Faculty Carrels & Lounge

Faculty Lounge

Faculty Carrels

Faculty carrels are designed for individual quiet study or work and are located in Dimond Room 525.


  • individual study carrels
  • lockers that can be signed out each semester
  • shelving to store materials


Faculty may sign up to use the room and receive the door combination at the Dimond InformationDesk.

There are no assigned carrels. Materials should be removed when you are ready to leave the room and either stored in a locker or on a shelf, so that another faculty member may use the carrel. If you are no longer using the space, please remove your materials from the carrel, lockers, and shelves.

Faculty Lounge

A place for faculty to relax or meet informally with colleagues, the faculty lounge is located in Dimond Room 502, next to the atrium. Amenities include a variety of seating options, sink, refrigerator, and coffee maker.

Faculty may receive the door combination at the Dimond InformationDesk.

Contact Us

For questions or additional information about the carrels or the lounge, call the Dean's Office at (603) 862-1541.