Robert F. Chandler Papers, 1950-1954

Collection number: UA 2/1/11
Size: 36 boxes (11.88 cu.ft.)

About Robert F. Chandler

In September of 1950 Robert Flint Chandler was unanimously chosen to succeed Arthur Adams as president of the University of New Hampshire. A trustee committee which included faculty representatives had recommended him. Chandler had been Dean of the College of Agriculture and Director of the Experiment Station at UNH and thus was the first president to be chosen from UNH's own faculty and administrators.

Dr. Chandler was born in Columbus, Ohio on June 22, 1907, and was raised in New Gloucester, Maine. He attended the University of Maine, graduating in 1929, the University of Maryland (Ph.D. 1934), and the University of California for post-graduate work. In 1972, UNH awarded him the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.

From 1935-1946, Chandler taught at Cornell University. In 1946 he took a leave of absence in order to do research for the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1947 Chandler was appointed Dean of the College of Agriculture at UNH.

During Chandler's administration, the drive for the Memorial Union Building was completed. Also, four Ph.D. programs were established. In 1951, Sawyer and Alexander Halls were opened. Chandler's administration lasted only four years however. He resigned in 1954 in order to return to the foreign agriculture program of the Rockefeller Foundation.

About the Robert F. Chandler Papers

Chandler's papers include issues such as campus development, agriculture, religion, and television and radio.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Robert F. Chandler Papers, 1950-1954, UA 2/1/11, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Transferred from the President's office, 2/15/1993

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11950-1951"A"
Box 1, Folder 21950-1951General "A"
Box 1, Folder 31950-1951Agriculture-Applied Farming
Box 1, Folder 41950-1951Agriculture-Candidates for Dean
Box 1, Folder 51950-1951Agriculture, Dean
Box 1, Folder 61950-1951Agricultural Economics, Candidate for Chair
Box 1, Folder 71950-1951Agriculture, correspondence
Box 1, Folder 81950-1951Agriculture, Financial Reports
Box 1, Folder 91950-1951Agriculture, Home Economics
Box 1, Folder 101950-1951Alcoholism
Box 1, Folder 111950-1951Alumni Association
Box 1, Folder 121950-1951Alumni Clubs
Box 1, Folder 131950-1951Alumni/Faculty Steering Committee
Box 1, Folder 141950-1951Alumni
Box 1, Folder 151950-1951Alumni-Kenny, Lewis H.
Box 1, Folder 161950-1951ALUMNI publication
Box 1, Folder 171950-1951Alumni Secretary
Box 1, Folder 181950-1951American Council on Education
Box 1, Folder 191950-1951ACE-Higher Education and National Affairs
Box 1, Folder 201950-1951Ass. of Land Grant Colleges and Universities
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11950-1951Ass. of Land Grant Colleges and Univer. (ALGCU)
Box 2, Folder 21950-1951ALGCU-circular letters
Box 2, Folder 31950-1951ALGCU-circular letters
Box 2, Folder 41950-1951ALGCU-expenses
Box 2, Folder 51950-1951American Society for Engineering Education
Box 2, Folder 61950-1951Anonymous letters
Box 2, Folder 71950-1951Army
Box 2, Folder 81950-1951Association of American Colleges
Box 2, Folder 91950-1951Association Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 2, Folder 101950-1951Athletics-Director Lundholm (Men)
Box 2, Folder 111950-1951Athletics-Director Beckwith (Women)
Box 2, Folder 121950-1951Athletics
Box 2, Folder 131950-1951Audio/Visual
Box 2, Folder 141950-1951Austin Cate Academy
Box 2, Folder 151950-1951"B"
Box 2, Folder 161950-1951General "B"
Box 2, Folder 171950-1951Budget-Appropriation Cuts
Box 2, Folder 181950-1951Budget-Executive and Trustee
Box 2, Folder 191950-1951Building Repairs and Improvements Recommended
Box 2, Folder 201950-1951"C"
Box 2, Folder 211950-1951General "C"
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11950-1951Campus Development-building Program
Box 3, Folder 21950-1951Campus Development-men's and women's dorms
Box 3, Folder 31950-1951Campus Development-library
Box 3, Folder 41950-1951Campus Development-Memorial Union
Box 3, Folder 51950-1951Campus Mailings
Box 3, Folder 61950-1951Committee-Dad's Day
Box 3, Folder 71950-1951Committee-Inauguration (Robert F. Chandler)
Box 3, Folder 81950-1951Committee-Inauguration (Robert F. Chandler)
Box 3, Folder 91950-1951Congressmen and Senators
Box 3, Folder 101950-1951Convocation (Honors)
Box 3, Folder 111950-1951Convocation (January 11, 1951)
Box 3, Folder 121950-1951"D"
Box 3, Folder 131950-1951General "D"
Box 3, Folder 141950-1951Dean of Men
Box 3, Folder 151950-1951Dean of Women
Box 3, Folder 161950-1951Dean's Conference-Minutes and Agenda
Box 3, Folder 171950-1951Durham, Town of
Box 3, Folder 181950-1951"E"
Box 3, Folder 191950-1951General "E"
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11950-1951GENESCOP-Legislative Committee
Box 4, Folder 21950-1951Extension, Agric. and Home Economics Director
Box 4, Folder 31950-1951Extension, Agriculture and Home Economics
Box 4, Folder 41950-1951Extension, Conference and Institutes
Box 4, Folder 51950-1951Extension, University Director
Box 4, Folder 61950-1951Extension, General Electric Contract
Box 4, Folder 71950-1951Extension
Box 4, Folder 81950-1951Extension, Portsmouth Navy Contract
Box 4, Folder 91950-1951"F"
Box 4, Folder 101950-1951General "F"
Box 4, Folder 111950-1951Faculty Club
Box 4, Folder 121950-1951Faculty Meetings
Box 4, Folder 131950-1951Faculty Reception
Box 4, Folder 141950-1951Farm and Home Week
Box 4, Folder 151950-1951Foreign Students
Box 4, Folder 161950-1951Forest Soils
Box 4, Folder 171950-1951Freshmen Camp
Box 4, Folder 181950-1951Freshmen Organization
Box 4, Folder 191950-1951"G"
Box 4, Folder 201950-1951General "G"
Box 4, Folder 211950-1951General Notices
Box 4, Folder 221950-1951Gifts
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11950-1951Gifts
Box 5, Folder 21950-1951Graduate School
Box 5, Folder 31950-1951Graduate School, Dean
Box 5, Folder 41950-1951Graduate School, Executive Council
Box 5, Folder 51950-1951"H"
Box 5, Folder 61950-1951General "H"
Box 5, Folder 71950-1951Health Service-Hood House Reports
Box 5, Folder 81950-1951Health Service-University Physician
Box 5, Folder 91950-1951Homecoming Committee
Box 5, Folder 101950-1951Housing-occupancy reports
Box 5, Folder 111950-1951"I"
Box 5, Folder 121950-1951"J"
Box 5, Folder 131950-1951General "J"
Box 5, Folder 141950-1951Jackson Laboratory Association
Box 5, Folder 151950-1951"K"
Box 5, Folder 161950-1951General "K"
Box 5, Folder 171950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication (October 13-14, 1950)
Box 5, Folder 181950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication (budget)
Box 5, Folder 191950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication
Box 5, Folder 201950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication (invitations)
Box 5, Folder 211950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication
Box 5, Folder 221950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication (speakers)
Box 6, Folder 21950-1951Kingsbury Hall Dedication
Box 6, Folder 31950-1951"L"
Box 6, Folder 41950-1951General "L"
Box 6, Folder 51950-1951Leadership Conference
Box 6, Folder 61950-1951Ley, Harold A.
Box 6, Folder 71950-1951Liberal Arts, Dean
Box 6, Folder 81950-1951Liberal Arts
Box 6, Folder 91950-1951Library
Box 6, Folder 101950-1951Lincoln Foundation
Box 6, Folder 111950-1951Lists
Box 6, Folder 121950-1951"M"
Box 6, Folder 131950-1951General "M"
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11950-1951Military Department
Box 7, Folder 21950-1951Military Department
Box 7, Folder 31950-1951Miscellaneous
Box 7, Folder 41950-1951Mother's Day Committee
Box 7, Folder 51950-1951Music Department
Box 7, Folder 61950-1951"N"
Box 7, Folder 71950-1951National Association of Manufacturers
Box 7, Folder 81950-1951National Association of State Universities
Box 7, Folder 91950-1951National Collegiate Athletic Association
Box 7, Folder 101950-1951National Committee on Accreditation
Box 7, Folder 111950-1951National Education Association
Box 7, Folder 121950-1951Newcomen Society
Box 7, Folder 131950-1951New England
Box 7, Folder 141950-1951New England Ass. of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 7, Folder 151950-1951New England-Land Grant
Box 7, Folder 161950-1951New Hampshire Conference of Social Welfare and New Hampshire Citizens Council
Box 7, Folder 171950-1951New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11950-1951N.H. Interscholastic Association
Box 8, Folder 21950-1951N.H. Legislature Investigation
Box 8, Folder 31950-1951Miscellaneous
Box 8, Folder 41950-1951New Hampshire Outing Club
Box 8, Folder 51950-1951New Hampshire State Departments
Box 8, Folder 61950-1951New Hampshire State Offices
Box 8, Folder 71950-1951N.H. State Reorganization Commission's Joint Committee on Education
Box 8, Folder 81950-1951Northeastern Agricultural Experiment Directors Questionnaire Report
Box 8, Folder 91950-1951Northern New England School of Religious Education
Box 8, Folder 101950-1951Nutrition
Box 8, Folder 111950-1951"O"
Box 8, Folder 121950-1951General "O"
Box 8, Folder 131950-1951Occupational Therapy
Box 8, Folder 141950-1951"P"
Box 8, Folder 151950-1951General "P"
Box 8, Folder 161950-1951Placement Department
Box 8, Folder 171950-1951President's Greetings and Statements
Box 8, Folder 181950-1951President's Report
Box 8, Folder 191950-1951Printing
Box 8, Folder 201950-1951Properties, Superintendent
Box 8, Folder 211950-1951Property Transactions
Box 8, Folder 221950-1951Public Information
Box 8, Folder 231950-1951Public Information
Box 8, Folder 241950-1951Public Information
Box 8, Folder 251950-1951Public Information Releases
Box 8, Folder 261950-1951Public Relations
Box 8, Folder 271950-1951Publications
Box 8, Folder 281950-1951Questionnaires
Box 8, Folder 291950-1951"R"
Box 8, Folder 301950-1951General "R"
Box 8, Folder 311950-1951Recommendations-Faculty
Box 8, Folder 321950-1951Registration Committee
Box 8, Folder 331950-1951Religion-Commission on College Work
Box 8, Folder 341950-1951Religion
Box 8, Folder 351950-1951 Religion-United Protestant Association
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11950-1951Requisitions
Box 9, Folder 21950-1951Requisitions, Grants for Summer Study
Box 9, Folder 31950-1951Requisitions, Trustees
Box 9, Folder 41950-1951Research-Council on Sponsored Research
Box 9, Folder 51950-1951Research-Coordinator
Box 9, Folder 61950-1951Research-Policy on Sponsored Research
Box 9, Folder 71950-1951Research-Projects
Box 9, Folder 81950-1951Research Projects-NORD
Box 9, Folder 91950-1951Research Projects-ONR
Box 9, Folder 101950-1951Research-Social Science Research Council
Box 9, Folder 111950-1951Roadside Improvement Contest
Box 9, Folder 121950-1951"S"
Box 9, Folder 131950-1951General "S"
Box 9, Folder 141950-1951Scholarships
Box 9, Folder 151950-1951Scholarships-Foreign Study
Box 9, Folder 161950-1951Secretary
Box 9, Folder 171950-1951Senate
Box 9, Folder 181950-1951Sousa Band Clinic
Box 9, Folder 191950-1951Standish, Ayer and McKay
Box 9, Folder 201950-1951Student Administration-Admissions
Box 9, Folder 211950-1951Student Administration-Admissions Office
Box 9, Folder 221950-1951Student Administration-Dean
Box 9, Folder 231950-1951Student Administration-Enrollment
Box 9, Folder 241950-1951Student Administration-Recorder
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11950-1951Student-Faculty Organizations
Box 10, Folder 21950-1951Student-Faculty Organizations
Box 10, Folder 31950-1951Student-Faculty Organizations
Box 10, Folder 41950-1951Student-Faculty Organizations
Box 10, Folder 51950-1951Students-Miscellaneous
Box 10, Folder 61950-1951Summer Session-Director
Box 10, Folder 71950-1951"T"
Box 10, Folder 81950-1951General "T"
Box 10, Folder 91950-1951Technology-Dean
Box 10, Folder 101950-1951Technology
Box 10, Folder 111950-1951Ben Thompson Day Committee
Box 10, Folder 121950-1951Travel
Box 10, Folder 131950-1951Travel Bureau Requests
Box 10, Folder 141950-1951Tuition and Room Fees
Box 10, Folder 151950-1951Typewriter Inquiry
Box 10, Folder 161950-1951"U"
Box 10, Folder 171950-1951General "U"
Box 10, Folder 181950-1951United Nations Day
Box 10, Folder 191950-1951University Day Committee
Box 10, Folder 201950-1951U.S. Departments
Box 10, Folder 211950-1951U.S. Office of Education
Box 10, Folder 221950-1951U.S. Office of Education
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11950-1951"V"
Box 11, Folder 21950-1951General "V"
Box 11, Folder 31950-1951"W"
Box 11, Folder 41950-1951General "W"
Box 11, Folder 51950-1951Waves of Green
Box 11, Folder 61950-1951"X, Y, Z"
Box 11, Folder 71950-1951General "X, Y, Z"
Box 11, Folder 81950-1951Yankee Conference
Box 11, Folder 91951-1952"A"
Box 11, Folder 101951-1952General "A"
Box 11, Folder 111951-1952Agricultural Economics Candidate for Chairman
Box 11, Folder 121951-1952Agriculture - Applied Farming
Box 11, Folder 131951-1952Agriculture - Dean
Box 11, Folder 141951-1952Agriculture - General Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 151951-1952Agriculture - Financial Report
Box 11, Folder 161951-1952Agriculture - Home Economics
Box 11, Folder 171951-1952Airbase (Proposal)
Box 11, Folder 181951-1952Alumni Association
Box 11, Folder 191951-1952Alumni (Individual)
Box 11, Folder 201951-1952Alumni Clubs
Box 11, Folder 211951-1952Alumni Secretary
Box 11, Folder 221951-1952Alumni, University of Maine
Box 11, Folder 231951-1952American Council on Education (ACE)
Box 11, Folder 241951-1952ACE - Higher Education and National Affairs
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11951-1952Ass. of Land-Grant Colleges and Univ. (ALGCU)
Box 12, Folder 21951-1952ALGCU - Circular Letters
Box 12, Folder 31951-1952ALGCU - Circular Letters
Box 12, Folder 41951-1952Anonymous Letters
Box 12, Folder 51951-1952Army Miscellaneous
Box 12, Folder 61951-1952Athletics - Director Beckwith (Women)
Box 12, Folder 71951-1952Athletics - Director Lundholm
Box 12, Folder 81951-1952Athletics - General
Box 12, Folder 91951-1952Atomic Energy Commission
Box 12, Folder 101951-1952Audio-Visual
Box 12, Folder 111951-1952Austin Cate Academy
Box 12, Folder 121951-1952"B"
Box 12, Folder 131951-1952General "B"
Box 12, Folder 141951-1952Budget Appropriations
Box 12, Folder 151951-1952Budget, Executive and Trustees
Box 12, Folder 161951-1952"C"
Box 12, Folder 171951-1952General "C"
Box 12, Folder 181951-1952Campus Development (Alexander and Sawyer Hall)
Box 12, Folder 191951-1952Campus Development - Broiler Test Building
Box 12, Folder 201951-1952Campus Development - Building Program General
Box 12, Folder 211951-1952Campus Development - General
Box 12, Folder 221951-5192Campus Development - Library
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11951-1952Campus Development - Memorial Building
Box 13, Folder 21951-1952Campus Devel -Poultry Disease Research Building
Box 13, Folder 31951-1952Commencement
Box 13, Folder 41951-1952Committees - Administrative Conference
Box 13, Folder 51951-1952Committee on Fund Raising
Box 13, Folder 61951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Fund
Box 13, Folder 71951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Fund
Box 13, Folder 81951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Fund
Box 13, Folder 91951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Fund
Box 13, Folder 101951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Acknowledgement Letters
Box 13, Folder 111951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Carillon
Box 13, Folder 121951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Carillon Ded.
Box 13, Folder 131951-1952Committee - Henderson Memorial Fund Corr.
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11951-1952Committees - Homecoming
Box 14, Folder 21951-1952Committees - Mother's Day
Box 14, Folder 31951-1952Congressmen and Senators
Box 14, Folder 41951-1952Convocation: October 9, 1951
Box 14, Folder 51951-1952Honors Convocation
Box 14, Folder 61951-1952Cowell Case
Box 14, Folder 71951-1952"D"
Box 14, Folder 81951-1952General "D"
Box 14, Folder 91951-1952Committees Dad's Day
Box 14, Folder 101951-1952Dean of Men
Box 14, Folder 111951-1952Dean of Women
Box 14, Folder 121951-1952Dean's Conference: Minutes and Agendas"
Box 14, Folder 131951-1952Durham, Town of
Box 14, Folder 141951-1952General "E"
Box 14, Folder 151951-1952Education, Department of
Box 14, Folder 161951-1952Extension, Agriculture and Home Economics Dir.
Box 14, Folder 171951-1952Extension, Agriculture and Home Economics Dir.
Box 14, Folder 181951-1952Extension, Agric. and Home Economics General
Box 14, Folder 191951-1952Extension, University Director
Box 14, Folder 201951-1952Emergency
Box 14, Folder 211951-1952ESCOP Legislative Committee
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11951-1952World Student Service Fund
Box 15, Folder 21951-1952Extension, University Conferences and Institutes
Box 15, Folder 31951-1952Extension, University General
Box 15, Folder 41951-1952"F"
Box 15, Folder 51951-1952General "F"
Box 15, Folder 61951-1952Faculty Club
Box 15, Folder 71951-1952Faculty Meetings
Box 15, Folder 81951-1952Faculty Reception
Box 15, Folder 91951-1952Farm and Home Week
Box 15, Folder 101951-1952Foreign Students
Box 15, Folder 111951-1952Forest Soils
Box 15, Folder 121951-1952Freshman Camp
Box 15, Folder 131951-1952Freshman Orientation
Box 15, Folder 141951-1952"G"
Box 15, Folder 151951-1952General "G"
Box 15, Folder 161951-1952Gifts: Equipment, Misc., Reports to Trustees
Box 15, Folder 171951-1952Gifts: Grants, Trusts, Found., Endowments, Funds
Box 15, Folder 181951-1952U.N.H. Graduate School- Correspondence, Departments for Doctorate Consideration
Box 15, Folder 191951-1952U.N.H. Graduate School Dean
Box 15, Folder 201951-1952U.N.H. Graduate School Executive Council
Box 15, Folder 211951-1952U.N.H. Grad. School, recommendations for Dean
Box 15, Folder 221951-1952U.N.H. "H"
Box 15, Folder 231951-1952Gen. "H"
Box 15, Folder 241951-1952U.N.H. Health Service Hood House Reports
Box 15, Folder 251951-1952Gen. "I"
Box 15, Folder 261951-1952U.N.H. "J"
Box 15, Folder 271951-1952Gen. "J"
Box 15, Folder 281951-1952Gen. Jackson Lab Association
Box 15, Folder 291951-1952U.N.H. "K"
Box 15, Folder 301951-1952Gen. "K"
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11951-1952U.N.H. "L"
Box 16, Folder 21951-1952Gen. "L"
Box 16, Folder 31951-1952Gen. Ley, Harold
Box 16, Folder 41951-1952U.N.H. Liberal Arts Dean
Box 16, Folder 51951-1952U.N.H. Liberal Arts General
Box 16, Folder 61951-1952U.N.H. Library
Box 16, Folder 71951-1952U.N.H. "M"
Box 16, Folder 81951-1952Gen. "M"
Box 16, Folder 91951-1952U.N.H. Maas, Louis A. of the Maas-Rovve Electromusic Corp.
Box 16, Folder 101951-1952U.N.H. Military Dept.
Box 16, Folder 111951-1952U.N.H. Music Dept.
Box 16, Folder 121951-1952U.N.H. Music Dept. Night at Boston Pops
Box 16, Folder 131951-1952Gen. "N"
Box 16, Folder 141951-1952Gen. National Association of Manufacturers
Box 16, Folder 151951-1952Gen. National Assoc. of State Universities
Box 16, Folder 161951-1952Gen. National Education Association
Box 16, Folder 171951-1952Gen. National Research Council Misc.
Box 16, Folder 181951-1952Gen. N.H. Civil Defense
Box 16, Folder 191951-1952Gen. N.H. Interscholastic Association
Box 16, Folder 201951-1952Gen. N.H. Misc.
Box 16, Folder 211951-1952U.N.H. New Hamp. Outing Club Board of Directors
Box 16, Folder 221951-1952Gen. N.H. State Depts. Misc.
Box 16, Folder 231951-1952Gen. N.H. State Offices
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11951-1952Gen. N.H. State Secretary
Box 17, Folder 21951-1952Gen. N.H. State Weather Control Committee
Box 17, Folder 31951-1952Gen. N.H. White Mountain National Forest General Advisory Council
Box 17, Folder 41951-1952Gen. New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 17, Folder 51951-1952Gen. New England Council
Box 17, Folder 61951-1952Gen. New England Research Council
Box 17, Folder 71951-1952Gen. Newington Foundation
Box 17, Folder 81951-1952Gen. "O"
Box 17, Folder 91951-1952U.N.H. Occupational Therapy
Box 17, Folder 101951-1952Gen. "P"
Box 17, Folder 111951-1952U.N.H. Parking
Box 17, Folder 121951-1952U.N.H. Personnel Contract Acknowledgements
Box 17, Folder 131951-1952U.N.H. Personnel- Faculty, Staff Lists
Box 17, Folder 141951-1952Personnel Files, changes to be checked 1951 and 2 and previous
Box 17, Folder 151951-1952U.N.H. Personnel, general
Box 17, Folder 161951-1952U.N.H. Personnel, Labor Union
Box 17, Folder 171951-1952Personnel Reports
Box 17, Folder 181951-1952U.N.H. Personnel, Retirement
Box 17, Folder 191951-1952U.N.H. Phi Beta Kappa
Box 17, Folder 201951-1952U.N.H. Placement Dept.
Box 17, Folder 211951-1952U.N.H President's Office Misc.
Box 17, Folder 221951-1952U.N.H. Printing and Duplicating Job Memorandums
Box 17, Folder 231951-1952U.N.H. prizes and rewards
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11951-1952Properties, Superintendent
Box 18, Folder 21951-1952Property Transactions
Box 18, Folder 31951-1952Public Information, Clippings, Reports
Box 18, Folder 41951-1952Public Information, Miscellaneous
Box 18, Folder 51951-1952Public Relations
Box 18, Folder 61951-1952Publications
Box 18, Folder 71951-1952Questionnaires
Box 18, Folder 81951-1952"R"
Box 18, Folder 91951-1952General "R"
Box 18, Folder 101951-1952Radio Activity
Box 18, Folder 111951-1952Religion - General
Box 18, Folder 121951-1952Religion - Newman Club
Box 18, Folder 131951-1952Religion - Unified Protestant
Box 18, Folder 141951-1952Requisitions - Executive
Box 18, Folder 151951-1952Requisitions - Henderson Memorial Fund
Box 18, Folder 161951-1952Requisitions - Memorial Student Union Fund
Box 18, Folder 171951-1952Requisitions - Trustees
Box 18, Folder 181951-1952Research Coordinatort
Box 18, Folder 191951-1952Research - Council on Sponsored Research
Box 18, Folder 201951-1952Research Projects, NORD - H.H. Hall, Physics - Development of a low impedance pressure gauge
Box 18, Folder 211951-1952Research on Inorganic Fluorides - Project Director H.M. Haendler - Research Corp. of N.Y. - Frederick Gardner Cottrell Grant
Box 18, Folder 221951-1952Research - Study of less common inorganic fluorides - Atomic Energy Commission - H.M. Haendler
Box 18, Folder 231951-1952Research - "The Synthesis of Cycloheptane Derivatives" - Dr. Lyle - F.G. Cottrell Grant
Box 18, Folder 241951-1952Research - Histochemical Study of the Life Cycle of Several Trematodes - Project Director W.L. Bullock
Box 18, Folder 251951-1952Research Projects - Miscellaneous
Box 18, Folder 261951-1952Roadside Improvement Control
Box 18, Folder 271951-1952"S"
Box 18, Folder 281951-1952General "S"
Box 18, Folder 291951-1952Salaries
Box 18, Folder 301951-1952Scholarships - Foreign Study (Fulbright and Rhodes)
Box 18, Folder 311951-1952Scholarships - Lord
Box 18, Folder 321951-1952Scholarship
Box 18, Folder 331951-1952Secretary
Box 18, Folder 341951-1952Senate
Box 18, Folder 351951-1952Senate Minutes and Agenda
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11951-1952Standish, Ayer and McKay
Box 19, Folder 21951-1952Student Administration - Admissions Office
Box 19, Folder 31951-1952Student Administration - Admissions Applications
Box 19, Folder 41951-1952Student Administration - Counselling Department
Box 19, Folder 51951-1952Student Administration - Dean
Box 19, Folder 61951-1952Student Administration - Enrollment
Box 19, Folder 71951-1952Student Administration - Recorder
Box 19, Folder 81951-1952Student/Faculty Organizations
Box 19, Folder 91951-1952Students - Miscellaneous
Box 19, Folder 101951-1952Summer School Catalogue 1952
Box 19, Folder 111951-1952Summer Session Director
Box 19, Folder 121951-1952General "T"
Box 19, Folder 131951-1952Technology Dean
Box 19, Folder 141951-1952Technology General
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11951-1952Television and Radio
Box 20, Folder 21951-1952Television and Radio
Box 20, Folder 31951-1952Television and Radio
Box 20, Folder 41951-1952Committees, Ben Thompson Day
Box 20, Folder 51951-1952Travel Bureau Requests
Box 20, Folder 61951-1952Treasurer
Box 20, Folder 71951-1952Tri-State Authority Interim Commission
Box 20, Folder 81951-1952General "U"
Box 20, Folder 91951-1952United Nations Day
Box 20, Folder 101951-1952U.S. Departments
Box 20, Folder 111951-1952U.S. Office of Education
Box 20, Folder 121951-1952General "V"
Box 20, Folder 131951-1952"W"
Box 20, Folder 141951-1952General "W"
Box 20, Folder 151951-1952"X, Y, Z"
Box 20, Folder 161951-1952Yankee Conference
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11952-1953"A"
Box 21, Folder 21952-1953General "A"
Box 21, Folder 31952-1953Admissions Office
Box 21, Folder 41952-1953Agriculture - Dean
Box 21, Folder 51952-1953Agriculture - General Correspondence
Box 21, Folder 61952-1953Agriculture - Home Economics
Box 21, Folder 71952-1953Airbase (Proposal)
Box 21, Folder 81952-1953Alumni Association
Box 21, Folder 91952-1953Alumni - University of Maine
Box 21, Folder 101952-1953Alumni - Clubs
Box 21, Folder 111952-1953Alumni (Individual)
Box 21, Folder 121952-1953Alumni - Publications
Box 21, Folder 131952-1953Alumni Secretary
Box 21, Folder 141952-1953American Association of University Professors
Box 21, Folder 151952-1953American Council on Education
Box 21, Folder 161952-1953Applications (Dean of Women)
Box 21, Folder 171952-1953Association of American Colleges
Box 21, Folder 181952-1953Association Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 21, Folder 191952-1953ALGCU
Box 21, Folder 201952-1953ALGCU
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11952-1953ALGCU - Circular Letters
Box 22, Folder 21952-1953Athletics - Director Lundholm (Men)
Box 22, Folder 31952-1953Athletics - Director Beckwith (Women)
Box 22, Folder 41952-1953Audio-Visual
Box 22, Folder 51952-1953Austin Cate Academy
Box 22, Folder 61952-1953"B"
Box 22, Folder 71952-1953General "B"
Box 22, Folder 81952-1953Budget - Appropriations
Box 22, Folder 91952-1953Budget - Executive and Trustees
Box 22, Folder 101952-1953"C"
Box 22, Folder 111952-1953General "C"
Box 22, Folder 121952-1953Campaign, Memorial Union (Regional Chairman)
Box 22, Folder 131952-1953Campus Development - Broiler Test Building
Box 22, Folder 141952-1953Campus Development - Dormitories Men, Women
Box 22, Folder 151952-1953Campus Development - General
Box 22, Folder 161952-1953Campus Development - Library
Box 22, Folder 171952-1953Campus Development - Poultry Disease Research Building
Box 22, Folder 181952-1953Clippings
Box 22, Folder 191952-1953College Presidents of New England
Box 22, Folder 201952-1953Commencement
Box 22, Folder 211952-1953Committees - Henderson Memorial Carillon
Box 22, Folder 221952-1953Committees - Henderson Memorial Fund
Box 22, Folder 231952-1953Committee on National Defence ROTC Affairs
Box 22, Folder 241952-1953Congressmen and Senators
Box 22, Folder 251952-1953Convocation
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 11952-1953Convocation - Breakfast Planning Session
Box 23, Folder 21952-1953Convocation - Granite State Citations - Apr. 24
Box 23, Folder 31952-1953Convocation - Letters of Appreciation
Box 23, Folder 41952-1953Convocation - Speakers (April 23)
Box 23, Folder 51952-1953Convocation - Speakers (April 24)
Box 23, Folder 61952-1953Convocation - Speakers (April 25)
Box 23, Folder 71952-1953Convocation - Speeches
Box 23, Folder 81952-1953Convocation - Sponsors
Box 23, Folder 91952-1953Granite State Convocation and Speakers
Box 23, Folder 101952-1953Cowell Case
Box 23, Folder 111952-1953"D"
Box 23, Folder 121952-1953General "D"
Box 23, Folder 131952-1953Dad's Day
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 11952-1953Dean's Conference - Minutes and Agendas
Box 24, Folder 21952-1953Dean of Men
Box 24, Folder 31952-1953Dean of Women
Box 24, Folder 41952-1953"E"
Box 24, Folder 51952-1953General "E"
Box 24, Folder 61952-1953Education, Department of
Box 24, Folder 71952-1953Emergency
Box 24, Folder 81952-1953Extension - Agriculture and Home Economics Dir.
Box 24, Folder 91952-1953Extension - Agriculture and Home Economics Gen.
Box 24, Folder 101952-1953Extension - Institutes and Conferences
Box 24, Folder 111952-1953Extension - Portsmouth Navy Yard Contract
Box 24, Folder 121952-1953Extension - University Director
Box 24, Folder 131952-1953Extension - University General
Box 24, Folder 141952-1953General "F"
Box 24, Folder 151952-1953Faculty Club
Box 24, Folder 161952-1953Faculty Meetings
Box 24, Folder 171952-1953Faculty Reception
Box 24, Folder 181952-1953Faculty Salaries of Land Grant Colleges
Box 24, Folder 191952-1953Faculty Salary Study of 18 Institutions
Box 24, Folder 201952-1953Faculty and Staff (Letters, Statements and Announcements)
Box 24, Folder 211952-1953Farm and Home Days
Box 24, Folder 221952-1953Finances - Financial Background and Printed Mat.
Box 24, Folder 231952-1953Finances (Confidential)
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11952-1953Finances - Fund Raising
Box 25, Folder 21952-1953Finances - Fund Raising
Box 25, Folder 31952-1953Finances - Fund Raising
Box 25, Folder 41952-1953Finances - Fund Raising
Box 25, Folder 51952-1953Finances - N.H. State Interim
Box 25, Folder 61952-1953Finances - N.H. State Legislature Members
Box 25, Folder 71952-1953Finances - Treasurer
Box 25, Folder 81952-1953Fire control systems
Box 25, Folder 91953Durham-UNH Fire Department
Box 25, Folder 101952-1953Forest Soils
Box 25, Folder 111952-1953Forestry Department
Box 25, Folder 121952-1953Freshman Orientation
Box 25, Folder 131952-1953"G"
Box 25, Folder 141952-1953General "G"
Box 25, Folder 151952-1953Gifts - Equipment, Misc., Reports to Trustees
Box 25, Folder 161952-1953Gifts - Grants, Trusts, Funds, Foundations, Endowments
Box 25, Folder 171952-1953Graduate School - Dean
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11952-1953Graduate School - Graduate Faculty and Graduate Council
Box 26, Folder 21952-1953Graduate School - Recommendations for Dean of
Box 26, Folder 31952-1953Gregg, Hugh (Governor)
Box 26, Folder 41952-1953"H"
Box 26, Folder 51952-1953General "H"
Box 26, Folder 61952-1953Health Services - Hood House Reports
Box 26, Folder 71952-1953Health Services - University Physician
Box 26, Folder 81952-1953"I"
Box 26, Folder 91952-1953General "I"
Box 26, Folder 101952-1953Insurance - Group and Student
Box 26, Folder 111952-1953Invitations
Box 26, Folder 121952-1953"J"
Box 26, Folder 131952-1953General "J"
Box 26, Folder 141952-1953"K"
Box 26, Folder 151952-1953General "K"
Box 26, Folder 161952-1953"L"
Box 26, Folder 171952-1953General "L"
Box 26, Folder 181952-1953Ley, Harold A.
Box 26, Folder 191952-1953Liberal Arts - Dean
Box 26, Folder 201952-1953Liberal Arts - General
Box 26, Folder 211952-1953Library
Box 26, Folder 221952-1953Library - Services
Box 26, Folder 231952-1953"M"
Box 26, Folder 241952-1953General "M"
Box 26, Folder 251952-1953Memorial Union, Building Program for the N.H
Box 26, Folder 261952-1953Memorial Student Union Building, Campus Develop.
Box 26, Folder 271952-1953Memorial Union Building, Campus Development
Box 26, Folder 281952-1953Memorial Union Campaign
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11952-1953Military Department
Box 27, Folder 21952-1953Miscellaneous, (to be filed)
Box 27, Folder 31952-1953Music Department
Box 27, Folder 41952-1953Music Department: UNH Night at the Boston Pops
Box 27, Folder 51952-1953General, "N"
Box 27, Folder 61952-1953National Association of State Universities
Box 27, Folder 71952-1953National Education Association
Box 27, Folder 81952-1953New Engl. Assoc. of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 27, Folder 91952-1953New England Council
Box 27, Folder 101952-1953New England Land-Grant President
Box 27, Folder 111952-1953New England Research Council
Box 27, Folder 121952-1953New Hampshire Civil Defense
Box 27, Folder 131952-1953New Hampshire Conference, Social Welfare and N.H. Citizens Council
Box 27, Folder 141952-1953New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation
Box 27, Folder 151952-1953New Hampshire Governor's Forest Policy Committee; General Forest and Conservation Educ. Sub. Comm.
Box 27, Folder 161952-1953New Hampshire Governor's Forest Policy Committee; General Forest and Conservation Educ. Sub. Comm.
Box 27, Folder 171952-1953New Hampshire Legislative Council
Box 27, Folder 181952-1953New Hampshire Miscellaneous
Box 27, Folder 191952-1953New Hampshire State Department of Education
Box 27, Folder 201952-1953New Hampshire State Departments, Miscellaneous
Box 27, Folder 211952-1953New Hampshire State Planning and Development Comm.
Box 27, Folder 221952-1953New Hampshire State Secretary
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11952-1953UNH "O"
Box 28, Folder 21952-1953General, "O"
Box 28, Folder 31952-1953UNH "P"
Box 28, Folder 41952-1953General, "P"
Box 28, Folder 51952-1953Personnel: Applications (Administrative)
Box 28, Folder 61952-1953Personnel: General
Box 28, Folder 71952-1953Personnel: Labor Union
Box 28, Folder 81952-1953Personnel: Policy (Contracts, Vacation and Sick Leave Statistics)
Box 28, Folder 91952-1953Phi Beta Kappa
Box 28, Folder 101952-1953Printing and Duplicating
Box 28, Folder 111952-1953Properties: Superintendent
Box 28, Folder 121952-1953Property: Transactions
Box 28, Folder 131952-1953Publications
Box 28, Folder 141952-1953General, "Q"
Box 28, Folder 151952-1953Questionnaires
Box 28, Folder 161952-1953UNH "R"
Box 28, Folder 171952-1953General, "R"
Box 28, Folder 181952-1953Radio Activity
Box 28, Folder 191952-1953Religion: General
Box 28, Folder 201952-1953Religion: United Protestant Association
Box 28, Folder 211952-1953Requisitions: Executive
Box 28, Folder 221952-1953Requisitions: Executive
Box 28, Folder 231952-1953Requisitions: Trustees
Box 28, Folder 241952-1953Research: Coordinator
Box 28, Folder 251952-1953Research: Council on Sponsored Research
Box 28, Folder 261952-1953Research: Projects, Miscellaneous
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 11952-1953UNH "S"
Box 29, Folder 21952-1953General, "S"
Box 29, Folder 31952-1953Scholarships
Box 29, Folder 41952-1953Scholarships: Foreign Study (Fulbright, Guggenheim and Rhodes)
Box 29, Folder 51952-1953Secretary
Box 29, Folder 61952-1953Senate
Box 29, Folder 71952-1953Senate: Minutes and Agenda
Box 29, Folder 81952-1953Standish, Ayer and McKay
Box 29, Folder 91952-1953State Reports
Box 29, Folder 101952-1953Student Administration: Admissions Applications
Box 29, Folder 111952-1953Student Administration: Deant
Box 29, Folder 121952-1953Student Administration: Recorder
Box 29, Folder 131953-1954Student-Faculty Organizations
Box 29, Folder 141953-1954Student - Miscellaneous
Box 29, Folder 151953-1954Summer Session: Director
Box 29, Folder 161953-1954UNH "T"
Box 29, Folder 171953-1954General, "T"
Box 29, Folder 181953-1954Technology: Dean
Box 29, Folder 191953-1954Technology: General
Box 29, Folder 201952-1953Television and Radio
Box 29, Folder 211952-1953Committees, Educational Television
Box 29, Folder 221952-1953Ben Thompson Dinner Citations, (Apr. 25, Alumni)
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 11953-1954Travel Bureau Requests
Box 30, Folder 21953-1954Tri-State Authority
Box 30, Folder 31953-1954Tuition and Room Fees
Box 30, Folder 41953-1954General, "U"
Box 30, Folder 51953-1954U.S. Departments
Box 30, Folder 61953-1954U.S. Office of Education
Box 30, Folder 71953-1954Univ. Development, Memorial Union Building Campaign
Box 30, Folder 81953-1954General, "V"
Box 30, Folder 91953-1954"W"
Box 30, Folder 101953-1954Women's Clubs
Box 30, Folder 111953-1954UNH "X","Y","Z"
Box 30, Folder 121953-1954Yankee Conference
Box 30, Folder 131953-1954UNH "A"
Box 30, Folder 141953-1954Administrative Conference Committee
Box 30, Folder 151953-1954Admissions Office
Box 30, Folder 161953-1954Agriculture: Dean
Box 30, Folder 171953-1954Agriculture: General Correspondence
Box 30, Folder 181953-1954ALGCU
Box 30, Folder 191953-1954ALGCU
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 11953-1954ALGCU: Circular Letters (January-March)
Box 31, Folder 21953-1954ALGCU: Circular Letters (April-)
Box 31, Folder 31953-1954Alumni Association
Box 31, Folder 41953-1954Alumni Clubs
Box 31, Folder 51953-1954Alumni Secretary
Box 31, Folder 61953-1954Alumni (Individual)
Box 31, Folder 71953-1954American Association of University Professors
Box 31, Folder 81953-1954American Council on Education
Box 31, Folder 91953-1954American Society of Agronomy
Box 31, Folder 101953-1954Association of American Colleges
Box 31, Folder 111953-1954Association of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 31, Folder 121953-1954Athletics Director: Lundholm (Men)
Box 31, Folder 131953-1954Athletics Director: Beckwith (Women)
Box 31, Folder 141953-1954Audio-Visual
Box 31, Folder 151953-1954"B"
Box 31, Folder 161953-1954Budget: Executive and Trustee
Box 31, Folder 171953-1954Budget Appropriations
Box 31, Folder 181953-1954"C"
Box 31, Folder 191953-1954RFC, Character Education Committee
Box 31, Folder 201953-1954Clippings
Box 31, Folder 211953-1954College Presidents of New England
Box 31, Folder 221953-1954Commencement
Box 31, Folder 231953-1954Congressmen and Senators
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 11953-1954Cooperative Extension Service (Director)
Box 32, Folder 21953-1954Cooperative Extension Service (General Corr.)
Box 32, Folder 31953-1954"D"
Box 32, Folder 41953-1954Dad's Day
Box 32, Folder 51953-1954Dean's Conference: Minutes and Agenda
Box 32, Folder 61953-1954"E"
Box 32, Folder 71953-1954Education, Department of
Box 32, Folder 81953-1954"F"
Box 32, Folder 91953-1954Faculty Meetings
Box 32, Folder 101953-1954Faculty Organizations
Box 32, Folder 111953-1954Faculty and Staff (Letters and Announcements)
Box 32, Folder 121953-1954Farm and Home Days
Box 32, Folder 131953-1954Fire Control
Box 32, Folder 141953-1954Forestry Department
Box 32, Folder 151953-1954Freedom of Speech and Thought Committee
Box 32, Folder 161953-1954Freshman Orientation
Box 32, Folder 171953-1954Finances: Audit
Box 32, Folder 181943-1954Finances: Financial Background and Printed Mat.
Box 32, Folder 191953-1954Finances: Financial Reports from Treasurer
Box 32, Folder 201953-1954Finances: Treasurer
Box 32, Folder 211953-1954"G"
Box 32, Folder 221953-1954Gifts: Equipment, Misc.; Reports to Trustees
Box 32, Folder 231953-1954Gifts: Grants, Trusts, Funds, Scholarships, Foundations, Endowments
Box 32, Folder 241953-1954Graduate School: Dean
Box 32, Folder 251953-1954Graduate School: Grad. Faculty and Grad. Council
Box 32, Folder 261953-1954Gregg, Hugh (Governor of N.H.)
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 11953-1954UNH "H"
Box 33, Folder 21953-1954Health Service
Box 33, Folder 31953-1954Health Service (Hood House Reports)
Box 33, Folder 41953-1954Homecoming
Box 33, Folder 51953-1954UNH "I"
Box 33, Folder 61953-1954Institutes and Conferences
Box 33, Folder 71953-1954Insurance (Group and Student)
Box 33, Folder 81953-1954UNH "J"
Box 33, Folder 91953-1954John Brown's Body
Box 33, Folder 101953-1954John Brown's Body (Advertising Material)
Box 33, Folder 111953-1954UNH "K"
Box 33, Folder 121953-1954UNH "L"
Box 33, Folder 131953-1954Labor Union
Box 33, Folder 141953-1954Liberal Arts: Committee
Box 33, Folder 151953-1954Liberal Arts: Dean
Box 33, Folder 161953-1954Liberal Arts: General
Box 33, Folder 171953-1954Library
Box 33, Folder 181943-1954UNH "M".
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 11953-1954Memorial Union Campaign (Regional Chairman)
Box 34, Folder 21953-1954Military Department
Box 34, Folder 31953-1954Mother's Day
Box 34, Folder 41953-1954Music Department
Box 34, Folder 51953-1954Music Department: UNH Night at the Boston Pops
Box 34, Folder 61953-1954UNH "N"
Box 34, Folder 71953-1954NCA
Box 34, Folder 81953-1954National Association of State Universities
Box 34, Folder 91953-1954National Education Association
Box 34, Folder 101953-1954New England Ass. of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 34, Folder 111953-1954New England Council
Box 34, Folder 121953-1954New Hampshire Civil Defense
Box 34, Folder 131953-1954New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation
Box 34, Folder 141953-1954New Hampshire Legislative Council
Box 34, Folder 151953-1954New Hampshire Legislature Investigation
Box 34, Folder 161953-1954New Hampshire State Department of Education
Box 34, Folder 171953-1954New Hampshire State Department of Education
Box 34, Folder 181943-1954New Hamp. State Planning and Development Comm.
Box 34, Folder 191943-1954New Hampshire State Secretary
Box 34, Folder 201943-1954UNH "O"
Box 34, Folder 211943-1954UNH "P"
Box 34, Folder 221943-1954Personnel: General
Box 34, Folder 231943-1954PMA (Production and Marketing Administration)
Box 34, Folder 241943-1954Policy
Box 34, Folder 251943-1954Properties: Superintendent
Box 34, Folder 261943-1954Publications
Box 34, Folder 271943-1954UNH "Q"
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 11953-1954UNH "R"
Box 35, Folder 21953-1954Religion
Box 35, Folder 31953-1954Representation
Box 35, Folder 41953-1954Requisitions: Executive
Box 35, Folder 51953-1954Research Council on Sponsored Research
Box 35, Folder 61953-1954Rolling Ridge Conference (Faculty)
Box 35, Folder 71953-1954Rolling Ridge Conference on Campus Affairs
Box 35, Folder 81953-1954UNH "S"
Box 35, Folder 91953-1954Scholarships: Foreign Study (Fulbright, Guggenheim and Rhodes)
Box 35, Folder 101953-1954Scholarships: Applications; Awarding of
Box 35, Folder 111953-1954Secretary
Box 35, Folder 121953-1954Senate
Box 35, Folder 131953-1954Standish, Ayer and McKay
Box 35, Folder 141953-1954Students, Dean of
Box 35, Folder 151953-1954Students, Assoc. Dean of
Box 35, Folder 161953-1954Students, Miscellaneous
Box 35, Folder 171953-1954Student-Faculty Organizationsn
Box 35, Folder 181943-1954Summer Session, Director
Box 35, Folder 191943-1954UNH "T"
Box 35, Folder 201943-1954Technology: Dean
Box 35, Folder 211943-1954Technology: General
Box 35, Folder 221943-1954Ben Thompson Day
Box 35, Folder 231943-1954Travel Bureau Requests
Box 35, Folder 241943-1954Tri-State Authority Interim Commission
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 11953-1954UNH "U"
Box 36, Folder 21953-1954U.S. Departments
Box 36, Folder 31953-1954University Extension (General)
Box 36, Folder 41953-1954University Extension (Director)
Box 36, Folder 51953-1954UNH "W"
Box 36, Folder 61953-1954Weekly Letters
Box 36, Folder 71953-1954UNH "X","Y","Z"
Box 36, Folder 81953-1954Yankee Conference
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  • Photo of Robert F. Chandler smiling at his desk