Ralph Dorn Hetzel Papers, 1917-1927

Collection number: UA 2/1/4
Size: 6 boxes (1.98 cu.ft.)

About Ralph Dorn Hetzel (1882-1947)

Ralph Dorn Hetzel was born Dec. 31, 1882 in Merrill, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin earning an A.B. and L.L.D. He then began teaching, organized a political science department, and became a professor of public speaking at Oregon Agricultural College. In 1913, he became the director of the extention service at Oregon. After four years in these administrative positions Hetzel left Oregon to assume the presidency of New Hampshire College. On Aug. 17, 1917, he replaced Dean Pettee, who had been acting prestident since the death of President Fairchild in Jan. 1917.

Hetzel's administration began just after the United States declared war upon Germany. The college's service to the nation increased significantly at this time in the training and providing of skilled manpower for the nation. The school's enrollment increased three and a half times and its state appropriation increased twelve-fold during Hetzel's tenure. This was due both to the College's role in the war effort and Hetzel's staunch committment to increasing the College's enrollment and its importance to the state. It was during the administration of Ralph Dorn Hetzel that New Hampshire College became the University of New Hampshire. The state legislature passed an act to incorporate the University of New Hampshire on May 4, 1923.

Hetzel left the University at the end of 1926 to assume the presidency of Pennsylvania State University. Hetzel sought to duplicate his success at the much larger university, which had problems similar to the ones New Hampshire College faced at the beginning of his administration. He remained at Penn State until his death in 1947.

About the Ralph Dorn Hetzel Papers (1917-1927)

The Ralph D. Hetzel Papers include a look into his work on the Mill Tax Laws, the name change of New Hampshire College to the University of New Hampshire, and Smith-Hughes Work.

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These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the Universirty Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11917-1918Contract for sewage disposal plant
Box 1, Folder 21917-1918Mill Tax Laws
Box 1, Folder 31917-1918Smith-Hughes, from Massachusetts
Box 1, Folder 41917-1920Y.M.C.A.
Box 1, Folder 51918-1919Agricultural Division, Report of
Box 1, Folder 61918-1920Eaton, S.G. Commander Student Army Training Corps
Box 1, Folder 71918-1919Smith-Hughes from Massachusetts
Box 1, Folder 81918-1919Smith-Hughes Work
Box 1, Folder 91919-1924Annual Report to Bureau of Education
Box 1, Folder 101919-1929Mill Tax Laws
Box 1, Folder 111919-1920Miscellaneous Financial Statements
Box 1, Folder 121919-1929Rules and Regulations
Box 1, Folder 131919-1920Smith-Hughes Work
Box 1, Folder 141919-1921Salaries
Box 1, Folder 151920-1921Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 1, Folder 161920-1921Reports
Box 1, Folder 171920-1921Trustees, Executive Committee
Box 1, Folder 181921-1922Boston and Maine Railway
Box 1, Folder 191921-1922Extracts on Scholarships, April 23, 1921 to January 14, 1922
Box 1, Folder 201921-1922American Council on education(C.E. Hewitt)
Box 1, Folder 211921-1922Reports
Box 1, Folder 221921-1922Rules and Regulations
Box 1, Folder 231921-1922Salaries
Box 1, Folder 241921-1922Sewerage Disposal
Box 1, Folder 251921-1922Smith-Hughes, from Massachusetts
Box 1, Folder 261921-1922Smith-Hughes Work
Box 1, Folder 271921-1922Special Committee-Land purchase
Box 1, Folder 281921-1922Statistics
Box 1, Folder 291921-1922Summer School
Box 1, Folder 301922-1923Association of NE Colleges for Conference on Athletics
Box 1, Folder 311922-1924Bills, Resolutions, Laws
Box 1, Folder 321922-1924Change of Name
Box 1, Folder 331922-1923Committee, Alumni Memorial Scholarship
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11922-1927Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 21922-1923New England State College Athletic Conference
Box 2, Folder 31922-1923Normal Schools
Box 2, Folder 41922-1923Post Office Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 51922-1923Reports
Box 2, Folder 61922-1924Reports of Committees
Box 2, Folder 71922-1923Rules and Regulations
Box 2, Folder 81922-1923Smith-Hughes Work
Box 2, Folder 91922-1923Statistics
Box 2, Folder 101922-1923Summer School
Box 2, Folder 111922-1923Surveys of State Universities
Box 2, Folder 121922-1925Pamphlets dealing with Accreditation
Box 2, Folder 131923-1924Finance Committee
Box 2, Folder 141923-1924July 2, 1923
Box 2, Folder 151923-1924Real Estate, March 18
Box 2, Folder 161923-1924American Association of University Women
Box 2, Folder 171923-1924American Council on Education (C.E. Hewitt)
Box 2, Folder 181923-1924Austin Cate Academy
Box 2, Folder 191923-1924Botony - Zoology Controversy
Box 2, Folder 201923-1925Building Statistics
Box 2, Folder 211923-1924College Finances - Financial Support
Box 2, Folder 221923-1926Committees
Box 2, Folder 231923-1924Committee on Insurance
Box 2, Folder 241923-1924Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 2, Folder 251923-1925Electricity applied to Agriculture
Box 2, Folder 261923-1924Engineering Education, Society for the Promotion of
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11923-1924Employee Damage Compensation
Box 3, Folder 21923-1924Magrath, R.C.-Treasurer and Business Secretary
Box 3, Folder 31923-1924Pond, Bremer Whidden. Landscape Architect
Box 3, Folder 41923-1924Correspondence to the Durham Postmaster
Box 3, Folder 51923-1924Reports
Box 3, Folder 61923-1924Requests, Board of New York, recognition of UNH degrees
Box 3, Folder 71923-1924Rules and Regulations
Box 3, Folder 81923-1924Smith-Hughes Work
Box 3, Folder 91923-1924Statistics
Box 3, Folder 101923-1924Water Supply
Box 3, Folder 111923-1924Women's Building- State Federation of Women's Clubs
Box 3, Folder 121924-1926Buildings - Costs
Box 3, Folder 131924-1924Trustee By-Laws, June 4, 1924, Sept. 29, 1924
Box 3, Folder 141924-1925Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 3, Folder 151924-1925Enrollment statistics
Box 3, Folder 161924-1925Fire Department
Box 3, Folder 171924-1925Hoitt, George P., Property
Box 3, Folder 181924-1925Huddleston-Huggins. Right of Way
Box 3, Folder 191924-1925Insurance Report Plan for Annuity
Box 3, Folder 201924-1925Legislation Campaign, January 1925.
Box 3, Folder 211924-1925Legislation Campaign, February to April 1925
Box 3, Folder 221924-1925Legislative Briefs
Box 3, Folder 231924-1925Legislative Material
Box 3, Folder 241924-1925Mill Tax Laws
Box 3, Folder 251924-1925Miscellaneous-Office of the President
Box 3, Folder 261924-1925Normal Schools
Box 3, Folder 271924-1925Records of N.E. Association of National state Colleges and Universities from J.L. Hills, Vermont 1920-1925
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11924-1925Out of State Students, Fees of Tuition
Box 4, Folder 21924-1925Pond, Bremer Whidden- Landscape Architect
Box 4, Folder 31924-1925Purnell Act, Research and Extension Work
Box 4, Folder 41924-1925Related Subject Matter Groups
Box 4, Folder 51924-1925Remick, Mrs. Jas W. Chairman
Box 4, Folder 61924-1925Reports 1924
Box 4, Folder 71924-1925Reports, 1925
Box 4, Folder 81924-1925Rules and Regulations
Box 4, Folder 91924-1926Rules and Regulations
Box 4, Folder 101924-1925Sabbatical Leaves for Professional Improvement
Box 4, Folder 111924-1925Sewerage Disposal
Box 4, Folder 121924-1925Smith-Hughes Work
Box 4, Folder 131924-1925Smythe, Mrs. Frederick-Manchester
Box 4, Folder 141924-1925Summer School
Box 4, Folder 151924-1925Taxation
Box 4, Folder 161924-1925Trustee minutes, January 16-17, 1925, and New Hampshire Women's Club Resolutions
Box 4, Folder 171924-1925Water Supply
Box 4, Folder 181924-1925Trustee Minutes May 6, 1925
Box 4, Folder 191925-1926American Association of University Women
Box 4, Folder 201925-1926The American Council on education (C. E. Hewitt)
Box 4, Folder 211925-1926Association of American Colleges
Box 4, Folder 221925-1926Bills, Resolutions, Laws
Box 4, Folder 231925-1926Business Administration Course and Commerce, Committee on
Box 4, Folder 241925-1926Committee on Discipline
Box 4, Folder 251925-1926Commons Dining Hall
Box 4, Folder 261925-1926Undated, beginning approximately 1925
Box 4, Folder 271925-1926College of Business Administration
Box 4, Folder 281925-1926Committee on Teaching Methods
Box 4, Folder 291925-1926Contracts, Agreements, etc.
Box 4, Folder 301925-1926Lucy Hastings Memorial Hospital, Dr. O. S. Foster
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1 1925-1926Legislation Campaign
Box 5, Folder 21925-1927Legislature - 1927
Box 5, Folder 31925-1926Magrath, R.C. - Appointments
Box 5, Folder 41925 Manual of the General Court - Prof. Ralph D. Hetzel
Box 5, Folder 51925Mill Tax
Box 5, Folder 61925-1926Normal school
Box 5, Folder 71925-1926Pond, Bremer Whidden- Landscape Architect
Box 5, Folder 81925-1926Reports, part 1
Box 5, Folder 91925-1926Reports, part 2
Box 5, Folder 101925-1926Rhodes Scholarships
Box 5, Folder 111925-1926ROTC
Box 5, Folder 121925-1926Rules and Regulations
Box 5, Folder 131925-1926"S"
Box 5, Folder 141925-1926Schedule Summary
Box 5, Folder 15 1925-1926Scholarships
Box 5, Folder 161925-1926Sewerage Disposal
Box 5, Folder 171925-1926Smythe, Mrs Frederick- Manchester
Box 5, Folder 181925-1926Social Committee
Box 5, Folder 191925-1926Statistics
Box 5, Folder 201925-1926Student and Faculty Rule Book
Box 5, Folder 211925-1926Summer School
Box 5, Folder 221925-1926Taxation
Box 5, Folder 231925-1926Term Hour, Time Unit Systems
Box 5, Folder 241925-1926Benjamin Thompson Furniture
Box 5, Folder 251925-1926Water Supply
Box 5, Folder 261925-1926Minutes, September 20, 1926
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11926-1927Real Estate October 11, 1926
Box 6, Folder 21926-1927Trustee Minutes October 30, 1926
Box 6, Folder 31926-1927Notices 1926
Box 6, Folder 41926-1927Sophomore Year in Civil Engineering, 1926
Box 6, Folder 51926-1927Personnel, January 1927 to June 1927
Box 6, Folder 61926-1927American Council on Education (C. E. Hewitt)
Box 6, Folder 71926-1927Alumni Association
Box 6, Folder 81926-1827Appointments and Resignations
Box 6, Folder 91926-1927Association of Land Grant Colleges
Box 6, Folder 101926-1927Association of New England Colleges for Conference on Athletics
Box 6, Folder 11UndatedAutomobiles, Question of
Box 6, Folder 121926-1927Blewett, E. Y. - Alumni
Box 6, Folder 131926-1927Cattle
Box 6, Folder 141926-1927College of Business Administration
Box 6, Folder 151926-1927Dad's and Mother's Day
Box 6, Folder 161926-1927Fairchild Hall
Box 6, Folder 171926-1927Fire Department
Box 6, Folder 181926-1927Lewis Bill
Box 6, Folder 191926-1927Magrath, R.C. - Appointments
Box 6, Folder 201926-1927Millage Law
Box 6, Folder 211926-1927Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 221926-1927Miscellaneous
Box 6, Folder 231926-1927Miscellaneous
Box 6, Folder 241926-1927Normal Schools
Box 6, Folder 251926-1927Planning Board
Box 6, Folder 261926-1927Pond, Bremer Whidden - Landscape Architect
Box 6, Folder 271926-1927Rules and Regulations
Box 6, Folder 281926-1927Schedule Summary
Box 6, Folder 291926-1927Smith, Forrest S. and Sarah A. Estate
Box 6, Folder 301926-1927Smith-Hughes Work
Box 6, Folder 311926-1927Statistics
Box 6, Folder 321926-1927Summer School
Box 6, Folder 331927 Trustee By-Laws, June 22, 1927
Box 6, Folder 341926-1927Trustee Letters, Honorary Degrees
Box 6, Folder 351926-1927Trustees letters, open bids
Box 6, Folder 361926-1927Traveling Expenses
Box 6, Folder 371926-1927Tufts, Dr. J.A.
Box 6, Folder 381926-1927Water Supply
Box 6, Folder 391926-1927Y.M.C.A. Christian Work
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