For Distance Students

As remote learners, you have access to hundreds of thousands of full-text electronic articles, ebooks, and digitized materials) in more than 400 online databases and research tools in all formats covering almost every discipline. Everything from statistics and digitized historical documents to newspapers, maps, and government information, all accessible from anywhere at any time (e.g. through our website or your MyCourses account). The gateway to all of this is the library website.

Below are specific links to some of our most well used support services. Please reach out to your subject librarian for more assistance!

Research Support

  • Ask a Librarian
    Need help with your research? Just ask! Professional librarians are available to help you identify and locate resources even if you're off campus.
  • Research Guides
    Library-created web pages that collect a variety of licensed and free web information together in one place. Course and subject guides available.
  • Citation Linker
    Quick search to view available full text options for journal articles.
  • Subject Librarians
    List of the subject librarians available for specialized help.
  • Document Delivery
    Request PDF copies of articles and book chapters that the UNH Library owns in print or on microform.
  • Technical Support
    Tips for connecting from off-campus, using the UNH VPN, and reporting an access problem

General Support

  • Connors Writing Center
    Services and resources to assist students and faculty with their writing-based endeavors, including handouts and the Online Writing Lab (OWL).
  • Teaching & Learning Technologies
    Call or email for help with passwords and system-wide connectivity issues.

Standards for Distance Learning Services

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) sets standards for access of materials for distance learners, summarized briefly by the following quotation:

Every student, faculty member, administrator, staff member, or any other member of an institution of higher education, is entitled to the library services and resources of that institution, including direct communication with the appropriate library personnel, regardless of where enrolled or where located in affiliation with the institution. Academic libraries must, therefore, meet the information and research needs of all these constituents, wherever they may be.

We work to uphold the ACRL Standards for Distance Learning Services.