Arthur S. Adams Papers, 1948-1950

Collection number: UA 2/1/10
Size: 28 boxes (9.24 cu.ft.)

About Arthur S. Adams

Arthur Stanton Adams was born in Winchester, Massachusetts on July 1, 1896. He attended Norwich University in Vermont and was an honor graduate at the U.S. Submarine School in New London, Connecticut. After graduating, he served briefly on a submarine, retiring for health reasons. Returning to school, Adams received an A.M. in physics from the University of California and a Sc.D. in metallurgy from the Colorado School of Mines. He was to become the first president of U.N.H. with a science background.

Adams' teaching and administrative background was quite varied. He served in several positions as a Naval Officer from 1919 to 1920. He taught as a Visiting Professor in Physics at the University of California in 1929 and then as an Associate Professor and a Full Professor of Metallurgy at the Colorado School of Mines. In 1941 he became an Assistant Dean of Engineering at Cornell and Secretary to the Engineering Experiment Station at the same time. He was recalled by the Navy to administer its V12 Program and to serve as the Director of Field Administration Training. He returned to academia in 1945 as the Provost of Cornell.

Adams left Cornell in June of 1948 to assume the position of President of the University of New Hampshire. Although budget deficits were the first problem that Adams confronted, the issue of Academic Freedom was the most significant difficulty he faced. Several incidents on campus brought the University criticism by the Manchester Union Leader. It charged that several student groups had tried to get communist speakers on campus. Furthermore it charged that two faculty members were communists. In January of 1949, State Representative Harold Hart initiated efforts to investigate the University and to administer a loyalty oath to faculty members. Adams gained some national attention for his defense of University policy and Academic Freedom in his testimony before the legislative committee examining Hart's bills. The investigation stalled but the loyalty oath was passed and remained in effect as Hart had submitted it through the '60s.

Adams left the University in December of 1950 to accept an appointment as President of the American Council on Education. After this position, Adams served as the President of the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies. He returned to New Hampshire and served as a consultant to the President of U.N.H.(1965-1968) and as a consultant to the New England Center for Continuing Education (1968-1976). Adams died in Durham on November 18, 1980.

About the Arthur S. Adams Papers

The Papers of Arthur Stanton Adams cover the years 1948 to 1950. Materials include NH Legislature activity on Communist Activity Investigation, trustee meetings, and religion.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Arthur S. Adams Papers, 1948-1950, UA 2/1/10, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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President's office, 2/15/1993

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11948-1949UNH "A"
Box 1, Folder 21948-1949President Adams, Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 31948-1949UNH Agriculture: Applied Farming
Box 1, Folder 41948-1949Agricultural College: Financial Reports
Box 1, Folder 51948-1949UNH Agriculture: Home Economics
Box 1, Folder 61948-1949UNH Alumni (Individual)
Box 1, Folder 71948-1949UNH Alumni Association
Box 1, Folder 81948-1949UNH Alumni Clubs
Box 1, Folder 91948-1949UNH Alumni: Publications Text
Box 1, Folder 101948-1949UNH Alumni Secretary
Box 1, Folder 111948-1949Annual Report, Fees, Budget and Invoices
Box 1, Folder 121948-1949UNH Athletics: General
Box 1, Folder 131948-1949UNH Athletics: Director Lundholm, Men
Box 1, Folder 141948-1949UNH Audio-Visual
Box 1, Folder 151948-1949UNH "B"
Box 1, Folder 161948-1949UNH Budget: Executive and Trustee
Box 1, Folder 171948-1949UNH Bureau of Government Research
Box 1, Folder 181948-1949UNH "C"
Box 1, Folder 191948-1949Campus Development - Memorial Union
Box 1, Folder 201948-1949Campus Development - Technology Building
Box 1, Folder 211948-1949College Chest Fund
Box 1, Folder 221948-1949Commencement
Box 1, Folder 231948-1949Commencement Committee Budget and Requisitions
Box 1, Folder 241948-1949UNH "D"
Box 1, Folder 251948-1949UNH Dad's Day
Box 1, Folder 261948-1949UNH Dean of Men: W.A. Medesy
Box 1, Folder 271948-1949UNH Dean of Women: R.J. Woodruff
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11948-1949Dean's Conference: Minutes
Box 2, Folder 21948-1949UNH Dean's Meeting: Minutes and Agenda
Box 2, Folder 31948-1949UNH - Department of Education
Box 2, Folder 41948-1949UNH "E"
Box 2, Folder 51948-1949Examinations (up to 1948)
Box 2, Folder 61948-1949UNH Executive Committee: College of Liberal Arts
Box 2, Folder 71948-1949UNH Extension: Agriculture and Home Economics, Director
Box 2, Folder 81948-1949UNH Extension: University Director, H.B. Stevens
Box 2, Folder 91948-1949Extension Courses
Box 2, Folder 101948-1949UNH "F"
Box 2, Folder 111948-1949Faculty and Staff
Box 2, Folder 121948-1949UNH Faculty: General Notices
Box 2, Folder 131948-1949UNH Faculty Meetings
Box 2, Folder 141948-1949UNH Founder's Day
Box 2, Folder 151948-1949UNH French Day
Box 2, Folder 161948-1949UNH Freshman Orientation
Box 2, Folder 171948-1949UNH "G"
Box 2, Folder 181948-1949UNH "G": Grob
Box 2, Folder 191948-1949UNH: General
Box 2, Folder 201948-1949UNH: Gifts
Box 2, Folder 211948-1949UNH: Grants and Trusts
Box 2, Folder 221948-1949UNH: Graduate School
Box 2, Folder 231948-1949UNH Graduate School: Dean
Box 2, Folder 241948-1949UNH Graduate School: General
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11948-1949UNH "H"
Box 3, Folder 21948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, June 1-9, 1949
Box 3, Folder 31948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, May 1949
Box 3, Folder 41948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, April 1949
Box 3, Folder 51948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, March 1949
Box 3, Folder 61948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, February 1949
Box 3, Folder 71948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, January 1949
Box 3, Folder 81948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, December 1948
Box 3, Folder 91948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, November 1948
Box 3, Folder 101948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, October 1948
Box 3, Folder 111948-1949UNH Health Services: Hood House Reports, September, August, July 1948
Box 3, Folder 121948-1949UNH Health Services: Medical and Hospital Expenditures
Box 3, Folder 131948-1949UNH Health Services: University Physician
Box 3, Folder 141948-1949UNH Health Services: University Physician, (candidates)
Box 3, Folder 151948-1949UNH Honors Convocation
Box 3, Folder 161948-1949Honors (Spring 1949): Business Office Correspondence, etc.
Box 3, Folder 171948-1949UNH Housing: Occupancy Reports
Box 3, Folder 181948-1949UNH Housing: Veterans (Transfer of PHA Vet. Housing under Public Law 796)
Box 3, Folder 191948-1949UNH Housing: Veterans, General
Box 3, Folder 201948-1949Inauguration of President Adams: H.B. Stevens File
Box 3, Folder 211948-1949Inauguration, Adams (October 7,8,9, 1948): Alumni Participation
Box 3, Folder 221948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Arrangements
Box 3, Folder 231948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Budget
Box 3, Folder 241948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Chrono
Box 3, Folder 251948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Committee
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Committee Meeting Minutes and Memoranda
Box 4, Folder 21948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Guest Lists
Box 4, Folder 31948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Invitations and Printing
Box 4, Folder 41948-1949Inauguration, Adams: President's Office Notes
Box 4, Folder 51948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Program Committee Chairman
Box 4, Folder 61948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Public Relations
Box 4, Folder 71948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Registration and Hospitality
Box 4, Folder 81948-1949Inauguration, Adams: ASA Personal List
Box 4, Folder 91948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Speakers - Accepted
Box 4, Folder 101948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Speakers - Declined
Box 4, Folder 111948-1949Inauguration, Adams: Symposium, Inauguration Text
Box 4, Folder 121948-1949Insurance Forms
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11948-1949UNH Invitations and Announcements: A-C
Box 5, Folder 21948-1949UNH Invitations and Announcements: C-G
Box 5, Folder 31948-1949UNH Invitations and Announcements: H-N
Box 5, Folder 41948-1949UNH Invitations and Announcements: O-P
Box 5, Folder 51948-1949UNH Invitations and Announcements: P-V
Box 5, Folder 61948-1949UNH Invitations and Announcements: V-Z
Box 5, Folder 71948-1949UNH "J"
Box 5, Folder 81948-1949UNH "K"
Box 5, Folder 91948-1949de Kiewiet Reactions (including Diogenes Ulysses)
Box 5, Folder 101948-1949UNH "L"
Box 5, Folder 111948-1949UNH Liberal Arts College: Dean
Box 5, Folder 121948-1949UNH Liberal Arts College: General
Box 5, Folder 131948-1949UNH Liberal Arts: Faculty
Box 5, Folder 141948-1949UNH Liberal Arts: Policies Com.
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11948-1949UNH Library
Box 6, Folder 21948-1949UNH Library: "News, Notes and Recent Accessions"
Box 6, Folder 31948-1949Library, Report of a Survey on
Box 6, Folder 41948-1949Lists
Box 6, Folder 51948-1949UNH "M"
Box 6, Folder 61948-1949UNH Memorial Union Building
Box 6, Folder 71948-1949UNH Memorial Union: Procedure Suggestions
Box 6, Folder 81948-1949UNH Memorial Union Planning Com.
Box 6, Folder 91948-1949UNH Military Department
Box 6, Folder 101948-1949UNH Military - Armory
Box 6, Folder 111948-1949Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 121948-1949UNH Mother's Day
Box 6, Folder 131948-1949UNH Music Department
Box 6, Folder 141948-1949UNH Music Department: Record Albums
Box 6, Folder 151948-1949UNH "N"
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11948-1949NH Legislature: Addresses before March 29, 1949 (work material)
Box 7, Folder 21948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH, Indexed File #1
Box 7, Folder 31948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH, Indexed File #2
Box 7, Folder 41948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH, Daggett - Rideout
Box 7, Folder 51948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH, Other Schools and Colleges
Box 7, Folder 61948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH, Student Council Report and Misc. Bills
Box 7, Folder 71948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH, Testimony and Relevant Correspondence (February 1949)
Box 7, Folder 81948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH, Work Material for Testimony- UNH Committee
Box 7, Folder 91948-1949NH Legislature Investigation: Rumored Communistic Activities, UNH - Work Material for Testimony ASA
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11948-1949Notes and Letters, Programs (memos)
Box 8, Folder 21948-1949UNH "O"
Box 8, Folder 31948-1949UNH "P
Box 8, Folder 41948-1949Papers Relating to President Adams' Inauguration
Box 8, Folder 51948-1949UNH Patent Policy
Box 8, Folder 61948-1949UNH Patent Policy
Box 8, Folder 71948-1949UNH Peace Conference
Box 8, Folder 81948-1949Personnel Letters of Appointment, Welcome, Resignation, etc.
Box 8, Folder 91948-1949Personnel Reports
Box 8, Folder 101948-1949Personnel Study
Box 8, Folder 111948-1949Planning and Development Committee - Notebook Contents
Box 8, Folder 121948-1949UNH Political Activity: Campus
Box 8, Folder 131948-1949UNH Personnel: Policy (contracts, etc.)
Box 8, Folder 141948-1949UNH Placement Dept.
Box 8, Folder 151948-1949UNH Political Activity
Box 8, Folder 161948-1949UNH Properties: Superintendent of
Box 8, Folder 171948-1949UNH Properties: Transactions
Box 8, Folder 181948-1949UNH Public Information: Clippings, Reports
Box 8, Folder 191948-1949UNH Public Information: Miscellaneous
Box 8, Folder 201948-1949UNH Public Information: Newspapers Correspondence
Box 8, Folder 211948-1949UNH Public Information: Releases
Box 8, Folder 221948-1949UNH Publications
Box 8, Folder 231948-1949Questionnaires
Box 8, Folder 241948-1949Questionnaires
Box 8, Folder 251948-1949UNH "R"
Box 8, Folder 261948-1949UNH Religion
Box 8, Folder 271948-1949UNH Religion
Box 8, Folder 281948-1949UNH Religion
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11948-1949UNH Research Contracts - NORD
Box 9, Folder 21948-1949UNH Research Contracts - ONR
Box 9, Folder 31948-1949UNH Research : Social Science Research Council Project - Holder
Box 9, Folder 41948-1949UNH Room Assignments - Conferences and Committee Meetings.
Box 9, Folder 51948-1949UNH "S"
Box 9, Folder 61948-1949UNH Safety
Box 9, Folder 71948-1949UNH Scholarships
Box 9, Folder 81948-1949UNH Senate
Box 9, Folder 91948-1949UNH Senate Committee on Committees
Box 9, Folder 101948-1949Senate Committee on Student Organizations
Box 9, Folder 111948-1949Statements by Others
Box 9, Folder 121948-1949Statements by President Adams
Box 9, Folder 131941-1949Statements on Academic Freedom
Box 9, Folder 141948-1949Stencils
Box 9, Folder 151948-1949UNH Student Administration: Admissions Applications
Box 9, Folder 161948-1949UNH Student Administration: Admissions Applications
Box 9, Folder 171948-1949UNH Student Administration: Dean E.B. Sackett
Box 9, Folder 181948-1949UNH Student Miscellaneous
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11948-1949UNH Student AD.: Enrollment
Box 10, Folder 21948-1949UNH Student AD.: Recorder
Box 10, Folder 31948-1949UNH Student-Faculty Organizations: Fraternities, Honorary-Prof.
Box 10, Folder 41948-1949UNH Student-Faculty Organizations: Miscellaneous, Senate Committees, Sororities
Box 10, Folder 51948-1949Study, Salary Distribution: Faculty, Clerical Staff
Box 10, Folder 61948-1949Studies: Miscellaneous
Box 10, Folder 71948-1949Study: Size of Sections, College of Technology
Box 10, Folder 81948-1949UNH Summer Session
Box 10, Folder 91948-1949UNH Surplus Property
Box 10, Folder 101948-1949UNH "T"
Box 10, Folder 111948-1949UNH Technology, College: Dean L.E. Seeley
Box 10, Folder 121948-1949UNH Technology, College: General
Box 10, Folder 131948-1949UNH Travel
Box 10, Folder 141948-1949Treasurer: R.C. Magrath
Box 10, Folder 151948-1949UNH Treasurer: Financial Report
Box 10, Folder 161948-1949Treasurer (Trustees): Personnel Changes, June 18, 1948-December 31, 1948
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11948-1949Treasurer (Trustees): Personnel Changes, January 1949-June 1949
Box 11, Folder 21948-1949Trustees
Box 11, Folder 31948-1949Trustees: Adams, Sherman
Box 11, Folder 41948-1949Trustees: Baker, Albert S.
Box 11, Folder 51948-1949Trustees: Burns, Stanley M.
Box 11, Folder 61948-1949Trustees: Dale, Charles M.
Box 11, Folder 71948-1949Trustees: Knox, William E.
Box 11, Folder 81948-1949Trustees: Moreau, Arthur E.
Box 11, Folder 91948-1949Trustees: Sawyer, Harry D.
Box 11, Folder 101948-1949Trustees: Waldron, Jeremy R.
Box 11, Folder 111948-1949Trustee Committee: Executive
Box 11, Folder 121948-1949Trustee Committee: Alumni Relations
Box 11, Folder 131948-1949Trustee Committee: Property
Box 11, Folder 141948-1949Trustee Committee: Personnel Reports
Box 11, Folder 151948-1949Trustee Committee: Planning and Development
Box 11, Folder 161948-1949Trustee Meetings
Box 11, Folder 171948-1949Trustee Meeting: July 17, 1948
Box 11, Folder 181948-1949Trustee Meeting: September 18, 1948
Box 11, Folder 191948-1949Trustee Meeting: October 23, 1948
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11948-1949Trustee Meeting: October 29, 1948
Box 12, Folder 21948-1949Trustee Meeting: December 11, 1948
Box 12, Folder 31948-1949Trustee Meeting: January 15, 1949
Box 12, Folder 41948-1949Trustee Meeting: February 19, 1949
Box 12, Folder 51948-1949Trustee Meeting: March 19, 1949
Box 12, Folder 61948-1949Trustee Meeting: April 13, 1949
Box 12, Folder 71948-1949Trustee Meeting: May 21, 1949
Box 12, Folder 81948-1949Trustee Meeting: June 19, 1949
Box 12, Folder 91948-1949Trustee Minutes
Box 12, Folder 101948-1949Trustees, to Several Members of the Board
Box 12, Folder 111948-1949Tuition and Room Fees
Box 12, Folder 121948-1949University Day
Box 12, Folder 131948-1949University Publications - Classified Lists of Bulletins (Range 1946-1949)
Box 12, Folder 141948-1949"V"
Box 12, Folder 151948-1949"W"
Box 12, Folder 161948-1949Weekly Letter
Box 12, Folder 171948-1949""X", "Y", "Z"
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11949-1950"A"
Box 13, Folder 21949-1950General "A"
Box 13, Folder 31949-1950Agriculture - Applied Farming
Box 13, Folder 41949-1950Agriculture - Dean
Box 13, Folder 51949-1950Agriculture - Dean
Box 13, Folder 61949-1950Agriculture - Dean
Box 13, Folder 71949-1950Agriculture - Miscellaneous
Box 13, Folder 81949-1950Alumni Association
Box 13, Folder 91949-1950Alumni Clubs
Box 13, Folder 101949-1950Alumni - Dimond, Sydney
Box 13, Folder 111949-1950Alumni (Individual)
Box 13, Folder 121949-1950Alumni - Kenny, Lewis H.
Box 13, Folder 131949-1950Alumni - Publications
Box 13, Folder 141949-1950Alumni - Secretary
Box 13, Folder 151949-1950Armistice Day
Box 13, Folder 161949-1950Athletics - Director Beckwith (Women)
Box 13, Folder 171949-1950Athletics - Director Lundholm (Men)
Box 13, Folder 181949-1950Athletics - General
Box 13, Folder 191949-1950Atomic Energy Commission Contract (Range: 1950-52)
Box 13, Folder 201949-1950Audio Visual
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11949-1950"B"
Box 14, Folder 21949-1950General "B"
Box 14, Folder 31949-1950Budget - Appropriation Cuts
Box 14, Folder 41949-1950Budget - Appropriation Cuts
Box 14, Folder 51949-1950Budget - Department Recommendations
Box 14, Folder 61949-1950Budget - Executive and Trustee
Box 14, Folder 71949-1950Building Repairs and Improvements Recommended
Box 14, Folder 81949-1950"C"
Box 14, Folder 91949-1950General "C"
Box 14, Folder 101949-1950Campus Development - Architectural Advisory Council
Box 14, Folder 111949-1950Campus Development - Building Program General
Box 14, Folder 121949-1950Campus Development - Dormitories: Men, Women
Box 14, Folder 131949-1950Campus Development - Library
Box 14, Folder 141949-1950Campus Development - Memorial Union
Box 14, Folder 151949-1950Campus Development - Memorial Union
Box 14, Folder 161949-1950Campus Development - Memorial Union
Box 14, Folder 171949-1950Campus Development - Technology Building
Box 14, Folder 181949-1950Campus Development - Technology Building
Box 14, Folder 191949-1950Campus Development - Technology Building
Box 14, Folder 201949-1950Chrono - Office of the Secretary: December 1, 1949 - January 31, 1950
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11949-1950Chrono - Office of the Secretary: May 1, 1950 - June 30, 1950
Box 15, Folder 21949-1950Chrono - Office of the Secretary: Feb. 1, 1950 - April 30, 1950
Box 15, Folder 31949-1950Commencement
Box 15, Folder 41949-1950Commencement - Arrangements
Box 15, Folder 51949-1950Commencement - Baccalaureate; Clergy Participation
Box 15, Folder 61949-1950Commencement - General
Box 15, Folder 71949-1950Commencement - Instructions
Box 15, Folder 81949-1950Commencement - Lists
Box 15, Folder 91949-1950Commencement - Students Excused
Box 15, Folder 101949-1951Committee on Committees
Box 15, Folder 111949-1950Committees - Dad's Day
Box 15, Folder 121949-1950Committees - Founder's Day
Box 15, Folder 131949-1950Committees - Fraternity Survey
Box 15, Folder 141949-1950Committees - Fraternity Survey
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11949-1950Committees - Homecoming
Box 16, Folder 21949-1950Committees - Kingsbury Hall
Box 16, Folder 31949-1950Committees - Leadership
Box 16, Folder 41949-1950Committees - Lectures and Concerts, work material
Box 16, Folder 51949-1950Committees - Memorial Union Planning
Box 16, Folder 61949-1950Committees - University Day
Box 16, Folder 71949-1950Cultural Enrichment
Box 16, Folder 81949-1950"D"
Box 16, Folder 91949-1950General "D"
Box 16, Folder 101949-1950Dean of Men
Box 16, Folder 111949-1950Dean of Women
Box 16, Folder 121949-1950Dean's Conference, Minutes and Agenda
Box 16, Folder 131949-1950Dramatics
Box 16, Folder 141949-1950"E"
Box 16, Folder 151949-1950General "E"
Box 16, Folder 161949-1950Education, Department of
Box 16, Folder 171949-1950Engineering Building - Laying Cornerstone, Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 181949-1950Executive Budget Analysis
Box 16, Folder 191949-1950Extension - Agriculture and Home Economics, General
Box 16, Folder 201949-1950Extension, University - Conferences and Institutes
Box 16, Folder 211949-1950Extension, University - Director
Box 16, Folder 221949-1950Extension and Extra Mural Courses
Box 16, Folder 231949-1950Extension, University - General
Box 16, Folder 241949-1950Extension, University - General, Electric Contract
Box 16, Folder 251949-1950"F"
Box 16, Folder 261949-1950Faculty Club
Box 16, Folder 271949-1950Faculty General Notes
Box 16, Folder 281949-1950Faculty Meetings
Box 16, Folder 291949-1950Faculty Reception
Box 16, Folder 301949-1950Farm and Home Week
Box 16, Folder 311949-1950Fire Control Survey, Report to State Fire Marshall
Box 16, Folder 321949-1950Foreign Students
Box 16, Folder 331949-1950French Day
Box 16, Folder 341949-1950Freshman Orientation
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11949-1950"G"
Box 17, Folder 21949-1950Geology - Weather Reports
Box 17, Folder 31949-1950Gifts - Equipment; Misc.; Reports to Trustees
Box 17, Folder 41949-1950Gifts - Grants; Trusts; Foundation; Endowment Funds
Box 17, Folder 51949-1950Graduate School - Dean
Box 17, Folder 61949-1950Graduate School - Executive Council
Box 17, Folder 71949-1950"H"
Box 17, Folder 81949-1950General "H"
Box 17, Folder 91949-1950Health Service - Hood House Reports
Box 17, Folder 101949-1950Health Service - Medical and Hospital Expenditures
Box 17, Folder 111949-1950Health Service - University Physician
Box 17, Folder 121949-1950Honors - Awards Spring 1949
Box 17, Folder 131949-1950Honors Convocation
Box 17, Folder 141949-1950Honors Convocation May 25
Box 17, Folder 151949-1950Honors Convocation - Spring 1950 - Program, Citations, Etc.
Box 17, Folder 161949-1950Housing - Occupancy Reports
Box 17, Folder 171949-1950Insurance - Group and Student
Box 17, Folder 181949-1950"J"
Box 17, Folder 191949-1950"K"
Box 17, Folder 201949-1950General "K"
Box 17, Folder 211949-1950Frances Parkinson Keys - Honorary Degree, Citation and Material (Sample)
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11949-1950Leadership Seminar Suggestions
Box 18, Folder 21949-1950Liberal Arts - Dean
Box 18, Folder 31949-1950Liberal Arts - General
Box 18, Folder 41949-1950Library
Box 18, Folder 51949-1950Library - "News, Notes and Recent Accessions"
Box 18, Folder 61949-1950Lists
Box 18, Folder 71949-1950"M"
Box 18, Folder 81949-1950General "M"
Box 18, Folder 91949-1950Memorial Union, Building Program for the New Hampshire
Box 18, Folder 101949-1950Military Department
Box 18, Folder 111949-1950Miscellaneous - LFC
Box 18, Folder 121949-1950Miscellaneous - LFC
Box 18, Folder 131949-1950Miscellaneous - LFC
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11949-1950Museum
Box 19, Folder 21949-1950Music Department
Box 19, Folder 31949-1950Music Department - Pops Concert
Box 19, Folder 41949-1950"N"
Box 19, Folder 51949-1950General "N"
Box 19, Folder 61949-1950Nutrition
Box 19, Folder 71949-1950"O"
Box 19, Folder 81949-1950Occupational Therapy
Box 19, Folder 91949-1950"P"
Box 19, Folder 101949-1950Patent Policy
Box 19, Folder 111949-1950Personnel Changes - c.c. Treasurer
Box 19, Folder 121949-1950Personnel - Faculty, Staff Lists
Box 19, Folder 131949-1950Personnel - Miscellaneous
Box 19, Folder 141949-1950Personnel Policy (Contracts, Etc.)
Box 19, Folder 151949-1950Personnel Reports
Box 19, Folder 161949-1950Personnel Retirement
Box 19, Folder 171949-1950Personnel - Summer Employment; Sponsored Research Grant Projects
Box 19, Folder 181949-1950Phi Beta Kappa
Box 19, Folder 191949-1950Placement Department
Box 19, Folder 201949-1950President's Greetings and Statements
Box 19, Folder 211949-1950President's Office - Administrative Assistant
Box 19, Folder 221949-1950President's Office - Miscellaneous
Box 19, Folder 231949-1950President's Report
Box 19, Folder 241949-1950Printing
Box 19, Folder 251949-1950Prizes and Awards
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11949-1950Property Transactions
Box 20, Folder 21949-1950Properties, Superintendent
Box 20, Folder 31949-1950Public Information-clippings, reports
Box 20, Folder 41949-1950Public Information-miscellaneous
Box 20, Folder 51949-1950Public Information-newspapers, correspondence
Box 20, Folder 61949-1950Public Information-releases
Box 20, Folder 71949-1950Public Relations
Box 20, Folder 81949-1950Publications
Box 20, Folder 91949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication (December 10, 1949) Acceptances, regrets, congrats
Box 20, Folder 101949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication (December 10, 1949) Alumni and Student Participation
Box 20, Folder 111949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication (December 10, 1949) Arrangements and Finances
Box 20, Folder 121949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication-committees, minutes
Box 20, Folder 131949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication
Box 20, Folder 141949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication-invitations, registration, hospitality
Box 20, Folder 151949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication-invitations, registration, hospitality
Box 20, Folder 161949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication-Program, public relations
Box 20, Folder 171949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication-speakers, speeches
Box 20, Folder 181949-1950Putnam Hall Dedication-speeches
Box 20, Folder 191949-1950Questionnaires
Box 20, Folder 201949-1950"R"
Box 20, Folder 211949-1950 Religion (Commission on College Work)
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11949-1950Religion
Box 21, Folder 21949-1950Religion-United Protestant Association
Box 21, Folder 31949-1950Religion-United Protestant Association
Box 21, Folder 41949-1950Requisitions-Executive (Official Entertainment)
Box 21, Folder 51949-1950Requisitions-Roadside improvement
Box 21, Folder 61949-1950Requisitions-Trustees
Box 21, Folder 71949-1950Research Coordinator
Box 21, Folder 81949-1950Research-Council on Sponsored Research
Box 21, Folder 91949-1950Research-Memorandum of Agreement
Box 21, Folder 101949-1950Research-Policy on Sponsored Research
Box 21, Folder 111949-1950Research Projects
Box 21, Folder 121949-1950Research Projects
Box 21, Folder 131949-1950Research Projects
Box 21, Folder 141949-1950Research-Social Science Research
Box 21, Folder 151949-1950"S"
Box 21, Folder 161949-1950"S"
Box 21, Folder 171949-1950Safety
Box 21, Folder 181949-1950Scholarships
Box 21, Folder 191949-1950Scholarships-Foreign Study (Fulbright and Rhodes)
Box 21, Folder 201949-1950Secretary
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11949-1950Secretary, Appointment of Congratulations
Box 22, Folder 21949-1950Senate
Box 22, Folder 31949-1950Senate Committee on Student Organizations
Box 22, Folder 41949-1950Student Admissions-applications
Box 22, Folder 51949-1950Students-Admissions Office
Box 22, Folder 61949-1950Students-Counseling Department
Box 22, Folder 71949-1950Students-Dean
Box 22, Folder 81949-1950Students-Enrollment
Box 22, Folder 91949-1950Students-Recorder
Box 22, Folder 101949-1950Student/Faculty Organization
Box 22, Folder 111949-1950Students
Box 22, Folder 121949-1950Summer Session
Box 22, Folder 131949-1950Summer Session-Director
Box 22, Folder 141949-1950"T"
Box 22, Folder 151949-1950"T"
Box 22, Folder 161949-1950Technology-Dean
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 11949-1950Technology
Box 23, Folder 21949-1950Travel
Box 23, Folder 31949-1950Travel Bureau Requests
Box 23, Folder 41949-1950Trustees
Box 23, Folder 51949-1950Trustees
Box 23, Folder 61949-1950Trustee Meeting-August 16, 1949
Box 23, Folder 71949-1950Trustee Meeting-September 17, 1949
Box 23, Folder 81949-1950Trustee Meeting-October 29, 1949
Box 23, Folder 91949-1950Trustee Meeting-November 19, 1949
Box 23, Folder 101949-1950Trustee Meeting-May 20, 1950
Box 23, Folder 111949-1950Trustee Minutes
Box 23, Folder 121949-1950United Nations Day
Box 23, Folder 131949-1950"W"
Box 23, Folder 141949-1950Waves of Green
Box 23, Folder 151949-1950"X", "Y", and "Z"
Box 23, Folder 161949-1950"X", "Y", and "Z"
Box 23, Folder 171949-1950Miscellaneous Reports
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 11948-1950"A"
Box 24, Folder 21948-1950Higher Education and National Affairs
Box 24, Folder 31948-1950Alcoholism
Box 24, Folder 41948-1950American Council on Education
Box 24, Folder 51948-1950Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities (ALGCU)-Circular Letters
Box 24, Folder 61948-1950ALGCU-circular letters
Box 24, Folder 71948-1950ALGCU-circular letters
Box 24, Folder 81948-1950ALGCU-circular letters
Box 24, Folder 91948-1950ALGCU
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11948-1950ALGCU-Annual Conventions
Box 25, Folder 21948-1950Anonymous
Box 25, Folder 31948-1950Army
Box 25, Folder 41948-1950Association Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions
Box 25, Folder 51948-1950Association of American Colleges
Box 25, Folder 61948-1950"B"
Box 25, Folder 71948-1950"B"
Box 25, Folder 81948-1950"C"
Box 25, Folder 91948-1950Congressmen and Senators
Box 25, Folder 101948-1950"D"
Box 25, Folder 111948-1950Durham, Town of
Box 25, Folder 121948-1950"E"
Box 25, Folder 131948-1950Emergency
Box 25, Folder 141948-1950Emergency
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11948-1950"F"
Box 26, Folder 21948-1950"G"
Box 26, Folder 31948-1950"H"
Box 26, Folder 41948-1950"I"
Box 26, Folder 51948-1950"J"
Box 26, Folder 61948-1950"K"
Box 26, Folder 71948-1950"L"
Box 26, Folder 81948-1950"M"
Box 26, Folder 91948-1950"M"
Box 26, Folder 101948-1950National Association of State Universities
Box 26, Folder 111948-1950National Collegiate Athletic Association
Box 26, Folder 121948-1950National Committee on Accrediting
Box 26, Folder 131948-1950National Education Association
Box 26, Folder 141948-1950National Research Council
Box 26, Folder 151948-1950National Safety Education
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11948-1950Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation
Box 27, Folder 21948-1950New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 27, Folder 31948-1949New England Commission on Educational Institutions
Box 27, Folder 41948-1949New England Council
Box 27, Folder 51948-1950New England Council
Box 27, Folder 61948-1950New England Land Grant
Box 27, Folder 71948-1950New Hampshire Conference on Social Welfare and New Hampshire Citizens Council
Box 27, Folder 81948-1950New Hampshire Conference on Social Welfare and New Hampshire Citizens Council
Box 27, Folder 91948-1950New Hampshire Conference on Social Welfare and New Hampshire Citizens Council
Box 27, Folder 101948-1950New Hampshire Conference on Social Welfare and New Hampshire Citizens Council
Box 27, Folder 111949-1950New Hampshire English Speaking Union
Box 27, Folder 121949-1950New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation
Box 27, Folder 131948-1950New Hampshire Interscholastic Basketball Association
Box 27, Folder 141949-1950New Hampshire Manufacturer's Association
Box 27, Folder 151948-1950New Hampshire Mills Dealers Association
Box 27, Folder 161948-1950New Hampshire, miscellaneous
Box 27, Folder 171948-1949New Hampshire State Board of Education
Box 27, Folder 181949-1950New Hampshire State Departments
Box 27, Folder 191949-1950New Hampshire State Reorganization Commission Joint Committee on Teacher Education
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11948-1949New Hampshire State Office
Box 28, Folder 21949-1950New Hampshire State Government-Film
Box 28, Folder 31948-1950Northern New England School of Religious Education
Box 28, Folder 41948-1950"O"
Box 28, Folder 51948-1950"P"
Box 28, Folder 61948-1950"R"
Box 28, Folder 71949-1950Roadside Improvement Contest
Box 28, Folder 81948-1950"S"
Box 28, Folder 91948-1950School of Advanced International Studies
Box 28, Folder 101948-1950Standish, Ayer and McKay
Box 28, Folder 111948-1950"T"
Box 28, Folder 121948-1950"U"
Box 28, Folder 131948-1950U.S. Departments
Box 28, Folder 141948-1950U.S. Office of Education
Box 28, Folder 151948-1950"V"
Box 28, Folder 161948-1950"W"
Box 28, Folder 171948-1950"X", "Y", and "Z"
Box 28, Folder 181948-1950Yankee Conference
Box 28, Folder 191948-1950Yankee Conference
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