Buss Family Record Book and Journal, 1809-1840

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About the Buss Family of New Hampshire

Franklin Buss (Feb 5, 1792-Jan 22, 1812) was the son of Samuel and Lydia Buss (née Lincoln) of Jaffrey, NH. He was the youngest of eight children. Buss began an apprenticeship in the J. Parker and Co. store in Keene, NH in June of 1809 at the age of seventeen. The apprenticeship was to continue until he was twenty-one, but was cut short due to his death just before his twentieth birthday.

Lydia Buss (Aug 19, 1787-Aug 1, 1836) was Franklin Buss's older sister, second to youngest of the children of Samuel and Lydia. She was a school teacher in Potsdam, ME for at least one academic year (1821-1822). She married Aaron E. Glasier (Feb 8, 1825), concurrently moving from Jaffrey, NH to Vergennes, VT, where she became a member of that town's Congregationalist church. She died in Vergennes, eleven years after her wedding and at the age of forty-nine. As for her personality, the poem found near the back of this journal, perhaps written by Aaron Glasier, says the following of her:

"Ah happy they supremely blest

Above what proudest purs have known

Who finds a friend in Lydia's breast

And calls that lovely plant his own."

About the the Buss Family Record Book and Journal (1809-1840)

This book, written mostly by Franklin and Lydia Buss, has several distinct parts. In order from front to back, they are: Franklin Buss's account records (about 12 pages); Lydia Buss's journal (21 pages); a record book of family births and deaths (about 4 pages); and Lydia's account records (1 page). Also included in various places throughout the book are notes in memory of Franklin after his death (one written by one of his parents), a poem about Lydia, and a letter draft to an aunt that appears to be in Lydia's handwriting. There is also a small paper cutout that was found loose in the journal. Franklin's account records include an introductory note explaining the terms of his apprenticeship agreement and are detailed enough to give us some picture of common life at that time for a young man in his position. Lydia's journal includes frequent entries from February 9, 1821 to February 24, 1822, plus one entry on February 14, 1825. In these twenty-one pages, she tells of travel in New Hampshire and Maine, a visit to her brother and sister-in-law, her experience with various accomodations during her travel, her health and sickness as well as doctors' attempts at helping her, her own daily life, two weddings she attends, a number of sermons she hears, and much more.


  • Feb. 8, 1825: Aaron E. Glasier (or Glazier) to Lydia Buss May


  • Samuel Buss, Aug. 15 1772
  • William Buss, Nov. 29 1773
  • Lozing (Loring?) Buss, Oct. 17 1775
  • Mary Buss, Aug. 5 1780
  • Nancy Buss, Oct. 2 1782
  • Stephen Buss, Dec. 16 1784
  • Lydia Buss, Aug. 19 1787
  • Franklin Buss, Feb. 5 1792
  • Cy [Buss], Father, Feb. 11 1749 O.S. ["old style" - Julian calender]
  • Mother [Lydia Buss], Aug. 19 1749 O.S.


  • Franklin Buss, youngest son of James and Lydia Buss, Jan. 22 1812, aged 19 yrs, 11 mos, 15 dys.
  • Mary Buss, oldest daughter of Samuel and Lydia Buss, April 23 1815, aged 34 yrs, 8 mos, 18 dys.
  • Lozing (Loring?) Buss, June 22 1828, aged 54 yrs and 9 months
  • Lydia B. Glazier died August 1 1836, aged 49 years
  • Lieutenant Samuel Buss, Nov. 4 1836, aged 88 years
  • William Buss, Dec. 27 1836, aged 63 years
  • Samuel Buss Jr., June 30 1837, aged 65 years
  • Lydia Buss, Oct. 25 1840, aged 92 years "wife of the elder Samuel Buss and mother of the above named children"

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