Charles Sumner Murkland Papers, 1893-1903

Collection number: UA 2/1/1
Size: 3 boxes (1 cu.ft.)

About Charles Sumner Murkland (1856-1926)

Charles Sumner Murkland was the first to be elected President of the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts following the college's move to Durham from Hanover, NH. Murkland was elected to the presidency by the Board of Trustees on May 18, 1893, and was inaugurated on August 30 of the same year. Although as a scholar and executive he was certainly qualified for the position, his lack of any agricultural experience or background made him a surprising choice for office.

Murkland was born on May 30, 1856 in Lowell, MA. In 1881 he graduated from Middlebury College as valedictorian of his class, and then went on to Harvard Divinity School, receiving a Bachelor of Divinity. He then finished his Master of Arts from Middlebury in 1884. In the meantime he completed one year of post-graduate study at Andover Theological Seminary. After a few years serving as pastor in Chicopee, MA and Manchester, NH, he was elected president of UNH. During his presidency, he received a Doctor of Divinity from Middlebury in 1900, and a Ph.D. from Dartmouth in 1903.

Murkland was an advocate of adding preparatory courses, and a two-year degree to the college. It is believed that his strong liberal arts and theological background contributed to the conflict between himself and those who felt the college should emphasize only agricultural sciences. Murkland argued for a broad interpretation of the Morrill Act, thereby requiring that the college try to meet the needs of all groups of New Hampshire's population.

Collection UA 2/4/1 contains the published inaugural address of President Murkland along with correspondence with the New Hampshire State Board of Agriculture. Murkland championed a broader liberal arts background for all students. The Board took issue with Murkland's statement concerning the possible addition of classical languages to the college's curriculum.

Murkland's influence greatly contributed to the growth and expansion of the college. The student body, faculty and staff doubled during his administration. By the end of his administration, Murkland felt he had completed much of what he had set out to do. He also stated that he felt constrained by the duties of teaching classes in addition to his responsibilities as an administrator. Murkland therefore presented his resignation to the Board, to take effect on May 1, 1903.

About the Charles Sumner Murkland Papers (1893-1903)

As president, Murkland was in charge of all aspects of the operation of the college. The bulk of the collection is correspondence with the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations (AAACES) and the vendors and contractors working on the new agricultural building (Morrill Hall). Box 2 contains letters concerning the more mundane operations of the college.

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Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1June 1893-Feb 1903Letters of Acceptance and Resignation
Box 1, Folder 2June 4, 1895Report of the President
Box 1, Folder 3Association of American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations (AAACES)- Correspondence A
Box 1, Folder 4AAACES - Correspondence B
Box 1, Folder 5AAACES - Correspondence C
Box 1, Folder 6AAACES - Duties of Officers
Box 1, Folder 7Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education
Box 1, Folder 8AAACES - Correspondence from Henry Goddell
Box 1, Folder 9AAACES - Correspondence H
Box 1, Folder 10AAACES - Memoranda of Proceedings of Convention, 1897-1902
Box 1, Folder 11AAACES - Correspondence M
Box 1, Folder 12AAACES - "Report of Special Committee on Codification"
Box 1, Folder 13AAACES - Correspondence T
Box 1, Folder 14AAACES - Correspondence from Edward Voorhees
Box 1, Folder 15AAACES - Correspondence W
Box 1, Folder 16New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence A
Box 1, Folder 17New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence B
Box 1, Folder 18New Agricultural Building 1902 - Bids
Box 1, Folder 19New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence C
Box 1, Folder 20New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence D
Box 1, Folder 21New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence E
Box 1, Folder 22New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence F
Box 1, Folder 23New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence G
Box 1, Folder 24New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence H
Box 1, Folder 25New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence I
Box 1, Folder 26New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence J
Box 1, Folder 27New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence K
Box 1, Folder 28New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence L
Box 1, Folder 29New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence M
Box 1, Folder 30New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence N
Box 1, Folder 31New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence O
Box 1, Folder 32New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence P
Box 1, Folder 33New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence R
Box 1, Folder 34New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence S
Box 1, Folder 35New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence T
Box 1, Folder 36New Agricultural Building 1902 - Correspondence W
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Agricultural Publications
Box 2, Folder 2Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Book Orders
Box 2, Folder 3Feb 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Books/Library
Box 2, Folder 4Jan 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning Coal
Box 2, Folder 5Jan 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning College Bulletins/Catalogues/Other Info.
Box 2, Folder 6Feb 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Commencement
Box 2, Folder 7Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Diplomas
Box 2, Folder 8Jan 1902 - March 1902Correspondence Concerning Forestry
Box 2, Folder 9Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Gas and Oil
Box 2, Folder 10Dec 1901 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning General Requests
Box 2, Folder 11Jan 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning Heaters
Box 2, Folder 12Dec 1901 - April 1902Correspondence Concerning the Home Correspondence School
Box 2, Folder 13Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Job Openings
Box 2, Folder 14Jan 1902 - Feb 1902Correspondence Concerning John Philbrick
Box 2, Folder 15Dec 1901 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning Laboratory Supplies
Box 2, Folder 16Feb 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Lumber
Box 2, Folder 17Jan 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning New Agricultural Building
Box 2, Folder 18Feb 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning Newspaper Orders
Box 2, Folder 19April 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning Ponoma Grange Meetings
Box 2, Folder 20April 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning Prize Drill
Box 2, Folder 21April 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Prize Speaking
Box 2, Folder 22Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence requesting References
Box 2, Folder 23Jan 1902 - April 1902Correspondence Concerning Seeds
Box 2, Folder 24Jan 1902 - May 1902Correspondence Concerning Stationary and Library Supplies
Box 2, Folder 25Dec 1901 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Various Orders
Box 2, Folder 26Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Various College Agriculture
Box 2, Folder 27March 1902 - June 1902Correspondence Concerning Visits to the College
Box 2, Folder 28Jan 1902 - July 1902Correspondence Requesting Info on Agriculture
Box 2, Folder 29April 1902 - April 1902Correspondence with Blanche Coolidge
Box 2, Folder 30Jan 1902 - June 1902Correspondence with Manchester National Bank
Box 2, Folder 31Dec 1901 - June 1902General Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 32Jan 1902 - June 1902Invitations
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Jan 1902 - March 1902Letters from Alumni
Box 3, Folder 2Jan 1902 - May 1902Letters from Parents
Box 3, Folder 3March 1902 - June 1902Letters from Students
Box 3, Folder 4Jan 1902 - May 1902Misc. Letters
Box 3, Folder 5Jan 1902 - June 1902House Bills and Legislation
Box 3, Folder 6Feb 1902 - June 1902Thank You Letters
Box 3, Folder 7Jan 1902 - June 1902US Civil Service Examination Papers
Box 3, Folder 81897Correspondence Regarding the Establishment of the Valentine Smith Scholarship
Box 3, Folder 9Typescript of Act to Establish Engineering Experiment Stations in Connection with Colleges
Box 3, Folder 101898Address of President Murkland
Box 3, Folder 111902Specifications for the New Agricultural Building
Box 3, Folder 121902New Agricultural Building "L"
Box 3, Folder 13Bond for New Agricultural Building
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