Anthropology Department senior theses, 2001-2009

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About the Anthropology Department Honors Program

The honors-in-major program allows students to further challenge themselves by pursuing an ambitious set of classes and projects within their major. Upon completion of the requirements, a student is eligible to graduate with "Honors in Selected Major" designation. You do not have to be enrolled in the University Honors Program (a 32-credit program) to pursue the Honors-in-Major option (a 16-credit program). All University Honors-in-Major Program participants must, however, complete the 16 credit Honors-in-Major coursework as part of their overall University Honors-in-Major requirements. Among these requirements is the submission of a written thesis developed over two semesters of independent work in the library or in the field under the direction of their faculty adviser.

About the Anthropology Department Senior Theses

This series contains senior honors theses submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology.

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The Anthropology Department sends their senior honors theses to the UNH Archives every year.

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Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 12001Divination of the Modern World: A Case Study of Five New England Dowsers, by Robyn Lyn Vockrodt
Box 1, Folder 22001Making the Formal Familiar: Cultural Reproduction and Forms of Support Among Nashua's Hispanic Women, by Nicole Soucy
Box 1, Folder 32002Defining the Airspace: Hegemony and the Construction of Subculture in General Aviation, by Christophe D. Matson
Box 1, Folder 42003Developing a Model for the Lowland Collapse: An Evolutionary Stage in Maya Civilization History, by Shannon M. Provost
Box 1, Folder 52003Indian and Pakistani Immigrants in Manchester, New Hampshire: A Critique of Contemporary Immigration Theory, By Jesse C. McEntee
Box 1, Folder 62004American Nationalism After 9/11: The Role of Symbols and Images, by Michael Vericker
Box 1, Folder 72005An Exploration of Home: New Hampshire to Sri Lanka, by Isobel Madigan
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 12005This is What Democracy Looks Like: Anarchists and Their Tactics 1870-2005, by Jason McHale
Box 2, Folder 22005From Network to Social Capital: Sudanese Settlement in Manchester, NH, by Emelia Smallidge
Box 2, Folder 32004Contextualizing Cosmology in the Preclassic: Interpreting the San Bartolo Sky Band, by Rebecca Lang
Box 2, Folder 42007Towers of the North: The Shetland Islands Broch as an Economic Nexus and Center of Power During the Middle Iron Age in Northern Scotland, by Craig Brown
Box 2, Folder 52007El Hemmeh Ground Stone Analysis: A Study of How Technologies are Shared, by Heather Bradstreet
Box 2, Folder 6Dec 2007The Brochs of Shetland: Iron Age Subsistance and the Development of the Elite Class, by Craig J. Brown
Box 2, Folder 7May 2001The Power to Heal: A Cross Cultural Study of the Trance Experience, by Kara Joy Pampanin
Box 2, Folder 8June 2008Gender and the Concept of Karma: A Look at the Karmic System as an Instrument of Female Subordination in Buddhism, by Krystin Bowcutt
Box 2, Folder 9May 2009The Dynamics of HIV/AIDS: As They Pertain to Labor Migration in sub-Saharan Africa, by Timothy J.T. Baucom
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1May 2006Young Women as Venturers: Cultural Influences on Female Migration, by Kelsey A. Dennis
Box 3, Folder 2May 2007What Happened at Wadleigh Falls? An Examination of the Desertion by Peoples of NH Site 39-1, by Melissa Brooks
Box 3, Folder 3May 2010William Bouguereau: Falling Behind but Perfecting a Style, by Elizabeth Beaudoin
Box 3, Folder 4Sept 2010Widowhood in the Shadow of a Martyr's Memory, by Siobhan Whalen
Box 3, Folder 5May 2012Authenticity and Identity Making in a Globalized World: Capoeira in Boston and New York, by Madeline Bishop
Box 3, Folder 6May 2013Mi Metodo, Mi Eleccion (My Method, My Choice), by Lauren E. Banker
Box 3, Folder 7July 2013I'm a Patient, Not a Problem, by Monica Stewart