Harold W. Stoke Papers, 1944-1947

Collection number: UA 2/1/8
Size: 37 boxes (12.21 cu.ft.)

About Harold W. Stoke (1903-1982)

Dr. Harold Walter Stoke was elected president of the University of New Hampshire in August of 1944. His election marked the first time UNH faculty were asked to name a special committee to help select a new president.

Dr. Stoke was born in Bosworth, Missouri on May 11, 1903. He was educated at Marion College (A.B. 1924), University of Southern California (M.A. 1925), and at Johns Hopkins University, (Ph.D. 1930). In addition to his educational background, Stoke also had a great deal of teaching and administrative experience.

Dr. Stoke taught at the University of Nebraska (1930-1937), University of Pennsylvania (1938-1939), and at the University of Wisconsin (1940). He taught political science and was full professor at the University of Wisconsin. Stoke gained administrative experience through his work with the Tennessee Valley Authority (1937-1938). He also worked as Educational Director of the Institute of Local and State Government at the University of Pennsylvania. While at Wisconsin he was Associate and Acting Dean of the Graduate School.

During Stoke's administration at the University of New Hampshire, one of the most pressing problems faced was housing the sharply increased number of students enrolling during the post-war period. Gibbs, Engelhardt and Hunter Halls were ready in the fall of 1946, and plans were drawn up for Alexander and Sawyer Halls to be built the following year. Also included in the University's housing plans were, for the first time, accommodations for married students, as well as plans to increase the faculty housing.

After three years at the University of New Hampshire, Dr. Stoke resigned (August 1947) to become president of Louisiana State University. He died on April 6, 1982.

About the Harold W. Stoke Papers (1944-1947)

The Papers of Harold Walter Stoke cover the years 1944-1947, and include materials such as post war issues, war records, and student housing.

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Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11944-1945A
Box 1, Folder 21944-1945A.S.T.P. Instructor's Monthly Report
Box 1, Folder 31944-1945A.S.T.P., July 1944
Box 1, Folder 41944-1945A.S.T.P., August 1944
Box 1, Folder 51944-1945A.S.T.P., September 1944
Box 1, Folder 61944-1945A.S.T.P, Counseling Service Report
Box 1, Folder 71944-1945Army Services - Property Accounting Program
Box 1, Folder 81944-1945Additional Payments
Box 1, Folder 91944-1945Addresses and Articles
Box 1, Folder 101944-1945Admissions
Box 1, Folder 111944-1945Agriculture Service Departments
Box 1, Folder 121944-1945Alumni
Box 1, Folder 131944-1945Alumni Fund
Box 1, Folder 141944-1945Alumni Memorial Union Fund Drive- Executive Committee
Box 1, Folder 151944-1945Alumni Memorial Union Fund Drive
Box 1, Folder 161944-1945Alumni Secretary, Harold Leavitt, acting
Box 1, Folder 171944-1945Alumnus
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11944-1945American Association of University Professors
Box 2, Folder 21944-1945American Council on Education
Box 2, Folder 31944-1945Amoskeag Records
Box 2, Folder 41944-1945Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities(folder 1)
Box 2, Folder 51944-1945Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities(folder 2)
Box 2, Folder 61944-1945B
Box 2, Folder 71944-1945Bills and Laws(Federal)
Box 2, Folder 81944-1945Blood, Robert O., Governor
Box 2, Folder 91944-1945Bridges, Styles- U.S. Senator
Box 2, Folder 101944-1945Brown, Mary S.- Trustee(Mrs. Arthur D. Brown)
Box 2, Folder 111944-1945Budget
Box 2, Folder 121944-1945Budget Statements
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11944-1945C
Box 3, Folder 21944-1945Case, George W.
Box 3, Folder 31944-1945Christensen, Ernest W.-Trustee
Box 3, Folder 41944-1945Christian Works, Inc.
Box 3, Folder 51944-1945College Chest Fund
Box 3, Folder 61944-1945Clerical Staff Committee
Box 3, Folder 71944-1945Commencement
Box 3, Folder 81944-1945Commencement, June 10, 1945
Box 3, Folder 91944-1945Commons Dining Hall
Box 3, Folder 101944-1945Compensation for Excess Hours
Box 3, Folder 111944-1945Congressmen and Senators
Box 3, Folder 121944-1945Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 3, Folder 131944-1945Convocation
Box 3, Folder 141944-1945Senior Convocation
Box 3, Folder 151944-1945Correspondence
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11944-1945Students' Personnel Council
Box 4, Folder 21944-1945Course Changes
Box 4, Folder 31944-1945Courses, Saturday Morning
Box 4, Folder 41944-1945Croghan, Margaret D.- Trustee, (Mrs. John T.)
Box 4, Folder 51944-1945Two Year curricula
Box 4, Folder 61944-1945D
Box 4, Folder 71944-1945Dale, Charles M., Governor
Box 4, Folder 81944-1945Dallas, John T.- Trustee
Box 4, Folder 91944-1945Dean, College of Agriculture and Director of Experiment Station- M.G. Eastman
Box 4, Folder 101944-1945Dean, College of Liberal Arts- E.Y. Blewett
Box 4, Folder 111944-1945College of Liberal Arts Sophomore Testing Program
Box 4, Folder 121944-1945Dean, College of Technology- Correspondence with Candidates
Box 4, Folder 131944-1945Dean, College of Technology- Nominations, no correspondence, A to M
Box 4, Folder 141944-1945Dean, College of Technology- Nominations, N to M
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11944-1945Dean, College of Technology, Selection of New
Box 5, Folder 21944-1945Dean, College of Technology, Selection of New
Box 5, Folder 31944-1945Dean, College of Technology, L.W. Hitchcock
Box 5, Folder 41944-1945Dean of Graduate School, Hermon L. Slobin
Box 5, Folder 51944-1945Dean of Men-Norman Alexander--W.A. Medesy, acting
Box 5, Folder 61944-1945Dean of Women, Ruth J. Woodruff
Box 5, Folder 71944-1945Desk Diary, 1944
Box 5, Folder 81944-1945Director of Athletics- Carl J. Lundholm
Box 5, Folder 91944-1945Director, Biological Institute
Box 5, Folder 101944-1945Director, Bureau of Appointments, Russell R. Skelton, acting
Box 5, Folder 111944-1945Director, engineering Experiment Station, D.S. Epplesheimer, acting
Box 5, Folder 121944-1945Director, Extension Services- H.B. Stevens
Box 5, Folder 131944-1945Durham Fire Department and School Board and Sewer Commission
Box 5, Folder 141944-1945E
Box 5, Folder 151944-1945Engineering, Science and Management War Training
Box 5, Folder 161944-1945E.S.M.W.T. Final Proposals
Box 5, Folder 171944-1945Enrollment Statistics
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11944-1945F
Box 6, Folder 21944-1945Faculty- General Notices
Box 6, Folder 31944-1945Faculty- Letters to Several Members of
Box 6, Folder 41944-1945Faculty Personnel
Box 6, Folder 51944-1945Faculty Studies-Personnel
Box 6, Folder 61944-1945Farnham, Harry L.- Trustee
Box 6, Folder 71944-1945Felker, Andrew L.- Trustee
Box 6, Folder 81944-1945Foreign Students
Box 6, Folder 91944-1945G
Box 6, Folder 101944-1945Gift Certificates[range:1944 to 1948]
Box 6, Folder 111944-1945Gifts
Box 6, Folder 121944-1945Graduate Record Exam
Box 6, Folder 131944-1945Graduation Requirements and Tuition Fees
Box 6, Folder 141944-1945H
Box 6, Folder 151944-1945Honorary Degrees
Box 6, Folder 161944-1945Hood House
Box 6, Folder 171944-1945Housing
Box 6, Folder 181944-1945Hubbard, Anstin I., Trustee
Box 6, Folder 191944-1945Huddleston, Eric T., Supervising Architect
Box 6, Folder 201944-1945Hunter, Roy D.- Trustee
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11944-1945I
Box 7, Folder 21944-1945Inauguration, Seating and Procession Comm.
Box 7, Folder 31944-1945Instructional Service Scholarships
Box 7, Folder 41944-1945Interscholastic Basketball Tournament
Box 7, Folder 51944-1945J
Box 7, Folder 61994-1945K
Box 7, Folder 71944-1945Kingsbury, Robert T. - Trustee
Box 7, Folder 81944-1945L
Box 7, Folder 91944-1945Librarian, Thelma Brackett
Box 7, Folder 101944-1945Lists
Box 7, Folder 111944-1945M
Box 7, Folder 121944-1945Memoranda
Box 7, Folder 131944-1945Military Training
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11944-1945Minutes, College Faculty Meeting
Box 8, Folder 21944-1945Miscellaneous
Box 8, Folder 31944-1945Monthly File, Feb. 26 to Mr. 31, Apr. to My.
Box 8, Folder 41944-1945Moreau, Arthur E.- Trustee
Box 8, Folder 51944-1945N
Box 8, Folder 61944-1945National Association of State Universities
Box 8, Folder 71944-1945National Education Association
Box 8, Folder 81944-1945New England Conference on Graduate School[folder 1]
Box 8, Folder 91944-1945New England Conference on Graduate School[folder 2]
Box 8, Folder 101944-1945New England Land-Grant College Presidents
Box 8, Folder 111944-1945N.H. Breeding Association
Box 8, Folder 121944-1945News Bureau
Box 8, Folder 131944-1945O
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11944-1945P
Box 9, Folder 21944-1945Petitions
Box 9, Folder 31944-1945Pond, Bremer, Whidden
Box 9, Folder 41944-1945Portraits
Box 9, Folder 51944-1945Postwar Education Service
Box 9, Folder 61944-1945Postwar Planning
Box 9, Folder 71944-1945Pratt and Whitney Aircraft
Box 9, Folder 81944-1945Property Committee Projects
Box 9, Folder 91944-1945Q]
Box 9, Folder 101944-1945Questionnaires
Box 9, Folder 111944-1945Questionnaire, Committee on Education of the House of Representatives
Box 9, Folder 121944-1945R
Box 9, Folder 131944-1945Radio
Box 9, Folder 141944-1945Randall, Frank W.- trustee
Box 9, Folder 151944-1945Reception for President Stoke- Oct. 19, 1944
Box 9, Folder 161944-1945Registrar's Studies
Box 9, Folder 171944-1945Registrar, Everett B. Sackett
Box 9, Folder 181944-1945Reports, June 1944 to June 1945
Box 9, Folder 191944-1945Retirement System
Box 9, Folder 201944-1945Ryder
Box 9, Folder 211944-1945S
Box 9, Folder 221944-1945Salary Study
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11944-1945Sawyer, Harry D. - Trustee
Box 10, Folder 21944-1945Scholarships and Awards
Box 10, Folder 31944-1945Selective Service
Box 10, Folder 41944-1945Selective Service Deferments-Inactive Requests
Box 10, Folder 51944-1945University Senate
Box 10, Folder 61944-1945Speeches, President Stoke
Box 10, Folder 71944-1945State Department of Education
Box 10, Folder 81944-1945State Employee's Association
Box 10, Folder 91944-1945Statements, Studies-H.W.S
Box 10, Folder 101944-1945Stoke, Harold W. Appointment
Box 10, Folder 111944-1945Stoke, Harold W. President
Box 10, Folder 121944-1945Student Activity Tax
Box 10, Folder 131944-1945Student Organization Officers
Box 10, Folder 141944-1945Study-Leaves of Absence
Box 10, Folder 151944-1945Summer School
Box 10, Folder 161944-1945Summer School 1944, United Airlines Scholarship
Box 10, Folder 171944-1945Superintendent of Property, H.M. Fitz
Box 10, Folder 181944-1945Surplus War Materials
Box 10, Folder 191944-1945T
Box 10, Folder 201944-1945Treasurer- R.C. Magrath
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11944-1945Treasurer, Personnel Changes
Box 11, Folder 21944-1945Treasurer, Personnel Changes - Jan. 1, 1945-
Box 11, Folder 31944-1945Trustees- Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 11, Folder 41944-1945Trustees, Educational Policy Committee
Box 11, Folder 51944-1945Trustees- Executive Committee
Box 11, Folder 61944-1945Trustees- Finance Committee
Box 11, Folder 71944-1945Trustees- Finance Committee- Investments
Box 11, Folder 81944-1945Trustees- Finance Committee- Quarterly Reports
Box 11, Folder 91944-1945Trustees Minutes-1944 to 1945
Box 11, Folder 101944-1945Trustee Meeting- July 13, 1944
Box 11, Folder 111944-1945Trustee Meeting- August 10, 1944
Box 11, Folder 121944-1945Trustee Meeting- October 20, 1944
Box 11, Folder 131944-1945Trustee Meeting- November 11, 1944
Box 11, Folder 141944-1945Trustee Meeting- December 9, 1944
Box 11, Folder 151944-1945Trustee Meeting- January 19, 1945
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11944-1945Trustee Meeting- February 16, 1945
Box 12, Folder 21944-1945Trustee Meeting- March 16, 1945
Box 12, Folder 31944-1945Trustee Meeting- April 21, 1945
Box 12, Folder 41944-1945Trustee Meeting- May 19, 1945
Box 12, Folder 51944-1945Trustee Meeting- May 19, 1945
Box 12, Folder 61944-1945Trustees, Members of the Board
Box 12, Folder 71944-1945Trustees, Monthly Letter
Box 12, Folder 81944-1945Trustees, Personnel Committee
Box 12, Folder 91944-1945Trustees, Personnel Committee-List of Personnel Changes
Box 12, Folder 101944-1945Trustees, Personnel Committee-List of Personnel Changes
Box 12, Folder 111944-1945Trustees, Record Book
Box 12, Folder 121944-1945Trustees, Special Committee
Box 12, Folder 131944-1945U
Box 12, Folder 141944-1945U.S. Army- R.O.T.C.; U.S. Navy- R.O.T.C.
Box 12, Folder 151944-1945U.S. Army- Pre-induction Training
Box 12, Folder 161944-1945United States, Departments of
Box 12, Folder 171944-1945U.S. Office of Education
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11944-1945U.S. Office of Education- Higher Education
Box 13, Folder 21944-1945U.N.H. News
Box 13, Folder 31944-1945V
Box 13, Folder 41944-1945Veterans' Education
Box 13, Folder 51944-1945W
Box 13, Folder 61944-1945Waldron, Jeremy R., Trustee
Box 13, Folder 71944-1945Wellman, James A., Trustee
Box 13, Folder 81944-1945War Food Administration
Box 13, Folder 91944-1945Weekly Letter
Box 13, Folder 101944-1945Y
Box 13, Folder 111945-1946A
Box 13, Folder 121945-1946Admissions
Box 13, Folder 131945-1946Addresses and Articles, July 1945 to Sept. 1945
Box 13, Folder 141945-1946Addresses and Articles, Oct. 1945 to Dec. 1945
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11945-1946Addresses and articles, Jan. 1946 to May 1946
Box 14, Folder 21945-1946Agricultural Alumni Association
Box 14, Folder 31945-1946Agricultural Problems
Box 14, Folder 41945-1946Agricultural Service Departments
Box 14, Folder 51945-1946Alumni
Box 14, Folder 61945-1946Alumni Secretary-H.I. Leavitt, acting
Box 14, Folder 71945-1946Alumni Secretary Position-candidates and correspondence
Box 14, Folder 81945-1946Alumnus
Box 14, Folder 91945-1946American Council on Education
Box 14, Folder 101945-1946American Council on Education, Higher Education and National Defense
Box 14, Folder 111945-1946Amoskeag Records
Box 14, Folder 121945-1946Architectural Services
Box 14, Folder 131945-1946Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11945-1946B
Box 15, Folder 21945-1946Blake vs. University
Box 15, Folder 31945-1946Bridges, Styles, U.S. Senator
Box 15, Folder 41945-1946Brown, Mary S. - Trustee( Mrs. Arthur B.)
Box 15, Folder 51945-1946Budget, 1946
Box 15, Folder 61945-1946Budget Statements
Box 15, Folder 71945-1946Building and Repair Projects
Box 15, Folder 81945-1946Building Projects-Apartment Building
Box 15, Folder 91945-1946Burns, Stanley M., Trustee
Box 15, Folder 101945-1946By-Laws of U.N.H.
Box 15, Folder 111945-1946C
Box 15, Folder 121945-1946Christensen, Ernest W. - Trustee
Box 15, Folder 131945-1946Christian Work Inc.
Box 15, Folder 141945-1946Circular Letters
Box 15, Folder 151945-1946Classification and Salary Plan, Office and Clerical Staff
Box 15, Folder 161945-1946Clerical Staff Committee
Box 15, Folder 171945-1946College of Agriculture- Problems
Box 15, Folder 181945-1946College of Agriculture-Studies
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11945-1946College of Liberal Arts - Re: Pharmacy Curriculum
Box 16, Folder 21945-1946College of Liberal Arts - Report on Department of Arts
Box 16, Folder 31945-1946College of Liberal Arts - Rehabilitation of Department of Economics and Business Administration
Box 16, Folder 41945-1946BCommencement
Box 16, Folder 51945-1946Commencement - Prize Awards, Senior Convocation
Box 16, Folder 61945-1946Committee on Administration
Box 16, Folder 71945-1946Congressmen and Senators
Box 16, Folder 81945-1946Contracts, Agreement, etc.
Box 16, Folder 91945-1946Convocation
Box 16, Folder 101945-1946Convocation, Senior
Box 16, Folder 111945-1946Council, Student Personnel
Box 16, Folder 121945-1946Council, University
Box 16, Folder 131945-1946Counselling Position
Box 16, Folder 141945-1946Croghan, Margaret D. (Mrs. John T.) - Trustee
Box 16, Folder 151945-1946"D"
Box 16, Folder 161945-1946Dale, Charles M. - Governor
Box 16, Folder 171945-1946Dean's Recommendations Re: Salary increases
Box 16, Folder 181945-1946Deans Report on Needs of University
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11945-1946Dean, College of Agriculture - Director, Agricultural Experiment Station - M.G. Eastman
Box 17, Folder 21945-1946Dean, College of Liberal Arts - E.Y. Blewett
Box 17, Folder 31945-1946Dean, College of Technology
Box 17, Folder 41945-1946Dean, College of Technology - Correspondence with candidates
Box 17, Folder 51945-1946Dean of Graduate School - Hermon L. Slobin
Box 17, Folder 61945-1946Dean of Men - W.A. Medesy
Box 17, Folder 71945-1946Dean of Student Administration - Everett B. Sackett
Box 17, Folder 81945-1946Dean of Women - Ruth J. Woodruff
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11945-1946Director of Athletics - Carl Lundholm
Box 18, Folder 21945-1946Director, Biological Institute
Box 18, Folder 31945-1946Director, Bureau of Appointments - Russell R. Skelton, Acting
Box 18, Folder 41945-1946Director, Engineering Experiment Station - D.S. Eppelsheimer, Acting
Box 18, Folder 51945-1946Director, Extension Service - H.B. Stevens
Box 18, Folder 61945-1946Durham - Fire Department, School Board, Sewer Commission, Board of Health, Water Company
Box 18, Folder 71945-1946"E"
Box 18, Folder 81945-1946Editor, University and Editorial Staff - F.E. Robinson, Editor
Box 18, Folder 91945-1946Employment of Married Women
Box 18, Folder 101945-1946Employment Regulations
Box 18, Folder 111945-1946"F"
Box 18, Folder 121945-1946Faculty Dinners
Box 18, Folder 131945-1946Faculty - General Notices
Box 18, Folder 141945-1946Faculty - Letters to Several Members of
Box 18, Folder 151945-1946Felker, Andrew L. - Trustee
Box 18, Folder 161945-1946Foreign Students
Box 18, Folder 171945-1946"G"
Box 18, Folder 181945-1946Gifts
Box 18, Folder 191945-1946Graduation Requirements and Tuition Fees
Box 18, Folder 201945-1946Graduate Study Conference - Committee on Survey of Opportunities
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11945-1946"H"
Box 19, Folder 21945-1946Hood House
Box 19, Folder 31945-1946Housing
Box 19, Folder 41945-1946House Building Project
Box 19, Folder 51945-1946Housing Project Bids
Box 19, Folder 61945-1946Housing, Student
Box 19, Folder 71945-1946Hospital Study (H.H. State Hospital Study Commission
Box 19, Folder 81945-1946Hubbard, Austin I. - Trustee
Box 19, Folder 91945-1946Huddleston, Eric T. Supervisory Architect
Box 19, Folder 101945-1946Hunter Portrait
Box 19, Folder 111945-1946"I"
Box 19, Folder 121945-1946Interscholastic Basketball Tournament
Box 19, Folder 131945-1946Invitations and Announcements, Sept. - Dec.1945
Box 19, Folder 141945-1945Invitations and Announcements, Jan. 1946-
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11945-1946"J"
Box 20, Folder 21945-1946"K"
Box 20, Folder 31945-1946Kraft, Ferdinand
Box 20, Folder 41945-1946"L"
Box 20, Folder 51945-1946Lewis Fields, use of
Box 20, Folder 61945-1946Librarian - Thelma Brackett
Box 20, Folder 71945-1946Lists
Box 20, Folder 81945-1946"M"
Box 20, Folder 91945-1946Melamine Compound Publicity
Box 20, Folder 101945-1946Memoranda
Box 20, Folder 111945-1946Memorial Union Building HWS
Box 20, Folder 121945-1946Men's Dormitories
Box 20, Folder 131945-1946Military Department
Box 20, Folder 141945-1946Military Training
Box 20, Folder 151945-1946Minutes - College Faculty Meetings
Box 20, Folder 161945-1946Miscellaneous
Box 20, Folder 171945-1946Moreau, Arthur E. - Trustee
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11945-1946"N"
Box 21, Folder 21945-1946National Association of State Universities
Box 21, Folder 31945-1946National Education Association
Box 21, Folder 41945-1946New England Conference of State Universities and Colleges
Box 21, Folder 51945-1946New England Council
Box 21, Folder 61945-1946New England Council
Box 21, Folder 71945-1946New England Council Publications
Box 21, Folder 81945-1946New England Council Publications
Box 21, Folder 91945-1946New England Land Grant College Presidents
Box 21, Folder 101945-1946N.H. Citizens Council for the General Welfare
Box 21, Folder 111945-1946N.H. Citizens Council for the General Welfare
Box 21, Folder 121945-1946New Hampshire Notebook
Box 21, Folder 131945-1946News Bureau
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11945-1946"O"
Box 22, Folder 21945-1946"P"
Box 22, Folder 31945-1946Patent - R.A. Caughey, Molding Powder and Methods of Making Same
Box 22, Folder 41945-1946Patents and Policy
Box 22, Folder 51945-1946Personnel, Minor Changes not reported to the Board
Box 22, Folder 61945-1947Personnel Policy, Departmental and Administrative Policy (Misc.)
Box 22, Folder 71945-1946University Physician Position
Box 22, Folder 81945-1946Post Office Building
Box 22, Folder 91945-1946Postwar Education Service
Box 22, Folder 101945-1946Programs - Other Institutions
Box 22, Folder 111945-1946Property Transactions
Box 22, Folder 121945-1946"Q"
Box 22, Folder 131945-1946Questionnaires
Box 22, Folder 141945-1946"R"
Box 22, Folder 151945-1946Radio
Box 22, Folder 161945-1946Reception
Box 22, Folder 171945-1946Registrar's Studies
Box 22, Folder 181945-1946Report of the President - Review and Prospect
Box 22, Folder 191945-1946Report of the President - Rough Draft
Box 22, Folder 201945-1946Report Opportunities for Medical Secretaries - Miss Tyrrell
Box 22, Folder 211945-1946Research
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 11945-1946"S"
Box 23, Folder 21945-1946Salary Adjustments
Box 23, Folder 31945-1946Sawyer, Harry D. - Trustee
Box 23, Folder 41945-1946Selective Service
Box 23, Folder 51945-1946Senate, University
Box 23, Folder 61945-1947Service Basis Correspondence
Box 23, Folder 71945-1946Sewer System
Box 23, Folder 81945-1946Special Committee: Memorial Union Planning Committee
Box 23, Folder 91945-1946State Board of Education
Box 23, Folder 101945-1946State Employees Association
Box 23, Folder 111945-1946State Planning and Development Commission
Box 23, Folder 121945-1946State Treasurer - F. Gordon Kimball
Box 23, Folder 131945-1946Student Activity Tax
Box 23, Folder 141945-1946Student Organizations, Officers of
Box 23, Folder 151945-1946Student Police
Box 23, Folder 161945-1946Student Workshop
Box 23, Folder 171945-1946Superintendent of Property - H.M. Fitz
Box 23, Folder 181945-1946Surplus Property
Box 23, Folder 191945-1946"T"
Box 23, Folder 201945-1946Treasurer - Raymond C. Magrath
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 11945-1946Treasurer - Personnel Changes, June 1945 - Dec. 1945
Box 24, Folder 21945-1946Treasurer - Personnel Changes, Jan. 1946 - June 1946
Box 24, Folder 31945-1946Trustee Meeting - Sept. 15,1945
Box 24, Folder 41945-1946Trustee Meeting - Oct. 27,1945
Box 24, Folder 51945-1946Trustee Meeting - Nov. 23,1945
Box 24, Folder 61945-1947Trustee Meeting - Dec. 15,1945
Box 24, Folder 71945-1946Trustee Meeting - Jan. 19,1946
Box 24, Folder 81945-1946Trustee Meeting - March 16,1946
Box 24, Folder 91945-1946Trustee Meeting - May 4,1946
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11945-1946Trustee Meeting - June 8,1946
Box 25, Folder 21945-1946Trustee Minutes
Box 25, Folder 31945-1946Trustee Miscellaneous
Box 25, Folder 41945-1946Trustee Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 25, Folder 51945-1946Trustees - Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 25, Folder 61945-1947Trustees - Educational Policy Committee
Box 25, Folder 71945-1946Trustees - Executive Committee
Box 25, Folder 81945-1946Trustees - Finance Committee
Box 25, Folder 91945-1946Trustees - Finance Committee, Investment Funds
Box 25, Folder 101945-1946Trustees - Personnel Committee
Box 25, Folder 111945-1946Trustees - Personnel Committee, Personnel Changes
Box 25, Folder 121945-1946Trustees - Property Committee
Box 25, Folder 131945-1946Trustees - To members of the Board
Box 25, Folder 141945-1945Tuition
Box 25, Folder 151945-1946"U"
Box 25, Folder 161945-1946United States Army
Box 25, Folder 171945-1946U.S. Army - Air ROTC Unit
Box 25, Folder 181945-1946U.S. Departments of
Box 25, Folder 191945-1946U.S. Office of Education
Box 25, Folder 201945-1946U.S. Office of Education, Higher Education
Box 25, Folder 211945-1946"V"
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11945-1946Veterans Education
Box 26, Folder 21945-1946Veterans Orientation Course, Aug.13 - Sept.22
Box 26, Folder 31945-1946"W"
Box 26, Folder 41945-1946"W"
Box 26, Folder 51945-1946Waldron, Jeremy R. - Trustee
Box 26, Folder 61945-1947Wood Yeast Research
Box 26, Folder 71945-1946Writers Conference 1945
Box 26, Folder 81945-1946"Y"
Box 26, Folder 91946-1947"A"
Box 26, Folder 101946-1947Addresses and Articles
Box 26, Folder 111946-1947Admissions
Box 26, Folder 121946-1947Agricultural Service Departments
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11946-1947Alumni
Box 27, Folder 21946-1947Alumni - Board of Directors
Box 27, Folder 31946-1947Alumni Office Operating Expenses, Tabulations
Box 27, Folder 41946-1947Alumni Secretary - William L. Prince
Box 27, Folder 51946-1947Alumnus
Box 27, Folder 61946-1947Alvirne School of the Arts
Box 27, Folder 71946-1947American Council on Education
Box 27, Folder 81946-1947Announcements
Box 27, Folder 91946-1947Association of American Colleges
Box 27, Folder 101946-1947Association of Governing Boards of State Universities
Box 27, Folder 111946-1947Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
Box 27, Folder 121946-1947Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities - Committee on National Defense
Box 27, Folder 131946-1947Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities - Committee on Veterans Affairs
Box 27, Folder 141946-1947Athletic Council
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11946-1947"B"
Box 28, Folder 21946-1947Bath House
Box 28, Folder 31946-1947Bills and Laws (Federal)
Box 28, Folder 41946-1947Biology Department, Organization of
Box 28, Folder 51946-1947Brown, Mrs. Arthur B. (Mary S.) - Trustee
Box 28, Folder 61946-1947Budget Statements
Box 28, Folder 71946-1947Burns, Stanley M. - Trustee
Box 28, Folder 81946-1947"C"
Box 28, Folder 91946-1947Cardigan Mountain School
Box 28, Folder 101946-1947Christensen, Ernest W. - Trustee
Box 28, Folder 111946-1947Christian Work, Inc.
Box 28, Folder 121946-1947Clerical and Secretarial Staff
Box 28, Folder 131946-1947College of Agriculture, Position of Dean
Box 28, Folder 141946-1947College of Agriculture, Position of Dean, Correspondence with Candidates
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 11946-1947Commission to Study State Educational System
Box 29, Folder 21946-1947Congressmen and Senators
Box 29, Folder 31946-1947Contracts and Agreements, etc.
Box 29, Folder 41946-1947Convocation Aug. 1,1946; Awards Convocation May 22,1947
Box 29, Folder 51946-1947Croghan, Margaret D. - Trustee
Box 29, Folder 61946-1947"D"
Box 29, Folder 71946-1947Dale, Charles M. - Governor
Box 29, Folder 81946-1947Dean, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station Director - M.G. Eastman
Box 29, Folder 91946-1947Dean, College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station Director - M.G. Eastman
Box 29, Folder 101946-1947Dean, College of Liberal Arts - E.Y. Blewett
Box 29, Folder 111946-1947Dean, College of Liberal Arts - E.Y. Blewett
Box 29, Folder 121946-1947Dean, College of Technology - L.E. Seeley
Box 29, Folder 131946-1947Dean of Graduate School - H.L. Slobin
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 11946-1947Dean of Men - W.A. Medesy
Box 30, Folder 21946-1947Dean of Student Administration - E.B. Sackett
Box 30, Folder 31946-1947Dean of Women - Ruth J. Woodruff
Box 30, Folder 41946-1947Director of Admissions - Dr. E.D. West
Box 30, Folder 51946-1947Director of Athletic - Carl Lundholm
Box 30, Folder 61946-1947Director of Biological Institute - C.F. Jackson
Box 30, Folder 71946-1947Director of Extension Service - H.B. Stevens
Box 30, Folder 81946-1947Director of Extension, Extension Courses
Box 30, Folder 91946-1947Director of Hood House - W.E. Batchelder
Box 30, Folder 101946-1947Durham, Town of
Box 30, Folder 111946-1947"E"
Box 30, Folder 121946-1947Economics Vacancy
Box 30, Folder 131946-1947Editor, University - F.E. Robinson
Box 30, Folder 141946-1947Editorial Office, News Releases
Box 30, Folder 151946-1947Engineering Experiment Station Record
Box 30, Folder 161946-1947Enrollment
Box 30, Folder 171946-1947Extension Service Publications and Information Activities
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 11946-1947"F"
Box 31, Folder 21946-1947Faculty, General Notices
Box 31, Folder 31946-1947Faculty, Letters from
Box 31, Folder 41946-1947Faculty, Letters to several members of
Box 31, Folder 51946-1947Faculty Meetings
Box 31, Folder 61946-1947Faculty Petition
Box 31, Folder 71946-1947Federal Works Agency S. 2085
Box 31, Folder 81946-1947Felker, Andrew L. - Trustee
Box 31, Folder 91946-1947Flannagan-Hope Act
Box 31, Folder 101946-1947"G"
Box 31, Folder 111946-1947Gifts
Box 31, Folder 121946-1947"H"
Box 31, Folder 131946-1947Hall, H.H. Confidential Reports
Box 31, Folder 141946-1947Heating Plant
Box 31, Folder 151946-1947Home Economics - Department Status
Box 31, Folder 161946-1947Honors - Spring 1947
Box 31, Folder 171946-1947Housing
Box 31, Folder 181946-1947Housing (Faculty)
Box 31, Folder 191946-1947Housing - Faculty Development
Box 31, Folder 201946-1947Housing Veteran Apartments
Box 31, Folder 211946-1947Hubbard, Austin I. - Trustee
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 11946-1947"I"
Box 32, Folder 21946-1947Interscholastic Basketball Tournament
Box 32, Folder 31946-1947Investments
Box 32, Folder 41946-1947Invitations and Announcements, July 1946 - Dec. 1946
Box 32, Folder 51946-1947Invitations and Announcements, Jan. 1947 -
Box 32, Folder 61946-1947"J"
Box 32, Folder 71946-1947"K"
Box 32, Folder 81946-1947"L"
Box 32, Folder 91946-1947Librarian - Thelma Brackett
Box 32, Folder 101946-1947Lists
Box 32, Folder 111946-1947"M"
Box 32, Folder 121946-1947Military Department
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 11946-1947Military - First Army Newsletter
Box 33, Folder 21946-1947Minutes - College Faculty Meetings
Box 33, Folder 31946-1947Miscellaneous
Box 33, Folder 41946-1947Miscellaneous - Salary Studies
Box 33, Folder 51946-1947Moreau, Arthur E. - Trustee
Box 33, Folder 61946-1947"N"
Box 33, Folder 71946-1947National Association of State Universities
Box 33, Folder 81946-1947National Education Association
Box 33, Folder 91946-1947New England Conference of State Universities and Colleges
Box 33, Folder 101946-1947New England Land-Grant College Presidents
Box 33, Folder 111946-1947New England Council
Box 33, Folder 121946-1947New Hampshire Citizens Council for the General Welfare
Box 33, Folder 131946-1947Nursery School for Veteran's Children
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 11946-1947"O"
Box 34, Folder 21946-1947Orientation Week
Box 34, Folder 31946-1947"P"
Box 34, Folder 41946-1947Protest Letters
Box 34, Folder 51946-1947Questionnaires
Box 34, Folder 61946-1947"R"
Box 34, Folder 71946-1947Randall, Frank W. - Trustee
Box 34, Folder 81946-1947Recreation Room for Students
Box 34, Folder 91946-1947Reports
Box 34, Folder 101946-1947"S"
Box 34, Folder 111946-1947Salaries - Professors and Staff
Box 34, Folder 121946-1947Sawyer, Harry D. - Trustee
Box 34, Folder 131946-1947Senate, University
Box 34, Folder 141946-1947Staff Handbook and Information
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 11946-1947Standish, Ayer and McKay, Inc.
Box 35, Folder 21946-1947State Board of Education - E. Fuller, Commissioner
Box 35, Folder 31946-1947State Department of Health
Box 35, Folder 41946-1947State Planning and Development Commission
Box 35, Folder 51946-1947Student Activity Tax
Box 35, Folder 61946-1947Student Circular Letters and Notices
Box 35, Folder 71946-1947Study of Faculty Organization, Simmons College
Box 35, Folder 81946-1947Summer Session 1947
Box 35, Folder 91946-1947Superintendent of Properties - Harry M. Fitz
Box 35, Folder 101946-1947Surplus Property
Box 35, Folder 111946-1947"T"
Box 35, Folder 121946-1947Treasurer - Personnel Changes, July - Dec.1946
Box 35, Folder 131946-1947Treasurer - Personnel Changes, Jan. 1947 -
Box 35, Folder 141946-1947Treasurer - R.C. Magrath
Box 35, Folder 151946-1947Trustee Meeting, Sept. 21,1946
Box 35, Folder 161946-1947Trustee Meeting, Oct. 19,1946
Box 35, Folder 171946-1947Trustee Meeting, Nov. 16,1946
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 11946-1947Trustee Meeting, Jan. 11,1947.
Box 36, Folder 21946-1947Trustee Meeting, Jan. 25,1947
Box 36, Folder 31946-1947Trustee Meeting, Feb. 15,1947
Box 36, Folder 41946-1947Trustee Meeting, March 15,1947
Box 36, Folder 51946-1947Trustee Meeting, April 19,1947
Box 36, Folder 61946-1947Trustee Meeting, June 7,1947
Box 36, Folder 71946-1947Trustee Minutes
Box 36, Folder 81946-1947Trustees - Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 36, Folder 91946-1947Trustees - Educational Policies Committee
Box 36, Folder 101946-1947Trustees - Executive Committee
Box 36, Folder 111946-1947Trustees - Finance Committee
Box 36, Folder 121946-1947Trustees - Finance Committee, Financial Reports
Box 36, Folder 131946-1947Trustees - Finance Committee, Investment Funds
Box 36, Folder 141946-1947Trustees - Personnel Committee
Box 36, Folder 151946-1947Trustees - Personnel Committee, Staff Changes
Box 36, Folder 161946-1947Trustees - Personnel Committee, Re: Sackett
Box 36, Folder 171946-1947Trustees - Property Committee
Box 36, Folder 181946-1947Trustees - Special Committees
Box 36, Folder 191946-1947Trustees - To Members of the Board
Box 36, Folder 201946-1947"U"
Box 36, Folder 211946-1947United States, Departments of
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 11946-1947U.S. Office of Education
Box 37, Folder 21946-1947U.S. Office of Education, Higher Education
Box 37, Folder 31946-1947Universal Military Training
Box 37, Folder 41946-1947University of New Hampshire in the Service of the State
Box 37, Folder 51946-1947"V"
Box 37, Folder 61946-1947Veterans' Administration, Misc.
Box 37, Folder 71946-1947Veterans' Administration - Method of Payment, General Bradley, etc.
Box 37, Folder 81946-1947Veterans' Commissary
Box 37, Folder 91946-1947Veterans' Educational Facilities
Box 37, Folder 101946-1947Veterans' Educational Facilities
Box 37, Folder 111946-1947"W"
Box 37, Folder 121946-1947Waldron, Jeremy R. - Trustee
Box 37, Folder 131946-1947War Records
Box 37, Folder 141946-1947Water Storage Tanks
Box 37, Folder 151946-1947Whittemore, Laurence F. - Trustee
Box 37, Folder 161946-1947Writers' Conference
Box 37, Folder 171946-1947"Y"
Box 37, Folder 181946-1947"Z"
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