David R. Proper Shaker Manuscript Collection, 1784-1993

Collection number: MC 124
Size: 24 boxes (8.00 cu.ft.)

About David R. Proper (1933-2014)

David Proper, a resident of Keene, N.H., graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1955. He was Librarian at Historic Deerfield (Massachusetts), and a former Trustee of both Shaker Village, Inc., Canterbury, N.H. and Sabbathday Lake, ME. He was also a member of the Cheshire County (N.H.) Historical Society.

About the David R. Proper Shaker Manuscript Collection

The David Proper Shaker Manuscript Collection contains over 200 titles of primary and secondary Shaker (United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing) materials - pamphlets, serials, articles, broadsides, and posters - as well as over 50 works on utopian-communal life. The collection also contains Proper's personal files with correspondence from six Shakers, catalogs, trustees' reports, and information from various Shaker organizations. In addition to the Manuscript Collection, the David Proper Shaker Book Collection comprises over 300 books on the Shakers (both primary and secondary sources) and other utopian communities.

Proper's Shaker book, pamphlet, and periodical collection can be viewed in the UNH Library catalog.

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[Identification of item], [Folder number], [Box number], David R. Proper Shaker Manuscript Collection, 1784-1993, MC 124, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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Donation: David Proper, Keene, NH, April 1991 (Accession number: 95.024)

See also the Shaker Manifesto and the Shaker Quarterly.

Collection Arrangement

This collection is arranged into ten series.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Primary Material, 1782-1991

Subseries A: Pamphlets

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Allen, Minnie Catherine. The American Shakers, A Celibate Religious Community. Sabbathday Lake: The United Society. 1974.
Box 1, Folder 2Allen, Minnie Catherine. Biographical Sketch of Daniel Fraser of the Shaker Community of Mt. Lebanon, Columbia County, N.Y., N.Y. Albany, NY: Weed, Parsons & Co., 1890.
Box 1, Folder 3Allen, Minnie Catherine. A Full Century of Communism. The History of Alethians, Formally Called Shakers. Pittsfield, Mass.: Eagle Publishing Company, 1897.
Box 1, Folder 4Anderson, Martha J. (1844-1897). Social Life and Vegetarianism. Mount Lebanon, NY: [United Society], 1893.
Box 1, Folder 5Avery, Giles Bushnell, (1815-1890). Autobiography of Elder Giles. B. Avery of Mount Lebanon, NY; Also an Account of the Funeral Serivce Which Was Held at Waterlvliet, N.Y., December 30, 1890; Together with Testimonials of Respect from His Many Kind Friends. East Canterbury, NH: 1891. [Entitled Translated. Elder, Giles B. Avery. Mount Lebanon, N.Y. 1890 on the front cover].
Box 1, Folder 6Avery, Giles B. (1815-1890). "Condition of Shakers and Shakerism" [from The Boston Journal, Boston, Mass., Saturday, September 8, 1883].
Box 1, Folder 7[Avery, Giles Bushnell] Eine Kurze Beschreibung Des Glaubens und Praktischen Lebens Der Verein. Gesellschaft Glaubiger in Christi Zweiter Erscheinung Gewohnlich Genannt "Shakers." Das Leben Christi ist Die Einzige Wahre Christliche Religion. Union Village, Ohio, Carl Julius Preter, 1888.
Box 1, Folder 8Avery, Giles Bushnell. Sketches of "Shakers and Sherkism. Synopsis of Theology of United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing. Albany, NY: Weed, Parsons & Company, Printers, 1884.
Box 1, Folder 9Barker, R. Mildred. The Sabbathday Lake Shakers: An Introduction to the Shaker Heritage. Sabbathday Lake, Maine: The Shaker Press, 1978.

Barker, R. Mildred. The Sabbathday Lake Shakers: An Introduction to the Shaker Heritage. Sabbathday Lake, Maine: The Shaker Press, 1985.

Box 1, Folder 10Bates, Issachar. The Revolutionary War and Issachar Bates. "Printed at Chatham, N.Y. February, 1960" by The Shaker Museum Foundation.
Box 1, Folder 11Blinn, Henry C. (1824-1905). Advent of the Christ in Man and Woman. East Canterbury, NH: [The United Society] August 1896.
Box 1, Folder 12Blinn, Henry C. A Christian Community. East Canterbury, NH: [The United Society, 1897].
Box 1, Folder 13Blinn, Henry C., editor. Gentle Manners; A Guide to Good Morals... Third Edition. East Canterbury, NH: [The United Society, 1899].
Box 1, Folder 14Blinn, Henry C. The Manifestation of Spiritualism Among the Shakers, 1837-1847. East Canterbury, NH: [The United Society], 1899. [Entitled Spiritualism Among the Shakers on the front cover].
Box 1, Folder 15Bolton, Aquila Massie. Some Lines in Verse About Shakers. Not Published by the Authority of the Society So Called.. New York: William Taylor and Co., 1846.
Box 1, Folder 16Bowers, Lucy. Concise Statements Concerning the Life and Religious Views of the Shakers; North Family, Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., NY [Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: United Society, n.d.].
Box 1, Folder 17A Brief Account of Shakers and Shakerism; Several Pages of Shaker Music are also Added Which Have Neverbefore Been Published... Canterbury, NH: "Printed in Shaker Village, Mer.[Merrimac] Co., NH" [by the United Society], [1876?].
Box 1, Folder 18Carr, Mary Francis. Life Among the Shakers; "The following account of a visit to the Shaker settlement is from Mary F. Carr, of Mount Holly City, NJ" [n.p., United Society, n.d.].
Box 1, Folder 19Circumstances Respecting the Square House as Related by Brothers Abel Jewett, Jonathan Clark, Jr., and Others and Written September 1846. [2 typewritten sheets copied from a small hand-written book by Sister Eleanor Philbrick of the Sabbathday Lake Shakers and given to David Proper in May 1967].
Box 1, Folder 20A Collection of Particulars. Canterbury, N.H.: The Shaker Press, 1991.
Box 1, Folder 21[Crosman, Charles F]. The Gardener's Manual... New Lebanon, Columbia Co., NY: The United Society; Printed by J.W. Kelley of New York City, 1843. [Facsimile reprint. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY: Morgan & Morgan, 1972].

[Crosman, Charles F]. The Gardener's Manual... New Lebanon, Columbia Co., NY: The United Society; Printed by J.W. Kelley of New York City, 1843. [Facsimile reprint. n.p.: {publisher not indicated, but presumably it is Morgan & Morgan, Inc. of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY}, 1976.]

Box 1, Folder 22Dibble, Chancy. United Inheritance. Canterbury, NH: [United Society of Shakers, 1888?].
Box 1, Folder 23Dunlavy, John. The Nature and Character of the True church of Christ PRoved by Plain Evidences and Showing Whereby it May Be Known and Distinguished from All Others; Being Extracts from the Writings of John Dunlavy. New York: George W. Wood, 1847.

Dunlavy, John. The Nature and Character of the True Church of Christ Proved by Plain Evidences and Whereby it May Be Known and Distinguished from All Others; Being Extracts from the Writings of John Dunlavy. New York: George W. Wood, 1850.

Box 1, Folder 24Dyer, Joseph. A Compendious Narrative, Elucidating the Character, Disposition, and Conduct of Mary Dyer... Second Edition. Pittsfield, Mass.: Printed by J.M. Beckwith, 1826.
Box 1, Folder 25Eads, Harvey (1809-1892). A Shaker Letter. Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH: The United Society, [1880].
Box 1, Folder 26Eads, Harvey. Types of Christ, and Manner of His Second Appearing... South Union, Kentucky: [The United Society], 1878.
Box 1, Folder 27East Canterbury Shakers: The Story of Shakerism. Concord, N.H.: Evans Printing, 1939.
Box 1, Folder 281817 A Shaker Invention. Poland Spring, Me. 1963.
Box 1, Folder 29Elam, Aida (1882-1962). History of the Shakers. Canterbury, N.H.: United Society, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 30Elkins, Hervey. Fifteen Years in the Senior Order of Shakers; A Narration of the Facts Concerning that Singular People. Hanover, NH: Dartmouth Press, 1853.
Box 1, Folder 31Estabrook, Fidella. Consecration Prayer for the Royal, True, Blues. [Pittsfield, Mass.?: The United Society?, 1900?].
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Evans, Frederick (1808-1893). Ann Lee (The Founder of the Shakers), A Biography with Memoirs of William Lee, James Whittaker, J. Hocknell, J. Meacham, and Lucy Wright... Mount Lebanon, NY: F.W. Evans, [1871].
Box 2, Folder 2Evans, Frederick W. Autobiography of a Shaker, and Revelation of the Apocalypse. With an Appendix. Mount Lebanon, NY: F.W. Evans [Albany, NY: Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons, Printers], June 1869.
Box 2, Folder 3Evans, Frederick W. Confession of Sin. Mount Lebanon, N.Y. n.d.
Box 2, Folder 4Evans, Frederick W. Liberalism, Spiritualism, and Shakerism; An Address. Mount Lebanon, NY; [United Society, 1880?].
Box 2, Folder 5Evans, Frederick W. New England Witchcraft and Spiritualism. [Mount Lebanon, NY: The United Society, 1881].
Box 2, Folder 6[Evans, Frederick W.?]. 100 Years of Shaker Life; Centennial of Communism of Peace. [n.p., 1874?]. Reprinted from The [New York?] World, December 27 [1874?].
Box 2, Folder 7Evans, Frederick W. Religious Communism. A Lecture by F.W. Evans... London: J. Burns [1871].
Box 2, Folder 8Evans, Frederick W. Sabbath vs. The People... Pittsfield, Mass.: Eagle Publishing Co., 1892.
Box 2, Folder 9Evans, Fredrick W. Shaker Communism; Or, Tests of Divine Inspiration... London: James Burns, 1871.
Box 2, Folder 10Evans, Frederick W. Shakerism in London. Addresses by Frederick W. Evans...Dr. Peebles, J. Burns, and Others... London: [Publisher not indicated. The Medium and Daybreak(?)], [1887]. Reprinted from he Medium and DaybreakT, Evans' Address reprinted in his Autobiography of a Shaker.
Box 2, Folder 11Evans, Frederick W. Shaker Reconstruction of the American Government. Hudson [NY]: Office of Register and Gazette, 1888.
Box 2, Folder 12Evans, Frederick W. Shakers and Koreshans Uniting. Mount Lebanon, NY: The United Society, 1892.
Box 2, Folder 13[Evans, Frederick W. and others]. Shakers. Compendium of the Origin, History, Principles, Rules and Regulations, Government, and Doctrines of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing; With Biographies of Ann Lee, William Lee, Jas Whittaker, J. Hocknell, J. Meacham, and Lucy Wright... New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1859.
Box 2, Folder 14Evans, Frederick W. A Short Treatise on the Second Appearing of Christ, In and Through the Order of the Female. Boston: Bazin & Chandler, Printers, 1853.
Box 2, Folder 15Evans, Frederick W. Tests of Divine Inspiration; Or, the Rudimental Principles by which True and False Revelation, in all Eras of the World, Can Be Unerringly Discriminated. New Lebanon [NY]: "Published by the United Society called Shakers," 1853.
Box 2, Folder 16Evans, Frederick W. Treatise on Shaker Theology. Mount Lebanon, NY: [United Society, n.d.].
Box 2, Folder 17Fairbanks, Marila. A Bond of Love and Word of Comfort Written by Mother Ann on a Leaf on the Bough of Peace... [A facsimile reprint of a handwritten Shaker spirit message. Also contains a facsimile of a Shaker manuscript song "Everlasting Comfort", the music for which is written in Shaker letter notation]. Pittsfield, Mass.: Shaker Village Work Group, 1964.
Box 2, Folder 18A Farewell. Manuscript hymnal page consisting of three hymns written using letteral notation which the Shakers developed.
Box 2, Folder 19[Fraser, Daniel (1804-1889)]. The Divine Afflatus, a Force in History; Published by the United Society, Shirley, Mass. Boston: Press of Rand, Avery, & Co., 1875.
Box 2, Folder 20Fraser, Daniel. The Divinity of Humanity the Corner-Stone of the Temple of the Future. Boston: Rand, Avery & Co., Printers, 1874.
Box 2, Folder 21Frost, Marguerite. About the Shakers. Canterbury, NH: [The United Society, n.d.]
Box 2, Folder 22Frost, Marguerite. The Shaker Story; Canterbury Shakers. Canterbury, NH: [The United Society, n.d.]
Box 2, Folder 23Green, Calvin. The Law of Life...Extract from a Writing in the Name of the Prophet Joel, At Mount Lebanon, N.Y., January 1841. [Mount Lebanon, NY: United Society, 1901].
Box 2, Folder 24[Green, Calvin and Seth Y. Wells]. A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society Called Shakers. Albany [NY]: Packard and Van Benthuysen, 1830.
Box 2, Folder 24a[Green, Calvin and Seth Y. Wells]. A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society Called Shakers. Canterbury, NH, 1843.
Box 2, Folder 25[Green, Calvin and Seth Y. Wells]. A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Reulations of the United Society of Believers Called Shakers. New York: Edward O. Jenkins, 1851.
Box 2, Folder 26[Green, Calvin and Seth Y. Wells]. A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society of Believers, Called Shakers. New York, E.S. Dodge Printing Co., 1879.
Box 2, Folder 27[Green, Calvin and Seth Y. Wells]. A Brief Exposition of the Established Principles and Regulations of the United Society of Believers, Called Shakers. Shaker Village, East Canterbury, NH: [The United Society], 1895. [2 copies].
Box 2, Folder 28Grosvenor, Roxalana. The Shakers' Convenant, 9Never Before Published,) With a Brief Outline of Shaker History. Boston: W.C. Allan, Printer, 1873.
Box 2, Folder 29Hodgdon, Charles C. Just Published, Hodgdon's Life and Manner of Living Among the Shakers, Founded on Truth. Concord, NH: Published by the author, 1838.
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Hollister, Alonzo (1830-1911). Interpreting Prophecy and the Appearing of Christ; 3rd edition. Washington Heights, Ill.:Guiding Star Publishing House, 1892.
Box 3, Folder 2Hollister, Alonzo and Calvin Green. Pearly Gate of the True Life and Doctrine for Believers in Christ [Series. Part I is in the form of a soft-cover book. Parts II and III are pamphlets]. Part I: Morning Star Bible Lessons. Mount Lebanon, NY: [The United Society], 1894.

Hollister, Alonzo [compiler]. Pearly Gate of the True Life and Doctrine for Believers in Christ. Part II: Pearly Gate Bible Lessons, Part II. Mount Lebanon, NY: [The United Society], 1900.

Hollister, Alonzo [compiler and author of the notes accompanying the selections as well as of several pieces contained in the pamphlet]. Pearly Gate of the True Life and Doctrine for Believers in Christ. Part III: Baptism... [Contains short sections on various religious subjects, including first person accounts of visions experienced by Catharine Allen, Richard Bushnell, and Miranda Barber]. Mount Lebanon, NY: [The United Society], 1904.

Box 3, Folder 3Hollister, Alonzo. Divine Judgement, Justice and Mercy. A Revelation of the Great White Throne. Mt. Lebanon, N.Y., 1895.
Box 3, Folder 4[Hollister, Alonzo]. The Reapers. Mount Lebanon, NY?: [The United Society], 1898.
Box 3, Folder 5Hollister, Alonzo. Synopsis of Doctrine Taught by Believers in Christ's Second Appearing. [Mount Lebanon, NY?: The United Society], 1893.
Box 3, Folder 6Hollister, Alonzo. Synopsis of Doctrine Taught by Believers in Christ's Second Appearing. Second edition, enlarged. [Mount Lebanon, NY?: The United Society], 1893.
Box 3, Folder 7An Illustrated Catalogue and Price-List of the Shakers' Chairs, Manufactured by the Society of Shakers. Mount Lebanon, NY: R.M. Wagan & Co., [n.d.]. [Facsimile reprint. Newton, Massachusetts: Emporium Publications, 1971].

Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Shakers' Chairs, Manufactured by the Society of Shakers. R.M. Wagan & Co, Mount Lebanon, N.Y. Pittsfield, Mass.: Press of George T. Denny, n.d. [Facsimile reprint. {Old Chatham, NY}: The Shaker Museum Foundation, Inc.: 1975].

Box 3, Folder 8Illustrated. The History of the Shakers. [Advertising circular for Faith Whitcomb's Shaker Liniment and other medicines bearing Sister Faith's name. [Boston?: The United Society?, 1881?].
Box 3, Folder 9In Remembrance. 2 funeral service programs: In Memory of Sister B. Lillian Phelps, died May 31, 1973 and In Memory of Sister Miriam Gladys Wall, died August 1, 1977. Concord, N.H.: Hussey & Wiren Funeral Chapel.
Box 3, Folder 10Johnson, Theodore. In the Eye of Eternity: Shaker Life and the Work of Shaker Hands. Sabbathday Lake, Maine: The United Society of Shakers and The University of Southern Maine, Gorham, Maine, 1983.
Box 3, Folder 11Johnson, Theodore. Ingenious and Useful: Shaker Sisters' Communal Industries, 1860-1960. Sabbathday Lake: United Society of Shakers, 1986.
Box 3, Folder 12Johnson, Theodore. Life in the Christ Spirit. Sabbathday Lake, Maine: The United Society, 1969.
Box 3, Folder 13King, Emma B. (1873-1966). A Shaker's Viewpoint. Old Chatham, N.Y.: Shaker Museum Foundation, Inc., June 1959 (Penacook, N.H.: [s.n]) 2 copies.
Box 3, Folder 14King, Emma B. A Shaker's Viewpoint. Old Chatham, NY: Shaker Museum Foundation, Inc., 1957 (Chatham, N.Y.: The Chatham Courier Company).

King, Emma B. A Shaker's Viewpoint. Canterbury, N.H.: Canterbury Shakers, [198-?] (Penacook, N.H.: [s.n.]).

Box 3, Folder 15Knight, Jane D. (1804-?). Brief Narrative of Events Touching Reforms, By Jane D. Knight, Who Was Reared in the Society of Friends, and United With the Shakers at Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y. in the Year 1826, in the Twenty-Second Year of her Age. Albany, NY: Weed, Parsons and Co., 1880.
Box 3, Folder 16Leonard, William. A Discourse on the Order and Propriety of Divine Inspiration and Revelation, Showing the Necessity Thereof, in All Ages, to Know the Will of God. Also, a Discourse on the Second Appearing of Christ, in and Through the Order of the Female. And a Discourse on the Propriety and Necessity of a United Inheritance in All Things, in Order to Support a True Christian Community. Harvard [Massachusetts]: Published by the United Society, 1853.
Box 3, Folder 17Lindsay, Bertha (1897-1990). Industries and Inventions of the Shakers; A Brief History. [Canterbury, NH: The United Society, n.d.].
Box 3, Folder 18[Lindsay, Bertha]. Favorite Shaker Recipes; Compiled and Tested by the Canterbury Shakers, Canterbury, New Hampshire. [n.p., n.d.]
Box 3, Folder 19Lomas, George Albert (1840-1889). The Life of Christ is the End of the World; Shaker Tract- No.1. [New Lebanon, N.Y.: United Society; Albany, N.Y.: C. Van Benthuysen and Sons, Printers], 1869.
Box 3, Folder 20Lomas, George Albert (1840-1889). Plain Talks Upon Practical Religion: BEing Candid Answers to Earnest Inquirers, Including an Answer to the Inquiry, "What Shall I do to be a Shaker?" 4th ed. "Shakers, N.Y.": Office of The Shaker Manifesto, 1878.
Box 3, Folder 21Mace, Fayette. Familiar Dialogues on Shakerism; In Which the Principles of the United Society are Illustrated and Defended. Concord [NH]: William White, Printer, 1838.
Box 3, Folder 22Marshall, Mary [Dyer]. A Brief Statement of the Sufferings of Mary Dyer, Occasioned by the Society Called Shakers. Written by Herself. To Which is Added Affidavits and Certificates; Also, a Declaration From Their Own Publication. Boston: Published by William S. Spear, 1818.
Box 3, Folder 23Marshall, Mary [Dyer]. Reply to the Shakers' Statements, Called a "Review of the Portraiture of Shakerism," With an Account of the Sickness and Death of Betsy Dyer; A Sketch of the Journey of the Author and Testimonies From Several Persons. Concord, [NH]: Printed for the author, 1824.
Box 3, Folder 24Mary Whitcher's Shaker House-Keeper. [Boston: Weeks & Potter, 1882].

Mary Whitcher's Shaker House-Keeper. [Facsimile edition. Introduction by Amy Bess Miller. Reproduced by Morgan & Morgan, Inc., Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., from the library at Hancock Shaker Village, Hancock, Mass., 1972.]

Box 3, Folder 25[McNemar, Richard (1770-1839)]. Investigator, Or A Defence of the ORder, Government and Economy of the United Society Called Shakers, Against Sundry Charges and Legislative Proceedings. Addressed to the Political World. By the Society of Believers, at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. New York: Egbert, Hovey & King, Printers, 1846. [A reprint of the 1828 edition printed at Lexington, KY].
Box 3, Folder 26Meacham, Joseph (1742-1796). A Concise Statement of the Principles of the Only True Church According to the Gospel of the Present Appearance of Christ. As Held to and Practiced Upon by the True Followers of the Living Savior, A Newlebanon, &c Together with a Letter from James Whittaker, Minister of the Gospel in this Day of Christ's Second Appearing to His Natural Relations in England, Dated October 9th, 1785.. Bennington, Vt., Haswell & Russell, 1790 [Reprint. {Sabbathday Lake, Maine}: The United Society: 1963; Mother's Work Series, No.2.]
Box 3, Folder 27On Silent Worship. [Signed by Elder Shevert(?)]. n.p., n.d.
Box 3, Folder 28Pelham, R.W. Shakers: A Correspondence Between Mary F[rancis] C[arr] of Mount Holly City, and A Shaker Sister, Sarah L., of Union Village; edited by R.W. Pelham. [Cincinnati, Ohio: P.T. Schulz?], 1868.
Box 3, Folder 29Pelham, R.W. A Shaker's Answer to the Oft-Repeated Question, "What Would Become of the World if All Should Become Shakers?" Stereotyped edition. "Orders supplied by John Whitely, Shirley Village, Mass." Boston: Rand, Avery and Co., 1874.
Box 3, Folder 30Pelham, R.W. The Shaker's Answer to a Letter from an Inquirer. 2nd edition. Cincinnati, Ohio: Jos.B. Boyd, 1868
Box 3, Folder 31Perkins, Abraham. Autobigoraphy of Elder Abraham Perkins. Concord: Rumford Press, 1901.
Box 3, Folder 32Phelps, Lillian (1876-1973). Shaker Musi; A Brief History. [Canterbury, NH: The United Society; Penacook, NH?: The Hazen Printing Company?, 197?]
Box 3, Folder 33Phelps, Lillian. Who Are the Shakers? [East Canterbury, NH: The United Society; Penacook, NH: [The Hazen Printing Company?], June 1959.
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Pilate, Pontius. An Interesting Narrative of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated from the Latin by M. Swan. Canterbury, NH: [The United Society], 1849.
Box 4, Folder 2Poole, Cyrus O. Spiritualism as Organized by the Shakers. [Mount Lebanon, NY?]: [The United Society?], 1887.
Box 4, Folder 3Rathburn, Valentine. A Brief Account of a Religious Scheme Taught and Propogated by a Number of Europeans, Who Lately Lived in a Place Called Nisquenia, in the State of New-York, but Now Residing in Harvard, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Commonly Called Shaking Quakers. To Which is Added a Dialogue Between George the Third...and His Ministers; Giving an Account of the Late London Mob, and the Original of the Sect Called Shakers. The Whole Being a Discovery of the Wicked Machinations of the Principal Enemies of America. Worcester [Mass.]: "Printed in the year 1782."
Box 4, Folder 4Rathburn, Valentine. Some Brief Hints of a Religious Scheme, Taugh and Propagated by a Number of Europeans, Living in a Place Called Nisquenia, in the State of New-York. Salem [Massachusetts]: "Reprinted and sold by S. Hall, near the Court-House," 1783. [xerox copy from original at the Essex Institute].
Box 4, Folder 5Shaker Almanac, 1885. The Joys and Sorrows of a Poor Old Man. [New York: A.J. White, 1884].
Box 4, Folder 6Shaker Almanac, 1891. [New York: A.J. White, 1890].
Box 4, Folder 7Shaker Society. The Saints in Zion. n.p., 1964.
Box 4, Folder 8Shakers. Alfred, Maine. Catalog of Fancy Goods...1908. [Sabbathday Lake, Maine: The United Society, 1971. {No.1 of The Hands to Work Series}].
Box 4, Folder 9Shakers. The American Shakers; A Celibate, Religious Community... [n.p., n.d.]. [pamphlets; 3 copies]
Box 4, Folder 10Shakers. The Americans Shakers; A Celibate, Religious Community... [Sabbathday Lake, Maine: The United Society, n.d.] [postcards; 3 copies].
Box 4, Folder 11Shakers. Authorized Rules of the Shaker Community. Given for the Protection and Guidance of the Members in the Several Societies. Mount Lebanon, NY: [The United Society], 1894.
Box 4, Folder 12Shakers. Canterbury. Life. Canterbury, N.H.: Mer. Co., n.d. [sheet music].
Box 4, Folder 13Shakers. Canterbury. Sunday Service...August 7, 1881. Canterbury: United Society, 1881.
Box 4, Folder 14Shakers. From the Canterbury Shakers. Canterbury: United Society, n.d.
Box 4, Folder 15Shakers. Greetings to You, From the Society of American Shakers... n.p., n.d.
Box 4, Folder 16Shakers. Sabbathday Lake. Business forms and billheads. [Also see Oversize Box 2, Folder 4].
Box 4, Folder 17Shakers. Sabbathday Lake. Price List, Shakers Home-made gift items.
Box 4, Folder 18Shakers. Shaker Church Covenant. East Canterbury, NH: [The United Society], [n.d].
Box 4, Folder 19Shakers. Shaker Church Covenant. "Shaker Village, NH" [East Canterbury, NH]: [The United Society], 1889.
Box 4, Folder 20Shakers. Supplementary Ruless of the Shaker Community. These are Published to Encourage the Spirit of Carefulness. Mount Lebanon, NY [The United Society], 1894.
Box 4, Folder 21Shakers. The Youth's Guide in Zion and Holy Mother's Promises Canterbury, N.H. 1842. Reprinted by the United Society, 1963.
Box 4, Folder 22"Table Monitor." Poem placed on Visitor's Dining Room, Shaker Village, Canterbury.
Box 4, Folder 23Taylor, Amos. A Narrative of the strange Principles, Conduct and Character of the People Known by the Name of Shakers Whose Errors Have Spread in Several Parts of North-America, but are Beginning to Diminish, and Ought to be Guarded Against; In Two Numbers. Number I Wherein Their Whole Constitution is Laid Open... Worcester, Mass.: "Printed for the Author" [by Isaiah Thomas], 1782.
Box 4, Folder 24Wall, Miriam (1896-1977). Education and Recreation of the Shakers; A Brief History. [Canterbury, NH: The United Society, n.d.].
Box 4, Folder 25[White, Anna (1831-1910), editor and compiler] Affectionately Inscribed to the MEmory of the Eldress Antoinette Doolittle, by Her Loving and Devoted Gospel Friends. Albany: Weed, Parsons, and Company, Printers, 1887.
Box 4, Folder 26White, Anna (1831-1910). Voices from Mount Lebanon [A Paper Read at the Universal Peace Meating, Mystic, Conn., Aug. 23, 1899]; [also includes a poem: The American Flag by Cecelia DeVere. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.: The United Society; Canaan 4 Corners, NY: Berkshire Industrial Farm Print, [1899].
Box 4, Folder 27Wickersham, George M. (1811-1891). How Came I to Be a Shaker. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.; "Printed at East Canterbury, N.H. June 1891."

Wickersham, George M. (1811-1891). How I Came to Be a Shaker. Mount Lebanon, N.Y.; "Printed at East Canterbury, N.H. June, 1891." [Facsimile edition. "A Teen-Ager's Search for the Ideal Society in 1826" on the inside of the front cover. "Copyright, 1952 by Jerome Count. Reprinted by Shaker Village Work Group, a teen-age historic restoration project, Mt. Lebanon {New York}. P.O. Box, Pittsfield, Mass.," n.d.]

Box 4, Folder 28Wright, Mother Lucy. The Gospel Monitor. A Little Book of Mother Ann's Word. Printed at Canterbury, N.H., 1843. This item has been cataloged and is located at Special Collections BX 9789 .C5 G6.
Box 4, Folder 29One Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of the Shaker Church, Enfield, N.H., October 18, 1893. Enfield: Abbott's Power Print, 1893.

Subseries B: Serials

Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Item 1The Shaker. Vol. II, No. 3 [March 1872] Albany, New York.
Oversize Box 1, Item 2The Shaker. Vol. II, No. 10 [October 1872]. Albany, New York.
Oversize Box 1, Item 3The Shaker. Vol. VI, No. 7 [July 1877]. Albany, New York.
Oversize Box 1, Item 4The Shaker. Vol. VI, No. 9 [September 1877]. Albany, New York.
Oversize Box 1, Item 5The Shaker. Vol. VI, No. 11 [November 1877]. Albany, New York.
Oversize Box 1, Item 6Shaker and Shakeress Monthly. Vols.III-V, January 1873 - December 1875. Mt. Lebanon, New York: F.W. Evans. [bound volume]

Series 2: Secondary Material, 1836-1990

Subseries A: Pamphlets

Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Anderson, Russell H. The Shaker community in Florida, [from The Florida Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. 38, pp. 29-44]. Tampa, Florida: Florida Historical Society, 1959.
Box 5, Folder 2Andrews, Edward Deming (1894-1964). Designed for Use; The Nature of Function in Shaker Craftsmanship. (Reprint from New York History, July 1950). Cooperstown, N.Y.: New York State Historical Association, 1950.
Box 5, Folder 3Andrews, Edward Deming (1894-1964). The Hancock Shakers; The Shaker Community at Hancock Massachusetts, 1780-1960. Hancock, Ma.:Shaker Community Inc., 1961.
Box 5, Folder 4Andrews, Edward Deming (1894-1964). The New York Shakers and Their Industries. Albany, N.Y.: New York State Museum, 1930.
Box 5, Folder 5Andrews, Edward Deming (1894-1964). Shaker Herbs and Herbalists. Stockbridge, Ma.: Berkshire Garden Center, Inc., 1959.
Box 5, Folder 6Andrews, Edward Deming (1894-1964). A Shaker Meetinghouse and Its Builder. Hancock, Ma.: Shaker Community, Inc., 1962.
Box 5, Folder 7Andrews, Edward Deming (1894-1964). The Shaker Order of Christmas. New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 1954.
Box 5, Folder 8Andrews, Edward Deming (1894-1964). The Shaker Order of Christmas. New York, N.Y.: Museum of Folk Art, 1969.
Box 5, Folder 9Ballou's Pictoral Drawing Room Companion [Photocopies of articles on the Shakers that appeared in this 19th century periodical. The author or authors of these features are unknown. The magazine was published in Boston. Articles: "The Shakers at Prayer", April 3, 1858 [Volume xIV, No. 213], 3 copies; "Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH", [date, volume and issue number unknown].
Box 5, Folder 10Black, Mary C. At the Sign of the Gabriel, Flag, or Indian Chief. [Reprint from Curator, Vol.Ix No. 2] New York, N.Y.: American Museum of Natural History, n.d.
Box 5, Folder 11[Browne, Benjamin Frederick, 1793-1873]. Visit to the Shakers of Harvard, Massachusetts. An unsigned and undated manuscript in the library of the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass., probably written about 1840. Printed as a letter in The Salem Register, September 17, 1838 and signed B.F.B., probably Benjamin F. Browne of Salem.
Box 5, Folder 12Chosen Vale; Shaker Village Enfield, New Hampshire; Father Dan Charette Visitor Center; [Visitor's guide to the Lower Shaker Village site at Enfield, NH. [Written by Wendell and Viola Hess].
Box 5, Folder 13Coffman, Edward. The Shakers, 1807-1922. Auburn, Kentucky: The Shaker Museum, n.d.
Box 5, Folder 14Conlin, Mary Lou. The North Union Story; A Shaker Society, 1822-1889; Written for the Shaker Historical Society, Shaker Heights, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio: Ontario Printers, Inc., 1961.
Box 5, Folder 15Dickens, Charles. American Notes for General Circulation. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1842. [Dickens' view of the Shakers on pp.79-80].
Box 5, Folder 16[Dodd, Eugene Merrick]. The Round Stone Barn; A Short History. Hancock, Massachusetts: [Shaker Community, Inc.]: 1968. [Hancock Village Keepsake, No.9].
Box 5, Folder 17Dow, Edward F. A Portrait of the Millennial Church of Shakers. The Maine Bulletin; University of Maine Studies, Second Series, No. 19. Volume 34, No. 1, August 1931. Orono, Me. [University Press], 1931.
Box 5, Folder 18Enders, H.E. How to Cane and Upholster Chairs [Little Blue Book No. 1041; edited by E. Haldeman-Julius]. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Company, n.d.
Box 5, Folder 19Gale, Daniel. A Sketch of Lebanon Springs. Its Attractions as a Summer Resort-A Visit to the Shakers-History of the Town... Pittsfield [Mass.]: Chickering and Axtell [1872].
Box 5, Folder 20Hall, Roger L. [compiler and editor] A Western Shaker Music Sampler. Cleveland, Ohio: The Western Reserve Historical Society, 1976.
Box 5, Folder 21Hampton, Taylor. God's Gentlemen. Shaker Heights, Ohio: Privately printed for the members of the Shaker Heights Historical Society, January 1952. [Three hundred copies were printed for the historical society members. This is copy #289.]
Box 5, Folder 22Harris, Amanda B. "Among the Shakers." [Article from The Granite Monthly, v. 1, no.1, pp. 21-24. Concord, NH: J.N. McClintock, 1877-1878].
Box 5, Folder 23Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Letter from Nathaniel Hawthorne to his Sister, Maria, in Salem. The letter heading shows it was written in "Canterbury (N.H.) August 17th 1831."
Box 5, Folder 24Holloway, Emory. Walt Whitman's Visit to the Shakers. [From The Colophon, a book collector's quarterly. Original series, Part 13 (February 1933)].
Box 5, Folder 25Hutton, Daniel Mac-Hir. Old Shakertown and the Shakers; The Sacred 'Yea' and 'Nay' of Their Gentle Voices are Silenced; A Brief History of the Rise of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming, the Establishment of the Pleasant Hill Colony, Their Beliefs, Customs and Pathetic End. Harrodsburg, KY: Harrodsburg Herald Press, 1936(?).
Box 5, Folder 26[Keig, Susan Jackson.] Trade with the World's People: A Shaker Album. Hamilton, Ohio: The Beckett Paper Company, Inc.; Pleasant Hill, Kentucky: Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Inc., 1976.
Box 5, Folder 27Latero, Ermine Huntress. Feminine Aspects of Divinity. Wallingford, Pa.: Pendle Hill Publications, 1973.
Box 5, Folder 28Lee, Charles O. "The Shakers as Pioneers in the American Herb and Drug Industry." [Reprinted from The American Journal of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, vol. 132, pp. 178-193 (May 1960)].
Box 5, Folder 29[Lossing, Benson John]. "Visiting the Shakers in 1857," An Eye-Witness Account..." New York: Harper & Brothers, 1857. [Pittsfield, Mass.: Shaker Village Work Group, n.d.; a facsimile reprint of "The Shakers," from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, (New York, July 1857), xV, 164-177].
Box 5, Folder 30Lyford, James Otis. The Canterbury Shakers. An Excerpt From "History of Canterbury." Canterbury, NH: Shaker Village, Inc.; Concord, NH: The Village Press, Inc., 1974.
Box 5, Folder 31Lynes, Russell. "After Hours" [Column Title]: The Shakers. [Original title: "Movers and Shakers"]. New York: Harper's Magazine, December 1966.
Box 5, Folder 32MacLean, J.P. A Bibliography of Shaker Literature. Columbus, Ohio: Published for the Author by Fred. J. Heer, 1905.
Box 5, Folder 33MacLean, J.P. Shaker Books; During the Month of May, In A Closet of the Abandoned Church at Union Village, Ohio, I found a Box of Shaker Pamphlets, Written by Richard McNemar and Probably Palced There by That Author in 1839... [Priced booklist] Franklin, Ohio: J.P. MacLean, n.d.
Box 5, Folder 34MacLean, J.P. Shakers of Ohio. [Publication Circular]. Franklin, Ohio: J.P. MacLean, 1908.
Box 5, Folder 35Mansfield, Luther Stearns. "Glimpses of Herman Melville's Life in Pittsfield, 1850-1851: Some Unpublished Letters of Evert A Duyckinck." [Reprinted from American Literature, Vol.9, No. 1 [March 1937)]. Durham, NC.
Box 5, Folder 36[Mastin, Bettye Lee]. A Visitor's Guide to Shakertown; A Walking Tour with a Map of Pleasant Hill. Lexington, Kentucky: Richard S. DeCamp, 1969. [Art work by Patricia S. DeCamp]
Box 5, Folder 37Milbern, Gwendolyn. Shaker Clothing. Lebanon, Ohio: The Warren County Historical Society, n.d.
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Miscellaneous. Copies from unspecified works.
Box 6, Folder 2Neal, Julia. Shakers at South Union, KY.; Caught in Cross Currents of Civil War. [Auburn, KY: Shaker Museum, 196-].
Box 6, Folder 3New England Historical Genealogical Register. "Shaker Death Records: Part I." [Mt. Lebanon]. Copied by Mrs.Rachel [Wilkins] [Baker] Cottrell. [In Vol. CxV, January 1961, pp.32-45].
Box 6, Folder 4New England Historical Genealogical Register. "Shaker Death Records: Part II" [Mt. Lebanon]. Copied by Mrs. Rachel [Wilkins] [Baker] Cottrell. [In Vol. CxV, April 1961, pp.118-135].
Box 6, Folder 5New York Public Library. Bulletin of the New York Public Library Astor Lennox and Tilden Foundations. November 1904 [Volume VIII, No.11] issue. "List of Works Relating to Shakers in the New York Public Library," p.550-559.
Box 6, Folder 6Norton, James M. "Canterbury-Shaker Village." [In New England Journeys, No.5, a special edition of The Ford Times, p.124]. Dearborn, Michigan: Ford Motor Company, 1957.
Box 6, Folder 7Old Shaker Recipes. [Author or editor not indicated.] Nashville, Indiana: Bear Wallow Books, 1982.
Box 6, Folder 8Otis, Harrison Gray. Letter, Thursday, 26 July [1821?] To His Wife.
Box 6, Folder 9Parsons, Usher. A Centennial History of Alfred, York County, Maine; With a Supplement by Samuel M. Came. Philadelphia: Published by Sanford, Everts & Co.; Collins, Printer, 1872.
Box 6, Folder 10Patterson, Daniel W. Nine Shaker Spirituals, With a Brief Account of Early Shaker Song. Old Chatham, NY: Shaker Museum Foundation, Inc., 1964.
Box 6, Folder 11Phillips, Hazel Spencer. Shakers in the West. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1962. [Originally published in the Spring 1962 Philadelphia Museum Bulletin].
Box 6, Folder 12Poland Spring House, South Poland, Maine. Poland Spring Centennial: A Souvenir. South Poland, Maine: H. Ricker & Sons, 1895.
Box 6, Folder 13Poland Spring House, South Poland, Maine. Poland Spring Hotels. South Poland, Maine: Hiram Ricker & Sons, 1887. [2 copies]
Box 6, Folder 14Proper, David Ralph. "Bibliography of Shaker Periodical Literature." [From The Shaker Quarterly, Vol. 4, No.4 (Winter 1964), pp. 130-142; Vol. 5, No.1 (Spring 1965),pp.26-32; Vol.5, No. 4 (Winter 1965), pp. 141-144].
Box 6, Folder 15Proper, David Ralph. Articles written about Shakers: "The Galley 'Shaker'" [n.d.,n.p.]; "The Shakers" [n.d.,n.p.]; "Shakers Subject of Institute Display" [Salem Evening News, Monday, March 15, 1965]-3 copies; "County History: Garden Seeds of Yesteryear" [April 14, 1964, n.p.]-2 copies; "Great Inventions" [March 1964 and published in the Fall 1964 {Volume 4, No.3} Shaker Quarterly]; "Shaker 'Dances' and Negro 'Shouts'" [n.d., n.p.]; "County History: Shakers on Mt. Monadnock" [n.d., n.p.].
Box 6, Folder 16Report on the Examination of the Sahkers of Canterbury and Enfield, Before the New Hampshire Legislature, at the November Session, 1848, Including the Testimony at Length; Several Extracts from Shaker Publications; The Bill Also Which Passed the House of Representatitves; The Proceedings in the Pillow Case [N.Y.]; Together with the Letter of James W. Spinney. From Notes Taken at the Examination. Concord, N.H.: E.B. Tripp, 1849.
Box 6, Folder 17Russell, C. Allyn. "The Rise of the Shakers." [Reprinted from New York History, Vol. xLIx, No. 1 (January 1968)]. Cooperstown, NY: New York State Historical Association, 1968.
Box 6, Folder 18Schott, John. Our Shaker Heritage. Shaker Heights, Ohio: Shaker Heights Historical Society, July 1, 1949.
Box 6, Folder 19[Shaker Community, Inc., Hancock, Mass.] The American Shakers. [Hancock, Mass.: Shaker Community, Inc., 1961]. ["Reprinted from a series of articles in The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Mass.), 1960.
Box 6, Folder 20"Shaker Heritage." [In Granite Stater, Vol. 10, No.4 (January, 1963) pp.3-5}]. Manchester, NH: New England Telephone and Telegraph Co., 1963.
Box 6, Folder 21Shaker Historical Society: Selected Files. Miscellaneous materials collected together in September 1964 by the Shaker Historical Society of Shaker Heights, OH.
Box 6, Folder 22Shaker Historical Society, Shaker Heights, Ohio. [Miscellaneous programs, bulletins and materials on society membership, exhibits and activities].
Box 6, Folder 23Shaker Museum Foundation, Inc., Old Chatham, NY. [Emma B. King Library]. Catalogue of the Emma B. King Library of the Shaker Museum, Compiled Under the Direction of Robert F.W. Meader. Old Chatham, NY: Shaker Museum Foundation, Inc., 1970.
Box 6, Folder 24Shaker Recipe Book; One Dollar. Newton, Mass.: Emporium Publications, 1970. [Illustrated by Rosalyn Gerstein. Includes brief notes about the Shakers and their history.]
Box 6, Folder 25Shaker Records of Enfield, New Hampshire. [Photocopies of an article in the New England Historical & Genealogical Register of April 1908 (Vol. LxII, No.4), pp.119-129].
Box 6, Folder 26Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.
Box 6, Folder 27Shaver, Elizabeth D. The Water Livet Cemetary, Albany, N.Y. Albany, N.Y.: The Shaker Heritage Society, 1986.
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Smith, James. Shakerism by the Dispositions of Ten Different Persons... Paris, Kentucky: Printed by Joel R. Lyle, 1810; Reprinted at Ann Arbor, Michigan: University Microfilms, n.d.
Box 7, Folder 2Stagg, Anne. Museum Village, Home of the Hancock Shakers. [Reprinted from House and Garden Magazine, July 1968] Boulder, Co.: Conde Nast Publication, 1968.
Box 7, Folder 3Trial of the Shakers for an Attempt to Restrain the Wife and Three children of William H. Pillow; An Exposure of Their Deceptions,a nd Her Final Release, By a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Extracted From the True Wesleyan. October, 1847.. [n.p., n.d.]. [Pamphlet that originally appeared as an article by the same title in the True Wesleyan, 5 (October 1847 issue), pp.1-22].
Box 7, Folder 4Upton, James. The Shakers as Pacifists in the Period Between 1812 and the Civil War. Reprinted from vol.47, no.3, July 1973 issue of The Filson Club History Quarterly, Louisville, Kentucky.
Box 7, Folder 5Upton, Richard F. "Franklin Pierce and the Shakers: A Subchapter in the Struggle for Religious Liberty." In Historical New Hampshire [the quarterly publication of The New Hampshire Historical Society], Vol. xxIII, No. 2, Summer 1968.
Box 7, Folder 6Wetherbee, Martha. Martha Wetherbee's Handbook of New Shaker Baskets. Sanbornton, NH: Martha Wetherbee and Nathan Taylor, 1981.
Box 7, Folder 7Whitson, Robley Edward. The Spirit of Shaker Christianity. Sabbathday Lake, Maine: The United Society, 1967. [Reprinted from The Shaker Quarterly, Volume V, No.3; copyrighted 1965].
Box 7, Folder 8Whitson, Robley Edward. The Shaker Vision; Centennial Celebration 1774-1974; Together with the Order of the Service of Commemoration, August 11, 1974. Canterbury, NH: Shaker Village, Inc., 1974.
Box 7, Folder 9Whitson, Robley Edward. The Shaker Heritage. [n.p., n.d.]
Box 7, Folder 10Williams, John S. Consecrated Ingenuity; The Shakers and Their Inventions. Old Chatham, New York: The Shaker Museum Foundation, "Printed at Chatham, N.Y., March 1957." [Printing done by The Chatham Courier Co.]
Box 7, Folder 11Williams, John S. The Shaker Religious Concept Together with the Covenant, Hancock, Massachusetts, 1830. Old Chatham, N.Y.: The Shaker Museum Foundation, 1959.
Box 7, Folder 12Williams, John S. The Shakers, A Brief Summary. Old Chatham, N.Y.: The Shaker Museum Foundation, 1956.
Box 7, Folder 13Winters, Ester C. Shaker Literature in the Grosvenor Library; A Bibliography. Buffalo, N.Y.: The Grosvenor Library, 1940.
Box 7, Folder 14Winters, Ester C. Shaker Literature in the Rare Book Room of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. Buffalo, N.Y.: Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, 1967.
Box 7, Folder 15Wisbey, Herbert A., Jr. The Sodus Shaker Community. Lyons, N.Y.: Wayne County Historial Society, 1982.

Subseries B: Serials

Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1The Canterbury Shakers. Vol.1 no.1 [March 1981] - Vol.6 No.1 [February 1986]. Shaker Village, Canterbury, New Hampshire.
Box 8, Folder 2The Clarion [Friends of the Shakers, Sabbathday Lake, Maine]. Winter 1981 - Summer 1984. Poland Spring, Maine.
Box 8, Folder 3The News [Canterbury Shaker Village]. Vol.1 No.2 [April 1987] - Vol.6 No.3 [October 1992], with gaps. Canterbury, New Hampshire.
Box 8, Folder 4A Newsletter to Our Friends [Hancock Shakers]. Vol.III No. 2 [November 1968] - Vol.26 No.3 [Summer/Fall 1990], with gaps. Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Box 8, Folder 5The Shaker Messenger. Vol.1 No.1 [Fall 1978] - No.4 [Summer 1979]. Holland, Michigan.
Box 8, Folder 6The Shaker Messenger. Vol.2 No.1 [Fall 1979] - No.4 [Summer 1980].
Box 8, Folder 7The Shaker Messenger. Vol.3 No.1 [Fall 1980] - No.4 [Summer 1981].
Box 8, Folder 8The Shaker Messenger. Vol.4 No.1 [Fall 1981] - No.4 [Summer 1982].
Box 8, Folder 9The Shaker Messenger. Vol.5 No.1 [Fall 1982] - No.4 [Summer 1983].
Box 8, Folder 10The Shaker Messenger. Vol.6 No.1 [Fall 1983] - No.4 [Summer 1984].
Box 8, Folder 11The Shaker Messenger. Vol.7 No.1 [Fall 1984] - No.4 [Summer 1985].
Box 8, Folder 12The Shaker Messenger. Vol.8 No.1 [Fall 1985] - No.4 [Summer 1986].
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1The Shaker Messenger. Vol.9 No.1 [Fall 1986] - No.4 [Summer 1987].
Box 9, Folder 2The Shaker Messenger. Vol.10 No.1 [Fall 1987] - No.4 [Summer 1988].
Box 9, Folder 3The Shaker Messenger. Vol.11 No.1 [Fall 1988] - No.4 [Summer 1989].
Box 9, Folder 4The Shaker Messenger. Vol.12 No.1 [Fall 1989] - No.4 [Summer 1990].
Box 9, Folder 5The Shaker Messenger. Vol.13 No.1 [Fall 1990] - No.4 [Summer 1991].
Box 9, Folder 6The Shaker Messenger. Vol.14 No.1 [Fall 1991] - No.3 [Spring 1992].
Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Item 7-27The World of Shaker. Vol.1 Issue 1 [Fall 1971] - Vol. 7 Issue 1 [Spring 1977].

Subseries C: Periodical Articles

Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1American Home. "A Rich Shaker Legacy; A Shaker Treasure House; Plain Good Food; The Shakers, A Gifted People," by Mary Evans; "From Sabbathday Lake to Pleasant Hill." In American Home, Vol. LxxII, No.7 [September 1969].
Box 10, Folder 2Andrews, Edward Deming and Faith Andrews. "Craftsmanship of an American Religious Sect: Notes on Shaker Furniture." In Antiques, Vol.14, No.2 [August 1928], pp.132-136.
Box 10, Folder 3Andrews, Edward Deming. "The Furniture of an American Religious Sect." In Antiques, Vol.15, No.4 [April 1929], pp. 292-296.
Box 10, Folder 4Andrews, Edward Deming. "An Interpretation of Shaker Furniture." In Antiques, Vol.23, No. 1 [January 1933], pp.6-9.
Box 10, Folder 5Antiques. "Exhibitions and Sales" section ["Shaker Exhibit at the Berkshire Museum"]. In Antiques, Vol.22, No. 6 [December 1932], p. 232.
Box 10, Folder 6Antiques. "The Coming Shaker Exhibition in Mahanttan: A Gallery Note," by Homer Eaton Keyes. Vol. 28, No.5 [November 1935], pp.204-205.
Box 10, Folder 7Antiques. "Antiques in Domestic Settings-Solutions and Suggestions, Part xIII: Shaker Home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Deming Andres in Pittsfield, Mass." In Antiques, Vol.30, No.4 [October 1936], pp.162-163.
Box 10, Folder 8Antiques. "A Shaker House of Worship," a brief section in Homer Eaton Keyes' column, "The Editor's Attic." Vol. 33, No.4 [April 1938], pp.185-186.
Box 10, Folder 9Antiques. "Riddles and Replies" ["Question on a Shaker Dining Table"]. In Antiques, Vol.34, No.5 [November 1938], p.272.
Box 10, Folder 10Antiques. [Shaker issue]. Vol. xCVIII, No.4 [October 1970].
Box 10, Folder 11Antique Talk. "The Shaker Museum [a Old Chatham, NY]." In Antique Talk, Vol.1, No.1 [May 1966], pp.28-31.
Box 10, Folder 12Barker, Mildred. "Letter: A Shaker Takes Exception," in "Letters to the Editor," Down East: The Magazine of Maine, Vol.4, Number 4 (January 1958), p.8-9. [See also a letter entitled "Addenda" in the same section (p.7-8) written by Mrs. Albert C. (Cora) Fournier of Watertown, Massachusetts. Mrs. Fournier is the sister of Eldress Gertrude Soule and lived at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker village as a young girl].
Box 10, Folder 13Bell, Carl Irving. "The Noble Life and Sad Death of Brother Dyer." In New Hampshire Profiles, Vol.13, No.6 [June '64], pp.36, 37, 47.
Box 10, Folder 14Benes, Peter. "No Corners for the Devil," in Yankee, Vol.32, No.9 [September 1968],pp.78-81; 168-169; 171.
Box 10, Folder 15Better Homes and Gardens. "A Score of Recipes in the Shaker Tradition." Vol. 43, No. 10 [October 1965], pp. 78-81, 91-95.
Box 10, Folder 16Brightbill, Dorothy Lambert. "The Shakers and Their Furniture." In American Home, Vol. LxIx, No.7 [September 1966], pp. 38; 118.
Box 10, Folder 17The Chronicle. "Shaker Community and Shaker Museum." In The Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association, Inc., Vol.17, No.1 [March 1964], pp.1-2.
Box 10, Folder 18Denslow, Van Buren. "Mother Ann's Children." In American Magazine, Vol. VI, No. 2 [June 1887], pp. 167-176.
Box 10, Folder 19Frances, Evan. "American Classic; Furnishings in the Shaker Manner." In Family Circle, Vol.64, No.6 [June 1964], pp.42-47. [Also included: "Who Are the Shakers?" by Edward Deming Andrews, p. 100].
Box 10, Folder 20Frome, Michael. "Shakertown-Reminder of a Gentler Way." In Woman's Day, Vol. 31, No.12 [September 1968], pp. 58-59, 111-114.
Box 10, Folder 21"Good Work." [The Official Bulletin of The Catholic Art Association].Vol.xxVIII, No. 4 (Autumn 1965).
Box 10, Folder 22Hayes, G. "Shaker Style and Substance." In New Hampshire Profiles, Volume 35, Number 7 [July 1987], pp.40-45, 106.
Box 10, Folder 23History News. "Kentuckians Restore Shaker Community." Vol. 19, No. 141 [July 1964], p. 141.
Box 10, Folder 24Hopping, D.M.C. and Gerald R. Watland. "The Architecture of the Shakers." In Antiques, Vol.LxxII, No.4 [October 1957], pp.335-339. [Also in same issue: "The Shakers ina New World," by Edward Deming Andrews, pp.340-343; "Shaker Crafts on View," by Helen Comstock, pp. 344-347.
Box 10, Folder 25Jenkins, Dorothy H. "Antiques; Rocking Chairs," [includes comments on Shaker chairs]. In Woman's Day, Vol.28, No.1 [October 1964], pp. 26, 28, 29, 88.
Box 10, Folder 26Johnson, Clifton. "The Passing of the Shakers." In Old-Time New England [The Bulletin of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities]. Vol. 25, No.1 [July 1934], pp.3-19. Part I.
Box 10, Folder 27Johnson, Clifton. "The Passing of the Shakers." In Old-Time New England. Vol.25, No.2 [October 1934], pp.50-66. Part II.
Box 10, Folder 28Kay, Jane Holtz. "Last of the Shakers." In Historic Preservation. [March - April 1982], pp. 14-21.
Box 10, Folder 29Kaye, Myrna. "Antiques to Look For...Idealsin Faith and Form." Yankee, Vol.31, No.6. [June 1967], pp. 111-112.
Box 10, Folder 30Labbie, Edith. "Shaker Sabbathday colony Tour Rewarding." In Lewiston Journal Magazine Section, Saturday, July 17, 1965, pp. 3A, 4A.
Box 10, Folder 31LaFrancis, Edith. "Shaking is No Foolish Play." In Yankee, Vol.32, No.11 [November 1968], pp. 102-105; 138; 141.
Box 10, Folder 32Loengard, John. "Serene Twilight of a Once-Sturdy Sect, The Shakers." In Life, Vol.62, No.11 [March 17, 1967], pp. 58-70.
Box 10, Folder 33Meader, Robert F. "Shaker Practices in Construction." In Antique Talk, Vol. 1, No.3. [September 1966], pp. 54, 55, 62.
Box 10, Folder 34Merton, Thomas. "The Shakers; American Celibates and Craftsmen Who 'Danced' in the Glory of God." In Jubilee, "a Magazine of the Church and Her People," Vol.11, No.9 [January 1964], pp.36-41.
Box 10, Folder 35Nix, Diane. "Saving a Piece of History: Stories are Being Told, Land is Being Reclaimed in an Attempt to Keep Shaker Village a Living Memorial to the People who Have Lived, Worked, and Worshipped There for 200 Years." In The Keene Sentinel Magazine, The Keene Sentinel, Keene, NH, July 7 - July 13, 1990, pp. 6, 7, 8.
Box 10, Folder 36Prosser, Jeanette. "The Shakers of Canterbury." In New Hampshire Profiles, Vol.9, No. 8 (August 1960), pp. 26-31.
Box 10, Folder 37Rogers, C. Talbot. "The People Called Shakers." In Down East, Vol.4, No.3 (October 1957), pp. 20-23.
Box 10, Folder 38Sanborn, F.B. "The Original Shaker Communities, From the Plumar Papers." In New England Magazine, Vol.22, No.3 (May 1900), pp. 303-309.
Box 10, Folder 39"Shaker Revival." In Look Magazine, Vol.28, No.24 (December 1, 1964), pp. 56-63.
Box 10, Folder 40Smith, Enid S. "Shakers, The First Organized Spiritualists." In The Summit of Spiritual Understanding ["The Official Church Publication of The National Spiritualist Association of Churches"]. Vol.49, No.514 (May 1967), p. 6-8, 24.
Box 10, Folder 41Spoerl, Dorothy. "Hands to Work and Hearts to God." In New Hampshire Profiles, Vol.11, No.7 (July 1962), pp. 30-32; 60-61. [Contains drawings by Marilyn Andrade].
Box 10, Folder 42Starbuck, David R. "The Shaker Mills in Canterbury, New Hampshire." In The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology, Vol. 12, No.1 (1986), pp. 11-38.
Box 10, Folder 43Warnock, Phyllis K. "Home of the Month [Shaker Furniture at Newcastle, NH-The Home of Hugh and Jean Potter"]. In New Hampshire Profiles, Vol.13, No.4 (April 1964), pp. 42-46.
Box 10, Folder 44Williams, Richard L. "The Shakers, Now Only 12, Observe Their 200th Year." In Smithsonian, Vol.5, No.6 (September 1974), pp. 40-49.

Series 3: Utopian and Communal Related Literature, 1839-1979

Subseries A: Pamphlets

Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1Alcott, Louisa May. Transcendental Wild Oats and Excerpts From the Fruitlands Diary. [Introduction by William Henry Harrison, illustrations by J. Streeter Fowke]. Harvard, Mass.: The Harvard Common Press, 1975.
Box 11, Folder 2American Institute of Utopian Studies. Prospectus. [Canterbury, NH: 1967].
Box 11, Folder 3Anarchism and Anarchists. [Pamphlets on anarchism]. Pamphlets:

A Catechism of Anarchy. n.p.: "Free Society," n.d.

The Chicago Martyrs: Their Speeches in Court. With a Preface and Extract of Record Prepared for the Supreme Court of Illinois. To Which is Added the Reasons for Pardoning Fielden, Neebe, and Schwab, by John P. Altgeld, Governor of Illinois. [Fourth Edition] Glasgow, Scotland: Glasgow Anarchist Communist Group, n.d.

Withington, Lothrop. Constructive Murder; A Speech Delivered at a Meeting to Denounce the Judicial Assassination of the Chicago Anarchists, Held and the Communist Club, Tottenham Street, On Friday Evening, October 7, 1887. London: International Publishing Co., 1887.

Box 11, Folder 4Arnold, Eberhard [1883-1935]. Why We Live in Community. [Rifton, New York: The Plough Publishing House, 1967].
Box 11, Folder 5Ballou, Adin. Human Progress in Respect to Religion; Two Discourses Delivered in the Chapel at the Hopedal, Mass., May 26th and June 9th, 1867... Hopedale, Mass. [Modern Age Office], 1867.
Box 11, Folder 6Brook Farm Association for Industry and Education, West Roxbury, Mass. Constitution, With an Introductory Statement. 2nd Edition, with the By-Laws of the Association. Boston: I.R. Butts, 1844. [xerox copy].
Box 11, Folder 7Brisbane, Albert. A Concise Exposition of the Doctrine of Association or Plan for a Reorganization of Society... 2nd ed. New York: J.S. Redfield, Clinton Hall, 1843.
Box 11, Folder 8[Burton, H.J.] Distributive Co-Operation; Steps for Organization and Advice to Managers of Co-Operative Associations, with Working Rules and By-Laws, Compiled from the Rules and By-Laws of the Most Successful Associations in England and This Country [by Burton and George S. Burton]. Boston: A. Mudge & Son, 1875.
Box 11, Folder 9Co-operative Town Company of Tennessee. Watauga Valley, Town Site of the Co-Operative Town Company at Elizabethton, East Tennessee. [Prospectus. Elizabethton, Tenn.: 1891].
Box 11, Folder 10Credit Foncier of Sinaloa, Mexico; Integral Co-Operation at Work... New York: J.W. Lovell Co., [n.d.] [This was a publication of the American utopian colony in Sinaloa, Mexico]
Box 11, Folder 11Credit Foncier of Sinaloa, Mexico; Devoted to the Practical Solution of the Problem of Integral Co-Operation, VOL.V, NO.8 (January 1, 1891). Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico: The Credit Foncier, 1891. [Vol.1, No.1 of this publication appeared in 1886. The Sinaloa colony was founded by Albert K. Owen.]
Box 11, Folder 12Daedalus, Spring 1965 (Issued as Vol.94, No.2, of the Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences). [The entire issue is devoted to the concept of utopia. Lewis Mumford and Northrop Frye are among the contributors. Article topics range from literary utopias and the experimental utopia in America to utopian political theory and "utopia for practical purposes."
Box 11, Folder 13Draper Company, Hopedale, Mass. Living Conditions of Draper Company Employees in Hopedale, Mass. [Boston: Republican Club of Massachusetts, n.d.]
Box 11, Folder 14Emerson, George B. Houses for Working Men and Working Women. [n.p., n.d.]
Box 11, Folder 15Flower, George. The Western Shepherd; The Object of this Little Work is to Call Attention to the Necessity of Adding Wool to the Staple Articles of Production in the States of Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa, Containing Instructions for the Breeding and the Proper Management of Sheep and Their Pastures, Showing Also the Peculiar Adaptation of the Western Prairies for Such Purposes... New Harmony, Indiana: J.J.Snelling and P.L. Duclos, 1841.
Box 11, Folder 16Gibbons, Phebe Earle. The Plain People in Pennsylvania Dutchland. Witmer, PA.: Applied Arts, Publishers, 1963.
Box 11, Folder 17Godin, Jean Baptiste Andre'. The Association of the Familistere at Guise (L'Aisne, France; A Lecture Delivered Sept. 8, 1881 in the Hall of the Museum at Lausanne; Translated from "Le Devoir" of Sept. 18, 1881 by Edward Vansittart Neale. Manchester [England]: Central Co-operative Board [1881].
Box 11, Folder 18Godin, Jean Baptiste Andre'. The Association of Capital with Labor; Being the Laws and Regulations of Mutual Assurance Regulating the Social Palace, at Guise, France, by the Founder; Translated from the French by Louis Bristol... New York: Evening Post Steam Press, 1881.
Box 11, Folder 19Godwin, Parke. A Popular View of the Doctrines of Charles Fourier. 2nd ed. New York: J.S. Redfield, 1844.
Box 11, Folder 20Grave, Jean. Moribund Society and Anarchy; Tr. From the French of Jean Grave by Voltairine de Cleyre... San Francisco: A. Isaak, 1899.
Box 11, Folder 21Haraszti, Zoltan. The Idyll of Brook Famr as Revealed by Unpublished Letters in the Boston Public Library. Boston, Massachusetts: "Published by the Trustees of the Public Library," c.1937.
Box 11, Folder 22Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles (Firm). Catalogue, No. 34, April 1965; Rare Americana. Farnham, England, 1965. [Cabet collection, pp. 5-12].
Box 11, Folder 23Holden, Vincent F. An American Ahead of His Time: Father Isaac Hecker. Glen Rock, N.J.: Paulist Press, 1963.
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1Hopedale Community. Constitution, By-Laws, Rulues and Regulations, As Revised and Approved, August 31, 1853. Hopedale [Mass.]: Printed at the Community Press, 1853.
Box 12, Folder 2Hughes, Thomas. Lecture on the History & Objects of Co-Operation, Delivered at the Co-Operative Hall, Manchest, On Monday Evening, April 22nd, 1878. Manchester [England]: Central Co-operative Board [1878].
Box 12, Folder 3Kaweah Co-operative Colony Co., Calif. A Pen Picture; Supplement to the Commonwealth. San Francisco, Calif.: Burnette and Haskell, 1889.
Box 12, Folder 4Lum, Dyer Daniel. A Concise History of the Great Trial of the Chicago Anarchists in 1886. Condensed from the Official Record. Chicago: Socialistic Publishing Company, [1886].
Box 12, Folder 5McBee, Alice Eaton. From Utopia to Florence, the Story of a Transcendentalist Community in Northampton, Mass., 1830-1852. Northampton, Mass. [Smith College], 1947. [Volume xxxII of Smith College Studies in History; Series edited by Vera Brown Holmes and Hans Kohn.]
Box 12, Folder 6Mikkelsen, Michael Andrew. The Bishop Hill Colony, a Religious Communistic Settlement in Henry County, Illinois. [Part of the Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science]. Baltimore: The John Hopkins Press, "Published monthly, January, 1892"; Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, Inc. [A subsidiary of xerox Corporation], 1967.
Box 12, Folder 7[Myers, Sydney] The Labor Question; Extracts, Magazine Articles and Observations Relating to Social Science & Political Economy as Bearing upon the Subjects of Labor, Trade Unions, Co-Operative Societies, and Model Houses and Cottages in Europe, Great Britain and America; Prepared and Published by the Merchants, Farmers and Mechanics' Savings Bank, Chicago, for the Use of Its Depositors. [Chicago]: A. Worden & Co.,Book and Job Printers, 1867.
Box 12, Folder 8Noyes, John Humphrey (1811-1886). Essay on Scientific Propagation. Oneida, NY: Oneida Community, [1873].
Box 12, Folder 9O'Brien, Harriet E. Lost Utopias: A Brief Description of Three Quests for Happiness, Alcott's Fruitlands, Old Shaker House, and American Indian Museum Rescued from Oblivion, Recorded and Preserved by Clara Endicott Sears on Prsopect Hill in the Old Township of Harvard, Massachusetts. Boston, Massachusetts: Published by Perry Walton, 1929.
Box 12, Folder 10Oneida Community. Hand-book of the Oneida Community; With a Sketch of Its Founder, and an Outline of its Constitution and Doctrines. Wallingford, Conn.: Office of the Circular, Wallingford Community, 1867.
Box 12, Folder 11Palmer, Edward. An Address on the Origin and Evil Influences of Money. Boston: Published at 25 Cornhill, 1839.
Box 12, Folder 12Prospectus of the New Social Order; The Co-Operation Universal, or Divine Mutuality; Paper Number Two, Published by the Author. Boston: Printed by J.D. Flagg & Co., 1869.
Box 12, Folder 13Reibel, Daniel B. Bibliography of Items Related to the Harmony of Society with Special Reference to Old Economy... Old Economy, Ambridge, PA., 1972.
Box 12, Folder 14Richardson, N.A. Introduction to Socialism [May, 1903 issue {No.37} of Wayland's Monthly]. Girard, Kansas: Appeal To Reason Pub. Co., 1903.
Box 12, Folder 15Publications
  • Socialism - Communism. [Pamphlets on the modern Soviet system and ideals, furnished by the Russian embassy, Washington,D.C.].
  • Bykov, Alexandre. Problemes D'Actualite: Les Possibilites Inexploitees du Commerce Mondial. n.p.? [Place of publication may be in the Russian script that appears towards the back ofthe book]: Editions De L'Agence De Presse Novosti, n.d.
  • Kelle, Vladislav. Communism-The Real Embodiment of Humanism. n.p.: Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, n.d.
  • Khrushchov, N.S. Socialism and Communism: Selected Passages: 1956-1963. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1963.
  • Rosental, Eduard Markovich. These are Our Ideals: A Soviet Writer's Views on the Society of the Future. New York: Crosscurrents Press, 1962.
  • Strumilin, Stanislav G. Man, Society and the Future; Thoughts About Life in a Communist Society by the Dean of Soviet Economists. New York: Crosscurrents, 1964.
  • What is Communism; Questions and Answers. n.p.: Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, n.d.
Box 12, Folder 16Socialism-Communism

Pamphlets on socialism and cooperation, including The Commune of Paris, Statement of Principles of the Hammersmith Socialist Society, and The Why I Ams by the Liberty Press, and price lists, circulars, and miscellaneous items relating to socialist literature for sale.

  • Booth, Nelson. Experiences as Co-Operators. Manchester and Newcastle-on-Tyne, England: n.d.
  • The Hammersmith Socialist Society Statement of Principles. London: Hammersmith Socialist Society, 1893.
  • How Bob Became a Co-Operator, and What He Thought of It. Manchester, England: North of England Co-operative Printing Society, The Central Co-operative Board, n.d.
  • What Co-Operation Can Do For the Labourer. Manchester, England: Co-operative Printing Society, The Central Co-operative Board, n.d.
  • Inaugural Address Delivered at the Fourteenth Annual Co-Operative Congress, Held at Oxford [on] May 29, 30, and 31, 1882 By the Right Hon. Lord Reay. Manchester, England: Central Co-operative Board, 1882.
  • Kropotkine, Peter. The Commune of Paris. London: J. Turner, 1896.
  • Opinions of Eminent Men on Co-Operation. n.p.: n.p., n.d. [Handbill].
  • Opinions of Eminent Men on Co-Operation. [No.2 in the series]. n.p.: n.p., n.d. [Handbill].
  • Our Co-Operative Publishing Business; How Socialist Literature is Being Circulated by Socialists. n.p.: Charles H. Kerr & Company, n.d.
  • To Your Tens, O, Israel. [A Socialist attack on King Edward VII and Queen Victoria]. n.p.: n.p., n.d. [On reverse side, "The International,'the Socialist anthem].
  • The Why I Ams. [Series] "Why I Am A Socialist and an Atheist," by Conrad Naewiger; "Why I Am A Social Democrat," by G. Bernard Shaw; "Why I Am An Individualist Anarchist," by J. Armsden. London: Liberty Press, 1894.
  • The Why I Ams. [Second Series] "Why I Am a Communist," by William Morris; "Why I Am An Expropiationist," by L.S. Bevington. London: Liberty Press, 1894.
Box 12, Folder 17The Society of Brothers. The Plough Publishing House Publishers, Booksellers. Catalog, Rifton, NY: Society of Brothers, [1965].
Box 12, Folder 18Society of Brothers. "We Live This Way Because We Want To." [An account of the Norfolk, Conn., Community of the Society of Brothers, by W.L. Francis]. (In Yankee Magazine, Vol.30, No.8 [August 1966],pp.68-71; 84-91). Dublin, NH: Yankee, Inc., 1966.
Box 12, Folder 19The Sociologic and Co-operative News. A Monthly Journal Devoted to Practical Reform and to the Propagation of Co-operative Principles, Vol.1, No.10 (May 1891).
Box 12, Folder 20Tortora, Vincent R. The Amish Folk of Pennsylvania Dutch Country; Their Life, Manners, Customs, and Costumes. Lancaster, PA: Photo Arts Press, 1965.
Box 12, Folder 21Warren, Josiah (c. 1798-1874). Equitable Commerce: A New Development of Principles, for the Harmonious Adjustment and Regulation of the Pecuniary, Intellectual, and Moral Intercourse of Mankind, Proposed as Elements of New Society. 2d ed. Utopia, Ohio: Amos E. Senter, 1849.
Box 12, Folder 22Whitney, Norman J. Experiments in Community.(Pendle Hill Pamphlet #149). Introduction by Howard H. Brinton. (Wallingford, Pennsylvania: Pendle Hill Publications; Lebanon, Pennsylvania: Sowers Printing Company, 1966).
Box 12, Folder 23Wilson, William R. "Living in the Past." [Amana, Iowa]. Modern Maturity, April - May 1979, pp.13-15.

Subseries B: Periodical Articles

Box 12, Folder 24Amana Society, Amana, Iowa. The Story of Amana. (Amana, Iowa: The Amana Society, n.d.).
Box 12, Folder 25Bird, John. "The Unyielding Amish: 'We Want to be Left Alone.'" In The Saturday Evening Post, v.240, no.12 (June 17, 1967), pp. 28-36.
Box 12, Folder 26"The Iowan Visits Amana; A Special Booklet on the Amana Colonies Prepared by the Iowan Magazine and Including Revised Reprints of Articles Appearing in the Issues of June-July 1954 and 1959." [Shenandoah, Iowa: The Iowan Magazine, c.1954, 1959].
Box 12, Folder 27Shambaugh, Bertha M.H. "Amana That Was and Amana That Is." In The Palimpsest [The State Historical Society of Iowa], Vol. 44, No.3 (March 1963), pp. 89-124.

Series 4: Postcards

Box 13
Box 13, Folder 141 postcards of Canterbury, NH; Cleveland, OH; Enfield, NH; Ephrata, PA.; Hancock, MA; Harvard, MA; Mt. Lebanon, NY; Old Chatham, NY; Sabbathday Lake, ME; South Union, KY.

Series 5: Calendars, 1974-1991

Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1Hancock Shaker Village: Shaker 1974 Calendar-Journal
Box 14, Folder 2Hancock Shaker Village, 1790-1990: A Commemorative Keepsake. [1990 calendar issued to celebrate the bicentennial of the Hancock, Massachusetts Shaker Village]
Box 14, Folder 3Canterbury Shaker Village: The Shaker Legacy 1991
Box 14, Folder 4Pleasant Hill, KY: The Living Art of the Shakers: Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1973
Box 14, Folder 5Same as above
Box 14, Folder 6Pleasant Hill, KY: The Living Art of the Shakers: Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1974
Box 14, Folder 7Pleasant Hill, KY: The Living Art of the Shakers: Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1975
Box 14, Folder 8Pleasant Hill, KY: The Living Art of the Shakers: Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1977
Box 14, Folder 9Pleasant Hill, KY: The Living Art of the Shakers: Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1980
Box 14, Folder 10Pleasant Hill, KY: The Living Art of the Shakers: Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1981
Box 14, Folder 11Envelopes for the above Pleasant Hill calendars
Box 14, Folder 12Canterbury, NH Historical Society: Early Glass Negatives of New Hampshire, 1984

Series 6: Broadsides, Posters, and Prints, 1830-1984

Oversize Box 2
Oversize Box 2, Folder 1"Shakers (Their Mode of Worship)." Kellogg & Comstock, NY. Ension, Thayer & Co., Buffalo. ca. 1835. Print.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 2"A Short But Comprehensive Definition of Shakerism" by O.C. Hampton. Original broadside.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 3"Shaker Village," View from the North West, West Gloucester, Maine, Everts & Peck Pubrs. [2 copies] [A view of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community printed in the 19th century]. [n.d.]
Oversize Box 2, Folder 42 Shaker billheads from Sabbathday Lake: "Bought of L.M. Noyes, Trustee, Manufacturer of Shaker Fancy Goods and Genuine Shaker Cloaks." Express Office, New Gloucester, ME. 190-.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 5Mounted black and white photograph of a building at the Sabbathday Lake, Maine Shaker Society. Undated.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 6"A History of Pharmacy in Pictures; Number 26: The Shakers and Medicinal Herbs (1830)" by George A. Bender. One of a series of texts attached to the backs of framed prints. Descriptive text.

"The Shakers and Medicinal Herbs (About 1830)." One of a series called A History of Pharmacy in Pictures. George A. Bender, editor; Robert A. Thom, artist. Print.

Oversize Box 2, Folder 7"'Shakers': A Conference On the Cultural Heritage of An American Communal Sect." September 6 and 7, 1968. Hancock Shaker Village, Hancock, Massachusetts. (2 copies) Poster.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 8"'Hands To Work and Hearts To God'": The Shaker Tradition in Maine. Objects from Sabbathday Lake." Photographs by John McKee, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, ME., April 4 - May 4, 1969.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 9New Hampshire Council for the Humanities 10th Anniversary: Premier Showing October 3, 1984, Currier Gallery, Manchester, New Hampshire "The Shakers: Hands To Work, Hearts To God" a film by Ken Burns and Amy Stecher Burns. Poster.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 10"'Blessed in Our Basket,' An Exhibition of Containers made and used by the Canterbury Shakers, 1784 to the present." Carriage House, Shaker Village, Canterbury, N.H. July 4 - October 19, 1985. Poster.
Oversize Box 2, Folder 11"A man of kindness,...." & "Rules for Doing Good."
Oversize Box 2, Folder 12"'Christmas at Hancock Shaker Village,' Shaker Christmas Celebrations 1770-1930." n.d. Poster.
Map Drawer 4Mead, Earl Gurney. Historical Plan of North Union, Warrensville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1870. Drawn by Mead in November 1961. Plan.

Series 7: Recordings, 1960-1987

Box 15
Box 15, Item 1The Shaker Heritage: The American Culture Series. 10 record set documenting the history of the Shakers and various aspects of their lives. Collected and recorded at Canterbury, N.H. and Sabbathday Lake, ME., 1960-1961.
Box 15, Tape 1Sister Bertha Lindsay reading a half-hour long Christmas message to Mrs. Kenneth Pierce, 1987.

Series 8: Items

Box 16
Box 16, Item 1Labels [used on bottles of herbs prepared by the museum herbalist at Canterbury Shaker Village in the late 20th century]: "Sage (Salvia officinalis) and "Summer Savory (Satureia hortensia).
Box 16, Item 2Label. From Shaker cloak. E.J. Neale & Co., Mt. Lebanon, NY.
Box 16, Item 3Label. "Extra Superfine MUSTARD. Prepared by the United Society, New Gloucester, ME. Charles Vining, Agent."
Box 16, Item 4Label. "Shaker Beans Baked in Butter. 16 oz. of Genuine Pleasure. Wayside Industry, Marlborough, MA."
Box 16, Item 5Potholder. Handmade 5" x 5", synthetic fibers.
Box 16, Item 6-7Potholders. Woodchips Designers, Inc. of Vineyard Haven, Mass. Commissioned by the Canterbury Shaker Museum to be sold in the village gift shop.
Box 16, Item 8Knitted rooster egg cozy.
Box 16, Item 9Ruler made by Brother Delmar, March 9, 1912.
Box 16, Item 10Chair Tape Samples. Shaker Workshops of Concord, Mass.
Box 16, Item 11Strawberry Emery made by the Canterbury Shaker Sisters. [These packets of emery were made to look like strawberries. Needles could be passed back and forth through it to sharpen them].
Box 16, Item 12Threadwaxer made by the Canterbury Shaker Sisters. [Made of beeswax, used in sewing to "strengthen" thread and allow it to slip through cloth more easily].
Box 16, Item 13Bumpersticker ["Visit Shaker Village, Canterbury, New Hampshire-A Different World"] and Decal.
Box 16, Item 14Postcard of the Canterbury Shaker Cowbarn on fire in 1973, with nail. "Authenticated" by Miriam Wall, Shaker Sister.
Box 17
Box 17, Item 1Poplar Jewelry Box. Shaker Goods, Alfred, Maine. 5"x 4" x 1".
Box 17, Item 2Dish Towel. 100% pure linen. Made by Kay Dee Handprints, Inc. of Hope Valley, Rhode Island. Commissioned by Canterbury Shaker Village to be sold in the village gift shop.
Box 17, Item 3Apron. Blue.

Series 9: Proper Papers, 1962-1993

Subseries A: Correspondence

Box 18
Box 18, Folder 1Barker, Sister Mildred, 1973-1975
Box 18, Folder 2Canterbury Shakers, Christmas Cards, 1973-1977
Box 18, Folder 3Guild of Shaker Crafts, 1966-1978
Box 18, Folder 4Johnson, Brother Theodore E., 1972-1978
Box 18, Folder 5McFarland, Marilyn, 1968
Box 18, Folder 6Newell, David, 1992 and undated
Box 18, Folder 7Phelps, Sister Lillian and Sister Bertha Lindsay, 1972
Box 18, Folder 8Sabbathday Lake Shakers, Christmas Cards, 1972-1983
Box 18, Folder 9Soule, Eldress Gertrude, 1973-1976
Box 18, Folder 10Whitaker, Brother Thomas, 1971-1984
Box 18, Folder 11Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1962-1990

Subseries B: Shaker Villages and Museums

Box 18, Folder 12Canterbury Shaker Village: 1977-1980
Box 18, Folder 13Canterbury Shaker Village: Board of Trustees Meeting, January 19, 1981
Box 18, Folder 14Canterbury Shaker Village: February - July 1981
Box 18, Folder 15Canterbury Shaker Village: August - December 1981
Box 18, Folder 16Canterbury Shaker Village: January - June 1982
Box 18, Folder 17Canterbury Shaker Village: July - December 1982
Box 18, Folder 18Canterbury Shaker Village: 1983
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 1Canterbury Shaker Village: 1984
Box 19, Folder 2Canterbury Shaker Village: 1985
Box 19, Folder 3Canterbury Shaker Village: 1986
Box 19, Folder 4Canterbury Shaker Village: 1987
Box 19, Folder 5Canterbury Shaker Village: 1988
Box 19, Folder 6Canterbury Shaker Village: 1989
Box 19, Folder 7Canterbury Shaker Village: 1990
Box 19, Folder 8Canterbury Shaker Village: 1991
Box 19, Folder 9Canterbury Shaker Village: 1992
Box 19, Folder 10Canterbury Shaker Village: Summary, 1985-1987
Box 19, Folder 11Canterbury Shaker Village: Guides, pamphlets and published materials
Box 19, Folder 12Canterbury Shaker Village: Information, 1963-1973
Box 19, Folder 13Canterbury Shaker Village: Information, 1974-1979
Box 19, Folder 14Canterbury Shaker Village: Information, 1980-1986
Box 19, Folder 15Canterbury Shaker Village: Information, 1987-1992
Box 19, Folder 16Canterbury Shaker Village: Guides and special event pamphlets
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 1Hancock Shaker Village: Publications, undated
Box 20, Folder 2Hancock Shaker Village: Miscellaneous
Box 20, Folder 3Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village: Catalogs and Correspondence, 1975-1988
Box 20, Folder 4The Shaker Historical Society, Shaker Heights, Ohio, undated
Box 20, Folder 5Shaker Museum and Library, Old Chatham, New York: Guides and information, 1972-1992
Box 20, Folder 6Ephrata Cloister, Ephrata, Pennsylvania: Guides, undated
Box 20, Folder 7Lower Shaker Village, The Museum, Enfield, New Hampshire: Calendars of events, information, and guides, 1986-1992
Box 20, Folder 8Shakertown, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky: Guides and information, 1971-1976, undated
Box 20, Folder 9Shakertown, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky: "A Report to the Friends of Shakertown," 1971-1975
Box 20, Folder 10Shaker Museum, Auburn, Kentucky: Guides and information, 1965-1967, undated
Box 20, Folder 11Fruitlands Museum, Harvard Massachusetts: Guides and information, 1989 and undated
Box 20, Folder 12Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, New Lebanon, New York: Information, 1992 and undated
Box 20, Folder 13Shaker exhibits, seminars, and conference information, 1962-1987

Subseries C: Newspaper Clippings and Notes

Box 20, Folder 14Newspaper Clippings: 1927-1968
Box 20, Folder 15Newspaper Clippings: 1972-1979
Box 20, Folder 16Newspaper Clippings: 1980-1990, undated
Box 20, Folder 17Proper, David R.: Notes from "Bibliography of Shaker Literature," undated
Box 20, Folder 18Proper, David R.: "Ann Lee, an Historiographic Interpretation," 1987

Subseries D: Catalogs

Box 20
Box 20, Folder 19Guild of Shaker Crafts, Inc.: Portfolio #1, 1966
Box 20, Folder 20Guild of Shaker Crafts, Inc.: Portfolio #2, 1967
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 1Shaker Workshops: Catalogs, 1971-1981
Box 21, Folder 2Shaker Workshops: Catalogs, 1981-1988
Box 21, Folder 3Shaker Workshops: Catalogs, 1988-1993
Box 21, Folder 4Shaker Furniture: Miscellaneous advertisements, undated
Box 21, Folder 5DeWolfe, Scott, Shaker; Communal and Utopian Literature: Catalogs, 1989-1992
Box 21, Folder 6Newell, David, "Shaker Literature:" Catalogs, 1980-1984
Box 21, Folder 7Newell, David, "Shaker Literature:" Catalogs, 1984-1992
Box 21, Folder 8Sherman, Milton, "Shaker Imprints, Photographica, Ephemera and Related Accounts and Material with a Selection of Shaker Smalls and Artifacts:" Catalogs, 1986-1989
Box 21, Folder 9Trace, Timothy, "Shaker Literature, Books and Pamphlets:" Catalog, 1969
Box 21, Folder 10United Society of Shakers, "Shaker Antiquarian Book List:" Catalogs, 1986-1988
Box 21, Folder 11Book Advertisements: 1966-1986

Subseries E: Miscellaneous

Box 21, Folder 12Miscellaneous material, undated
Box 21, Folder 13Transcript of interview with Darryl Thompson by David Watters, 1992

Series 10: Photographs

Box 22
Box 22, Folder 1Photographs
  • 1. Two views of David Proper with Eldresses Bertha Lindsay and Eva Libbey (?) at Canterbury Shaker Village, n.d. Color, 3x4 [featured at the top of this finding aid]
  • 2. David Proper at Sabbathday Lake, ME, February 1965. Color, 3x3
  • 3. David Proper with Eldress Gertrude Soule (?) at Sabbathday Lake, n.d. B&W, 2x2
  • 4. Various buildings at Sabbathday Lake, Maine , n.d. (nos. 4-33, all b&w, 3x5)
  • 5. Various buildings at Sabbathday Lake, Maine (nos. 34-39, color, 3x5)
Box 22, Folder 2Photographs
  • 1. B&W, 8x10 photo of Eldress Gertrude Soule, copyrighted by "The News," New York. n.d.
Finding Aid Image TEMP
  • David Proper with Eldresses Bertha Lindsay and Eva Libbey