930Trustee Meeting-January 17, 1930
Box 17, Folder 81929-1930Trustee Meeting-April 18, 1930
Box 17, Folder 91929-1930Trustee Meeting-June 14, 1930
Box 17, Folder 101929-1930Tufts, Dr. J.A.
Box 17, Folder 111929-1930United States Department of Agriculture
Box 17, Folder 121929-1930Vouchers
Box 17, Folder 131929-1930"W"
Box 17, Folder 141929-1930Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 17, Folder 151929-1930Wellman, Justin O.-Professor of Education
Box 17, Folder 161929-1930Whidden Farm
Box 17, Folder 171929-1930Winter Convocation
Box 17, Folder 181929-1930Woodward, Karl W.-Professor of Forestry
Box 17, Folder 191929-1930Y.M.C.A.
Box 17, Folder 201929-1930Y.M.C.A./Y.W.C.A.
Box 17, Folder 211929-1930Joint Meeting-February 11, 1930
Box 17, Folder 221930Correspondence, January 1930
Box 17, Folder 231930Correspondence, February 1930
Box 17, Folder 241930Correspondence, March 1930
Box 17, Folder 251930Correspondence, April 1930
Box 17, Folder 261930Correspondence, May 1930
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11930Correspondence, June 1930
Box 18, Folder 21930Correspondence, July 1930
Box 18, Folder 31930Correspondence, August 1930
Box 18, Folder 41930Correspondence, September 1930
Box 18, Folder 51930Correspondence, October 1930
Box 18, Folder 61930Correspondence, November 1930
Box 18, Folder 71930Correspondence, December 1930
Box 18, Folder 81930Correspondence, 1930 (No months given)
Box 18, Folder 91930-1931"A"
Box 18, Folder 101930-1931Agricultural Engineering
Box 18, Folder 111930-1931Agricultural Studies, Statistics, etc.
Box 18, Folder 121930-1931Alexander, Norman (Dean of Men)
Box 18, Folder 131930-1931Alumni Secretary
Box 18, Folder 141930-1931American Association of University Professors
Box 18, Folder 151930-1931American Association of University Women
Box 18, Folder 161930-1931American College Publications Association
Box 18, Folder 171930-1931American Council on Education (C.E. Hewitt)
Box 18, Folder 181930-1931Arts, Course in the Fine
Box 18, Folder 191930-1931Associated Student Organizations
Box 18, Folder 201930-1931Association of American Colleges
Box 18, Folder 211930-1931Association of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 18, Folder 221930-1931Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 18, Folder 231930-1931Association of New England Colleges for Conference on Athletics
Box 18, Folder 241930-1931Athletic Problems
Box 18, Folder 251930-1931Austin-Cate Academy
Box 18, Folder 261930-1931Aviation Course
Box 18, Folder 271930-1931Bath House
Box 18, Folder 281930-1931"C"
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11930-1932"C"
Box 19, Folder 21930-1931Charles, Thomas Burr (Professor of Animal Husbandry)
Box 19, Folder 31930-1931Commencement
Box 19, Folder 41930-1931Committee Appointments
Box 19, Folder 51930-1931Committee on Class Schedules
Box 19, Folder 61930Committee on Course of Study:Technology Sub-Committee
Box 19, Folder 71930-1931Committee on Scholarships
Box 19, Folder 81930-1931Commons Dining Hall
Box 19, Folder 91930-1931Contracts, agreements, etc.
Box 19, Folder 101930-1931Convocation Speakers (past)
Box 19, Folder 111930-1931Cowell, William (Director of Athletics)
Box 19, Folder 121930-1931"D"
Box 19, Folder 131930-1931Dean's Luncheon
Box 19, Folder 141930-1931Dean of Women, Candidates
Box 19, Folder 151930-1931DeMeritt, Elizabeth P. (Dean of Women)
Box 19, Folder 161930-1931Dudley, Albertus T. (Trustee)
Box 19, Folder 171930-1931"E"
Box 19, Folder 181930-1935Eminent Domain
Box 19, Folder 191930-1931Employee Damage Compensation
Box 19, Folder 201930-1931Extension Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 19, Folder 211930-1931"F"
Box 19, Folder 221930-1932"F"
Box 19, Folder 231930-1931Faculty, General notices
Box 19, Folder 241930-1931Faculty, Letters to several members
Box 19, Folder 251930-1931Faculty Meetings, material for
Box 19, Folder 261930-1931Felker, Andrew L. (Trustee)
Box 19, Folder 271930-1931Forestry Camp, Passaconaway, N.H.
Box 19, Folder 281930-1931French, Albert N. (Professor of Sociology)
Box 19, Folder 291930-1931Fuller, John M. (Professor of Dairy Husbandry)
Box 19, Folder 301930-1931Health Service-C.F. Jackson, Chairman
Box 19, Folder 311930-1931Historical Sketch of UNH
Box 19, Folder 321930-1931Hoitt, George G. (Property)
Box 19, Folder 331930-1931Home Craft Industries
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11930-1931Home Economics Building (New)
Box 20, Folder 21930-1931Hood, Charles H. (Trustee)
Box 20, Folder 31930-1932Hood House
Box 20, Folder 41931-1932Hood, Charles Harvey Maintenance Fund
Box 20, Folder 51930-1931Huddleston, E.T.-Professor of Architecture
Box 20, Folder 61930-1931Hunter, Roy D. (Trustee)
Box 20, Folder 71930-1931Insurance
Box 20, Folder 81930-1931Insurance Studies
Box 20, Folder 91930-1931"J"
Box 20, Folder 101930-1931Jackson, C.F.-Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Box 20, Folder 111930-1931"K"
Box 20, Folder 121930-1931Kappa Sigma Material
Box 20, Folder 131930-1931Kendall, J.C.-Director of Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 20, Folder 141930-1931Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 20, Folder 151930-1931Kingsbury, Major Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 20, Folder 161930-1931"L"
Box 20, Folder 171930-1931Legislature, correspondence with E.M. Lewis
Box 20, Folder 181930-1931Legislature, miscellaneous
Box 20, Folder 191930-1931Loveren, H.W.-Superintendent of Property
Box 20, Folder 201930-1931"M"
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11930-1931"Mc"
Box 21, Folder 21930-1931Magrath, R.C.-appointments
Box 21, Folder 31930-1931Magrath, R.C.-Treasurer and Business Secretary (January-June)
Box 21, Folder 41930-1931Magrath, R.C.-Treasurer and Business Secretary (July-December)
Box 21, Folder 51930-1931Marine Laboratory
Box 21, Folder 61930-1932Meetings and Conferences (on campus)
Box 21, Folder 71930-1931Memoranda
Box 21, Folder 81930-1931Mental Hygiene
Box 21, Folder 91930-1931Military Department
Box 21, Folder 101930-1931Miscellaneous
Box 21, Folder 111930National Association of State Universities
Box 21, Folder 121930-1931New England Council
Box 21, Folder 131930-1931Normal Schools
Box 21, Folder 141930-1931Northern New England School of Religious Education (Nellie T. Hendrick, Dean)
Box 21, Folder 151930-1931O'Kane, Walter C. (Professor of Entomology)
Box 21, Folder 161930-1931"P"
Box 21, Folder 171930-1931Pattee, Charles W. (Alumni Secretary)
Box 21, Folder 181930-1931John H. Pearson Trust
Box 21, Folder 191930-1931Pearson, John W. (Trustee)
Box 21, Folder 201930-1931Personnel
Box 21, Folder 211930-1931Pettee, C.H. (Dean of the University)
Box 21, Folder 221930-1931Placement Service
Box 21, Folder 231930-1931Pond, Bremer Whidden (Landscape Architect)
Box 21, Folder 241930-1931Portraits
Box 21, Folder 251930-1931Pringle, James N. (Commissioner of Education)
Box 21, Folder 261930-1931Programs
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11930-1931Psychiatrist
Box 22, Folder 21930-1931Questionnaires
Box 22, Folder 31930-1931"R"
Box 22, Folder 41930Report of the President
Box 22, Folder 51930-1931Rhodes Scholarship
Box 22, Folder 61930-1931Rules and Regulations
Box 22, Folder 71930-1931"S"
Box 22, Folder 81930-1931Sabbatical Leaves for Professional Improvement
Box 22, Folder 91930-1931Salaries
Box 22, Folder 101930-1931Salaries
Box 22, Folder 111930-1931Sawyer, Miss Elizabeth C. (Trustee)
Box 22, Folder 121930-1931Sawyer, Harry O. (Trustee)
Box 22, Folder 131930-1931School of Expression
Box 22, Folder 141930-1931Sewerage Disposal
Box 22, Folder 151930-1931Shirley, William W. (Librarian)
Box 22, Folder 161930-1931Smith, Forrest S. and Sarah (Estate)
Box 22, Folder 171930-1931Smith-Hughes from Massachusetts
Box 22, Folder 181930-1931Smythe, Mrs. Frederick
Box 22, Folder 191930-1931Statistics
Box 22, Folder 201930-1931Student Council
Box 22, Folder 211930-1931Student Loans
Box 22, Folder 221930-1931Summer School
Box 22, Folder 231930-1931Summer School 1932
Box 22, Folder 241930-1931"T"
Box 22, Folder 251930-1931Taylor, Frederick-Correspondence
Box 22, Folder 261930-1931Tobey, Charles W. (Governor)
Box 22, Folder 271930-1931Trustee Meeting-October 17, 1930
Box 22, Folder 281930-1931Trustee Meeting-January 16, 1931
Box 22, Folder 291930-1931Trustee Meeting-April 17, 1931
Box 22, Folder 301930-1931Trustee Meeting-June 13, 1931
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 11930-1931Tuition Exemption for Teacher Training Students
Box 23, Folder 21930-1931University Catalog
Box 23, Folder 31930-1931U.S. Post Office
Box 23, Folder 41930-1931Vouchers
Box 23, Folder 51930-1931"W"
Box 23, Folder 61930-1931Water Supply
Box 23, Folder 71930-1931Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 23, Folder 81930-1931Wellman, Justin O.-Professor of Education
Box 23, Folder 91930-1931Whidden Farm
Box 23, Folder 101930-1931White, Dr. Arthur W. (University Physician)
Box 23, Folder 111930-1931Winant, Governor John G.
Box 23, Folder 121930-1931Winter
Box 23, Folder 131930-1931Woodruff, Ruth J. (Dean of Women)
Box 23, Folder 141930-1931Woodward, Karl W. (Professor of Forestry)
Box 23, Folder 151930-1931"Y"
Box 23, Folder 161930-1931Y.M.C.A.
Box 23, Folder 171931Correspondence, January 1931
Box 23, Folder 181931Correspondence, February 1931
Box 23, Folder 191931Correspondence, March 1931
Box 23, Folder 201931Correspondence, April 1931
Box 23, Folder 211931Correspondence, May 1931
Box 23, Folder 221931Correspondence, June 1931
Box 23, Folder 231931Correspondence, July 1931
Box 23, Folder 241931Correspondence, August 1931
Box 23, Folder 251931Correspondence, September 1931
Box 23, Folder 261931Correspondence, October 1931
Box 23, Folder 271931Correspondence, November 1931
Box 23, Folder 281931Correspondence, December 1931
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 11931-1932"A"
Box 24, Folder 21931-1932Agricultural Engineering
Box 24, Folder 31931-1932Agricultural Studies, Statistics, etc.
Box 24, Folder 41931-1932Alexander, Norman (Dean of Men)
Box 24, Folder 51931-1932American Association of University Women
Box 24, Folder 61931-1932American Council on Education (C.E. Hewitt)
Box 24, Folder 71931-1932Arts, Course in the Fine
Box 24, Folder 81931-1932Associated Student Organizations
Box 24, Folder 91931-1932Association of American Colleges
Box 24, Folder 101931-1932Association of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 24, Folder 111931-1932Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 24, Folder 121931-1932Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 24, Folder 131931-1932Athletic Problems
Box 24, Folder 141931-1932Aviation Course
Box 24, Folder 151931-1932Case, George W. (Dean College of Technology)
Box 24, Folder 161931-1932Catalog (University)
Box 24, Folder 171931-1932Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarship
Box 24, Folder 181931-1932Committee Appointments
Box 24, Folder 191931-1932Committee on Class Schedules
Box 24, Folder 201931Committee on Re-instatement
Box 24, Folder 211931-1934Committee:Sunday Afternoon Programs
Box 24, Folder 221931-1932Committee on Transfer of Students from Dormitories to Fraternities and Sororities
Box 24, Folder 231931-1932Contracts, agreements, etc.
Box 24, Folder 241931-1932Convocation
Box 24, Folder 251931-1932Cowell, William (Director of Athletics)
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11931-1932Dean's Luncheon
Box 25, Folder 21931-1932Dormitory for Women
Box 25, Folder 31931-1932Dudley, Albert T. (Trustee)
Box 25, Folder 41931-1932Eastern States Association of Professional Schools for Teachers
Box 25, Folder 51931-1932Eastman, Dean M. Gale (Professor of Agricultural Economics)
Box 25, Folder 61931-1932Education, U.S. Bureau of
Box 25, Folder 71931-1932Employee Damage Compensation
Box 25, Folder 8(Circa 1931-35)Employment of Married Women
Box 25, Folder 91931-1932Employment of Married Women
Box 25, Folder 101931-1932Entrance Committee
Box 25, Folder 111931-1932Faculty, General Notices
Box 25, Folder 121931Faculty, letters to
Box 25, Folder 131931-1934Faculty, letters to
Box 25, Folder 141931-1932Faculty Time Study
Box 25, Folder 151931-1932Felker, Andrew L. (Trustee)
Box 25, Folder 161931-1932Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 25, Folder 171931-1932French, Albert N. (Professor of Sociology)
Box 25, Folder 181931-1932Fuller, John M. (Professor of Dairy Husbandry)
Box 25, Folder 191931-1932Grades, Student Averages
Box 25, Folder 201931-1932Hadden, Gavin (Civil Engineer)
Box 25, Folder 211931-1932Henderson, O.V. (Registrar)
Box 25, Folder 221931-1932Hoitt, George G. (property)
Box 25, Folder 231931-1932Hood, Charles H. (Trustee)
Box 25, Folder 241931-1932Hood House-Invitations to Dedication
Box 25, Folder 251931-1932Huddleston, E.T. (Professor of Architecture)
Box 25, Folder 261931-1932Hughes, George T. (Trustee)
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11931-1932Hunter, Roy D. (Trustee)
Box 26, Folder 21931-1932Insurance
Box 26, Folder 31931-1932"J"
Box 26, Folder 41931-1932Jackson, C.F. (Dean of College of Liberal Arts)
Box 26, Folder 51931-1932Jackson, C.F. (Dean of College of Liberal Arts)
Box 26, Folder 61931-1932January 1931-August 1932-Jackson, C.F. (Health Service Chairman)
Box 26, Folder 71931-1932"K"
Box 26, Folder 81931-1932Kappa Sigma Material
Box 26, Folder 91931-1932Kendall, J.C. (Director of the Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 26, Folder 101931-1932Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 26, Folder 111931-1932Kingsbury, Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 26, Folder 121931-1932"L"
Box 26, Folder 131931-1932Library Alterations
Box 26, Folder 141931-1932Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Properties)
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11931-1932"M"
Box 27, Folder 21931-1932"Mc"
Box 27, Folder 31931-1932McLaughlin, Mrs. Helen F. (Professor of Home Economics)
Box 27, Folder 41931-1932Magrath, R.C. (appointments)
Box 27, Folder 51931-1932Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 27, Folder 61931-1932Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 27, Folder 71931-1932Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences
Box 27, Folder 81931-1932Marine Laboratory
Box 27, Folder 91931-1932Memoranda
Box 27, Folder 101931-1934Millage
Box 27, Folder 111931-1932Miscellaneous
Box 27, Folder 121931-1932"N"
Box 27, Folder 131931-1933National Association of State Universities
Box 27, Folder 141931-1932New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 27, Folder 151931-1932Normal Schools
Box 27, Folder 161931-1932Northern New England School of Religious Education (Nellie T. Hendrick, Dean)
Box 27, Folder 171931-1932"O"
Box 27, Folder 181931-1932O'Kane Drainage
Box 27, Folder 191931-1932"P"
Box 27, Folder 201931-1932Page, Harry O. (Alumni Secretary)
Box 27, Folder 211931-1932Pattee (Richard) Scholarship
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11931-1932Pearson (John H.) Trust
Box 28, Folder 21931-1932Pearson, John W. (Trustee)
Box 28, Folder 31931-1932Personnel
Box 28, Folder 41931-1932Pettee, C.H. (Dean of the University)
Box 28, Folder 51931-1932Placement
Box 28, Folder 61931-1932Planning Board
Box 28, Folder 71931-1932Pond, Bremer Whidden (Landscape Architect)
Box 28, Folder 81931-1932Potter, George F. (Professor of Horticulture)
Box 28, Folder 91931-1932Pringle, James N. (Commissioner of Education)
Box 28, Folder 101931-1932Programs
Box 28, Folder 111931-1932Psychiatrist
Box 28, Folder 121931-1934Publications
Box 28, Folder 131931-1932Questionnaires
Box 28, Folder 141931-1932Quinby, H. Dean, Jr.
Box 28, Folder 151931-1932"R"
Box 28, Folder 161931-1932Real Estate Committee
Box 28, Folder 171931-1932Rhodes Scholarships
Box 28, Folder 181931-1932Rules and Regulations
Box 28, Folder 191931-1932"S"
Box 28, Folder 201931-1932Sabbatical Leaves for Professional Improvement
Box 28, Folder 211931-1932Salaries
Box 28, Folder 221931-1932Salary Classifications
Box 28, Folder 231931-1932Sawyer, Miss Elizabeth C. (Trustee)
Box 28, Folder 241931-1932Scholarships
Box 28, Folder 251931-1932Semester versus Term Plan
Box 28, Folder 261931-1932Sewage Disposal
Box 28, Folder 271931-1932Share-the-Work
Box 28, Folder 281931-1932Shirley, William W. (Librarian)
Box 28, Folder 291931-1932Smith, Forrest S. and Sarah A. (estate)
Box 28, Folder 301931-1932State Comptroller (Milan A. Dickinson)
Box 28, Folder 311931-1932Statistics
Box 28, Folder 321931-1932Student Loans
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 11931-1933Studies (E.Y. Blewett)
Box 29, Folder 21931-1932Studies (E.Y. Blewett) also includes study dating back to 1922
Box 29, Folder 31931-1932Summer School
Box 29, Folder 41931-1932Summer School 1932
Box 29, Folder 51931-1932Sunday Lectures
Box 29, Folder 61931-1932Speakers, suggestions for Commencement and Baccalaureate, 1931-1936
Box 29, Folder 71931-1932"T"
Box 29, Folder 81931-1932Taylor, Frederick (Dean of College of Agriculture)
Box 29, Folder 91931-1932Taylor, Frederick
Box 29, Folder 101931-1932Taylor, Frederick
Box 29, Folder 111931-1932Trustee meeting, October 16, 1931
Box 29, Folder 121931-1932Trustee meeting, January 15, 1932
Box 29, Folder 131931-1932Trustee meeting, April 15, 1932
Box 29, Folder 141931-1932Trustee meeting, June 11, 1932
Box 29, Folder 151931-1932Tuition Exemption for Teacher Training Students
Box 29, Folder 161931-1932Unemployment Funds given by Faculty and Staff
Box 29, Folder 171931-1932University Club-Boston
Box 29, Folder 181931-1932"V"
Box 29, Folder 191931-1932Vouchers
Box 29, Folder 201931-1932"W"
Box 29, Folder 211931-1932Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 29, Folder 221931-1932Wellman, Justin O. (Professor of Education)
Box 29, Folder 231931-1932Winant, Governor John G.
Box 29, Folder 241931-1932Woodruff, Dr. Ruth J. (Dean of Women)
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 11931-1932Woodward, Carl W. (Professor of Forestry)
Box 30, Folder 21931-1932Y.M.C.A.
Box 30, Folder 31932President's Office correspondence
Box 30, Folder 41932Correspondence, January 1932
Box 30, Folder 51932Correspondence, February 1932
Box 30, Folder 61932Correspondence, March 1932
Box 30, Folder 71932Correspondence, April 1932
Box 30, Folder 81932Correspondence, May 1932
Box 30, Folder 91932Correspondence, June 1932
Box 30, Folder 101932Correspondence, July 1932
Box 30, Folder 111932Correspondence, August 1932
Box 30, Folder 121932Correspondence, September 1932
Box 30, Folder 131932Correspondence, October 1932
Box 30, Folder 141932Correspondence, November 1932
Box 30, Folder 151932Correspondence, December 1932
Box 30, Folder 161932-1933"A"
Box 30, Folder 171932-1933Academic Tenure
Box 30, Folder 181932-1933Agricultural Engineering
Box 30, Folder 191932-1933Agricultural Studies, Statistics, etc.
Box 30, Folder 201932-1933Alexander, Norman (Dean of Men)
Box 30, Folder 211932-1933Alumni Secretary - Page Harry O.
Box 30, Folder 221932-1933American Association of University Women
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 11932-1933American Council on Education (C.E. Hewitt)
Box 31, Folder 21932-1933Associated Student Organizations
Box 31, Folder 31932-1933Association of American Colleges
Box 31, Folder 41932-1933Association of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 31, Folder 51932-1933Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 31, Folder 61932-1933Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 31, Folder 71932-1933Athletic Problems
Box 31, Folder 81932-1933"C"
Box 31, Folder 91932-1933Cabinet Luncheon
Box 31, Folder 101932-1933Case, George W. (Dean, College of Technology)
Box 31, Folder 111932-1934Catalog (University)
Box 31, Folder 121932-1933Citizenship Course
Box 31, Folder 131932-1933Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarship
Box 31, Folder 141932-1933Committee Appointments
Box 31, Folder 151932-1933Committee on Class Schedules
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 11932Committee on Discipline
Box 32, Folder 21932Committee, Lyceum
Box 32, Folder 31932-1933Committee, Placement
Box 32, Folder 41932-1933Committee on Student Organizations
Box 32, Folder 51932-1933Committee on Transfer of Students from Dormitories to Fraternity and Sorority Houses
Box 32, Folder 61932Committee on Unemployment Relief
Box 32, Folder 71932-1933Commons Dining Hall
Box 32, Folder 81932-1933Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 32, Folder 91932-1933Convocation
Box 32, Folder 101932-1933Courses of study questionnaire
Box 32, Folder 111932-1933Cowell, William H. (Director of Athletics)
Box 32, Folder 121932-1933"D"
Box 32, Folder 131932-1936Dads/Mothers Day
Box 32, Folder 141932-1936Dads/Mothers Day
Box 32, Folder 151932-1936Dads/Mothers Day
Box 32, Folder 161932-1936Dads/Mothers Day
Box 32, Folder 171932-1935Deering Community Center
Box 32, Folder 181932-1933Doe, Miss Jessie (Trustee)
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 11932-1933Domicile Cases, Out-of-State Students at UNH
Box 33, Folder 21932-1933Dudley, Albertus T. (Trustee)
Box 33, Folder 31932-1934"E"
Box 33, Folder 41932-1933Eastman, Dr. M. Gale (Associate Dean, College of Agriculture/Professor of Agricultural Economics)
Box 33, Folder 51932-1933Education, U.S. Bureau of, Department of the Interior
Box 33, Folder 61932-1933Elliott, John S. (Trustee)
Box 33, Folder 71932-1933Employment of Married Women
Box 33, Folder 81932-1933Entrance Committee
Box 33, Folder 91932-1933"F"
Box 33, Folder 101932-1933Faculty, Letters to
Box 33, Folder 111932-1933Faculty Meeting, Material for
Box 33, Folder 121932-1933Felker, Andrew L. (Trustee)
Box 33, Folder 131932-1933Finances
Box 33, Folder 141932-1933Forestry Camp
Box 33, Folder 151932-1933Fraternity and Sorority fire equipment
Box 33, Folder 161932-1933Fraternity and Sorority problems
Box 33, Folder 171932-1933Fuller, John M. (Professor of Dairy Husbandry)
Box 33, Folder 181932-1933Henderson, O.V. (Registrar)
Box 33, Folder 191932-1933Hoitt, George G., property
Box 33, Folder 201932-1933Hood, Charles H. (Trustee)
Box 33, Folder 211932-1933Huddleston, E.T. (Professor of Architecture)
Box 33, Folder 221932-1933Hughes, George T. (Trustee)
Box 33, Folder 231932-1933Hunter, Roy D. (Trustee)
Box 33, Folder 241932-1933Insurance
Box 33, Folder 251932-1933Isles of Shoals Marine Laboratory
Box 33, Folder 261932-1933"J"
Box 33, Folder 271932-1933Jackson, C.F. (Dean of College of Liberal Arts)
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 11932-1933Junior College
Box 34, Folder 21932-1933"K"
Box 34, Folder 31932-1933Kappa Sigma Material
Box 34, Folder 41932-1933Kendall, J.C. (Director of Experiment Station and Extension Service)
Box 34, Folder 51932-1933Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 34, Folder 61932-1933Kingsbury, Major Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 34, Folder 71932-1933Kingsbury, Major Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 34, Folder 81932-1933Legislature (correspondence with E.W. Lewis)
Box 34, Folder 91932-1933Legislature (reports, lists, etc.)
Box 34, Folder 101932-33 (July-December)Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Properties)
Box 34, Folder 111932-33 (January-June)Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Properties)
Box 34, Folder 121932-1933"M"
Box 34, Folder 131932-1933"Mc"
Box 34, Folder 141932-1933McLaughlin, Mrs. Helen F. (Professor of Home Economics)
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 11932-1933Magrath, R.C. -appointments
Box 35, Folder 21932-1933 (July-December)Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 35, Folder 31932-1933 (January-June)Magrath, R.C.
Box 35, Folder 41932-1933Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences
Box 35, Folder 51932-1933May Pageant
Box 35, Folder 61932-1933Memoranda
Box 35, Folder 71932-1933Military Department
Box 35, Folder 81932-1933Military Department
Box 35, Folder 91932-1933Mill Road and Main Street
Box 35, Folder 101932-1933Miller, Marvin A. (Librarian)
Box 35, Folder 111932Miscellaneous
Box 35, Folder 121932-1933"N"
Box 35, Folder 131932-1933Nesmith Hall Alterations
Box 35, Folder 141932-1934New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 35, Folder 151932-1933New Hampshire Research Foundation
Box 35, Folder 161932-1933Normal Schools
Box 35, Folder 171932-1933Northern New England School of Religious Education (Nellie T. Hendrick, Dean)
Box 35, Folder 181932-1933"O"
Box 35, Folder 191932-1933"P"
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 11932-1933Parmenter, Dr. D.C. (University Physician)
Box 36, Folder 21932-1933John H. Pearson Trust
Box 36, Folder 31932-1933Pearson, John W. (Trustee)
Box 36, Folder 41932-1933Personnel
Box 36, Folder 51932-1933Petitions
Box 36, Folder 61932-1933Pettee, Charles H. (Dean)
Box 36, Folder 71932-1933Planning Board
Box 36, Folder 81932-1933Pond, Bremer Whidden (Landscape Architect)
Box 36, Folder 91932-1933Portraits
Box 36, Folder 101932-1933Practice School
Box 36, Folder 111932-1933Pringle, James N. (Commissioner of Education)
Box 36, Folder 121932-1933Programs
Box 36, Folder 131932-1933Questionnaires
Box 36, Folder 141932-1933"R"
Box 36, Folder 151932-1933Real Estate Committee
Box 36, Folder 161932Report of the President
Box 36, Folder 171932-1933Rhodes Scholarships
Box 36, Folder 181932-1934Richards, Dr. A.E. (Head of the English Department)
Box 36, Folder 191932-1933Rules and Regulations
Box 36, Folder 201932-1933"S"
Box 36, Folder 211932-1933Salaries
Box 36, Folder 221932-1933Sawyer, Harry D. (Trustee)
Box 36, Folder 231932-1933Scholarships
Box 36, Folder 241932-1933Scott House
Box 36, Folder 251932-1933Sewerage Disposal
Box 36, Folder 261932-1933Share-the-Work
Box 36, Folder 271932-1933Statistics
Box 36, Folder 281932-1933Student Loans
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 11932-1933Summer School-1932
Box 37, Folder 21932-1933Summer School-1933
Box 37, Folder 31932-1933Sunday Lectures
Box 37, Folder 41932-1933"T"
Box 37, Folder 51932-1933Taylor, Frederick (correspondence)
Box 37, Folder 61932-1933Tenure and Retirement Regulations
Box 37, Folder 71932-1933Term Hour and Time Unit Systems
Box 37, Folder 81932-1933Trustees-Faculty Committee
Box 37, Folder 91932-1933Trustees-Farm Committee
Box 37, Folder 101932-1933Trustees-Finance Committee
Box 37, Folder 111932-1933Trustee Meeting-October 21, 1932
Box 37, Folder 121932-1933Trustee Meeting-November 22, 1932
Box 37, Folder 131932-1933Trustee Meeting-December 15, 1932
Box 37, Folder 141932-1933Trustee Meeting-January 20, 1933
Box 37, Folder 151932-1933Trustee Meeting-April 21, 1933
Box 37, Folder 161932-1933Trustee Meeting-June 10,12, 1933
Box 37, Folder 171932-1933Unemployment Funds given by Faculty and Staff
Box 37, Folder 181932-1933University of the State of New York, acceptance of UNH degrees
Box 37, Folder 191932-1933Vouchers
Box 37, Folder 201932-1933"W"
Box 37, Folder 211932-1933Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 37, Folder 221932-1933Wellman, Justin O. (Professor of Education)
Box 37, Folder 231932-1933Water Supply
Box 37, Folder 241932-1933Whidden Farm
Box 37, Folder 251932-1933Winant, Governor John G.
Box 37, Folder 261932-1933Woodruff, Dr. Ruth J. (Dean of Women)
Box 37, Folder 271932-1933Woodward, Karl W. (Professor of Forestry)
Box 37, Folder 281932-1933"Y"
Box 38
Box 38, Folder 11932-1933Y.M.C.A.
Box 38, Folder 21933Correspondence, 1933 (no months given)
Box 38, Folder 31933Correspondence, January 1933
Box 38, Folder 41933Correspondence, February 1933
Box 38, Folder 51933Correspondence, March 1933
Box 38, Folder 61933Correspondence, April 1933
Box 38, Folder 71933Correspondence, May 1933
Box 38, Folder 81933Correspondence, June 1933
Box 38, Folder 91933Correspondence, July 1933
Box 38, Folder 101933Correspondence, August 1933
Box 38, Folder 111933Correspondence, September 1933
Box 38, Folder 121933Correspondence, October 1933
Box 38, Folder 131933Correspondence, November 1933
Box 38, Folder 141933Correspondence, December 1933
Box 38, Folder 151933-1934"A"
Box 38, Folder 161933-1934Alexander, Norman (Dean of Men)
Box 38, Folder 171933-1934Alumni Advisory Athletic Board
Box 38, Folder 181933-1934Alumni Banquet
Box 38, Folder 191933-1934Alumni Meritorious Service Awards (1934-1948)
Box 38, Folder 201933-1934American Council on Education
Box 38, Folder 211933-1934American Association of State Universities
Box 38, Folder 221933-1934American Association of University Professors
Box 38, Folder 231933-1934American Association of University Women
Box 38, Folder 241933-1934Associated Student Organizations
Box 38, Folder 251933-1934Association of American Colleges
Box 39
Box 39, Folder 11933-1934Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 39, Folder 21933-1934Bath House
Box 39, Folder 31933-1934Bureau of Appointments
Box 39, Folder 41933-1934"C"
Box 39, Folder 51933-1934Charles, T. Burr (Professor of Poultry Husbandry)
Box 39, Folder 61933-1934Cabinet Luncheon
Box 39, Folder 71933-1934Case, George W. (Dean, College of Technology)
Box 39, Folder 81933-1934Citizenship Course
Box 39, Folder 91933-1934Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarship
Box 39, Folder 101933-1934Committee Appointments
Box 39, Folder 111933-1934Committee on Class Schedules
Box 39, Folder 121933-1934Committee on Discipline
Box 39, Folder 131933-1934Committee, Finance (Meeting of 1/13/1934)
Box 39, Folder 141933-1934Committee on Scholarships
Box 39, Folder 151933-1934Committee on Scholarships
Box 39, Folder 161933-1934Committee on Student Organizations
Box 39, Folder 171933-1934Committee on Study of General Extension Report
Box 39, Folder 181933-1934Committee on Transfer of Students from Dormitories to Fraternities and Sororities
Box 39, Folder 191933-1934Commons Dining Hall
Box 39, Folder 201933-1934Contracts, agreements, etc.
Box 39, Folder 211933-1934Convocation
Box 39, Folder 221933-1934Convocation
Box 39, Folder 231933-1934Cowell, William H. (Director of Athletics)
Box 40
Box 40, Folder 11933-1934C.W.A. (Civil Works Administration)
Box 40, Folder 21933-1934C.W.A.-Industrial Recovery Act Projects
Box 40, Folder 31933-1934Civil Works Projects
Box 40, Folder 41933-1934"D"
Box 40, Folder 51933-1934Dallas, Bishop John T. (Trustee)
Box 40, Folder 61933-1934Doe, Miss Jessie (Trustee)
Box 40, Folder 71933-1934Dudley, Albertus T. (Trustee)
Box 40, Folder 81933-1934Eastman, Dr. M. Gale (Dean, College of Agriculture/Professor of Agricultural Economics)
Box 40, Folder 91933-1934Education:Adult Extension Courses, etc.
Box 40, Folder 101933-1934Education Week
Box 40, Folder 111933-1934Elliott, John S. (Trustee)
Box 40, Folder 121933-1934Employee Damage Compensation
Box 40, Folder 131933-1934Employment of Married Women
Box 41
Box 41, Folder 11933-1934"F"
Box 41, Folder 21933-1934Faculty, General Notices
Box 41, Folder 31933-1934Faculty Meetings
Box 41, Folder 41933-1934Felker, Andrew L. (Trustee)
Box 41, Folder 51933-1934Finances
Box 41, Folder 61933-1934Forestry Camp
Box 41, Folder 71933-1934Fraternity and Sorority Fire Equipment
Box 41, Folder 81933-1934Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 41, Folder 91933-1934General Extension-Service:Questionnaire
Box 41, Folder 101933-1934General Extension Service Study
Box 41, Folder 111933-1934Hadden, Gavin (Civil Engineer)
Box 41, Folder 121933-1934Henderson, O.V. (Registrar)
Box 41, Folder 131933-1934Hoitt, George G., property
Box 41, Folder 141933-1934Hood, Charles H. (Trustee)
Box 41, Folder 151933-1934Hotel Administration
Box 41, Folder 161933-1934Huddleston, E.T. (Professor of Architecture)
Box 41, Folder 171933-1934Hughes, George T. (Trustee)
Box 41, Folder 181933-1934Hunter, Roy D. (Trustee)
Box 41, Folder 191933-1934Insurance
Box 41, Folder 201933-1934"J"
Box 42
Box 42, Folder 11933-1934Jackson, C.F. (Dean of College of Liberal Arts)
Box 42, Folder 21933-1934"K"
Box 42, Folder 31933-1934Kappa Sigma Materials
Box 42, Folder 41933 - July-December, 1934Kendall, J.C. (Director of Experiment Station and Leadership Experience)
Box 42, Folder 5January-June, 1933-1934Kendall, J.C. (Director of Experiment Station and Leadership Experience)
Box 42, Folder 61933-1934Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 42, Folder 71933-1934Kingsbury, Major Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 42, Folder 81933-1934"L"
Box 42, Folder 91933-1934Letters
Box 42, Folder 101933-1934Lewis Fields, (control and maintenance of)
Box 42, Folder 111933-1934Library Alterations
Box 42, Folder 121933-1934Liquor Control Commission
Box 42, Folder 131933-1934Liquor Control Commission. The United States News
Box 42, Folder 141933 - July-December, 1934Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Property)
Box 42, Folder 15January-June, 1933-1934Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Property)
Box 42, Folder 161933-1934"M"
Box 42, Folder 171933-1934"Mc"
Box 43
Box 43, Folder 11933-1934McLaughlin, Mrs. Helen F. (Professor of Home Economics)
Box 43, Folder 21933-1934Magrath, R.C. (appointments)
Box 43, Folder 31933 - July-December, 1934Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 43, Folder 4January-June, 1933-1934Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 43, Folder 51933-1934Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences
Box 43, Folder 6July 1933-June 1934Marine Laboratory
Box 43, Folder 71933-1934May Pageant
Box 43, Folder 81933-1934Memoranda
Box 43, Folder 91933-1934Military Department
Box 43, Folder 101933-1934Mill Road and Main Street
Box 43, Folder 111933-1934Miller, Marvin A. (Librarian)
Box 43, Folder 121933-1934Miscellaneous
Box 43, Folder 131933-1934"N"
Box 43, Folder 141933-1934New England Council
Box 43, Folder 151933-1934New England Junior Month
Box 43, Folder 161933-1934Normal Schools
Box 43, Folder 171933-1934Northern New England School of Religious Education (Nellie T. Hendrick, Dean)
Box 43, Folder 181933-1934"O"
Box 43, Folder 191933-1934O'Kane, Dr. Walter C. (Professor of Entomology)
Box 43, Folder 201933-1934"P"
Box 43, Folder 211933-1934Page, Harry O. (Alumni Secretary)
Box 43, Folder 221933-1934John H. Pearson Trust
Box 43, Folder 231933-1934Pearson, John W. (Trustee)
Box 43, Folder 241933-1934Personnel
Box 43, Folder 251933-1934Pettee, Charles H. (Dean)
Box 43, Folder 261933-1934Planning Board-November-March
Box 43, Folder 271933-1934Planning Board
Box 44
Box 44, Folder 11933-1934Planning Board-April 1934
Box 44, Folder 21933-1934Planning Board-May 1934
Box 44, Folder 31933-1934Pond, Bremer Whidden (Landscape Architect)
Box 44, Folder 41933-1934Portraits
Box 44, Folder 51933-1934Prince, Dr. William M. (University Physician)
Box 44, Folder 61933-1934Pringle, James N. (Commissioner of Education)
Box 44, Folder 71933-1934Programs
Box 44, Folder 81933-1934P.W.A.
Box 44, Folder 91933-1934Questionnaires
Box 44, Folder 101933-1934Quinby, H. Dean, Jr.
Box 44, Folder 111933-1934"R"
Box 44, Folder 121933-1934Radio
Box 44, Folder 131933-1934Radio and Moving Pictures
Box 44, Folder 141933-1934Real Estate Committee, correspondence and meetings
Box 44, Folder 151933-1934Real Estate and Farm Committees
Box 44, Folder 161933-1934Rules and Regulations
Box 44, Folder 171933-1934"S"
Box 44, Folder 181933-1934Sabbatical Leave for Professional Improvement
Box 44, Folder 191933-1934St. Anselm's
Box 44, Folder 201933-1934Salaries
Box 44, Folder 211933-1934Sawyer, Harry D. (Trustee)
Box 44, Folder 221933-1934Sewerage Disposal
Box 44, Folder 231933-1934Social Work
Box 44, Folder 241933-1934State Comptroller
Box 44, Folder 251933-1934Statistics
Box 44, Folder 261933-1934Student Loans
Box 44, Folder 271933-1934Student Rule Book for 1935
Box 44, Folder 281933-1934Studies, E.Y. Blewett
Box 44, Folder 291933-1936Studies, E.Y. Blewett
Box 44, Folder 301933-1937Studies, E.Y. Blewett
Box 45
Box 45, Folder 11933-1934Summer School 1933
Box 45, Folder 21933-1934Summer School 1934
Box 45, Folder 31933-1935Summer School 1934
Box 45, Folder 41933-1934"T"
Box 45, Folder 51933-1934Taylor, Frederick (Director of the Commercial Department of the Farm)
Box 45, Folder 61933-1934Tenure and Retirement Regulations
Box 45, Folder 71933-1934Trustees-April 19, 1934
Box 45, Folder 81933-1934Trustees-Faculty Committee
Box 45, Folder 91933-1934Trustees-Finance Committee
Box 45, Folder 101933-1934Trustee Meeting-September 6, 1933
Box 45, Folder 111933-1934Trustee Meeting-October 20, 1933
Box 45, Folder 121933-1934Trustee Meeting-February 3, 1934
Box 45, Folder 131933-1934Trustee Meeting-April 20, 1934
Box 45, Folder 141933-1934Trustee Meeting-June 16, 1934
Box 45, Folder 151933-1934Trustee Term of Service
Box 45, Folder 161933-1934"U"
Box 45, Folder 171933-1934Unemployment Funds Given by Faculty and Staff
Box 45, Folder 181933-1934"V"
Box 45, Folder 191933-1934Vouchers
Box 45, Folder 201933-1934"W"
Box 45, Folder 211933-1934W.P.A. Worker's Education
Box 45, Folder 221933-1934Water Supply
Box 45, Folder 231933-1934Weekly Letter
Box 45, Folder 241933-1934Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 45, Folder 251933-1934Wellman, Justin O. (Professor of Education)
Box 45, Folder 261933-1934Whidden Farm
Box 46
Box 46, Folder 11933-1934Winant, John G. (Governor)
Box 46, Folder 21933-1934Woodruff, Dr. Ruth J. (Dean of Women)
Box 46, Folder 31933-1934Woodward, Karl W. (Professor of Forestry)
Box 46, Folder 41933-1934"Y"
Box 46, Folder 51933-1934Y.M.C.A.
Box 46, Folder 61933-1934Y.M.C.A. Christian Work
Box 46, Folder 71934Correspondence 1934 (no months given)
Box 46, Folder 81934Correspondence, January 1934
Box 46, Folder 91934Correspondence, February 1934
Box 46, Folder 101934Correspondence, March 1934
Box 46, Folder 111934Correspondence, April 1934
Box 46, Folder 121934Correspondence, May 1934
Box 46, Folder 131934Correspondence, June 1934
Box 46, Folder 141934Correspondence, September 1934
Box 46, Folder 151934-1935"A"
Box 46, Folder 161934-1935Admissions Conference-Headmasters and Superintendents, April 27, 1935
Box 46, Folder 171934-1935Alexander, Norman (Dean of Men)
Box 46, Folder 181934-1935Alumni Advisory Athletic Board
Box 46, Folder 191934-1937Alumni Advisory Committee on Athletics
Box 46, Folder 201934-1935Alumni Fund Council
Box 46, Folder 211934-1935American Association of University Women
Box 46, Folder 221934-1935American Council on Education
Box 46, Folder 231934-1936Armory-Military
Box 46, Folder 241934-1935Associated Student Organizations
Box 47
Box 47, Folder 11934-1935Association of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 47, Folder 21934-1935Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 47, Folder 31934-1935"B"
Box 47, Folder 41934-1935Bath House
Box 47, Folder 51935-1936Baur, Dr. G.N. (Officer in Charge of Freshmen and Professor of Mathematics)
Box 47, Folder 61934-1935Blewett, Edwards Y. (Executive Secretary)
Box 47, Folder 71934-1935Bridges, H. Styles (Governor)
Box 47, Folder 81934-1935Budgets
Box 47, Folder 91934-1935Budget Material for 1935-36
Box 47, Folder 101934-1935Bureau of Appointments
Box 47, Folder 111934-1935"C"
Box 47, Folder 121934-1935Cabinet Luncheons
Box 47, Folder 131934-1935Case, George W. (Dean, College of Technology)
Box 47, Folder 141934-1935Charles T. Burr (Professor of Poultry Husbandry)
Box 47, Folder 151934-1935Circular letters
Box 47, Folder 161934-1935Citizenship Course
Box 47, Folder 171934-1935Citizens' Library Committee of New Hampshire
Box 47, Folder 181934-1935Committee on Administration
Box 47, Folder 191934-1935Committee on Administration
Box 47, Folder 201934-1935Committee on Admissions
Box 47, Folder 211934-1935Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarship
Box 47, Folder 221934-1935Committee Appointments
Box 48
Box 48, Folder 11934-1935Committee on Buildings and Grounds-Repairs and Improvements
Box 48, Folder 21934-1935Committee on Class Schedules
Box 48, Folder 31934-1935Committee on Discipline
Box 48, Folder 41934-1935Committee, Faculty Athletics
Box 48, Folder 51934-1935Committee on Scholarships
Box 48, Folder 61934-1935Committee on Student Aid
Box 48, Folder 71934-1935Committee on Sororities and Sorority Housing
Box 48, Folder 81934-1935Committee on the Transfer of Students from Dormitories to Fraternities and Sororities
Box 48, Folder 91934-1935Committee on Utilization of University Land Holdings
Box 48, Folder 101934-1935Commons Dining Hall
Box 48, Folder 111934-1935State Comptroller
Box 48, Folder 121934-1935Contracts, agreements, etc.
Box 48, Folder 131934-1935Convocation
Box 48, Folder 141934-1935Convocation, etc.-Committee on Lectures and Concerts
Box 48, Folder 151934-1935Dr. Charles W. Coulter (Professor of Sociology)
Box 48, Folder 161934-1935Cowell, William H. (Director of Athletics)
Box 49
Box 49, Folder 11934-1935"D"
Box 49, Folder 21934-1935Dad's Day
Box 49, Folder 31934-1935Dallas, Bishop John T. (Trustee)
Box 49, Folder 41934-1935Doe, Miss Jessie (Trustee)
Box 49, Folder 51934-1935Domicile Cases, Out-of-State Students at UNH
Box 49, Folder 61934-1935Drier, Thomas
Box 49, Folder 71934-1935"E"
Box 49, Folder 81934-1935Eastman, Dr. M. Gale
Box 49, Folder 91934-1935Education, U.S. Bureau of; Department of the Interior
Box 49, Folder 101934-1935Elliot, John S. (Trustee)
Box 49, Folder 111934-1935Employment of Married Women
Box 49, Folder 121934-1935Enabling Act
Box 49, Folder 131934-1935Engineering Experiment Station
Box 49, Folder 141934-1935Executive correspondence
Box 49, Folder 151934-1935Extension Committee-Board of Trustees
Box 49, Folder 161934-1935"F"
Box 49, Folder 171934-1935Faculty, General Notices, etc.
Box 49, Folder 181934-1935Faculty, letters to
Box 49, Folder 191934-1935Faculty Meeting, material for
Box 49, Folder 201934-1935Federal Emergency Relief Administration-Student Relief Work
Box 49, Folder 211934-1935Felker, Andrew L. (Trustee)
Box 49, Folder 221934-1935Finances
Box 49, Folder 231934-1935Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 49, Folder 241934-1935"G"
Box 49, Folder 251934-1935Gifts
Box 49, Folder 261934-1935Graduate School, H.L. Slobin (Dean)
Box 49, Folder 271934-1935Grange Hall
Box 49, Folder 281934-1935"H"
Box 50
Box 50, Folder 11934-1935Hadden, Gavin (Civil Engineer)
Box 50, Folder 21934-1935Henderson, O.V. (Registrar)
Box 50, Folder 31934-1935Huddleston, E.J. (Professor of Architecture)
Box 50, Folder 41934-1935Hughes, George T. (Trustee)
Box 50, Folder 51934-1935Hood, Charles H. (Trustee)
Box 50, Folder 61934-1935Hood House, T.G. Philips Chairman
Box 50, Folder 71934-1935Hunter, Roy D. (Trustee)
Box 50, Folder 81934-1935Ice Cream Problem
Box 50, Folder 91934-1935Instructional Service Scholarships
Box 50, Folder 101934-1935Insurance
Box 50, Folder 111934-1935"J"
Box 50, Folder 121934-1935Jackson, C.F. (Dean of the College of Liberal Arts)
Box 50, Folder 131934-1935"K"
Box 50, Folder 141934-1935Kendall, John C. (Director of the Experiment Station and Extension Service
Box 50, Folder 151934-1935Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 50, Folder 161934-1935Kingsbury, Robert T. (Trustee)
Box 50, Folder 171934-1935"L"
Box 50, Folder 181934-1935Legislature
Box 51
Box 51, Folder 11934-1935Loveren, H.W. (Superintendent of Property)
Box 51, Folder 21934-1935"M"
Box 51, Folder 31934-1935"Mc"
Box 51, Folder 41934-1935McLaughlin, Mrs Helen F. (Professor of Home Economics)
Box 51, Folder 51934-1935Magrath
Box 51, Folder 61934-1935Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 51, Folder 71934-1935Magrath, R.C.-appointments
Box 51, Folder 81934-1935Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences
Box 51, Folder 91934-1935Marine Zoological Laboratory
Box 51, Folder 101934-1935May Pageant
Box 51, Folder 111934-1935Meetings and Conferences to be held on campus
Box 51, Folder 121934-1935Memoranda (E.M. Lewis)
Box 51, Folder 131934-1935Military Department
Box 51, Folder 141934-1935Milk Pasteurization
Box 51, Folder 151934-1935Miller, Marvin A. (Librarian)
Box 51, Folder 161934-1935Minutes-College Faculty Meetings
Box 51, Folder 171934-1935Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 51, Folder 181934-1935Music
Box 51, Folder 191934-1935"N"
Box 51, Folder 201934-1935New England Association of College and Secondary Schools
Box 51, Folder 211934-1935New England College Conference on Intercollegiate Athletics
Box 51, Folder 221934-1935New Hampshire Racing Commission
Box 52
Box 52, Folder 11934-1935New Hampshire Research Foundation
Box 52, Folder 21934-1935Normal Schools
Box 52, Folder 31934-1935Northern New England School of Religious Education
Box 52, Folder 41934-1935"O"
Box 52, Folder 51934-1935O'Kane, Dr. Walter C. (Professor of Entomology)
Box 52, Folder 61934-1935"P"
Box 52, Folder 71934-1935P.W.A.
Box 52, Folder 81934-1935Page, Harry O. (Alumni Secretary)
Box 52, Folder 91934-1935Pearson, John W. (Trustee)
Box 52, Folder 101934-1935Personnel
Box 52, Folder 111934-1935Petitions
Box 52, Folder 121934-1935Pettee, Charles H.
Box 52, Folder 131934-1935Planning Board
Box 52, Folder 141934-1935Plant Extension Sub-Committee
Box 52, Folder 151934-1935Poultry Regulatory Measures
Box 52, Folder 161934-1935Prince, Dr. William M. (University Physician)
Box 52, Folder 171934-1935Programs
Box 52, Folder 181934-1935Psychiatrist
Box 52, Folder 191934-1935Questionnaires
Box 52, Folder 201934-1935Quinby, H. Dean Jr.
Box 52, Folder 211934-1935"R"
Box 52, Folder 221934-1935Radio
Box 52, Folder 231934-1935Report of the President
Box 52, Folder 241934-1935Rhodes Scholarships
Box 52, Folder 251934-1935Richards, Dr. A.E. (Head of Department of English)
Box 52, Folder 261934-1935Rules and Regulations
Box 52, Folder 271934-1935"S" (Sanders-Smith)
Box 53
Box 53, Folder 11934-1935"S" (Spaulding-Swasey)
Box 53, Folder 21934-1935St. Anselm's
Box 53, Folder 31934-1935Salaries
Box 53, Folder 41934-1935Sawyer, Harry D. (Trustee)
Box 53, Folder 51934-1935Scholarships
Box 53, Folder 61934-1935Semester vs. Term Plan
Box 53, Folder 71934-1935Skiing in New Hampshire
Box 53, Folder 81934-1935Smith, Forrest S. and Sarah A. (Estate)
Box 53, Folder 91934-1935Sports Building
Box 53, Folder 101934-1935Stowe, Dr. A Monroe (Professor of Education)
Box 53, Folder 111934-1935Student Activity Tax
Box 53, Folder 121934-1935Student Rule Book for 1935
Box 53, Folder 131934-1935Summer School 1935
Box 53, Folder 141934-1935"T"
Box 53, Folder 151934-1935Taylor, Frederick W. (Director of the Commercial Departments of the Farm)
Box 53, Folder 161934-1935Trustees-Faculty Committee
Box 53, Folder 171934-1935Trustees-Farm Committee
Box 53, Folder 181934-1935Trustees-Finance Committee
Box 53, Folder 191934-1935Trustee meeting-October 19, 1934
Box 53, Folder 201934-1935Trustee meeting-January 18, 1935
Box 53, Folder 211934-1935Trustee meeting-May 3, 1935
Box 53, Folder 221934-1935Trustee meeting-June 15, 1935
Box 53, Folder 231934-1935Trustee Real Estate Committee meeting-July 1935
Box 53, Folder 241934-1935University Club-Boston
Box 53, Folder 251934-1935"V"
Box 53, Folder 261934-1935"W"
Box 53, Folder 271934-1935Water Supply
Box 54
Box 54, Folder 11934-1935Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 54, Folder 21934-1935Whidden Farm
Box 54, Folder 31934-1935Winant, John G. (Governor)
Box 54, Folder 41934-1935Woodruff, Dr. Ruth J. (Dean of Women)
Box 54, Folder 51934-1935Woodward, Karl W. (Professor of Forestry)
Box 54, Folder 61934-1935"Y"
Box 54, Folder 71934-1935Y.M.C.A. Christian Work
Box 54, Folder 81934-1935"Z"
Box 54, Folder 91935-1936"A"
Box 54, Folder 101935-1936Agricultural Studies, Statistics, etc.
Box 54, Folder 111935-1936Alexander, Norman (Dean of Men)
Box 54, Folder 121935-1936Alumni Fund Council
Box 54, Folder 131935-1936Alumni Secretary (Burnham B. Davis)
Box 54, Folder 141935-1936American Association of University Professors
Box 54, Folder 151935-1936American Association of University Women
Box 54, Folder 161935-1936American Council on Education
Box 54, Folder 171935-1936Association of American Colleges
Box 54, Folder 181935-1936Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 54, Folder 191935-1940Attorney General
Box 54, Folder 201935-1936"B"
Box 55
Box 55, Folder 11935-1936Bankhead-Jones Act
Box 55, Folder 21935-1936Bauer, G.N. (Office in Charge of Freshmen and Professor of Mathematics)
Box 55, Folder 31935-1936Blewett, Edward T. (Executive Secretary)
Box 55, Folder 41935-1936Bridges, H. Styles (Governor)
Box 55, Folder 51935-1936Budgets
Box 55, Folder 61935-1936Bureau of Appointments
Box 55, Folder 71935-1936"C"
Box 55, Folder 81935-1936Case, George W. (Dean, College of Technology)
Box 55, Folder 91935-1936Catalog, University
Box 55, Folder 101935-1936Charles, T. Burk (Professor of Poultry Husbandry)
Box 55, Folder 111935-1936Citizenship Course
Box 55, Folder 121935-1936Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarship
Box 55, Folder 131935-1936Committee Appointments
Box 55, Folder 141935-1936Committee on Buildings and Grounds
Box 55, Folder 151935-1936Committee on Class Schedules; F.W. Taylor Chairman
Box 55, Folder 161935-1936Committee on Discipline
Box 55, Folder 171935-1936Committee on Dormitory Management
Box 55, Folder 181935-1936Committee, Faculty on Athletics
Box 55, Folder 191935-1936Committee on Faculty Rules
Box 55, Folder 201935-1936Committee on Information and Publications
Box 55, Folder 211935-1936Committee on Student Aid
Box 55, Folder 221935-1936Committee on Transfer of Students from Dormitories to Fraternities and Sororities
Box 55, Folder 231935-1936Committee, University Milk Control
Box 55, Folder 241935-1936Commons Dining Hall
Box 55, Folder 251935-1936Competitors Folder
Box 55, Folder 261935-1936Conference on New England Land Grant College Presidents (proposed)
Box 56
Box 56, Folder 11935-1936Contracts, A-C
Box 56, Folder 21935-1936Contracts, D-H
Box 56, Folder 31935-1936Contracts, I-M
Box 56, Folder 41935-1936Contracts, N-S
Box 56, Folder 51935-1936Contracts, T-Y
Box 56, Folder 61935-1936Contracts, May-June 1936
Box 56, Folder 71935-1936Convocation
Box 56, Folder 81935-1936Coulter, Charles W. (Professor of Sociology)
Box 56, Folder 91935-1936Cowell, William H. (Director of Athletics)
Box 56, Folder 101935-1936"D"
Box 56, Folder 111935-1936Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 56, Folder 121935-1936Doe, Jessie (Trustee)
Box 56, Folder 131935-1936Domicile Cases, Out-of-State Students at UNH
Box 56, Folder 141935-1936"E"
Box 56, Folder 151935-1936Eastman, M. Gale (Dean of College of Agriculture)
Box 57
Box 57, Folder 11935-1936Education, U.S. Bureau of
Box 57, Folder 21935-1936Elliot, John S. (Trustee)
Box 57, Folder 31935-1936Employment of Married Women
Box 57, Folder 41935-1936Engineering Experiment Station
Box 57, Folder 51935-1936Extension Future Needs
Box 57, Folder 61935-1936"F"
Box 57, Folder 71935-1936Faculty, General Notices
Box 57, Folder 81935-1936Faculty, Letters to
Box 57, Folder 91935-1936Felker, Andrew L. (Trustee)
Box 57, Folder 101935-1936Finances
Box 57, Folder 111935-1936Fire Department
Box 57, Folder 121935-1936Fraternity and Sorority Building Aid
Box 57, Folder 131935-1936Fraternity and Sorority Problems
Box 57, Folder 141935-1936"G"
Box 57, Folder 151935-1936Gifts
Box 57, Folder 161935-1936Graduate School; H.L. Slobin, Dean
Box 57, Folder 171935-1936"H"
Box 57, Folder 181935-1936Hadden, Gavin (Civil Engineer)
Box 57, Folder 191935-1936Henderson, O.V. (Registrar)
Box 57, Folder 201935-1936Hood, Charles H. (Trustee)
Box 57, Folder 211935-1936Hood House
Box 57, Folder 221935-1936Huddleston, E.J. (Professor of Architecture)
Box 57, Folder 231935-1936Hughes, George T. (Trustee)
Box 57, Folder 241935-1936Hunter, Roy D. (Trustee)
Box 58
Box 58, Folder 11935-1936"I"
Box 58, Folder 21935-1936Income Tax
Box 58, Folder 31935-1936Insurance
Box 58, Folder 41935-1936Invitations
Box 58, Folder 51935-1936"J"
Box 58, Folder 61935-1936Jackson, C.F. (Dean, College of Liberal Arts)
Box 58, Folder 71935-1936Jackson, C.F. (Dean, College of Liberal Arts)
Box 58, Folder 81935-1936"K"
Box 58, Folder 91935-1936Kendall, J.C. (Director of Experiment Station and Extension Service)
Box 58, Folder 101935-1936Kendall, J.C. (Director of Experiment Station and Extension Service)
Box 58, Folder 111935-1936Kindergarten School Nursery
Box 58, Folder 121935-1936Kingsbury, Robert J. (Trustee)
Box 58, Folder 131935-1936"L"
Box 58, Folder 141935-1936Lewis Fields
Box 58, Folder 151935-1936Loveren, H.W.
Box 58, Folder 161935-1936"M"
Box 58, Folder 171935-1936"Mc"
Box 58, Folder 181935-1936Magrath, R.C. (Treasurer and Business Secretary)
Box 59
Box 59, Folder 11935-1936Magrath, R.C.; Appointments
Box 59, Folder 21935-1936Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences
Box 59, Folder 31935-1936Marine Zoological Laboratory
Box 59, Folder 41935-1936Matron's Report
Box 59, Folder 51935-1936May Pageant
Box 59, Folder 61935-1936Meetings and Conferences (to be held on campus)
Box 59, Folder 71935-1936Memoranda
Box 59, Folder 81935-1936Military Department
Box 59, Folder 91935-1936Miller, Marvin A. (Librarian)
Box 59, Folder 101935-1936Minister's Seminar
Box 59, Folder 111935-1936Minutes-College Faculty Meeting
Box 59, Folder 121935-1936Miscellaneous
Box 59, Folder 131935-1936Morrill Homestead (Senator J.S. Morrill)
Box 59, Folder 141935-1936"N"
Box 59, Folder 151935-1936National Association of State Universities
Box 59, Folder 161935-1936National Institute of Public Affairs
Box 59, Folder 171935-1936National Youth Administration
Box 59, Folder 181935-1936New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 59, Folder 191935-1936New England College Conference on Intercollegiate Athletics
Box 59, Folder 201935-1936New England Junior Month
Box 59, Folder 211935-1936The New Hampshire
Box 59, Folder 221935-1936New Hampshire Racing Commission
Box 60
Box 60, Folder 11935-1936New Hampshire Research Foundation
Box 60, Folder 21935-1936New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission
Box 60, Folder 31935-1936News Bureau
Box 60, Folder 41935-1936Normal Schools
Box 60, Folder 51935-1936Northern New England School of Religious Education
Box 60, Folder 61935-1936"O"
Box 60, Folder 71935-1936O'Kane, W.C. (Professor of Entomology)
Box 60, Folder 81935-1936"P"
Box 60, Folder 91935-1936P.W.A.
Box 60, Folder 101935-1936Parker, Clifford C. (Professor of Languages)
Box 60, Folder 111935-1936Pearson, John W. (Trustee)
Box 60, Folder 121935-1936John H. Pearson Trust
Box 60, Folder 131935-1936Personnel
Box 60, Folder 141935-1936Petitions
Box 60, Folder 151935-1936Pettee, Charles H.
Box 60, Folder 161935-1936Phi Kappa Phi
Box 60, Folder 171935-1936Pictorial Folder
Box 60, Folder 181935-1936Planning Board
Box 60, Folder 191935-1936Pond, Bremer Whidden (Landscape Architect)
Box 60, Folder 201935-1936Poultry Regulatory Measures
Box 60, Folder 211935-1936Prince, Dr. William M. (University Physician)
Box 60, Folder 221935-1936Pringle, James N. (Commissioner of Education)
Box 60, Folder 231935-1936Programs
Box 60, Folder 241935-1936Psychiatrist
Box 60, Folder 251935-1936Questionnaires
Box 60, Folder 261935-1936Quinby, H. Dean Jr.
Box 60, Folder 271935-1936"R"
Box 60, Folder 281935-1936Radio
Box 60, Folder 291935-1936Real Estate Committee Report on Whidden Farm
Box 60, Folder 301935-1936Recreational Areas
Box 60, Folder 311935-1936Residential Halls
Box 60, Folder 321935-1936Rhodes Scholarship
Box 60, Folder 331935-1936Rules and Regulations
Box 61
Box 61, Folder 11935-1936"S"
Box 61, Folder 21935-1936Salaries
Box 61, Folder 31935-1936Sawyer, Harry D. (Trustee)
Box 61, Folder 41935-1936School House
Box 61, Folder 51935-1936Scholarships
Box 61, Folder 61935-1936Secretarial Course
Box 61, Folder 71935-1936Semester vs. Term Plan
Box 61, Folder 81935-1936Sewerage Disposal
Box 61, Folder 91935-1936Social Research, Supervisor of
Box 61, Folder 101935-1936Speaking Engagements
Box 61, Folder 111935-1936State Comptroller (Milan Dickinson)
Box 61, Folder 121935-1936State Planning and Developing Commission
Box 61, Folder 131935-1936Stowe, Dr. A. Monroe (Professor of Education)
Box 61, Folder 141935-1936Student Activity Tax Committee
Box 61, Folder 151935-1936Student Rule Book 1936
Box 61, Folder 161935-1936Summer School 1935
Box 61, Folder 171935-1936Summer School 1936
Box 61, Folder 181935-1936"T"
Box 61, Folder 191935-1936Taylor, Frederick W.
Box 61, Folder 201935-1936Tenure and Retirement Regulations
Box 61, Folder 211935-1936Transition from School to College, Study of
Box 61, Folder 221935-1936Trustees
Box 61, Folder 231935-1936Trustees-Annual Report, 1936
Box 61, Folder 241935-1936Trustees-Committee on Development of University
Box 61, Folder 251935-1936Trustees-Farm Committee
Box 61, Folder 261935-1936Trustee Meeting-October 18, 1935
Box 61, Folder 271935-1936Trustee Meeting-January 17, 1936
Box 61, Folder 281935-1936Trustee Meeting-April 17, 1936
Box 61, Folder 291935-1936U.S.D.A.
Box 61, Folder 301935-1936University Catalog, 1936-37
Box 61, Folder 311935-1936University Club-Boston
Box 61, Folder 321935-1936"W"
Box 62
Box 62, Folder 11935-1936W.P.A.-N.H.W.P.A.-Manchester 1580
Box 62, Folder 21935-1936W.P.A. Worker's Education
Box 62, Folder 31935-1936Water Supply
Box 62, Folder 41935-1936Wellman, James A. (Trustee)
Box 62, Folder 51935-1936Whidden Farm
Box 62, Folder 61935-1936Woodruff, Ruth J. (Dean of Women)
Box 62, Folder 71935-1936Woodward, Karl W. (Professor of Forestry)
Box 62, Folder 81935-1936Y.M.C.A.
Box 62, Folder 91936-1937By-Laws
Box 62, Folder 101936-1937Dedication of Athletic Fields (Joint Committee)
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