Dale F. Nitzschke Papers, 1990-1994

Collection number: UA 2/1/15
Size: 97 boxes (32 cu.ft.)

About Dale F. Nitzschke

On August 1, 1990, Dale Nitzschke (pronounced Nit-ski) became president of the University of New Hampshire. A native of Iowa, Nitzschke earned his bachelor's degree with honors from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, and his M.Ed. and Ph.D. degress in guidance and counseling from Ohio University. He held teaching and administrative positions at Ohio University, State University College of Arts and Sciences in Plattsburgh, NY and the University of Nothern Iowa before moving to Las Vegas to become vice president for academic affairs of the University of Nevada. He was considered a strong advocate of faculty rights and, in 1984, was awarded the American Association of University Professors' Meiklejohn Award for defense of academic freedom. From 1984 to 1990, Dale Nitzschke served as president of Marshall University in West Virginia.

During his tenure at UNH, the University enjoyed a renewed sense of community; partnerships were encouraged and developed with business, industry, state government, and the broader educational community; and the University became a major player in the economic development of New Hampshire. In addition, under Nitzschke's leadership, the University recieved its strongest regional accreditation review ever achieved, and more than two hundred million dollars was raised from state, private, and federal goernment sources for repair and renovation of existing facilities and for new construction. Unprecedented achievements have been made with respect to the advancement of women's issues, minority recruitment and retention, and the development of multicultural initiatives.

Nitzschke resigned after four years citing philosophical differences with the Board of Trustees on the direction the University should take.

About the Dale F. Nitzschke Papers

This series contains the presidential papers of Dale Nitzschke while he served as President of the University of New Hampshire. The papers are arranged chronologically and alphabetically.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Dale F. Nitzschke Papers, 1990-1994, UA 2/1/15, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred from the President's Office in multiple accessions occurring July 19, 1993 and January 27, 1994.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11990-1991Audit Committee
Box 1, Folder 21990-1991Association of American Colleges and Association of Governing Boards
Box 1, Folder 31990-1991Academic Affairs Council
Box 1, Folder 41990-1991Allocation of Resources Task Force
Box 1, Folder 51990-1991Alumni Affairs and Development
Box 1, Folder 61990-1991American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
Box 1, Folder 71990-1991American Council on Education (ACE)
Box 1, Folder 81990-1991Active Retirement Association (ARA)
Box 1, Folder 91990-1991Academic Planning/Program Development; USNH
Box 1, Folder 101990-1991Administration Counicl and Liason Program
Box 1, Folder 111990-1991Advocacy Group for Higher Education
Box 1, Folder 121990-1991Affirmative Action Advisory Committee and Implementation Task Force
Box 1, Folder 131990-1991American Red Cross
Box 1, Folder 141990-1991Animals and Medical Sciences
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11990-1991Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 2, Folder 21990-1991Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 2, Folder 31990-1991Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 2, Folder 41990-1991Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 2, Folder 51990-1991Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 2, Folder 61990-1991Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 2, Folder 71990-1991Academic Affairs Committee; Board of Trustees
Box 2, Folder 81990-1991Academic Senate
Box 2, Folder 91990-1991Academic Senate
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11990-1991Academic Senate
Box 3, Folder 21990-1991Academic Senate Budget and Planning Committee
Box 3, Folder 31990-1991Academic Senate Budget and Planning Committee
Box 3, Folder 41990-1991Administrative Board
Box 3, Folder 51990-1991Administrative Board
Box 3, Folder 61990-1991Administrative Board
Box 3, Folder 71990-1991Administrative Board
Box 3, Folder 81990-1991Administrative Board
Box 3, Folder 91990-1991Administrative Board
Box 3, Folder 101990-1991Administrative Board
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11990-1991Administrative Board
Box 4, Folder 21990-1991Admissions
Box 4, Folder 31990-1991Affirmative Action
Box 4, Folder 41990-1991Affirmative Action
Box 4, Folder 51990-1991Affirmative Action
Box 4, Folder 61990-1991Affirmative Action
Box 4, Folder 71990-1991Affirmative Action
Box 4, Folder 81990-1991Affirmative Action
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11990-1991Alumni Affairs; Development
Box 5, Folder 21990-1991Alumni Affairs; Development
Box 5, Folder 31990-1991Alumni Affairs; Development
Box 5, Folder 41990-1991Alumni Affairs; Development
Box 5, Folder 51990-1991Alumni Affairs; Development
Box 5, Folder 61990-1991Art Department
Box 5, Folder 71990-1991Athletic Programs NCAA
Box 5, Folder 81990-1991Athletic Programs NCAA
Box 5, Folder 91990-1991Athletic Programs NCAA
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11990-1991Athletic Programs NCAA
Box 6, Folder 21990-1991Athletic Programs NCAA
Box 6, Folder 31990-1991Athletics, Men's
Box 6, Folder 41990-1991Athletics, Men's
Box 6, Folder 51990-1991Athletics; Rec. Sports; Financial Administration
Box 6, Folder 61990-1991Athletics, Women's
Box 6, Folder 71990-1991Misc. "B"
Box 6, Folder 81990-1991Brazil, Federal University of Ceara
Box 6, Folder 91990-1991Business and Industry: Partnerships for Progress
Box 6, Folder 101990-1991Benefits Task Force Committee
Box 6, Folder 111990-1991Beattie, Roger M.
Box 6, Folder 121990-1991Bookstore Relocation
Box 6, Folder 131990-1991Biochemistry Department and Biological Sciences
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11990-1991Board of Trustees
Box 7, Folder 21990-1991Board of Trustees
Box 7, Folder 31990-1991Board of Trustees
Box 7, Folder 41990-1991Board of Trustees
Box 7, Folder 51990-1991Budget Forum
Box 7, Folder 61990-1991Budget Forum
Box 7, Folder 71990-1991Budget Forum
Box 7, Folder 81990-1991Misc. "C"
Box 7, Folder 91990-1991Common Fund
Box 7, Folder 101990-1991College of Agriculture and Mechanics Arts
Box 7, Folder 111990-1991Canadian Consulate General
Box 7, Folder 121990-1991College Board Annual Survey of Colleges
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11990-1991Campus Life, Task Force on Quality of
Box 8, Folder 21990-1991Chaplains, University
Box 8, Folder 31990-1991Committee on Cost Effectiveness
Box 8, Folder 41990-1991Convocation
Box 8, Folder 51990-1991Coopers and Lybrand Diagnostic Review
Box 8, Folder 61990-1991Misc. correspondence
Box 8, Folder 71990-1991Capital and Strategic Planning Committee
Box 8, Folder 81990-1991College Brook, Ad Hoc Committee
Box 8, Folder 91990-1991Campus Climate
Box 8, Folder 101990-1991Chemistry Department
Box 8, Folder 111990-1991Catering
Box 8, Folder 121990-1991Society of the Cininccati in the State of NH
Box 8, Folder 131990-1991Campus and Facilities Master Planning Committee
Box 8, Folder 141990-1991Campus Journal
Box 8, Folder 151990-1991Campus Transportation Services
Box 8, Folder 161990-1991Campus Communicators
Box 8, Folder 171990-1991Campus Deaths
Box 8, Folder 181990-1991Computing and Information Services (CIS)
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11990-1991Capital and Strategic Planning Committee
Box 9, Folder 21990-1991Capital and Strategic Planning Committee
Box 9, Folder 31990-1991Campus Planning
Box 9, Folder 41990-1991Center for Educational Field Service
Box 9, Folder 51990-1991Chancellors Office
Box 9, Folder 61990-1991Child Care
Box 9, Folder 71990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 21990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 31990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 41990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 51990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 61990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 71990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 81990-1991Collective Bargaining
Box 10, Folder 91990-1991Commencement Spring and Winter
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11990-1991Commencement Spring and Winter
Box 11, Folder 21990-1991Committee of Undesignated Gifts
Box 11, Folder 31990-1991Committee of Undesignated Gifts
Box 11, Folder 41990-1991Committee of Undesignated Gifts
Box 11, Folder 51990-1991Computing and Information Services
Box 11, Folder 61990-1991Computing and Information Services
Box 11, Folder 71990-1991Computing and Information Services
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11990-1991Continuing Education; Field Experience Program
Box 12, Folder 21990-1991Committees Misc.
Box 12, Folder 31990-1991Cooperative Extension
Box 12, Folder 41990-1991Cooperative Extension
Box 12, Folder 51990-1991Council of Presidents
Box 12, Folder 61990-1991Council of Presidents
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11990-1991Council of Presidents
Box 13, Folder 21990-1991Council of Presidents
Box 13, Folder 31990-1991Misc. "D"
Box 13, Folder 41990-1991Dartmouth College
Box 13, Folder 51990-1991Department Chair Persons
Box 13, Folder 61990-1991Disabilitiy, Institute on
Box 13, Folder 71990-1991Misc. "E"
Box 13, Folder 81990-1991Earned Time
Box 13, Folder 91990-1991Digital
Box 13, Folder 101990-1991Durham Ambulance Corps
Box 13, Folder 111990-1991Durham Villages
Box 13, Folder 121990-1991Dining Services
Box 13, Folder 131990-1991Decision Support System Committee
Box 13, Folder 141990-1991Earth Day
Box 13, Folder 151990-1991Education, Department of
Box 13, Folder 161990-1991Elderhostel
Box 13, Folder 171990-1991Elliott Trust
Box 13, Folder 181990-1991Employee Relations Committee
Box 13, Folder 191990-1991Employee Safty, Task Force
Box 13, Folder 201990-1991Committee on Energy Conservation and the Environment (CECE)
Box 13, Folder 211990-1991English, Department of
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11990-1991Entrepreneur Awards
Box 14, Folder 21990-1991Environmental Research Group
Box 14, Folder 31990-1991Earth, Oceans and Space
Box 14, Folder 41990-1991Economic Development Committee- UNH
Box 14, Folder 51990-1991Economic Development Committee- UNH
Box 14, Folder 61990-1991Economic Development Committee- UNH
Box 14, Folder 71990-1991Education Deptartment
Box 14, Folder 81990-1991Education Deptartment
Box 14, Folder 91990-1991European Parliament
Box 14, Folder 101990-1991Exchange Committee
Box 14, Folder 111990-1991Employee Fitness Program (EFP)
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11990-1991Education Deptartment
Box 15, Folder 21990-1991Emeriti Faculty
Box 15, Folder 31990-1991College of Engineering and Physical Science
Box 15, Folder 41990-1991College of Engineering and Physical Science
Box 15, Folder 51990-1991Enrollment and Enrollment Fee
Box 15, Folder 61990-1991Environmental Safety and Public Security
Box 15, Folder 71990-1991Executive Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 15, Folder 81990-1991Misc. "F"
Box 15, Folder 91990-1991Facilities Services
Box 15, Folder 101990-1991Faculty Awards
Box 15, Folder 111990-1991Faculty Caucus Meeting
Box 15, Folder 121990-1991Faculty Council
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11990-1991Faculty Lecture Series
Box 16, Folder 21990-1991Family Research Lab
Box 16, Folder 31990-1991Financial Aid
Box 16, Folder 41990-1991Freshman Orientation
Box 16, Folder 51990-1991Faculty Housing
Box 16, Folder 61990-1991Faculty Salaries
Box 16, Folder 71990-1991Finance and Administration VP for Office of the President
Box 16, Folder 81990-1991Finance and Administration VP for Office of the President
Box 16, Folder 91990-1991Financial Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 16, Folder 101990-1991Financial Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 16, Folder 111990-1991Fireside Program
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11990-1991Financial Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 17, Folder 21990-1991Financial Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 17, Folder 31990-1991Misc. "G"
Box 17, Folder 41990-1991Governor's Budget Hearings
Box 17, Folder 51990-1991Governor's 21st Century Commission
Box 17, Folder 61990-1991Greater Seacoast Economic Summit
Box 17, Folder 71990-1991Graduate Student Organization
Box 17, Folder 81990-1991Misc. "H"
Box 17, Folder 91990-1991Health and Human Services
Box 17, Folder 101990-1991Honorary Degrees and Convocation
Box 17, Folder 111990-1991Humanities Center
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11990-1991Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Box 18, Folder 21990-1991ITV
Box 18, Folder 31990-1991Industrial Research Center
Box 18, Folder 41990-1991Institute for Policy and Social Science
Box 18, Folder 51990-1991Institute for Policy and Social Science
Box 18, Folder 61990-1991Misc. "J" (Committee on Policing and Dispatching)
Box 18, Folder 71990-1991Keene State College
Box 18, Folder 81990-1991Misc. "L"
Box 18, Folder 91990-1991Life Science and Agriculture
Box 18, Folder 101990-1991Information Services Committee
Box 18, Folder 111990-1991Interhostel
Box 18, Folder 121990-1991International Studies Conference
Box 18, Folder 131990-1991"K" Misc.
Box 18, Folder 141990-1991King, Martin Luther Jr. Holiday
Box 18, Folder 151990-1991Liberty Mutual
Box 18, Folder 161990-1991Library
Box 18, Folder 171990-1991School for Lifelong Learning
Box 18, Folder 181990-1991Informal Recreation
Box 18, Folder 191990-1991Semiannual Litigation Update
Box 18, Folder 201990-1991Legislative Study Committee
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11990-1991Life Science and Agriculture
Box 19, Folder 21990-1991Misc. "M"
Box 19, Folder 31990-1991UNHM Correspondence and Commencement
Box 19, Folder 41990-1991Multicultural Affairs and Minority Issues
Box 19, Folder 51990-1991Middle East Policy Council
Box 19, Folder 61990-1991Middle East Policy Council
Box 19, Folder 71990-1991Middle East Policy Council
Box 19, Folder 81990-1991Middle East Policy Council
Box 19, Folder 91990-1991McGovern, George (Senator)
Box 19, Folder 101990-1991Marine Program Campaign
Box 19, Folder 111990-1991Music, Department of
Box 19, Folder 121990-1991Milt Hilton, Jazz photograph reception
Box 19, Folder 131990-1991Memorial Union Building
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11990-1991Misc. "N"
Box 20, Folder 21990-1991National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
Box 20, Folder 31990-1991Natural Resources
Box 20, Folder 41990-1991New England Association of Schools and Colleges
Box 20, Folder 51990-1991NHPTV
Box 20, Folder 61990-1991NHPTV Board of Governors
Box 20, Folder 71990-1991NHPTV Board of Governors
Box 20, Folder 81990-1991NHPTV Board of Governors
Box 20, Folder 91990-1991NHPTV Board of Governors
Box 20, Folder 101990-1991NHPTV Board of Governors
Box 20, Folder 111990-1991New England Council
Box 20, Folder 121990-1991New England Center
Box 20, Folder 131990-1991New Hampshire Charitable Fund
Box 20, Folder 141990-1991New England Accreditation Commission
Box 20, Folder 151990-1991NSF
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11990-1991NHPTV Board of Governors
Box 21, Folder 21990-1991"O" Correspondence
Box 21, Folder 31990-1991Operating Staff
Box 21, Folder 41990-1991Outreach Steering Committee
Box 21, Folder 51990-1991Outcomes Assessment Group
Box 21, Folder 61990-1991Parking Issues
Box 21, Folder 71990-1991Partnership for Technology and Management
Box 21, Folder 81990-1991PAT Council
Box 21, Folder 91990-1991PAT Open Forum
Box 21, Folder 101990-1991PAT OS Staff
Box 21, Folder 111990-1991PAT Recognition
Box 21, Folder 121990-1991Pease
Box 21, Folder 131990-1991Pease
Box 21, Folder 141990-1991Pease
Box 21, Folder 151990-1991Pease Development Authority
Box 21, Folder 161990-1991Personnel
Box 21, Folder 171990-1991Physical Education
Box 21, Folder 181990-1991Pilot, Christopher
Box 21, Folder 191990-1991President's Cabinet
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11990-1991President's Cabinet, 04/22/91-05/20/91
Box 22, Folder 21990-1991President's Staff, 10/1/90-10/29/90
Box 22, Folder 31990-1991President's Staff, 04/15/91-04/22/91
Box 22, Folder 41990-1991President's Staff, 05/06/91-05/27/91
Box 22, Folder 51990-1991Public Programs, 6/90-7/91
Box 22, Folder 61990-1991Misc. "R" (Rotatry Club)
Box 22, Folder 71990-1991Receptions
Box 22, Folder 81990-1991Recycling
Box 22, Folder 91990-1991Research Commission
Box 22, Folder 101990-1991Research, VP
Box 22, Folder 111990-1991Rosenberg
Box 22, Folder 121990-1991ROTC
Box 22, Folder 131990-1991Ryan-McGing
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 11990-1991Scholarships
Box 23, Folder 21990-1991Select Summer
Box 23, Folder 31990-1991Sexual Harassment
Box 23, Folder 41990-1991SHARP
Box 23, Folder 51990-1991Shoals Marine Lab
Box 23, Folder 61990-1991Small Business
Box 23, Folder 71990-1991SMART Project
Box 23, Folder 81990-1991South Africa- The Open Society Scholars Fund
Box 23, Folder 91990-1991Sponsored Research
Box 23, Folder 101990-1991Steadman Case, 11/90-6/92
Box 23, Folder 111990-1991Steadman Case, 11/90-6/92
Box 23, Folder 121990-1991Steadman Case, 11/90-6/92
Box 23, Folder 131990-1991Steadman Case, 11/90-6/92
Box 23, Folder 141990-1991Student Affairs
Box 23, Folder 151990-1991Student Affairs
Box 23, Folder 161990-1991Students Concerned About Rape
Box 23, Folder 171990-1991Thompson School of Applied Sciences
Box 23, Folder 181990-1991Transportation
Box 23, Folder 191990-1991TQM
Box 23, Folder 201990-1991Trustees Reports
Box 23, Folder 211990-1991Tsongas, Paul
Box 23, Folder 221990-1991Tuition Lock-in Plan
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 11990-1991Tuition Futures, USNH Task Force
Box 24, Folder 21990-1991Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
Box 24, Folder 31990-1991US AID Linage Project
Box 24, Folder 41990-1991United Way
Box 24, Folder 51990-1991UNH Foundation
Box 24, Folder 61990-1991UNH Foundation
Box 24, Folder 71990-1991UNH Foundation
Box 24, Folder 81990-1991UNH Foundation
Box 24, Folder 91990-1991UNH Athletics
Box 24, Folder 101990-1991University Club
Box 24, Folder 111990-1991University Holidays
Box 24, Folder 121990-1991UNH Partnership Council
Box 24, Folder 131990-1991University Relations
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11990-1991UNH Foundation
Box 25, Folder 21990-1991UNH Foundation
Box 25, Folder 31990-1991Misc. "V" Voluntary Separation Incentive Program
Box 25, Folder 41990-1991Misc. "W"
Box 25, Folder 51990-1991WSBE
Box 25, Folder 61990-1991Women's Commission
Box 25, Folder 71990-1991Women's Resources and Related Concerns
Box 25, Folder 81990-1991Women's Studies
Box 25, Folder 91991-1992Misc. "A"
Box 25, Folder 101991-1992Academic Senate (Budget and Planning Committee)
Box 25, Folder 111990-1991Association of American Colleges
Box 25, Folder 121991-1992Affirmative Action Advisory Committee (Newsletters)
Box 25, Folder 131991-1992Alumnus Magazine
Box 25, Folder 141991-1992American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Box 25, Folder 151991-1992American Association of University Women
Box 25, Folder 161991-1992American Red Cross
Box 25, Folder 171991-1992Articles
Box 25, Folder 181991-1992Athletic Program (Eastern College Athletic Conference)
Box 25, Folder 191991-1992Agency for International Development
Box 25, Folder 201991-1992Agriculture, Department of
Box 25, Folder 211991-1992Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Box 25, Folder 221991-1992American Studies Association
Box 25, Folder 231991-1992Association of University Real Estate Officials (AUREO)
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11991-1992Academic Affairs, V.P.
Box 26, Folder 21991-1992Academic Affairs, V.P.
Box 26, Folder 31991-1992Academic Affairs, V.P.
Box 26, Folder 41991-1992Academic Affairs, V.P.
Box 26, Folder 51991-1992Academic Affairs, V.P.
Box 26, Folder 61991-1992Academic Affairs, V.P.
Box 26, Folder 71991-1992Academic Affairs Committee, 11/21/91
Box 26, Folder 81991-1992Academic Affairs Committee, 1/16/91
Box 26, Folder 91991-1992Academic Affairs Committee, 3/19/92
Box 26, Folder 101991-1992Academic Affairs Committee, 5/21-6/4/92
Box 26, Folder 111991-1992Academic Senate, 7/91-10/91
Box 26, Folder 121991-1992Academic Senate, 11/91-12/91
Box 26, Folder 131991-1992Academic Senate, 1/92-2/92
Box 26, Folder 141991-1992Academic Senate, 3/92
Box 26, Folder 151991-1992Academic Senate, 4/92-6/92
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11991-1992Admissions Office
Box 27, Folder 21991-1992Administrative Board, 9/91
Box 27, Folder 31991-1992Administrative Board, 10/91
Box 27, Folder 41991-1992Administrative Board, 10/31/91-11/91
Box 27, Folder 51991-1992Administrative Board, 12/91
Box 27, Folder 61991-1992Administrative Board, 2/92-3/92
Box 27, Folder 71991-1992Administrative Board, 4/92
Box 27, Folder 81991-1992Administrative Board, 4/92
Box 27, Folder 91991-1992Administrative Board, 4/92
Box 27, Folder 101991-1992Administrative Board, 4/92
Box 27, Folder 111991-1992Administrative Board, 5/92-6/92
Box 27, Folder 121991-1992Administrative Board, Misc. Dates
Box 27, Folder 131991-1992Affirmative Action, 7/91-10/91
Box 27, Folder 141991-1992Affirmative Action, 12/91
Box 27, Folder 151991-1992Affirmative Action, 1/92-2/92
Box 27, Folder 161991-1992Affirmative Action, 3/92-4/92
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11991-1992Affirmative Action, 5/92-7/92
Box 28, Folder 21991-1992Allocation of Resources Task Force, 7/91-12/92
Box 28, Folder 31991-1992Allocation of Resources Task Force, 2/92-6/92
Box 28, Folder 41991-1992Alumni Affairs and Development, 7/91-3/92
Box 28, Folder 51991-1992Alumni Affairs and Development, 6/10/-6/17/92
Box 28, Folder 61991-1992Alumni Affairs and Development, 6/92
Box 28, Folder 71991-1992Alumni Affairs and Development, 4/92-5/92
Box 28, Folder 81991-1992Alumni Affairs and Development, 4/92-5/92
Box 28, Folder 91991-1992Alumni Relations and Development, 4/92
Box 28, Folder 101991-1992Alumni Relations and Development, 4/21-5/1/92
Box 28, Folder 111991-1992Alumni Relations and Development, 4/92
Box 28, Folder 121991-1992Alumni Relations and Development, 1/92-5/92
Box 28, Folder 131991-1992American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 4/92-6/92
Box 28, Folder 141991-1992American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 3/92
Box 28, Folder 151991-1992American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 1/92-2/92
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 11991-1992American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 12/91
Box 29, Folder 21991-1992American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 7/91-11/91
Box 29, Folder 31991-1992American Council on Education, 2/92-6/92
Box 29, Folder 41991-1992American Council on Education, 12/91-1/92
Box 29, Folder 51991-1992Animal and Nutritional Science, 12/91-4/92
Box 29, Folder 61991-1992Animal and Nutritional Science, 10/91-11/91
Box 29, Folder 71991-1992Arts, The, 3/10/92-6/10/92
Box 29, Folder 81991-1992Arts, The, 2/19/92-3/6/92
Box 29, Folder 91991-1992Arts, The, 7/91-2/26/92
Box 29, Folder 101991-1992Athletic, Men's Intercollegiate, 7/91-9/91
Box 29, Folder 111991-1992Athletic, Men's Intercollegiate, 7/91-12/91
Box 29, Folder 121991-1992Athletic, Men's Intercollegiate, 10/91-12/91
Box 29, Folder 131991-1992Athletic, Men's Intercollegiate, 12/91
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 11991-1992Athletic, Men's Intercollegiate, 1/92-2/92
Box 30, Folder 21991-1992Athletic, Men's Intercollegiate, 3/92
Box 30, Folder 31991-1992Athletic, Men's Intercollegiate, 4/92-6/92
Box 30, Folder 41991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 7/91-8/91
Box 30, Folder 51991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 9/91
Box 30, Folder 61991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 9/91-2/92
Box 30, Folder 71991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 12/91-1/92
Box 30, Folder 81991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 2/92
Box 30, Folder 91991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 3/92
Box 30, Folder 101991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 3/92-4/92
Box 30, Folder 111991-1992Athletic Programs (NCAA), 4/92-6/92
Box 30, Folder 121991-1992Athletics Recreational Sports, 3/92
Box 30, Folder 131991-1992Athletics Recreational Sports, 3/92-6/92
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 11991-1992Athletics Recreational Sports, 7/92-12/91
Box 31, Folder 21991-1992Athletics Recreational Sports, (Misc. Dates)
Box 31, Folder 31991-1992Athletics, Women's Intercollegiate, 6/92
Box 31, Folder 41991-1992Athletics, Women's Intercollegiate, 7/92-5/92
Box 31, Folder 51991-1992Athletics, Women's Intercollegiate, 4/92-5/92
Box 31, Folder 61991-1992Athletics, Women's Intercollegiate, 4/92
Box 31, Folder 71991-1992Athletics, Women's Intercollegiate, 8/91-4/91
Box 31, Folder 81991-1992Audit Committee (Board of Trustees), 11/91-3/92
Box 31, Folder 91991-1992Audit Committee (Board of Trustees), 9/91-10/91
Box 31, Folder 101991-1992Audit, 3/92
Box 31, Folder 111991-1992Audit, 2/92
Box 31, Folder 121991-1992Audit, 7/91-12/91
Box 31, Folder 131991-1992Misc. "B"
Box 31, Folder 141991-1992Benefits Task Force
Box 31, Folder 151991-1992Benazir Bhutto Visit
Box 31, Folder 161991-1992Benazir Bhutto Visit, 12/91
Box 31, Folder 171991-1992Benazir Bhutto Visit, 10/91-11/91
Box 31, Folder 181991-1992Benazir Bhutto Visit, 9/91
Box 31, Folder 191991-1992Blue Cross, Blue Shield
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 11991-1992Biochemistry
Box 32, Folder 21991-1992Biotechnology
Box 32, Folder 31991-1992Budget Forum
Box 32, Folder 41991-1992Business and Industry Association (BIA)
Box 32, Folder 51991-1992Misc. "C"
Box 32, Folder 61991-1992Campus Journal
Box 32, Folder 71991-1992Capital Projects Subcommittee (Board of Trustees)
Box 32, Folder 81991-1992Center for Advanced Science and Technology
Box 32, Folder 91991-1992Central Planning Group
Box 32, Folder 101991-1992Chemical Engineering
Box 32, Folder 111991-1992Chemistry
Box 32, Folder 121991-1992Child Care
Box 32, Folder 131991-1992College Showcase
Box 32, Folder 141991-1992CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education)
Box 32, Folder 151991-1992Counseling Center
Box 32, Folder 161991-1992Campus Planning, 3/92-6/92
Box 32, Folder 171991-1992CAUSE ELITE Award
Box 32, Folder 181991-1992College Board
Box 32, Folder 191991-1992Cross Road House
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 11991-1992Campus Planning, 8/91-2/92
Box 33, Folder 21991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee Meeting 6/18/92
Box 33, Folder 31991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee Meeting 4/7/92
Box 33, Folder 41991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee Meeting 2/20/92
Box 33, Folder 51991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee Meeting 12/19/92
Box 33, Folder 61991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee Meeting (Capital Subcommittee) 12/4/91
Box 33, Folder 71991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee Correspondence, 8/91
Box 33, Folder 81991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee (Planning Task Force) 11/91-4/92
Box 33, Folder 91991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee (Planning Task Force) 10/91
Box 33, Folder 101991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee (Planning Task Force) 9/91-10/91
Box 33, Folder 111991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee (Planning Task Force) 2/91-4/91
Box 33, Folder 121991-1992Capital and Strategic Planning Committee (Planning Task Force) 10/90-2/91
Box 33, Folder 131991-1992Center for Educational Field Services (CEFS) 6/92
Box 33, Folder 141991-1992Center for Educational Field Services (CEFS) 6/8/92
Box 33, Folder 151991-1992Center for Educational Field Services (CEFS) 4/92-5/92
Box 33, Folder 161991-1992Center for Educational Field Services (CEFS) Board of Directors Meeting 4/13/92
Box 33, Folder 171991-1992Center for Educational Field Services (CEFS) 2/92-4/92
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 11991-1992Center for Educational Field Services (CEFS) 9/91-10/91
Box 34, Folder 21991-1992Centennial, 11/25/91-6/25/92
Box 34, Folder 31991-1992Centennial, 5/89-11/91
Box 34, Folder 41991-1992Chancellor's Office, 2/92-6/92
Box 34, Folder 51991-1992Chancellor's Office, 12/91-2/92
Box 34, Folder 61991-1992Chancellor's Office, 7/91-11/91
Box 34, Folder 71991-1992Collective Bargaining, 2/92-6/92
Box 34, Folder 81991-1992Collective Bargaining, 11/91-12/91
Box 34, Folder 91991-1992Collective Bargaining, 11/91
Box 34, Folder 101991-1992Collective Bargaining, 7/91-10/91
Box 34, Folder 111991-1992Commencement-Spring 1992
Box 34, Folder 121991-1992Commencement-Spring 1992
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 11991-1992Commencement-Spring 1992
Box 35, Folder 21991-1992Commencement-Winter 1991
Box 35, Folder 31991-1992Committee Recommendations
Box 35, Folder 41991-1992Committee, Drug and Alcohol Advisory
Box 35, Folder 51991-1992Committee, Honorary Degrees and Awards
Box 35, Folder 61991-1992Committee, National Areas
Box 35, Folder 71991-1992Committee, Recognition for Philanthropy; Service
Box 35, Folder 81991-1992Committee to Review the Board of Trustees and the System
Box 35, Folder 91991-1992Committee Undesignated Gifts
Box 35, Folder 101991-1992Communication Department
Box 35, Folder 111991-1992Communication Disorders Department
Box 35, Folder 121991-1992Community Day
Box 35, Folder 131991-1992Commuter Transfer Center
Box 35, Folder 141991-1992Computer Science and Information
Box 35, Folder 151991-1992Computing Center Research
Box 35, Folder 161991-1992Condolences
Box 35, Folder 171991-1992Continuing Education, Division of
Box 35, Folder 181991-1992Continuing Education, Division of (Field Experience Program)
Box 35, Folder 191991-1992Controller/Payroll
Box 35, Folder 201991-1992Convocation
Box 35, Folder 211991-1992Cooperative Alliance
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 11991-1992Cooperative Extension
Box 36, Folder 21991-1992Council of Presidents, 3/92-6/92
Box 36, Folder 31991-1992Council of Presidents, Meeting 3/11/92
Box 36, Folder 41991-1992Council of Presidents,2/92
Box 36, Folder 51991-1992Misc. "D"
Box 36, Folder 61991-1992Defensive Investigtive Services
Box 36, Folder 71991-1992Dartmouth College/UNH-Dartmouth Initiatives
Box 36, Folder 81991-1992Decision Support Project
Box 36, Folder 91991-1992Department Chairpersons
Box 36, Folder 101991-1992Department of Resources and Economic Development
Box 36, Folder 111991-1992Disability, Institute on
Box 36, Folder 121991-1992Diversity
Box 36, Folder 131991-1992Department Visits
Box 36, Folder 141991-1992Department Visits
Box 36, Folder 151991-1992Durham Ambulance Corps
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 11991-1992Misc. "E"
Box 37, Folder 21991-1992Earned Time
Box 37, Folder 31991-1992Early Retirement
Box 37, Folder 41991-1992Earth, Ocean, and Space, Institute for the Study of, 3/92-6/92
Box 37, Folder 51991-1992Earth, Ocean, and Space, Institute for the Study of, 7/92-12/91
Box 37, Folder 61991-1992Earth Day
Box 37, Folder 71991-1992Earth Sciences, Department of
Box 37, Folder 81991-1992New Hampshire Economic Development Commission
Box 37, Folder 91991-1992Economic Development Committee
Box 37, Folder 101991-1992Economic Initiatives
Box 37, Folder 111991-1992Education Department
Box 37, Folder 121991-1992Education - State Department
Box 37, Folder 131991-1992Elderhostel
Box 37, Folder 141991-1992Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 37, Folder 151991-1992Emeritus Faculty
Box 37, Folder 161991-1992Easter Seals Society of NH
Box 37, Folder 171991-1992Elderhostel
Box 37, Folder 181991-1992Environmental Protection Agency
Box 38
Box 38, Folder 11991-1992Employee Assistance Program
Box 38, Folder 21991-1992Employee Fitness Program
Box 38, Folder 31991-1992Employee Relations Committee (Board of Trustees)
Box 38, Folder 41991-1992Engineering and Physical Sciences, 7/91-12-91
Box 38, Folder 51991-1992English Department
Box 38, Folder 61991-1992Enrollment; Enrollment Freeze
Box 38, Folder 71991-1992Entomology
Box 38, Folder 81991-1992Environmental Network
Box 38, Folder 91991-1992Environmental Research Group
Box 38, Folder 101991-1992Environmental Safety
Box 38, Folder 111991-1992European Parliament
Box 38, Folder 121991-1992European Parliament
Box 38, Folder 131991-1992Executive Committee
Box 38, Folder 141991-1992Misc. "F"
Box 38, Folder 151991-1992FIPSE Grant
Box 38, Folder 161991-1992Franklin Pierce College
Box 39
Box 39, Folder 11991-1992Faculty Awards Committee
Box 39, Folder 21991-1992Faculty Caucus (Academic Senate)
Box 39, Folder 31991-1992Faculty Council
Box 39, Folder 41991-1992Faculty Housing
Box 39, Folder 51991-1992Faculty Meeting
Box 39, Folder 61991-1992Faculty Salaries
Box 39, Folder 71991-1992Faculty Services
Box 39, Folder 81991-1992Financial Aid
Box 39, Folder 91991-1992Financial Affairs; Administration, V.P.
Box 39, Folder 101991-1992First Year Course
Box 39, Folder 111991-1992Franco American Program
Box 39, Folder 121991-1992French Italian Department
Box 39, Folder 131991-1992Freshman Orientation Camp
Box 39, Folder 141991-1992Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education
Box 39, Folder 151991-1992Financial Affairs Committee, Meeting 6/18/92 (Board of Trustees)
Box 39, Folder 161991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees) 6/92
Box 39, Folder 171991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees) 6/92
Box 39, Folder 181991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees) Meeting 6/8/92
Box 39, Folder 191991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees) 6/92-5/92
Box 39, Folder 201991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees) 2/20/92
Box 39, Folder 211991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees)
Box 39, Folder 221991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees) Meeting 11/19/91
Box 39, Folder 231991-1992Financial Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees) Meeting 10/17/92
Box 39, Folder 241991-1992Financial Committee for Investments (Board of Trustees) Meeting 5/21/92
Box 39, Folder 251991-1992Financial Committee for Investments (Board of Trustees) Meeting 2/16/92
Box 40
Box 40, Folder 11991-1992UNH Foundation 6/92
Box 40, Folder 21991-1992UNH Foundation 4/92-5/92
Box 40, Folder 31991-1992UNH Foundation 2/92
Box 40, Folder 41991-1992UNH Foundation 1/92
Box 40, Folder 51991-1992UNH Foundation 11/91-12/91
Box 40, Folder 61991-1992UNH Foundation 9/91-10/91
Box 40, Folder 71991-1992UNH Foundation 7/91-8/91
Box 40, Folder 81991-1992Misc. "G"
Box 40, Folder 91991-1992Gables - Dedication
Box 40, Folder 101991-1992Geography Department
Box 40, Folder 111991-1992German and Russian Department
Box 40, Folder 121991-1992Governor's Office
Box 40, Folder 131991-1992Governor's Success Grant Program
Box 40, Folder 141991-1992Graduate Commission; Final Report
Box 40, Folder 151991-1992Graduate School
Box 40, Folder 161991-1992Graduate Student Organization
Box 41
Box 41, Folder 11991-1992Gulf War
Box 41, Folder 21991-1992Misc. "H" (Hacket Hill)
Box 41, Folder 31991-1992Misc. "H" Bill Hall
Box 41, Folder 41991-1992Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Box 41, Folder 51991-1992Jim Hughes Gift
Box 41, Folder 61991-1992Health and Human Services
Box 41, Folder 71991-1992Health Services
Box 41, Folder 81991-1992Heath, Helen Thompson
Box 41, Folder 91991-1992Hispanic Caucus
Box 41, Folder 101991-1992History Department
Box 41, Folder 111991-1992Holiday Matters
Box 41, Folder 121991-1992Honorary Degrees
Box 41, Folder 131991-1992Honors Convocation
Box 41, Folder 141991-1992House Senate Bills
Box 41, Folder 151991-1992Housing; Conferences Department
Box 41, Folder 161991-1992Human Resources
Box 41, Folder 171991-1992Humanities, Center for the
Box 42
Box 42, Folder 11991-1992Humanities Program
Box 42, Folder 21991-1992Misc. "I" Industrial Research Center
Box 42, Folder 31991-1992Instructional Television
Box 42, Folder 41991-1992Interhostel
Box 42, Folder 51991-1992International Perspectives
Box 42, Folder 61991-1992International Students Association
Box 42, Folder 71991-1992Misc. "J"
Box 42, Folder 81991-1992Joint Management Committee
Box 42, Folder 91991-1992Joint Town/Gown
Box 42, Folder 101991-1992Misc. "K"
Box 42, Folder 111991-1992Misc. "K"
Box 42, Folder 121991-1992Keene State College
Box 42, Folder 131991-1992King, Martin Luther
Box 42, Folder 141991-1992Misc. "L"
Box 42, Folder 151991-1992Leadership Center, N.H.
Box 42, Folder 161991-1992Leadership N.H.
Box 42, Folder 171991-1992Legislator's Day, UNH
Box 42, Folder 181991-1992Leisure Management; Tourism Department
Box 43
Box 43, Folder 11991-1992Liberal Arts
Box 43, Folder 21991-1992Library
Box 43, Folder 31991-1992Library
Box 43, Folder 41991-1992School for Lifelong Learning
Box 43, Folder 51991-1992Life Sciences and Agriculture
Box 43, Folder 61991-1992Legislature (State) (Home Economic Development Committee) 6/92
Box 43, Folder 71991-1992Legislature (State) 2/92-6/92
Box 43, Folder 81991-1992Legislature (State); /92-12/91
Box 43, Folder 91991-1992Misc. "M"
Box 43, Folder 101991-1992MacArthur Foundation
Box 43, Folder 111991-1992Management Information Systems (MIS)
Box 43, Folder 121991-1992Manchester, UNH at 3/92- 6/92
Box 43, Folder 131991-1992Manchester, UNH at 1/92- 2/92
Box 43, Folder 141991-1992Manchester, UNH at
Box 44
Box 44, Folder 11991-1992Manchester Planning; Facilities Subcommittee
Box 44, Folder 21991-1992Marine Programs
Box 44, Folder 31991-1992Master Plan
Box 44, Folder 41991-1992Math Department
Box 44, Folder 51991-1992McKinsey Co.
Box 44, Folder 61991-1992McNair Program
Box 44, Folder 71991-1992Mechanical Engineering
Box 44, Folder 81991-1992Meeker Committee
Box 44, Folder 91991-1992Memorial Union
Box 44, Folder 101991-1992Mental Illness, Center for
Box 44, Folder 111991-1992Microbiology Department
Box 44, Folder 121991-1992Middle East Policy Council
Box 44, Folder 131991-1992$60 Million Project
Box 44, Folder 141991-1992Minority Issues, Matters
Box 44, Folder 151991-1992Minority Issues, Matters
Box 44, Folder 161991-1992Minority Recruitment
Box 45
Box 45, Folder 11991-1992Music Department
Box 45, Folder 21991-1992Misc. "N"
Box 45, Folder 31991-1992Nashua Center of Commerce
Box 45, Folder 41991-1992National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC), 12/91-6/92
Box 45, Folder 51991-1992National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC), 7/91-11/91
Box 45, Folder 61991-1992National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC),(International Affairs Committee), 7/91-6/92
Box 45, Folder 71991-1992National Science Foundation
Box 45, Folder 81991-1992National Resources Department
Box 45, Folder 91991-1992New England Council
Box 45, Folder 101991-1992New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTU) 2/92-6/92
Box 46
Box 46, Folder 11991-1992New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) 7/92- 12/91
Box 46, Folder 21991-1992New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) (Ad Hoc Steering Committee)
Box 46, Folder 31991-1992New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) (Board of Governors) 2/92-6/92
Box 46, Folder 41991-1992New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) (Board of Governors) 7/91-12/91
Box 46, Folder 51991-1992NonTraditional Students
Box 46, Folder 61991-1992Nursing
Box 46, Folder 71991-1992New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE)
Box 46, Folder 81991-1992New England Center
Box 46, Folder 91991-1992New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC)
Box 46, Folder 101991-1992New Hampshire Statewide Systemic Initiative (NHSSI)
Box 46, Folder 111991-1992Odiorne Point
Box 46, Folder 121991-1992Operating Staff Council (OS Council)
Box 46, Folder 131991-1992Organizational Structure
Box 47
Box 47, Folder 11991-1992Outdoor Educational Program
Box 47, Folder 21991-1992Outreach-Belknap, 2/92-5/92
Box 47, Folder 31991-1992Outreach-Carroll City, 3/92
Box 47, Folder 41991-1992Outreach-Coos County, 2/91-10/91
Box 47, Folder 51991-1992Outreach-Hillsborough, 11/91-3/92
Box 47, Folder 61991-1992Outreach-Merrimack County, 10/91
Box 47, Folder 71991-1992Outreach-Portsmouth(Rockingham County)
Box 47, Folder 81991-1992Outreach Program, State
Box 47, Folder 91991-1992Misc. "P"
Box 47, Folder 101991-1992PAT Council
Box 47, Folder 111991-1992PAT Staff Recognition Program
Box 47, Folder 121991-1992Pay for Performance, 12/91-2/92
Box 47, Folder 131991-1992Pease, 12/90-6-92
Box 47, Folder 141991-1992Personnel Committee, 9/91-5/92
Box 47, Folder 151991-1992Personnel Services
Box 48
Box 48, Folder 11991-1992Personnel Services
Box 48, Folder 21991-1992Philosophy Department
Box 48, Folder 31991-1992Physical Education Department
Box 48, Folder 41991-1992Planning Council (UNH)
Box 48, Folder 51991-1992Plymouth State College
Box 48, Folder 61991-1992President's Cabinet, 6/3/91-6/10/91
Box 48, Folder 71991-1992President's Cabinet, 6/17/91-8/19/91
Box 48, Folder 81991-1992President's House
Box 48, Folder 91991-1992President's Staff, 3/4/91
Box 48, Folder 101991-1992Presidential Candidate Debates
Box 48, Folder 111991-1992Printing Department
Box 48, Folder 121991-1992Professional Development Grant Program
Box 48, Folder 131991-1992Promotion and Tenure
Box 48, Folder 141991-1992Psychology Department
Box 48, Folder 151991-1992Public Programs and Events
Box 48, Folder 161991-1992Purchasing
Box 48, Folder 171991-1992Misc. "R"
Box 48, Folder 181991-1992Receptions
Box 49
Box 49, Folder 11991-1992Receptions
Box 49, Folder 21991-1992Receptions
Box 49, Folder 31991-1992Receptions
Box 49, Folder 41991-1992Recycling
Box 49, Folder 51991-1992Registrar's Office
Box 49, Folder 61991-1992Research Advisory Board
Box 49, Folder 71991-1992Research and Public Service, 10/91-12/91
Box 49, Folder 81991-1992Research and Public Service VP for, 1/92-3/92
Box 49, Folder 91991-1992Research and Public Development, 4/92-6/92
Box 49, Folder 101991-1992ROTC
Box 49, Folder 111991-1992Residency Appeals Board
Box 49, Folder 121991-1992Misc. "S"
Box 49, Folder 131991-1992Second Start
Box 49, Folder 141991-1992Select Summer Program
Box 49, Folder 151991-1992Sexual Harassment
Box 49, Folder 161991-1992SHARPP
Box 49, Folder 171991-1992Sexual Orientation
Box 50
Box 50, Folder 11991-1992Small Business Development Center
Box 50, Folder 21991-1992Project Smart
Box 50, Folder 31991-1992Social Work
Box 50, Folder 41991-1992South Africa
Box 50, Folder 51991-1992South Africa
Box 50, Folder 61991-1992Space Allocation
Box 50, Folder 71991-1992Spanish Classics
Box 50, Folder 81991-1992Sponsored Research
Box 50, Folder 91991-1992Sports Council
Box 50, Folder 101991-1992Strategic Plan
Box 50, Folder 111991-1992Student Affairs Office
Box 50, Folder 121991-1992Student Affairs Office (Greek Life)
Box 50, Folder 131991-1992Student Affairs, V.P Search
Box 50, Folder 141991-1992Student Conduct Board
Box 50, Folder 151991-1992Student Government Center
Box 50, Folder 161991-1992Student Intern Program
Box 50, Folder 171991-1992System Personnel Policies Council (FAT/PAT)
Box 50, Folder 181991-1992Misc. "T"
Box 50, Folder 191991-1992Telecommunications
Box 50, Folder 201991-1992Telecommunications Task Force
Box 50, Folder 211991-1992Department of Theater and Dance
Box 50, Folder 221991-1992Thompson Hall (Misc.)
Box 50, Folder 231991-1992Thompson Pride Day
Box 51
Box 51, Folder 11991-1992Thompson School
Box 51, Folder 21991-1992Train Station
Box 51, Folder 31991-1992Trustees Board
Box 51, Folder 41991-1992Trustees Actions
Box 51, Folder 51991-1992Tuition
Box 51, Folder 61991-1992Misc. "U"
Box 51, Folder 71991-1992Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP)
Box 51, Folder 81991-1992United Way
Box 51, Folder 91991-1992University Partnership Council
Box 51, Folder 101991-1992U.S. Agency (U.S. AID)
Box 51, Folder 111991-1992UNH Today
Box 51, Folder 121991-1992University Relations
Box 51, Folder 131991-1992Misc. "V"
Box 51, Folder 141991-1992Vice Chancellor of University System Relations
Box 52
Box 52, Folder 11991-1992Wayport
Box 52, Folder 21991-1992Whittemore School of Business; Economics, 1/92-3/92
Box 52, Folder 31991-1992Whittemore School of Business; Economics, 1/92- 3/92
Box 52, Folder 41991-1992Whittemore School of Business; Economics, 4/92-6/92
Box 52, Folder 51991-1992Women in Academic Administration
Box 52, Folder 61991-1992Women's Commission
Box 52, Folder 71991-1992Women's Studies
Box 53
Box 53, Folder 11991-1992Council of Presidents, January 14, 1992 session
Box 53, Folder 21991-1992Council of Presidents, 7/91-6/92
Box 53, Folder 31991-1992Council of Presidents, 10/91-12/91
Box 53, Folder 41991-1992Council of Presidents, Sept. 1991
Box 53, Folder 51991-1992Council of Presidents, July 1991
Box 54
Box 54, Folder 11992-1993Misc. "A" [Associated Development Services Inc]
Box 54, Folder 21992-1993Misc."A"
Box 54, Folder 31992-1993Misc."A"
Box 54, Folder 41992-1993Misc."A"
Box 54, Folder 51992-1993AFT (Staff Organization)
Box 54, Folder 61992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 71992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 81992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 91992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 101992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 111992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 121992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 131992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs
Box 54, Folder 141992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs "Infrastructure"
Box 54, Folder 151992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs, Scientific and Technical Equipment Needs "A"
Box 54, Folder 161992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs, Scientific and Technical Equipment Needs "B"
Box 54, Folder 171992-1993Provost; Academic Affairs, Scientific and Technical Equipment Needs "B"
Box 55
Box 55, Folder 11992-1993Academic Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 55, Folder 21992-1993Academic Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 55, Folder 31992-1993Academic Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 55, Folder 41992-1993Academic Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees
Box 55, Folder 51992-1993Academic Affairs
Box 55, Folder 61992-1993Adacemic Planning; Program Development
Box 55, Folder 71992-1993Academic Senate
Box 55, Folder 81992-1993Academic Senate
Box 55, Folder 91992-1993Academic Senate
Box 55, Folder 101992-1993Academic Senate
Box 55, Folder 111992-1993Academic Senate
Box 55, Folder 121992-1993Academic Affairs Committee; Admissions
Box 55, Folder 131992-1993Academic Affairs Committee; Admissions
Box 55, Folder 141992-1993Academic Affairs Committee; Admissions
Box 55, Folder 151992-1993Academic Affairs Committee; Budget and Planning
Box 56
Box 56, Folder 11992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 21992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 31992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 41992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 51992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 61992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 71992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 81992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 91992-1993Administrative Board
Box 56, Folder 101992-1993Affirmative Action
Box 57
Box 57, Folder 11992-1993Affirmative Action
Box 57, Folder 21992-1993Affirmative Action
Box 57, Folder 31992-1993Affirmative Action, Five Year Plan
Box 57, Folder 41992-1993Affirmative Action
Box 57, Folder 51992-1993Agricultural Affairs Committee
Box 57, Folder 61992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 71992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 81992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 91992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 101992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 111992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 121992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 131992-1993Alumni Affairs
Box 57, Folder 141992-1993Alumni Affairs; Development Office
Box 58
Box 58, Folder 11992-1993Alumni Affairs Development Reorganization
Box 58, Folder 21992-1993Alumni Affairs and Development Office
Box 58, Folder 31992-1993Alumni Affairs and Development Office
Box 58, Folder 41992-1993Alumni Affairs and Development Office, Donor Fund Summary Report
Box 58, Folder 51992-1993Alumni Affairs and Development Office, Donor Fund Report
Box 58, Folder 61992-1993American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Box 58, Folder 71992-1993American Association of University Administrators
Box 58, Folder 81992-1993AAUP; Cassette tape of first press conference 8/19/92
Box 58, Folder 91992-1993AAUP
Box 58, Folder 101992-1993AAUP
Box 58, Folder 111992-1993AAUP
Box 58, Folder 121992-1993American Association of University Women
Box 58, Folder 131992-1993American Council on Education
Box 58, Folder 141992-1993American Council on Education
Box 58, Folder 151992-1993American Red Cross
Box 58, Folder 161992-1993Animal and Nutritional Act
Box 58, Folder 171992-1993Articles
Box 59
Box 59, Folder 11992-1993The Arts
Box 59, Folder 21992-1993Athletic Programs (NCAA)
Box 59, Folder 31992-1993Athletic Programs (NCAA)
Box 59, Folder 41992-1993Athletic Programs (NCAA)
Box 59, Folder 51992-1993Athletic Men's Intercollegiate
Box 59, Folder 61992-1993Athletic Men's Intercollegiate
Box 59, Folder 71992-1993Athletic Men's Intercollegiate
Box 59, Folder 81992-1993Athletic Men's Intercollegiate
Box 59, Folder 91992-1993Athletics Recreational Sports/Financial Admin.
Box 59, Folder 101992-1993Athletics Women's Intercollegiate
Box 59, Folder 111992-1993Austrian Conference (American Association of University Administrators) July-August 1992
Box 59, Folder 121992-1993Austrian Conference (American Association of University Administrators) Sept-Oct 1992
Box 59, Folder 131992-1993Austrian Conference (World Economic Forum)
Box 60
Box 60, Folder 11992-1993Misc. "B"
Box 60, Folder 21992-1993Biochemistry
Box 60, Folder 31992-1993Biological Sciences
Box 60, Folder 41992-1993Biotechnology
Box 60, Folder 51992-1993Budget Forum
Box 60, Folder 61992-1993Business and Industry Assoc.
Box 60, Folder 71992-1993Browne Outdoor Education Center
Box 60, Folder 81992-1993Misc. "C"
Box 60, Folder 91992-1993Misc. "C"
Box 60, Folder 101992-1993Campus Journal Correspondence
Box 60, Folder 111992-1993Capital and Strategic Planning, Jan-March 1993
Box 60, Folder 121992-1993Capital and Strategic Planning, Oct-Dec 1992
Box 60, Folder 131992-1993Capital and Strategic Planning, July-Sept 1992
Box 60, Folder 141992-1993Capital and Strategic Planning, June 1993
Box 60, Folder 151992-1993Capital and Strategic Planning, June 1993
Box 61
Box 61, Folder 11992-1993Capital and Strategic Planning, May 1993
Box 61, Folder 21992-1993Capital and Strategic Planning, April 1993
Box 61, Folder 31992-1993CEFS
Box 61, Folder 41992-1993CEFS
Box 61, Folder 51992-1993CEFS
Box 61, Folder 61992-1993CEFS
Box 61, Folder 71992-1993CEFS
Box 61, Folder 81992-1993Chancellor's Office
Box 61, Folder 91992-1993Child Care
Box 61, Folder 101992-1993Chemical Engineering
Box 61, Folder 111992-1993Civil Engineering
Box 61, Folder 121992-1993Commencement (Winter)
Box 61, Folder 131992-1993Commencement (Spring)
Box 61, Folder 141992-1993Commencement (Spring)
Box 61, Folder 151992-1993Communications Deptartment
Box 62
Box 62, Folder 11992-1993Communication Disorders
Box 62, Folder 21992-1993Computer Science
Box 62, Folder 31992-1993Computer Services
Box 62, Folder 41992-1993Computer Information Services
Box 62, Folder 51992-1993Condolences
Box 62, Folder 61992-1993Connecticut (University of)
Box 62, Folder 71992-1993Continuing Education
Box 62, Folder 81992-1993Controller/Payroll
Box 62, Folder 91992-1993Cooperative Extension, July 1992-June 1993
Box 62, Folder 101992-1993Council of Presidents, Jan-March 1993
Box 62, Folder 111992-1993Council of Presidents, April-June 1993
Box 62, Folder 121992-1993Council of Presidents, August-September 1992
Box 62, Folder 131992-1993Council of Presidents Directory
Box 62, Folder 141992-1993Council of Presidents, July-August 1992
Box 62, Folder 151992-1993Council of Presidents, December 1992
Box 62, Folder 161992-1993Cultural Events
Box 63
Box 63, Folder 11992-1993"D" Misc.
Box 63, Folder 21992-1993Defense Conversion
Box 63, Folder 31992-1993Department Chairpersons
Box 63, Folder 41992-1993Dept. of Resources; Economics Development, January-June 1993
Box 63, Folder 51992-1993Dept. of Resources; Economics Development, December 11, 1992
Box 63, Folder 61992-1993Departmental Visits
Box 63, Folder 71992-1993Departmental Visits, Engineering
Box 63, Folder 81992-1993Departmental Visits, German and Russian
Box 63, Folder 91992-1993Departmental Visits, Health Management; Policy
Box 63, Folder 101992-1993Departmental Visits, Mathematics
Box 63, Folder 111992-1993Departmental Visits, Mechanical Engineering
Box 63, Folder 121992-1993Departmental Visits, Medical Laboratory Science
Box 63, Folder 131992-1993Departmental Visits, Microbiology
Box 63, Folder 141992-1993Departmental Visits, Music
Box 63, Folder 151992-1993Departmental Visits, Natural Resources
Box 63, Folder 161992-1993Departmental Visits, Occupational Therapy
Box 63, Folder 171992-1993Departmental Visits, Plant Biology
Box 63, Folder 181992-1993Departmental Visits, Psychology
Box 63, Folder 191992-1993Departmental Visits, Psychology Undergrad
Box 64
Box 64, Folder 11992-1993Departmental Visits, Psychology Graduate Program
Box 64, Folder 21992-1993Departmental Visits, Resource Economics
Box 64, Folder 31992-1993Departmental Visits, Theater and Dance
Box 64, Folder 41992-1993Departmental Visits, WSBE
Box 64, Folder 51992-1993Disability, Institute on
Box 64, Folder 61992-1993Diversity
Box 64, Folder 71992-1993"E" Misc.
Box 64, Folder 81992-1993Early Retirement
Box 64, Folder 91992-1993Earth, Ocean, Space Institute
Box 64, Folder 101992-1993Economic Development Commission, Jan-April 1993
Box 64, Folder 111992-1993Economic Development Commission, July 1992
Box 64, Folder 121992-1993Economic Development Commission, August 1992
Box 64, Folder 131992-1993Economic Development
Box 64, Folder 141992-1993Economic Development Commission, November
Box 64, Folder 151992-1993Economic Development Commission, September-October
Box 65
Box 65, Folder 11992-1993Economic Development Commission, December
Box 65, Folder 21992-1993Economic Development Commission Laws of 1991
Box 65, Folder 31992-1993Economic Initiatives, Office of
Box 65, Folder 41992-1993Education W.S. Department
Box 65, Folder 51992-1993Education Department, January-March 1993
Box 65, Folder 61992-1993Education Department, April-June 1993
Box 65, Folder 71992-1993Education Department, October-December 1992
Box 65, Folder 81992-1993Elderhostel
Box 65, Folder 91992-1993Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 65, Folder 101992-1993Emeritus Faculty
Box 65, Folder 111992-1993Employee Relations Committee
Box 65, Folder 121992-1993Engineering and Physical Sciences, January-June
Box 65, Folder 131992-1993Engineering and Physical Sciences, July-December
Box 65, Folder 141992-1993English Department
Box 65, Folder 151992-1993Enrollment and Enrollment Fee
Box 65, Folder 161992-1993Environmental Network
Box 65, Folder 171992-1993Environmental Safety and Public Security
Box 65, Folder 181992-1993Exchange Programs
Box 66
Box 66, Folder 11992-1993Executive Committee Board of Trustees
Box 66, Folder 21992-1993"F" Misc.
Box 66, Folder 31992-1993Facilities Services
Box 66, Folder 41992-1993Faculty Caucus
Box 66, Folder 51992-1993Faculty Council
Box 66, Folder 61992-1993Finance and Administration, VP
Box 66, Folder 71992-1993Finance Committee for Investments
Box 66, Folder 81992-1993 Financial Affairs Committee, October-December
Box 66, Folder 91992-1993Financial Affairs Committee, January-March
Box 66, Folder 101992-1993Financial Affairs Committee, April-June
Box 66, Folder 111992-1993Financial Affairs Committee, July-September
Box 66, Folder 121992-1993Financial Aid
Box 67
Box 67, Folder 11992-1993First NH Banks
Box 67, Folder 21992-1993Foundation, UNH
Box 67, Folder 31992-1993Franco-American Task Force
Box 67, Folder 41992-1993French and Italian Department
Box 67, Folder 51992-1993Freshman Camp/Orientation
Box 67, Folder 61992-1993"G" Miscellaneous
Box 67, Folder 71992-1993Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Faculty
Box 67, Folder 81992-1993German and Russian Department
Box 67, Folder 91992-1993Geography
Box 67, Folder 101992-1993Governor's Office
Box 67, Folder 111992-1993Graduate School
Box 67, Folder 121992-1993Greatness Letter
Box 67, Folder 131992-1993"H" Miscellaneous
Box 67, Folder 141992-1993Foundation, January-February
Box 68
Box 68, Folder 11992-1993Foundation, March-April
Box 68, Folder 21992-1993Foundation, May-June
Box 68, Folder 31992-1993Foundation, July-August
Box 68, Folder 41992-1993Foundation, September-October
Box 68, Folder 51992-1993Foundation, November-December
Box 68, Folder 61992-1993Health and Human Services
Box 69
Box 69, Folder 11992-1993Health Management and Policy
Box 69, Folder 21992-1993Health Promotion and Research Center
Box 69, Folder 31992-1993Health Services
Box 69, Folder 41992-1993History Department
Box 69, Folder 51992-1993Holloway Award and Miscellaneous
Box 69, Folder 61992-1993Honorary Degrees/Granite State Awards
Box 69, Folder 71992-1993Honors Convocation
Box 69, Folder 81992-1993Honors Program
Box 69, Folder 91992-1993House and Senate Bills
Box 69, Folder 101992-1993Housing and Conference
Box 69, Folder 111992-1993Human Resources (USNH)
Box 69, Folder 121992-1993"I" Miscellaneous
Box 69, Folder 131992-1993Industrial Research Center
Box 69, Folder 141992-1993Institutional Research
Box 70
Box 70, Folder 11992-1993Instructional Services
Box 70, Folder 21992-1993Interactive Television ITV Project
Box 70, Folder 31992-1993International Affairs Commission
Box 70, Folder 41992-1993International Perspectives
Box 70, Folder 51992-1993International Students
Box 70, Folder 61992-1993"J" Miscellaneous
Box 70, Folder 71992-1993Joint Town University
Box 70, Folder 81992-1993"L" Miscellaneous
Box 70, Folder 91992-1993Last Goodbye
Box 70, Folder 101992-1993Leadership Center
Box 71
Box 71, Folder 11992-1993Leadership New Hampshire
Box 71, Folder 21992-1993Legal Affairs
Box 71, Folder 31992-1993Legal Cases
Box 71, Folder 41992-1993Legislature-Federal
Box 71, Folder 51992-1993Legislature-State
Box 71, Folder 61992-1993Liberal Arts-College of
Box 71, Folder 71992-1993Library
Box 71, Folder 81992-1993Life Science and Agriculture-College of
Box 71, Folder 91992-1993"M" Miscellaneous
Box 71, Folder 101992-1993Maine-University of
Box 72
Box 72, Folder 11992-1993Management-Deptartment of
Box 72, Folder 21992-1993Management Information Systems
Box 72, Folder 31992-1993Manchester-UNH at
Box 72, Folder 41992-1993Manchester-UNH at
Box 72, Folder 51992-1993Manchester-UNH at
Box 72, Folder 61992-1993Manufacturing Marketing Research Center
Box 72, Folder 71992-1993Manufacturing Marketing Research Center
Box 72, Folder 81992-1993Manufacturing Marketing Research Center
Box 73
Box 73, Folder 11992-1993Manufacturing Marketing Research Center
Box 73, Folder 21992-1993Marine Program
Box 73, Folder 31992-1993Marshall University
Box 73, Folder 41992-1993Mathematics Department
Box 73, Folder 51992-1993McNair Program
Box 73, Folder 61992-1993Memorial Union Building
Box 73, Folder 71992-1993Microbiology
Box 73, Folder 81992-1993Middle East Policy Council
Box 73, Folder 91992-1993Middle East Policy Council
Box 73, Folder 101992-1993Minority Recruitment
Box 73, Folder 111992-1993Morse Hall Dedication and Scholarship
Box 74
Box 74, Folder 11992-1993Multicultural Center
Box 74, Folder 21992-1993Musuem-UNH
Box 74, Folder 31992-1993Music Department
Box 74, Folder 41992-1993Named Funds Committee
Box 74, Folder 51992-1993NASULGC
Box 74, Folder 61992-1993NASULGC (Div. Of International Affairs)
Box 74, Folder 71992-1993National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
Box 74, Folder 81992-1993National Science Foundation
Box 74, Folder 91992-1993Nature Conservancy
Box 74, Folder 101992-1993New England Council
Box 75
Box 75, Folder 11992-1993New Hampshire College and University Council
Box 75, Folder 21992-1993New Hampshire College and University Council
Box 75, Folder 31992-1993New Hampshire Council on World Affairs
Box 75, Folder 41992-1993New Hampshire Public Television
Box 75, Folder 51992-1993New Hampshire Public Television-Board of Governors
Box 75, Folder 61992-1993New Hampshire Public Television-Board of Governors
Box 75, Folder 71992-1993New Hampshire Public Television-Board of Governors
Box 76
Box 76, Folder 11992-1993New Hampshire Public Television-By-Laws
Box 76, Folder 21992-1993New Hampshire Public Television-Executive Committee
Box 76, Folder 31992-1993New Hampshire State Society
Box 76, Folder 41992-1993New Hampshire Statewide Systemic Initiative
Box 76, Folder 51992-1993New Hampshire Statewide Systemic Initiative
Box 76, Folder 61992-1993Non-Traditional Students
Box 76, Folder 71992-1993Nursing
Box 76, Folder 81992-1993Operating Staff Council
Box 76, Folder 91992-1993Outcomes Assessment Group
Box 76, Folder 101992-1993Parents Association
Box 76, Folder 111992-1993PAT Staff Council
Box 76, Folder 121992-1993PAT/OS Orientation Program
Box 77
Box 77, Folder 11992-1993Pease
Box 77, Folder 21992-1993Pease
Box 77, Folder 31992-1993Personnel
Box 77, Folder 41992-1993Personnel
Box 77, Folder 51992-1993Pettee Medal
Box 77, Folder 61992-1993Physical Education Department
Box 77, Folder 71992-1993Planning Council
Box 77, Folder 81992-1993Planning Council
Box 78
Box 78, Folder 11992-1993Plant Biology
Box 78, Folder 21992-1993Policy Analysis (USNH)
Box 78, Folder 31992-1993Policy and Social Science Dual
Box 78, Folder 41992-1993Political Office
Box 78, Folder 51992-1993Political Science Deptartment
Box 78, Folder 61992-1993UNH/Portsmouth Polytechnic Collaboration
Box 78, Folder 71992-1993Position Vacancies
Box 78, Folder 81992-1993Position Vacancies
Box 78, Folder 91992-1993Post-Seconary Education
Box 78, Folder 101992-1993Premier Magazine
Box 78, Folder 111992-1993President's Cabinet
Box 78, Folder 121992-1993President's House
Box 78, Folder 131992-1993President's Office
Box 79
Box 79, Folder 11992-1993President's Staff
Box 79, Folder 21992-1993Presidential Award of Excellence
Box 79, Folder 31992-1993Prinicpal Administrators, 7/1/92-6/30/93
Box 79, Folder 41992-1993Psychology Deptartment
Box 79, Folder 51992-1993Public Programs and Events
Box 79, Folder 61992-19935% Reallocation
Box 79, Folder 71992-1993Receptions
Box 79, Folder 81992-1993Recycling
Box 79, Folder 91992-1993Recreation Complex
Box 79, Folder 101992-1993Recreation Complex
Box 79, Folder 111992-1993Research and Public Service
Box 79, Folder 121992-1993Research and Public Service
Box 80
Box 80, Folder 11992-1993Research and Public Service
Box 80, Folder 21992-1993Resource Economics and Development
Box 80, Folder 31992-1993Rosenberg Faculty Chair
Box 80, Folder 41980-1984Rosenberg
Box 80, Folder 51980-1984Rosenberg
Box 80, Folder 61985-1988Rosenberg
Box 81
Box 81, Folder 11985-1988Rosenberg
Box 81, Folder 21987-89Rosenberg
Box 81, Folder 31987-89Rosenberg
Box 81, Folder 41987-1989Rosenberg
Box 81, Folder 51986-1988Rosenberg-Balestra
Box 81, Folder 61986-1988Rosenberg-Bouchard
Box 81, Folder 71986-1988Rosenberg-Colanton
Box 81, Folder 81986-1988Rosenberg-Shafmaster
Box 82
Box 82, Folder 11986-1988Rosenberg-Tilton
Box 82, Folder 21992-1993Rosenberg
Box 82, Folder 31992-1993Rotary
Box 82, Folder 41992-1993Ryan-McGinn
Box 82, Folder 51992-1993"S" Miscellaneous
Box 82, Folder 61992-1993Salary Issues
Box 82, Folder 71992-1993Sexual Harrasment
Box 82, Folder 81992-1993Spanish/Classics
Box 82, Folder 91992-1993Sports Council
Box 82, Folder 101992-1993SMART Porject
Box 82, Folder 111992-1993Sponsored Research (Office of)
Box 82, Folder 121992-1993Student Conduct System
Box 82, Folder 131992-1993Teaching Nursing
Box 82, Folder 141992-1993Technical Colleg System/USNH
Box 82, Folder 151992-1993Telecommunications Task Force
Box 82, Folder 161992-1993Theatre and Dance
Box 83
Box 83, Folder 11992-1993Thompson Birthday
Box 83, Folder 21992-1993Thompson Hall Misc.
Box 83, Folder 31992-1993Thompson School
Box 83, Folder 41992-1993Title IX
Box 83, Folder 51992-1993Train Station
Box 83, Folder 61992-1993Truman Scholarship
Box 83, Folder 71992-1993Truman Scholarship
Box 83, Folder 81992-1993Trio
Box 83, Folder 91992-1993Board of Trustees
Box 83, Folder 101992-1993Trustee Action
Box 83, Folder 111992-1993U.S. First
Box 83, Folder 12June 1993Undergraduate Advising Review Committee, Report
Box 84
Box 84, Folder 11992-1993United Way
Box 84, Folder 21992-1993UNH-Hispanic Partnership Council
Box 84, Folder 31992-1993UNH Environmental Policy
Box 84, Folder 41992-1993UROP
Box 84, Folder 51992-1993University Relations
Box 84, Folder 61992-1993UNH Woodlands
Box 84, Folder 71992-1993Vice Chancellor-University Relations
Box 84, Folder 81992-1993"V" Miscellaneous
Box 84, Folder 91992-1993Violence Against Women
Box 84, Folder 101992-1993Voluntary Separation Incentive Plan
Box 84, Folder 111992-1993"W" Miscellaneous
Box 84, Folder 121992-1993Waste Management
Box 84, Folder 131992-1993Whittemore School
Box 84, Folder 141992-1993Whittemore School
Box 85
Box 85, Folder 11992-1993Whittemore School
Box 85, Folder 21992-1993Women's Commission
Box 85, Folder 31992-1993Yankee Conference
Box 85, Folder 41991-1992Outreach Budget-Belknap County
Box 85, Folder 51991-1992Outreach Budget-Carroll County
Box 85, Folder 61991-1992Outreach Budget-Cheshire County
Box 85, Folder 71991-1992Outreach Budget-Coos County
Box 85, Folder 81991-1992Outreach Budget-Hillsboro County
Box 86
Box 86, Folder 11991-1992Outreach Budget-Merrimack County
Box 86, Folder 21991-1992Outreach Budget-Rockingham County
Box 86, Folder 31991-1992Outreach Additional Expenses
Box 86, Folder 41992Deferred Capital Maintenance Project
Box 86, Folder 51992Deferred Capital Maintenance Project
Box 86, Folder 61992-1993Campus Planning
Box 86, Folder 71992-1993Campus Planning
Box 86, Folder 81991Ruth Katz
Box 86, Folder 91987Life Science and Agriculture
Box 86, Folder 101990-1992Total Quality Management
Box 86, Folder 111989-1990Whittemore School
Box 87
Box 87, Folder 11993-1994AAUP Part I
Box 87, Folder 21993-1994AAUP Part II
Box 87, Folder 31993-1994Academic Affairs
Box 87, Folder 41993-1994Administrative Board
Box 87, Folder 51994Administrative Building Part I
Box 88
Box 88, Folder 11994Administrative Building Part II
Box 88, Folder 21993-1994Admissions
Box 88, Folder 31993-1994Affirmative Action
Box 88, Folder 41993-1994Alumni Affairs
Box 88, Folder 51993-1994A Miscellaneous (AFT-Athletic Programs)
Box 89
Box 89, Folder 11983-1986Architectural Services
Box 89, Folder 21976-1988Athletics (Rec Sports and Financial Adm)
Box 89, Folder 31992-1993Atkins, Reginal (Gift w/Copy oF. Will)
Box 89, Folder 41993-1994Audits
Box 89, Folder 51993-1994"B" Miscellaneous (Bidding Process- Browne Outdoor Area)
Box 90
Box 90, Folder 11993-1994"C" Miscellaneous- Campus Planning Part I
Box 90, Folder 21992-1993Campus Planning Part II- CellTech
Box 90, Folder 31993-1994Centennial
Box 90, Folder 41993-1994Centennial, Past Presidents and Sculpture
Box 90, Folder 51993Center for Advanced Science and Technology
Box 90, Folder 61994Center for Education Field Services
Box 90, Folder 71994Chancellor's Office
Box 90, Folder 81993Child Care
Box 91
Box 91, Folder 11993Commencement, December
Box 91, Folder 21994Commencement, May
Box 91, Folder 31993Continuing Education (Division of)
Box 91, Folder 41993Continuing Quality Improvement
Box 91, Folder 51994Co-Operative Extension
Box 91, Folder 61993Coopers and Lybrand (NYCUBO Benchmarking Report)
Box 91, Folder 71993Council for Advancement; Support oF. Education (CASE)
Box 91, Folder 81993-1994Council of Presidents
Box 91, Folder 91992Defense Conversion
Box 91, Folder 101994Department of Resources and Economic Development
Box 91, Folder 111993-1994Disability Institute Office
Box 91, Folder 121992-1993Drug and Alcohol Advisory Committee
Box 91, Folder 131993Earth, Oceans and Space Institute
Box 91, Folder 141994Engineering and Physical Sciences
Box 91, Folder 151994Enrollment
Box 91, Folder 161993Facilities Services
Box 91, Folder 171994Faculty Performance/Productivity
Box 91, Folder 181993Family Owned Business
Box 91, Folder 191993Finance Administration
Box 91, Folder 201993First Year Course
Box 91, Folder 211994Goals 2000
Box 91, Folder 221994Graduate School
Box 91, Folder 231992-1993Hayes Gift
Box 92
Box 92, Folder 11992Honary Degrees and Awards Committee
Box 92, Folder 21987-1992Hyperbaric Chamber
Box 92, Folder 31994Hackett Hill
Box 92, Folder 41994Health and Human Services
Box 92, Folder 51994History Deptartment Newman Award
Box 92, Folder 61994Housing And Conference Deptartment
Box 92, Folder 71993Human Resources (USNH)
Box 92, Folder 81994International Education, Center for
Box 92, Folder 91992"J" Miscellaneous
Box 92, Folder 101993Kappa Sigma Letters
Box 92, Folder 111990Legislative Session materials
Box 92, Folder 121993Legislature - Federal
Box 92, Folder 131993-1994Legislature - State
Box 92, Folder 141993Liberal Arts
Box 92, Folder 151993-1994Library
Box 92, Folder 161990-1993Library Expansion
Box 92, Folder 171988-1990Lubec, Maine Property (1 of 2)
Box 93
Box 93, Folder 11988-1990Lubec, Maine Property (2 of 2)
Box 93, Folder 21993-1994Men's Athletics (soccer jamboree)
Box 93, Folder 31993-1994"M" Miscellaneous
Box 93, Folder 41993-1994UNH-M
Box 93, Folder 51993Marine Program
Box 93, Folder 61994Master Plan
Box 93, Folder 71994McNair Program
Box 93, Folder 81994Mechanical Engineering Deptartment
Box 93, Folder 91993Memorial Union Building
Box 93, Folder 101993-1994Microbiology
Box 93, Folder 111994Minority Issues
Box 93, Folder 121992Musculoskeletal Institute
Box 93, Folder 131993Museum (UNH)
Box 93, Folder 141994Music Deptartment
Box 94
Box 94, Folder 11993Named Funds Committee
Box 94, Folder 2Nature Conservancy Donor List [restricted]
Box 94, Folder 31993-1994New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Site visit and assessment
Box 94, Folder 41994New England Board of Higher Education
Box 94, Folder 51994New England Center
Box 94, Folder 61994New England Council
Box 94, Folder 71994New England College and University Council
Box 94, Folder 81992-1993New Hampshire Public TV
Box 94, Folder 91994Nursing
Box 94, Folder 101994Occupational Therapy
Box 94, Folder 111994Operating Staff Council
Box 94, Folder 121994New Hampshire Public TV Board of Governors
Box 94, Folder 131994News Bureau
Box 94, Folder 141993North American Free Trade Agreement
Box 94, Folder 151992-1994Parents Association
Box 94, Folder 161994Pease Inititative
Box 94, Folder 171994Personnel Services Division
Box 94, Folder 181994Philosophy Deptartment (letter from Timm Triplette)
Box 94, Folder 191994Physical Education Deptartment
Box 94, Folder 201994Plymouth State College
Box 94, Folder 211993-1994Policy and Social Science Research, Insitute for
Box 94, Folder 221993Political Science Deptartment (Think Globally, Act Locally)
Box 95
Box 95, Folder 11990Presidential Search Committee
Box 95, Folder 21990-1994Presidential Search Committee Dinners
Box 95, Folder 31992President's State Outreach Program
Box 95, Folder 41993Programatic Review
Box 95, Folder 51994Programatic Review
Box 95, Folder 61994Programatic Review: Report of the Social Work Program
Box 95, Folder 7[1994]Programatic Review: Entomology Deptartment
Box 95, Folder 81993Programmatic Displacement Action
Box 95, Folder 91994Radioactive and Hazzardous Materials
Box 95, Folder 101994Recreation and Sports Center
Box 95, Folder 111991Research and Graduate Education, Commission on
Box 96
Box 96, Folder 11993Reallocation Plan (5%)
Box 96, Folder 21993-1994Research and Public Service, VP for
Box 96, Folder 31993Shoals Marine Laboratory
Box 96, Folder 41993-1994Small Business and DEvelopment Center (SBDC)
Box 96, Folder 51993SMART, Project
Box 96, Folder 61993-1994Social Work
Box 96, Folder 71990-1992South Africa
Box 96, Folder 81993Spaulding Fund
Box 96, Folder 91990-1992South Africa
Box 96, Folder 101993Spaulding Fund
Box 96, Folder 111992-1993Sponsored Research, Office of
Box 96, Folder 121992-1993Staff Professional Development Grant Program
Box 96, Folder 131993-1994Student Activities, Office of
Box 96, Folder 141993Talent Seach Program Review
Box 96, Folder 151992-1994Thompson School of Applied Sciences
Box 96, Folder 161993-1994Title IX
Box 96, Folder 171993-1994Tourism Program
Box 96, Folder 181994Transportation Services
Box 96, Folder 191994Trustees (Jan-March)
Box 96, Folder 201993Trustees
Box 96, Folder 211993-1994Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
Box 96, Folder 221993University of Connecticut
Box 96, Folder 231993-1994UNH 100 Club
Box 96, Folder 241993University Club
Box 96, Folder 251993-1994UNH Foundation
Box 97
Box 97, Folder 11985University Policy - on PAT Professional Leaves
Box 97, Folder 21994Water Treatment Technology Center
Box 97, Folder 31993-1993Whittemore School
Box 97, Folder 41994Whittemore School - Rosenburg Chair
Box 97, Folder 51993-1994Women's Commission - Women's Endowment Fund
Box 97, Folder 61993-1994Women's Commission Climate Study Taskforce [aka Gender Equity Climate Taskforce]
Box 97, Folder 71993Women's Studies Program
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