Davenport Theater Files

Collection number: UA 9/4/4
Size: 6 boxes (1.98 cu.ft.)

About Gilbert Davenport

Gilbert Davenport was born on July 4, 1934 in Cleveland Ohio. He was introduced to theater his first year of High School and decided to make it his life’s work. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Western Reserve University in 1956; his masters of arts degree from the University of Denver in 1961; and his PHDC from Indiana University in 1967.

“Dav”, as he was known to students and colleagues alike, began his UNH career as scenic artist, designer and costumer in 1962. That same year, he instituted the Durham Summer Theatre with Professors John C. Edwards and Joseph Batcheller, which continued until the summer of 1982. By the end of his 34-year career he had taught virtually every course the theater department offered including acting and directing. He received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the University in 1996; the same year he retired. He died on Feb. 5, 2003 after a long illness.

About the Theater Files

This collection contains the teaching files of Gilbert Davenport including slides, costume and set design sketches, some research notes and rehearsal schedules. Many of the costume designs are drawn on heavy card stock and painted with poster paints. Those drawn by Davenport are extremely detailed and beautifully rendered.

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[Identification of item], Gilbert Davenport Theater Files, 1962-1995, UA 9/4/4, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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Transferred to the archives in 1996.

Collection Contents

Box 1-2
Slide collection

These boxes contain the slide collection used by Davenport for teaching his set design and costume classes. They include scenes from professional plays, pictures of famous people/entertainers and of famous theaters as well as slides showing theater diagrams and stage arrangements. There are also a large number of unidentified slides, some may be of UNH productions..

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11956Costume design: "A Young Man's Fancy" (before UNH)
Box 3, Folder 21963Costume design I: "Much Ado About Nothing"
Box 3, Folder 31963Costume design II: "Much Ado About Nothing"
Box 3, Folder 41964Set and Properties: "Candida"
Box 3, Folder 51964Casting and Rehearsal schedule: "Charley's Aunt"
Box 3, Folder 61966-67Costume design I: "Rhinoceros"
Box 3, Folder 71966-67Costume design II: "Rhinoceros"
Box 3, Folder 81966-67Set design: "Rhinoceros"
Box 3, Folder 91970-71Costume design: "The Boyfriend"
Box 3, Folder 101973Set design: "The Kitchen"
Box 3, Folder 111974Set design: "The Bacchae"
Box 3, Folder 121974Set design: "Time of Your Life"
Box 3, Folder 131974Set-up and Prop design: "Body and the Wheel"
Box 3, Folder 141975Costume design: "Guys and Dolls"
Box 3, Folder 151975Set design: "Guys and Dolls"
Box 3, Folder 161976-77Costume design: "Two by Two"
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11976-77Puppetry design: "Two by Two"
Box 4, Folder 21976-77Prop research: "Two by Two"
Box 4, Folder 31976-77Set design: "Two by Two"
Box 4, Folder 41977-78Costume design: "The Shadow of Dracula"
Box 4, Folder 51977-78Set design: "The Shadow of Dracula"
Box 4, Folder 61979Costume design: "Mystery Play"
Box 4, Folder 71980-81Costume design: "Gypsy"
Box 4, Folder 81980-81Musical score: "Gypsy"
Box 4, Folder 91980-81Set and prop design: "Gypsy
Box 4, Folder 101980-81Costume design: "Hamlet"
Box 4, Folder 111980-81Class notes: "Hamlet"
Box 4, Folder 121980-81Set and prop design: Hamlet"
Box 4, Folder 131981Set design" "The Mound Builder"
Box 4, Folder 141981-82Prop research: "Oedipus Rex"
Box 4, Folder 151981-82Set design: "Oedipus Rex"
Box 4, Folder 161981-82Notes on Oedipus
Box 4, Folder 171988Set design: "No, No, Nanette"
Box 4, Folder 181989Costume design: "Aeschylus"
Box 4, Folder 191985-86Set design: "Under Milk Wood"
Box 4, Folder 201994-95Notes: "The Adding Machine"
Box 4, Folder 211994-95Set design: "Rimers of Eldritch"
Box 4, Folder 22ndSet design: "A Funny Thing Happened..."
Box 4, Folder 23ndScript and research: "Alcestis"
Box 4, Folder 24ndSet design: "Alcestis
Box 4, Folder 25ndSet design: "Antigone"
Box 4, Folder 26ndCostume design/ Keting Diagram: "Babes in Arms"
Box 4, Folder 27ndCostume design: Wardrobe chart "Benchley Inside Himself"
Box 4, Folder 28ndCast list: "Brigadoon"
Box 4, Folder 29ndCostume design: "Camino Real"
Box 4, Folder 30ndCostume design: "Canterbury Tales"
Box 4, Folder 31ndCostume notes: "Cassarole"
Box 4, Folder 32ndCostume assignments: "The Decameron"
Box 4, Folder 33ndSet design: "Doctor Faustus"
Box 4, Folder 34ndMakeup worksheets: "Electra"
Box 4, Folder 35ndCostume designs: unidentified
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1ndCostume design: "High Button Shoes"
Box 5, Folder 2ndPeriod drawings: "I Remember Mama"
Box 5, Folder 3ndSet and prop design: "Into the Woods"
Box 5, Folder 4ndSet design: "Loot"
Box 5, Folder 5ndCostume design: "Marat/Sade"
Box 5, Folder 6ndcostume design: "Major Barbara"
Box 5, Folder 7ndStaging: "Merchant of Venice"
Box 5, Folder 8ndCostume design: "Mother Courage and Her Children" (with fabric swatches)
Box 5, Folder 9ndSet design: "Mother Courage and Her Children"
Box 5, Folder 10ndSet design: "Pickwick Papers"
Box 5, Folder 11ndCostume design: "Randolin"
Box 5, Folder 12ndCast and rehersal schedules: "Randolin"
Box 5, Folder 13ndSet design: "Rumpelstiltskin"
Box 5, Folder 14ndCast and crew: "Tobacco Road"
Box 5, Folder 15ndCostume design: "Tartuffe"
Box 5, Folder 16ndRehersal schedule: "Taftuffe"
Box 5, Folder 17ndCostume design: "The Emperor's New Clothes"
Box 5, Folder 18ndSet design: "The House of Blue Leaves"
Box 5, Folder 19ndCostume design: "The Lower Depths"
Box 5, Folder 20ndSet deaign: "The Magic Sheet"
Box 5, Folder 21ndSet design: "The Miser"
Box 5, Folder 22ndCostume design: "The Servant of Two Masters"
Box 5, Folder 23ndCostume design: "The Seven Sisters"
Box 5, Folder 24ndCostume design: "The Taming of the Shrew"
Box 5, Folder 25ndcostume design: "The Time of Your Life"
Box 5, Folder 26ndPeriod sketches: "the Time of Your Life"
Box 5, Folder 27ndRehersal schedule: "The Well of the Saints"
Box 5, Folder 28ndProperties List: "Ticket of Leave Man"
Box 5, Folder 29ndProperties List: "Tortilla Flat"
Box 5, Folder 30ndCostume sketch: "Wizard of Oz"
Oversize Box 1
ndCostume designs: "Electa" and "Tobacco Road"
Map Drawer D-10This drawer contains set designs, costume designs and story boards with photos and newspaper clipping concerning various plays


Minutes & Reports
Photographs, Slides & Negatives
Sketches & Illustrations