Alice Brown Papers, 1876-1947

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About Alice Brown (1857-1948)

Alice Brown was born in Hampton Falls, N.H. on December 5, 1857, the daughter of Levi and Elizabeth (Lucas) Brown. She graduated from the Robinson Seminary in Exeter, N.H. in 1876. Brown taught school for five years in both New Hampshire and Boston, but found she preferred editing to teaching. She worked on the staffs of The Christian Register and Youth’s Companion and by 1884 had begun her long career as a writer of short stories, novels, and plays. She continued publishing into the 1940s. Brown lived at 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, and summered in Newburyport, Massachusetts and at her farm in Hill, N.H. She died in Boston on June 21, 1948.

About the Alice Brown Papers

The collection consists of 17 original letters written by Alice Brown and copies of almost 100 letters to and from Brown held at other institutions, as well as a small number of other materials that may be useful to the researcher. There is an almost complete collection of Brown’s published works held in the Special Collections stacks.

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Purchases from: R.F. Perotti Rare Books, June 1977; Goodspeed's, December 15, 1977; Geo S. MacManus Co., February 26, 1982; Roberta Carr Books, December 17, 1984; David J. Holmes, January 3, 1986; David J. Holmes, February 27, 1986; Parhos Books, January 5, 1987 (Accession numbers: 7620, 7729, 8165, 8451, 8557, 8569, 8662)

Donations from: Pearl Marston and Bonnie Gardner (Accession numbers: 7956, 8129, 8482)

Publications at UNH

  • A. To view published works by Alice Brown in the UNH Library catalogue, search the Author field using the exact term "Brown, Alice." Some of the materials are on permanent deposit from the Hampton Falls Free Public Library.
  • B. Association Copies:
  • Percy Mackaye: A Symposium on His Fiftieth Birthday, 1925. Hanover, N. H.: Dartmouth Press, 1928. Contains “That Serveth Not Another’s Will” by Alice Brown.
  • Frost, Robert. North of Boston. London: David Nutt, 1914. Inscribed to Alice Brown.
  • Jordan, Elizabeth. May Iverson Tackles Life. New York: Harper & Bros., 1912. Inscribed to Alice Brown.
  • Spofford, Harriet Prescott. A Little Book of Friends. Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1916. Inscribed to Alice Brown.

List of lending institutions:

  • A. Western Kentucky University, Kentucky Library, Bowling Green, KY 42101 [Rice Manuscript Collection]
  • B. Wellesley College, Margaret Clapp Library, Wellesley, MA 02181
  • C. Washington University in St. Louis [Horace Elisha Scudder Papers]
  • D. Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ 08544 [Julian Street Papers, Henry Holt and Company Collection, Charles Scribners Sons Archives]
  • E. American Antiquarian Society, 185 Salisbury St. Worcester, MA 01609-1634 [The Bolton-Stanwood Family Papers, Thomas Russell Sullivan Papers, Miscellaneous Manuscripts "B"]
  • F. Barnard College, Columbia University, Woolman Library, 606 West 120th St. NY NY 10027 [Overbury Collection]
  • G. Colby College Library, Special Collections, Waterville, ME 04901
  • H. Colgate University Library, Hamilton, NY 13346
  • I. The Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Washington, DC 10540 [Louise Imogen Guiney Papers, Joyce Kilmer Papers, Gertrude Lane Papers, Louise Moulton Chandler letters]
  • J. Pennsylvania State University Libraries, University Park, PA 16802

Collection Contents

Series 1: Correspondence, 1895-1944

Subseries A: Originals

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1ALS, October 22, 1916. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, to Mr. W. R. Castle, Cambridge, with envelope, regarding Allied Bazaar to benefit the war effort against Germany

ALS, November 13, 1916. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, to Mr. Castle, with envelope, regarding sending books to sell at the Bazaar

ALS, December 4, 1916. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, to Mr. Castle, with envelope, regarding selling of books

Box 1, Folder 2ALS, April 27, 1935. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston to Paul Seybolt, West Medford, Mass., with envelope and envelope wrapper, regarding his agreement to inscribe book
Box 1, Folder 3ALS, January 31, 1939. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston to Mr. Roberts. “I shall be very glad to give you the autograph you ask for”
Box 1, Folder 4ALS, December 22, 1941. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, to Mr. Nixon Waterman

ALS, Easter 1942. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, to Mr. Waterman, in which she mentions her “bad knee” and says that she is “horridly lame”

Box 1, Folder 5ALS, n.d. Women’s Rest Tour Association, 96 Chestnut Street, Boston, to Miss Alger regarding tutoring in Italian
Box 1, Folder 6ALS, n.d. 67 Pinckney Street, to Mr. Bridgman, evidently an editor for The Congregationalist, regarding an engagement

ALS, n.d. 67 Pinckney Street to Mr. Bridgman, regarding a conflicting engagement

Box 1, Folder 7ALS, August 15, n.d. 278 Water Street, Newburyport, Mass. to Mr. Brown
Box 1, Folder 8ALS, n.d., to Mr. W. R. Castle, regarding the selling of autographs for 10 cents
Box 1, Folder 9ALS, August 6, n.y. Hill, N.H. to Mr. Fawcett, regarding choice of title for Children of Earth
Box 1, Folder 10ALS, n.d. (pre 1911). Montpelier, Vt., to Mrs. Graves [Hampton Falls, N.H.], regarding Hampton Falls and “Miss Reed”
Box 1, Folder 11ALS, April 5, n.d. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston to Miss Leavitt
Box 1, Folder 12ALS, February 26, n.d. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, to Mrs. Martin, regarding war and nationalism
Box 1, Folder 13ALS, October 21, n.d. 11 Pinckney Street, Boston, to Mrs. Thompson-Seton, regarding an invitation

Subseries B: Copies of letters held by other institutions (Collected by Bonnie Gardner of the University of New Hampshire Library staff as part of a research project on Alice Brown)

The letters A-J in parentheses after the identifying information for each correspondence refer to lending institutions. The list of lending institutions can be found in the Related Materials section at the top of this guide.

Box 1, Folder 14Scribner, Charles and Sons, April 11, 1895; April 15, 1895 (D) Day, Fred H., August 9, 1895 (I) Scribner, Charles and Sons, October 8, 1895; October 20, 1895 (D)
Box 1, Folder 15Day, Fred H., January 26, 1896 (F)

Scribner, Charles and Sons, March 15, 1896; August 6, 1896; September 3, 1896; September 3, 1896 pc (D)

Box 1, Folder 16Day, Fred H., c/o Copeland and Day, January 30, 1897 (A)
Box 1, Folder 17Scribner, Charles and Sons, October 3, 1899 (D)
Box 1, Folder 18Whitney, Anne, March 27, 1900 (B)
Box 1, Folder 19Topliff and Brooks, November 3, 1901 (E)
Box 1, Folder 20Scudder, Mrs. Horace Elisha, November 9, 1904 (typescript only) (C)
Box 1, Folder 21Scribner, Charles and Sons, August 5, 1910; August 9, 1910 reply; August 10, 1910; August 15, 1910 reply; August 16, 1910; August 19, 1910 reply (D)
Box 1, Folder 22Baldwin, Mr., February 16, 1911 (I) Scribner, Charles and Sons, August 2, 1911; August 3, 1911 reply (D)
Box 1, Folder 23Whitney, Anne, August 6, 1913 (B)
Box 1, Folder 24Scribner, Charles and Sons, January 19, 1914 reply (D)

Holt, Henry & Co., August 6, 1914; August 6, 1914 reply; August 17, 1914; September 2, 1914 reply (D)

Box 1, Folder 25Scribner, Charles and Sons, April 30, 1916; May 9, 1916 reply (D)
Box 1, Folder 26Scribner, Charles and Sons, March 15, 1917; March 19, 1917 reply (D)
Box 1, Folder 27Street, Julian, July 2, 1920; August 9, 1920 (D)
Box 1, Folder 28Scribner, Charles and Sons, January 21, 1921; January 22, 1921 reply; n.d.; January 29, 1921 reply (D) Lane, Gertrude, June 17, 1921(?); July 18, 1921(?) (I)
Box 1, Folder 29Scribner, Charles and Sons, February 2, 1922 (D)

Lane, Gertrude, June 3, 1922(?) (I)

Box 1, Folder 30Pattee, Fred Lewis, December 7, 1924 (J)
Box 1, Folder 31Lewis, Willard P., April 1, 1926 (J)
Box 1, Folder 32Pattee, Fred Lewis, March 2, 1927; October 19, 1927 (J)
Box 1, Folder 33Bolton, Mr., September 26, 1929 (E)
Box 1, Folder 34Bolton, Mr., January 20, 1932 (E)

Getchell, Mr., April 11, 1932 (G)

Box 1, Folder 35Daniels, Earl, January 25, 1943 (H)
Box 1, Folder 36Weber, Prof., July 5, 1944 (G). Colby College, December 22, 1944 (G)
Box 1, Folder 37Anonymous, n.d. (E) Bate, Miss, February 2 (G) Blomberg, n.d., (G) Bolton, Mr., n.d. (G) Burlingame, Mr., January 16 (G) Chamberlin, Mr., n.d. (G) Dear Madam (“Mr. Williams?”), n.d. (G)
Box 1, Folder 38Day, Fred H., February 28; n.d. (both (F)); n.d (I)
Box 1, Folder 39Getchell, Mr., n.d. (G) Hazard, Caroline, March 13; October 28 (B)

Jewett, Sarah Orne, n.d. (G) Moulton, Louise Chandler, n.d. [3 letters] (I)

Box 1, Folder 40Pattee, Fred Lewis, October 30; June 15 (J). Rice, C. Y., June 22; August 2 (A)
Box 1, Folder 41Scribner, Charles and Sons, January 16; January 24; May 3; November 7; November 18; n.d.; photo of Mercy Warren (D)
Box 1, Folder 42Stanwood, Mr., April 16; April 28; June 11; n.d. (E) Sullivan, Mr., Thomas Russell, June 7 (E)
Box 1, Folder 43Transcript, n.d. (G)

Whitney, Anne, Monday (B) Wingate, Mr., n.d. (G)

Box 1, Folder 44Margaret Deland to Lilla Perry, August 19, 1920 re: AB (G)
Box 1, Folder 45Letters from additional institutions holding Alice Brown material to Bonnie Gardner, March 1985. Boston Public Library, Brown University, Columbia University in the City of New York, The Huntington Library, Indiana University, Library of Congress, University of Michigan [Van Volkenberg-Browne Collection], University of Virginia [Walter Prichard Eaton Collection, Alice Brown Collection]

Series 2: Writings By and About Alice Brown, 1876-1916

Box 1, Folder 46By Alice Brown

The Rose of Hope. Christmas 1896. “Booklet printed for her and for Herbert Copeland and F. H. Day and their friends by John Wilson and Son, Cambridge, Massachusetts”

The Seminarian (Robinson Female Seminary, Exeter), 1915. Fragment containing “Alma Mater” by Alice Brown, Class of 1876

The Seminarian, 1916. Fragment containing “A New England Poet” by Alice Brown

Box 1, Folder 47About Alice Brown

Gardner, Bonnie. “Bibliography of Alice Brown’s Works.” Unpublished manuscript, 8 pp

Box 1, Folder 48About Alice Brown

Lambert, Deborah G. “Alice Brown.” Unpublished manuscript, 27 pp. (Prepared for publication in the forthcoming American Short Story Writers to World War II, ed. William Grant)

Series 3: Miscellaneous, 1876-1947

Box 1, Folder 49Invitation to commencement exercises at the Robinson Seminary, Exeter, N. H., June 14, 1876, with Alice Brown’s calling card and card listing her as part of the class. Also envelope addressed to Mrs. Sarah Moulton and family
Box 1, Folder 50Painting by R. Ely for dust jacket of Alice Brown’s Kingdom in the Sky. [This is not the same dust jacket as appears on the book in our collection.]
Box 1, Folder 51Copy of Will of Alice Brown, February 5, 1947, 5 pp
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