Albion Reed Hodgdon Papers, 1930-2010

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About Albion Hodgdon:

Albion Reed Hodgdon (1909-1976) was a botany professor and later head of the Botany Department at the University of New Hampshire from 1936-1974. His 1932 MA thesis from UNH was entitled "Flora of Strafford County". After receiving his doctorate in 1936 from Harvard, Hodgdon moved back to New Hampshire. He conducted extensive botanical research across New England, as well as isolated islands in the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine. In addition to vastly expanding the UNH Herbarium, Hodgdon maintained an active schedule of field study and land conservation work.

About the Albion Reed Hodgdon Papers (1930-2010)

The Hodgdon Papers contain correspondence from the 1930s up to his death in 1976, as well as several field notebooks and a Korean War service diary. Detailed plant species lists cover locations across Strafford County, throughout New Hampshire and New England, and in particular islands in the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy. These include the Wolf Islands (New Brunswick), Kent Islands and Brier Island (Nova Scotia), and Mt. Desert, Matinicus, Monhegan, and Seal Islands off the coast of Maine. In New Hampshire, locations studied included the White Mountains, UNH properties such as College Woods, and Spruce Bog in Durham. Hodgdon published many articles in the journal Rhodora (of which he was editor for a time); these and other publications are preserved along with careful bibliographies of his works. The collection also includes a few photographs of Hodgdon and of plants.

This collection contains detailed, precise botanical information related to specific places, and a deep view into the world of a very dedicated scientist who researched them.

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Transferred from the UNH Herbarium, 2022

The UNH Archives also holds the papers of several other UNH Botany professors as well as departmental materials.

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Duplicate papers were removed.

Collection Arrangement

The collection is arranged in five series: 1. Correspondence and photographs, 2. Field notebooks, 3. Hodgdon's publications, 4. Flora lists and studies, and 5. UNH and conservation related materials

Collection Contents

Series 1: Correspondence & Photographs, 1935-1976

(10 folders)

This series consists of Hodgdon's correspondence related to plant identification, specific genesis of plants, and related topics. Several letters include botanical examples. A small number of photographs document species.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Correspondence, 1935-1939
Box 1, Folder 2Correspondence, 1940-1949
Box 1, Folder 3Correspondence, 1950-1959
Box 1, Folder 4Correspondence, 1960-1969
Box 1, Folder 5Correspondence, 1970-1976
Box 1, Folder 6Correspondence, undated
Box 1, Folder 7Single letter to unknown person concerning Lysimachia fraseri, 1872
Box 1, Folder 8Photos of Albion Hodgdon and Radcliffe Pike, 1963/1976
Box 1, Folder 9Photographs of unidentified plants, 1960
Box 1, Folder 10Photos of Aster memoralis and Ocuminatus, Undated

Series 2: Thesis and Articles, 1932-2010

(2 boxes)

Hodgdon's UNH thesis, entitled "The Flora of Strafford County, New Hampshire" laid the groundwork for a lifetime of articles exploring the flora of New England. He was particularly fascinated by the islands in the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy; many of the articles document those places. He also served as the editor of the journal Rhodora from 1962-1974.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11Bibliographies of Hodgdon's published writings, 1978-2010
Box 1, Folder 12"The Flora of Strafford County": MA Thesis from UNH, 1932
Box 1, Folder 13-14Strafford County flora lists, 1930s
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Articles by Hodgdon, 1934-1938
Box 2, Folder 3Articles by Hodgdon, 1940-1945
Box 2, Folder 4Articles by Hodgdon, 1950-1953
Box 2, Folder 5Articles by Hodgdon, 1955-1959
Box 2, Folder 6Articles by Hodgdon, 1960-1962
Box 2, Folder 7Articles by Hodgdon, 1963
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Articles by Hodgdon, 1964
Box 3, Folder 2Articles by Hodgdon, 1966-1967
Box 3, Folder 3Articles by Hodgdon, 1968-1969
Box 3, Folder 4Articles by Hodgdon, 1970-1971
Box 3, Folder 5Articles by Hodgdon, 1972-1973
Box 3, Folder 6Articles by Hodgdon, 1974
Box 3, Folder 7Articles by Hodgdon, undated
Box 3, Folder 8"Summer Key to Trees of New Hampshire", undated

Series 3: Field Notes / Diaries, 1936-1969

(9 folders)

Field notes taken in various locations in the US and abroad, as well as Hodgdon's 1952 Korean War service diary.

Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Virginia and Cuba, 1936
Box 4, Folder 2Kentucky, 1937
Box 4, Folder 3Mexico, 1938
Box 4, Folder 4New Hampshire: Durham to Mt. Washington, 1939
Box 4, Folder 5Mexico and California, 1939
Box 4, Folder 6Massachusetts State College diary, 1945
Box 4, Folder 7Korean War service diary, 1952
Box 4, Folder 8New York: Mt. Marcy field notes, 1961
Box 4, Folder 9Maine: Monhegan Island, 1963

Series 4: Flora Lists, Location Studies, Conservation Activities, 1930-1975 and undated

(2.5 boxes)

Lists and studies of flora found in particular locations throughout New England, the Gulf of Maine, and the Bay of Fundy. Much of Hodgdon's research focused on the unique flora communities of small remote islands. His land conservation work involved detailed descriptions and prioritization of conservation efforts.

Box 4
Box 4, Folder 10Flora of Durham, 1930-1975
Box 4, Folder 11Flora of the Kent Islands, Bay of Fundy, 1930s-1972
Box 4, Folder 12Hudsonia and Helianthemum: Species descriptions, 1934
Box 4, Folder 13Descriptions and drawings of various genesis, 1940s onward
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1New Hampshire Natural Preservation Forum (Writing up natural areas, Local NH studies, Conservation Priorities), 1959-1960
Box 5, Folder 2Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine flora, 1959-1961
Box 5, Folder 3Wolf Islands, New Brunswick: Flora lists and field notes, 1959-1963
Box 5, Folder 4Wolf Islands article edits, 1969-ca. 1965
Box 5, Folder 5Wolf Islands and other Fundian Islands survey, 1959-1968
Box 5, Folder 6Washington County (Maine) flora at University of Maine herbarium, 1960s
Box 5, Folder 7New Brunswick flora checklist, 1961
Box 5, Folder 8New England Wildflower Society annual reports, 1961-1973
Box 5, Folder 9Mt. Desert Island (Maine) flora, 1962
Box 5, Folder 10Brier Island (Nova Scotia) flora list, 1962
Box 5, Folder 11Monhegan Island deer overpopulation, 1964-1966
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Monhegan Island vascular plants, 1965-1966
Box 6, Folder 2South Hampton (NH): Paradise Point and Brookside flora lists, 1967
Box 6, Folder 3Matinicus Rock (Maine) flora list, 1967
Box 6, Folder 4Moultonborough (NH): Flora of Bald Peak (H. Clapp), 1967-1971
Box 6, Folder 5Flora of Plainfield NH, UNH Herbarium, and NH at large checklists, 1968-1969
Box 6, Folder 6New England Wildflower Society correspondence, 1968-1972
Box 6, Folder 7Seal Island (Machias, ME): Flora list, article, analysis sheets, 1969
Box 6, Folder 8New England Wildflower Society mailings, 1968-1974
Box 6, Folder 9Flora of Paradise Point and Newfound Lake Audubon Sanctuary (NH), 1969-1972
Box 6, Folder 10UNH College Woods and Lamprey River reservoir flora lists, ca. 1970
Box 6, Folder 11Frank Bolles Preserve (Durham NH): Conservation / flora list, 1970-1971
Box 6, Folder 12New England Wildflower Society trustee minutes, 1970-1974
Box 6, Folder 13Appalachee Reserve (Booothbay Harbor Me) flora list, 1971
Box 6, Folder 14Bear Mountain (Hebron NH) fern species, 1971-1972
Box 6, Folder 15Correspondence re: Poa subeaerulea, 1972
Box 6, Folder 16Pollen study with Nelco Lab, 1972
Box 6, Folder 17South Bay Bog (Pittsberg NH) flora list, 1972-1973
Box 6, Folder 18Plainfield (NH) Wildlife Sanctuary flora lists, 1974
Box 6, Folder 19Spring flora notes, probably NH, undated
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Keys to genesis, undated
Box 7, Folder 2-3Unidentified flora lists, undated
Box 7, Folder 4Euphrasia genus: physical characteristics, undated

Series 5: UNH Committees and Botanical Activities, 1931-1978

(2 boxes)

Hodgdon taught at UNH and studied UNH land from 1936 until his retirement in 1974. He rose from a job as taxonomist to head of the botany department, and is credited with expanding the herbarium's collection to more than 97,000 specimen sheets.

Box 7
Box 7, Folder 5O'Kane, Weld, Mathes, and Old Farm drainages, 1931-1933
Box 7, Folder 6Outreach correspondence regarding weed control, 1945-1946
Box 7, Folder 7Advising / Botany student correspondence, 1948
Box 7, Folder 8Alaska: Sphagna, Bryophites, many others: Lists and identifications, 1953-1953
Box 7, Folder 9Write-ups and correspondence on NH natural areas, 1960-1970
Box 7, Folder 10-11Natural Resources Forum (including Franconia Notch preservation efforts), 1961-1973
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1-2Natural Resources Forum, 1960-1974
Box 8, Folder 3UNH Natural Areas Committee correspondence and minutes: Spruce Hole, Five Fingers, College Woods, other areas, 1962-1974
Box 8, Folder 4Correspondence with Stanley Pease, author of "Flora of Northern New Hampshire", 1963
Box 8, Folder 5College Woods & other natural areas: International Biological Program Assessment rubric, 1965
Box 8, Folder 6Write-ups of New Hampshire natural areas statewide, including Mt. Washington Summit, 1962-1970
Box 8, Folder 7Nature Conservancy correspondence and minutes, 1963-1971
Box 8, Folder 8Nature Conservancy meetings on conserving NH properties, 1963-1973
Box 8, Folder 9Flora of Mt. Monadnock, 1971-1976
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1White Mountain National Forest Review, 1972
Box 9, Folder 2Map of distribution of P. warrenii, Liberty area, Kittitas Co., Washington undated
Box 9, Folder 3UNH Natural Areas Committee, 1973-1974
Box 9, Folder 4Cyperaceae of New Hampshire list, undated
Box 9, Folder 5History of the UNH Botany Department, 1971
Box 9, Folder 6Dedication of the Albion Reed Hodgdon Herbarium, 1978
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