Donald Murray Collection

Collection number: UA 9/11/2
Size: (66 boxes) (Ca. 66 cu.ft.)

About Donald Morison Murray (1924-2006)

Donald Murray was a Pulitzer Prize winnning journalist, writing teacher, and newspaper columnist. He was a veteran of WWII, professor of the University of New Hampshire. He was well known for his long-running "Over 60" column in the Boston Globe, and for his role in starting the Writing Program at UNH. He was husband of Minnie Mae (Emmerich) Murray (1920-2005), with whom he had three daughters.

About the Donald Murray Collection (1897-2007)

Donald Murray's collection consists primarily of drafts of written materials related to teaching English rhetoric: textbooks, poetry, newspaper columns, articles, seminar speeches, etc. Smaller sections include photographs, art, Minnie Mae Murray's work, and Murray's personal/family history.

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This collection is open.

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Contents of this collection are governed by U.S. copyright law. For questions about publication or reproduction rights, contact Special Collections staff.

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[Identification of item], [Box number], Donald M. Murray Papers, 1898-2007, UA 9/11/2, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donation of the creator and his estate in multiple acquistions. Collection was briefly housed at the Poynter Institute in Florida before returning to UNH for final processing.

Milne Special Collections also holds papers of Thomas Newkirk, Christopher Scanlan, and the UNH Writing Center Papers.

Separated Material

Document and draft duplicates were removed during processing, retaining the original.

Collection Arrangement

This collection is divided into 8 series:

  • Series 1: Family vital records starting with Murray's grandparents, Murray's educational carreer starting in elementary school and ending with retirement, World War II service memorabilia and correspondence, obituaries of Donald and Minnie Mae Murray, Donald Murray's resumes and booklists, and materials created by Minnie Mae.
  • Series 2: Donald Murray's Daybooks, daily writing schedules and writing word count records from 1940s to his death, correspondence to and from Murray.
  • Series 3: Photographs of the Murray family beginning with his grandparents, family photos from his childhood and that of his daughters, Murray's professional photos throughout his career. This series contains extensive artwork drawn by Murray himself.
  • Series 4: Poetry by Murray, as well as poetry related correspondence and submission/rejection slips.
  • Series 5: Newspaper editorials, serial columns, freelance articles submitted for publication on a range of topics, and interviews with and by Murray.
  • Series 6: Short stories by Murray (many of which were later reworked into novels), drafts and published copies of novels, two memoirs and copius drafts of writing textbooks. Some textbooks were never published, while some were in revision when he died.
  • Series 7: Murray's teaching materials, including the birth of the UNH Journalism Program, materials from classes taught at UNH and elsewhere, seminars, handouts, recommended reading, and collected quotations on writing.
  • Series 8: Emphemera and awards (including his Pulitzer Prize), audiovisual materials (interviews with Murray, others), and material too large to fit earlier in the collection. This latter catagory includes Pulizer Prize scrapbooks, WWII materials, art and more.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Personal History, Family, and Military Materials, 1890-2007

(1.5 cubic feet)

Series 1 contains vital records and material from Murray's parents John Murray and Edith Smith. The rest is related to the various stages of Donald Murray's own education in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, his military service during World War II, and honorary academic degrees he was bestowed later in life. A small number of autobiographies are included, along with resumes and book lists from various stages of his career. At the end is a small amount of writing by Minnie Mae (Emmerich) Murray.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Donald Murray Family Vital Records, 1924-2007
Box 1, Folder 2John Murray, Edith Smith: Religious materials, Vital documents, Letters, 1920-1973
Box 1, Folder 3Murray/Smith Family Letters, 1920-1981 and undated
Box 1, Folder 4Murray Family Genealogy, 1972/2003
Box 1, Folder 5Donald Murray (DMM): Elementary School, Boy Scouts, Paper Route, 1930-1941
Box 1, Folder 6Stamp Collecting, 1930-1940
Box 1, Folder 7Autobiographies by Murray, 1976-2006 and undated
Box 1, Folder 8North Quincy High School Junior Yearbook, 1941
Box 1, Folder 9North Quincy High School Senior Yearbook, 1942
Box 1, Folder 10North Quincy and Winthrop Junior High Schools, 1938-1942
Box 1, Folder 11North Quincy and Winthrop Junior High Schools (continued), 1938-1942
Box 1, Folder 12Tilton Junior Academy for Boys, 1940-1947
Box 1, Folder 13Tilton Academy (graduated 1943), 1939-1943
Box 1, Folder 14Tilton Academy diploma, 1943
Box 1, Folder 15University of New Hampshire papers/essays (graduated 1948), 1944-1948
Box 1, Folder 16UNH: Exams, grades, commencement program, Sigma Delta Chi certificate, 1946-1954
Box 1, Folder 17UNH B.A. Diploma, 1948
Box 1, Folder 18UNH Senior Key Award, 1968
Box 1, Folder 19UNH Distinguished Teaching Award, 1981
Box 1, Folder 20UNH Distinguished Teaching Award (continued), 1981
Box 1, Folder 21UNH Doctor of Humane Letters Diploma, 1990
Box 1, Folder 2222. UNH Alumnus materials, 1990s-2000s
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1US Army: Official paperwork, orders, certificates of training, correspondence, identification ("doggie") tags, armband, 1943-1959
Box 2, Folder 2US Army: Paratrooper maps, European tour ephemera, 1943-1959
Box 2, Folder 3US Army: History of the U.S. 17th Airborne Division, undated
Box 2, Folder 4US Army: Letters home to parents, news clippings about his service, war diary, 1943-1945
Box 2, Folder 5European trip and letters home to family, 1973
Box 2, Folder 6Obituaries and Tributes to Donald Murray, 2007
Box 2, Folder 7Resumes and Booklists, 1950s-1979
Box 2, Folder 8Resumes and Booklists, 1980-1989
Box 2, Folder 9Resumes and Booklists, 1990s-2000s and undated
Box 2, Folder 10Minnie Mae (Emmerich) Murray: Vital records, Autobiography, certificates, 1920s-2005
Box 2, Folder 11Minnie Mae (Emmerich) Murray: Short stories, editorials, diary of 1969 roadtrip, 1969 and undated
Box 2, Folder 12Minnie Mae (Emmerich) Murray: English 703/803 Advanced Non-Fiction materials, 1977
Box 2, Folder 13Anne Murray: essay, undated

Series 2: Daybooks, Writing Rules and Schedules, and Correspondence, 1944-2007

(14.5 cubic feet)

This series consists largely of daybooks and correspondence. Murray's daybooks are a combination of diary, writing workbook, and anything else he found important to include. They are different from his desk calendars which follow them in the series. Murray's grid-like writing schedules document the number of words written each day from the early 1970s until his death. The remainder of the series is correspondence arranged alphabetically within each year.

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 14Essay on keeping a daybook, undated
Box 2, Folder 15Daybook/Journal, 1957-1959
Box 2, Folder 16Journal and Journal Of Writing A Novel, 1964-1965
Box 2, Folder 17Journal, 1961
Box 2, Folder 18-29Daybooks 1-9, October 1976-1989
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1-28Daybooks 10-37, September 1979-September 1984
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1-22Daybooks 38-59, September 1984-July 1987
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1-21Daybooks 60-77, August 1987-July 1991
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1-17Daybooks 78-93, July 1991-March 1996
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1-14Daybooks 94-107, March 1996-October 1998
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1-12Daybooks 108-118, 2000s-November 2005
Box 8, Folder 13Daybook Notes, October 1989-September 1990
Box 8, Folder 14Daybook notes, undated
Box 8, Folder 15Writer's workbook, begun July 1971
Box 8, Folder 16Daily Workbook, July 1972-1938
Box 8, Folder 17"A Journal of a Novel," April 1961-unknown
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1-4Miscellanious Daybooks, 2000-2006 and undated
Box 9, Folder 15-29Writing Schedules, 1970s-2000s and undated
Box 9, Folder 30Murray's Rules For Writing, 1970s-1990s
Box 9, Folder 31-39Calendars, 1979-1984
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1-19Calendars, 1895-2002
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1-8Calendars, 2002-2007
Box 11, Folder 9-38Correspondence, 1944-1981
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1-23Correspondence, 1981-1986
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1-26Correspondence, 1986-1990
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1-27Correspondence, 1990-1994
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 1-26Correspondence, 1994-1997
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 1-26Correspondence, 1998-2001
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 1-22Correspondence, 2001-2006
Box 17, Folder 23-25Correspondence, unidentified, undated
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 1-6Correspondence, unidentified, undated
Box 18, Folder 6Correspondence, Family/Personal, 1970s-2000s

Series 3: Photographs and Artwork, 1898-2003

(1 box (1 cu. ft.))

This series contains photos of the Murray and Smith families starting with DMM's grandparents. Further photos document his childhood, army service, professional career, and tenure at UNH. The bulk of the series is DMM's artwork.

Box 18
Box 18, Folder 7Smith / Murray family photos, 1898-1900s
Box 18, Folder 8Murray's childhood photos, 1920s-1940s
Box 18, Folder 9Army photos, 1940s
Box 18, Folder 10Murray / Emmerich family photos, 1950s onwards
Box 18, Folder 11Early Professional Photos, 1950s onwards
Box 18, Folder 12-13"The Amazing World Of Sound Recording", photos 1967
Box 18, Folder 14-15UNH era professional photos, 1960s-2000s
Box 18, Folder 16New Hampshire College commencement photos (Murray's honorary PhD), 1997
Box 18, Folder 17Don Murray Colloquium, 1999
Box 18, Folder 18Scrapbook, 1933
Box 18, Folder 19Scrapbook of classic cars, 1950s
Box 18, Folder 20Sketchbook: "The Mother-In-Law And Other Friends Of The Family", 1950s
Box 18, Folder 21Sketchbook: Linekin Bay Maine, 1980s
Box 18, Folder 22Sketchbook: Portraits of Minnie Mae, 1980
Box 18, Folder 23Sketchbook: Norway (1994), untitled (1998) 1994-1998
Box 18, Folder 24Sketchbook: "Following The Line" drawings, 1998
Box 18, Folder 25Sketchbook: untitled, 2001
Box 18, Folder 26Sketchbook: Imagined trip to Italy, 2001
Box 18, Folder 27Sketchbook: untitled, 2002
Box 18, Folder 28Sketchbook: "Morning Sketches", 2003
Box 18, Folder 29Sketchbook: "Trees: Observed, Remembered, Imagined", 2004
Box 18, Folder 30Sketchbook: Untitled, 2000s
Box 18, Folder 31Drawings of people and miscellaneous subjects, undated
Box 18, Folder 32Self-potraits, portraits by others, drawings of war, undated
Box 18, Folder 33Household / Buildings, undated
Box 18, Folder 34Drawings for "Garden Lane" publication, 2000s
Box 18, Folder 35Nature / Tree drawings, undated
Box 18, Folder 36Cartoons about writers and writing collected by Murray, undated

Series 4: Poetry, ca. 1946-2007

(1.5 cubic feet)

This series opens with a small amount of poetry-related correspondence and lists of Murray's poems, before moving on to his poetry collections and then individual poems. Most are undated, so the drafts are organized by title (where available) or first line. Subjects are predominantly his WWII experiences and relations with members of his family.

Box 19
Box 19, Folder 1Poetry related correspondence, undated
Box 19, Folder 2Ideas for poems, undated
Box 19, Folder 3Lists of poems and publications, undated
Box 19, Folder 4Submission / Rejection slips, undated
Box 19, Folder 5Teaching materials and workshops on poetry, undated
Box 19, Folder 6New Hampshire Writers and Publishers workshop with poet Wes McNair, 1993
Box 19, Folder 7Series: "Black Ice", undated
Box 19, Folder 8Early poems, 1946-1964
Box 19, Folder 9Early Collections of poems, 1970s
Box 19, Folder 10"Finding My Father's Glasses in the Drawer" series part 1 undated
Box 19, Folder 11-12Father's Glasses series drafts notebooks, undated
Box 19, Folder 13"Five Poems for Lisa" series, undated
Box 19, Folder 14"Home On Leave" series, 1993
Box 19, Folder 15"Intensive Care" series, undated
Box 19, Folder 16-18"Occupied Territory" series drafts, undated
Box 19, Folder 19"Spring Visit Home" series, 1965
Box 19, Folder 20"The Swords Survive," undated
Box 19, Folder 21"Thief of Lives," 1992
Box 19, Folder 22"This Daily Dying," 1971
Box 19, Folder 23Untitled series, 1974
Box 19, Folder 24Untitled groups of poems, undated
Box 19, Folder 25Published collections of 2-6 poems, undated
Box 19, Folder 26-34Titles / first lines beginning A through G, undated
Box 20
Titles / first lines beginning H through G, undated

Series 5: Newswriting: Editorials, Columns, Articles/Essays, Interviews, 1943-2007

(9.0 cubic feet)

Series 5 opens with 18 scrapbooks of Murray's editorials written while working at the Boston Post, ca. 1951-1954, for which he won a 1953 Pulitzer Prize. Later he wrote a weekly column for the Post entitled "Over Sixty," from 1986-2007. Drafts of this and other columns are arranged chronologically in boxes 23-24. Murray also wrote freelance articles throughout his career on a wide array of topics - articles from 1950-ca. 1968 are on non-writing topics, while those ca. 1968 and later cover the mechanics and teaching of writing (boxes 25-29). The latter half of box 29 contains interviews with and by Murray and materials from television- and internet-based writing programs.

Box 21
Box 21, Folder 1-8Scrapbooks of Murray's editorial and newspaper articles, 1951-July 1952
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 1-10Scrapbooks continued, including articles written while working for Time Magazine in 1954-1955, September 1952-December 1954
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 1-22Rights, reflections, and drafts/finished texts of “Over Sixty” column written for the Boston Globe, 1986-2000
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 1-9“Over Sixty” columns for the Boston Globe, 2001-2007, 2001/2007
Box 24, Folder 10-17“Writer on Writing” columns for the Boston Globe, 1987-1990
Box 24, Folder 18-19“Craft Notes” columns for the Portsmouth Herald, 2005-2006
Box 24, Folder 20-21“From the Sidelines” column for the Boston Globe, 1980
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 1Six Ways to Judge Your Schools, 1950s
Box 25, Folder 2Noted School Reader Creation, 1951
Box 25, Folder 3Defense in an Air Age, 1953
Box 25, Folder 4What Had Been Given (1953), 1953
Box 25, Folder 5Paint Your Dreams (1953), 1953
Box 25, Folder 6Fulham Brothers / Fish Sticks, 1954
Box 25, Folder 7How To Knock The Reds Off Balance [Pulitzer Prize winner], 1954
Box 25, Folder 8I was a Nay, 1954
Box 25, Folder 9(Book of unidentified quotations from Time Magazine – probably includes Murray), 1954
Box 25, Folder 10The Weapon of Knowledge, 1954
Box 25, Folder 11Drafting Common Sense (Pulitzer Prize editorial excerpted as article), 1954
Box 25, Folder 12The Too Well Contemplated Navel (for Time Magazine), 1954
Box 25, Folder 13How It Feels To Catch Fire (with R.P. Carter), 1954
Box 25, Folder 14How To Keep A Home Running, 1955
Box 25, Folder 15Last Chance For Problem Children, 1955
Box 25, Folder 16The Moll in the Nursery: Old Ma Goose or Crime School for Parents, ca. 1955
Box 25, Folder 17They Guard the Ramparts, 1955
Box 25, Folder 18Boston Science Museum, 1956?
Box 25, Folder 19East Orange Public Library, 1956
Box 25, Folder 20New York’s Toughest Cop, 1956
Box 25, Folder 21Socony Mobil Building, NYC, 1957
Box 25, Folder 22TV’s Nicest Guy, 1957
Box 25, Folder 23The Best Job in the World, 1957
Box 25, Folder 24The Cop Was Scared, 1957
Box 25, Folder 25“Doc” Draper’s Wonderful Tops, 1957
Box 25, Folder 26Charles Draper’s flight simulators, 1957
Box 25, Folder 27Article about Murray family farm vacation, 1957
Box 25, Folder 28Nixon’s My Boss [article about Rosemary Woods], 1957
Box 25, Folder 29Notes on my Trade, 1957
Box 25, Folder 30The Un-American Dream, 1957
Box 25, Folder 31What Do You Mean By Hopeless?, 1957
Box 25, Folder 32YMCA, 1957
Box 25, Folder 3323 Ways To Find Money On Your Doorstep, 1958
Box 25, Folder 34Blue Collar Workforce, 1958
Box 25, Folder 35Blueprint for Toughening Up Our Schools, 1958
Box 25, Folder 36Children of the Empty World, 1958
Box 25, Folder 37Employments, 1958
Box 25, Folder 38The Great Summer Gold Rush, 1958
Box 25, Folder 39He Saves Minds with the Sweat Cure, 1958
Box 25, Folder 40The Man Who Stopped Time / Edgerton and His Magic Light, 1958
Box 25, Folder 41The Most Powerful Instinct, 1958
Box 25, Folder 42The Mural (written as Edgar Williams), 1958
Box 25, Folder 43Percy Spencer and His Itch to Know, 1958
Box 25, Folder 44Secrecy Does Not Mean Security, 1958
Box 25, Folder 45They Win, and They Win, and They Win, 1958
Box 25, Folder 46(Article ideas), 1959
Box 25, Folder 47Air Force Idea Center, 1959
Box 25, Folder 48Burns, Kansas, 1959
Box 25, Folder 49Captured: The Wonderful World Of Sound, 1959
Box 25, Folder 50Conventions, 1959
Box 25, Folder 51Edwin Link / Aviation Simulation, 1959
Box 25, Folder 52The Exciting World of Recorded Sound, 1959
Box 25, Folder 53A Father’s Helping Hand, 1959
Box 25, Folder 54Man-Made Muscle: New Horizons for the Paralyzed, 1959
Box 25, Folder 55Ride With Death, 1959
Box 25, Folder 56Ride With Our Firemen, 1959
Box 25, Folder 57Wind Tunnel, ca. 1959
Box 25, Folder 58Your Doctor’s New Silent Partner, ca. 1959
Box 25, Folder 59Captain Kangaroo, 1950s-1960s
Box 25, Folder 60Amazing Machines That Make Believe, 1960
Box 25, Folder 61Birth Control Pill, 1960
Box 25, Folder 62Calvin Coolidge, 1960
Box 25, Folder 63Undated notes for an article about coal production, ca. 1960s
Box 25, Folder 64Dana Buxton (polio survivor), 1960
Box 25, Folder 65David Morse and his Global Skills Building Program, 1960
Box 25, Folder 66Dillinger – Public Enemy No. 1, 1960
Box 25, Folder 67The Facts Behind Food Scares, 1960
Box 25, Folder 68Jascha Heifetz, 1960
Box 25, Folder 69The Other John F. Kennedy, 1960
Box 25, Folder 70Palm Springs: Wonderland in a Wasteland, 1960
Box 25, Folder 71Tranquilizers At The Zoo, 1960
Box 25, Folder 72U.S. Speedtraps, 1960
Box 25, Folder 73U.S. Timberland Bonanza, 1960
Box 25, Folder 74Airports, 1961
Box 25, Folder 75Damndest Yankees: 26th Infantry Division, 1961
Box 25, Folder 76Flying Saucers, 1961
Box 25, Folder 77Giorgio Tozzi, 1961
Box 25, Folder 78The Lovely Lady of Wall Street, 1961
Box 25, Folder 79Now I Walk Alone, 1961
Box 25, Folder 80One Million Times 98 Cents, 1961
Box 25, Folder 81O’Sullivan’s Wonderful Lead Balloon, 1961
Box 25, Folder 82Pasadena: Where They Light Up The Stars, 1961
Box 25, Folder 83Speed Traps Follow Up, 1961
Box 25, Folder 84What Should A Funeral Cost?, 1961
Box 25, Folder 85Library of Congress, 1961-1965
Box 25, Folder 86Aerospace Corporation, ca. 1962
Box 25, Folder 87American Cancer Society, 1962
Box 25, Folder 88Chuck Yaeger article proposal, 1962
Box 25, Folder 89Article contract for Reader’s Digest publications, 1962
Box 25, Folder 90Education, 1962
Box 25, Folder 91Grandma, Stay Away From My Door! (with Minnie Mae, written under the pseudonyms Robert and Ruth Neilson), 1962
Box 25, Folder 92The Housewife’s Secret Sickness, 1962
Box 25, Folder 93I Live With Grocery Carts, 1962
Box 25, Folder 94Violence, 1962
Box 25, Folder 95What Had Been Given, 1962
Box 25, Folder 96When You Are Called To The Stand, 1962
Box 25, Folder 97My Business Is Selling Dreams, 1963
Box 25, Folder 98Nursing Homes in New Jersey, 1963
Box 25, Folder 99The Secret Life of Richard Watt, 1963
Box 25, Folder 100The Secret World of the Suburban Cop, 1963
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 1Steuben at Valley Forge, 1963
Box 26, Folder 2Turn Off That Shower And Run A Tub!, 1963
Box 26, Folder 3What You Should Know About The Drugs You Take, 1963
Box 26, Folder 4Eight Dangerous Myths About TB, 1964
Box 26, Folder 5Influenza, 1964
Box 26, Folder 6Condition Critical: Cause Unknown, 1965
Box 26, Folder 7Diabetes, 1965
Box 26, Folder 8Flu: The Underestimated Enemy, 1965
Box 26, Folder 9An Eye For An Eye, 1965
Box 26, Folder 10New Cure for the Fatal Sadness, 1966
Box 26, Folder 11Obituary of Robert S. Gerdy, 1966
Box 26, Folder 12The Secret To Saving Your Teeth, 1966
Box 26, Folder 13Emphysema, 1967
Box 26, Folder 14The Explorers of Inner Space, 1968
Box 26, Folder 15Give Your Students The Writer’s 5 Experiences, 1968
Box 26, Folder 16The Twelve Basic Elements of Dramatic Writing, After 1968
Box 26, Folder 1734 Questions Teachers Ask About Teaching Writing, 1969
Box 26, Folder 18Evaluating Creative Writing, 1969
Box 26, Folder 19Finding Your Own Voice: Teaching Composition In An Age Of Dissent, 1969
Box 26, Folder 20The Practical Advantage of An Impractical Education, 1969
Box 26, Folder 21Writer’s Cycle Of Craft, 1969
Box 26, Folder 22A Writer On Writing, 1969
Box 26, Folder 23The Writer’s Toughest Reader, 1969
Box 26, Folder 24Your Elementary Pupil And The Writer’s Cycle of Craft, 1969
Box 26, Folder 25Making Writing Clear, ca. 1970
Box 26, Folder 26The Interior View: One Writer’s Philosophy of Composition, 1970
Box 26, Folder 2758 Ways to Make Writing Clear and Vigorous, 1970
Box 26, Folder 28Untitled, for “In Parenthesis” magazine, UNH, 1970s
Box 26, Folder 29The Old Crisis in Writing, 1970
Box 26, Folder 30The Process Approach: One Writer’s View of How Meaning Is Made, 1970
Box 26, Folder 31Some Of My Best Friends Are Lawyers, But… 1970
Box 26, Folder 32Untitled, undated 1st draft of article about editing writing, 1970
Box 26, Folder 33What Does A Novelist Believe? ca. 1970s
Box 26, Folder 34What To Do Until The Writing Comes, 1970s
Box 26, Folder 35A Writer’s Day, 1970s
Box 26, Folder 36Dominant Impression, 1972
Box 26, Folder 37Finding A Poem, 1972
Box 26, Folder 38Listening To Voices, 1972
Box 26, Folder 39Teaching Writing As A Process, 1972
Box 26, Folder 40Teach Process or Product? 1972
Box 26, Folder 41How A Newspaper Can Help You Teach Composition, ca. 1973
Box 26, Folder 42The Maker’s Eye, 1973 (later revised in 1998)
Box 26, Folder 43Perhaps The Professor Should Cut Class, 1973
Box 26, Folder 44Research for an article on Scottish Tartan patterns, 1973
Box 26, Folder 45Reports From Inner Space, ca. 1973
Box 26, Folder 46What Can You Say Besides Awk? 1973
Box 26, Folder 47Why Creative Writing Isn’t – Or is 1973
Box 26, Folder 48Why Teach Writing, and How? 1973
Box 26, Folder 49The Lonely Communities, 1974
Box 26, Folder 50What, No Assignment? 1974
Box 26, Folder 51Introduce The Writing Process – Tomorrow, 1975
Box 26, Folder 52Internal Revision: A Process of Discovery, 1975
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 1On The Work of Writing, 1975
Box 27, Folder 2Write To Read: Creative Writing in the Reading Program, 1975
Box 27, Folder 3The Feel of Writing, 1976
Box 27, Folder 4How To Write An Article – I Think – And How I Feel While I’m Doing It – I Think, 1976
Box 27, Folder 5Reading For Surprise 1976, 1976
Box 27, Folder 6Teach The Motivating Force of Revision 1976, 1976
Box 27, Folder 7What NH Means To Me In This Bicentennial Year, 1976
Box 27, Folder 8From Subject To Draft, 1976
Box 27, Folder 9Notes On Editing A Non-Fiction Article, 1977
Box 27, Folder 10The Old Crisis In Writing, ca. 1977
Box 27, Folder 11Our Students Will Write – If We Let Them, 1977
Box 27, Folder 12They Want To Write, 1977
Box 27, Folder 13The View From The Field: What Writers Feel, Do, and See During the Writing Process, 1977
Box 27, Folder 14Write Before Writing, 1977
Box 27, Folder 15How Writing Finds Its Own Meaning: The Process of Teaching Process, 1978
Box 27, Folder 16Man Against The Earth, 1978
Box 27, Folder 17Do Newspapers Want Writers? 1979
Box 27, Folder 18Grant Your Students Their Voting Rights, 1979
Box 27, Folder 19The Listening Eye: Reflections on The Writing Conference, 1979
Box 27, Folder 20The Qualities Of Good Writing, 1979
Box 27, Folder 21What Makes Readers Read? 1979
Box 27, Folder 22Writing For Surprise, 1979
Box 27, Folder 23How I Got That Story, ca. 1980
Box 27, Folder 24Brainstorming And Writing, early 1980s
Box 27, Folder 2523 Ways To Make Your Story More Interesting, 1980s
Box 27, Folder 26Basic Rules of Journalism, 1980s
Box 27, Folder 27Can Writing Be Taught? 1980s
Box 27, Folder 28Editing In An Age Of Diversity, 1980s
Box 27, Folder 29The Feel of Writing – And Teaching Writing, 1980
Box 27, Folder 30Five Steps Towards Implementing A Writing Program, with Don Graves, 1980
Box 27, Folder 31The Hidden Art of Editing Exposed, 1980s
Box 27, Folder 32How Do You Rate The Writer’s Successes? 1980s
Box 27, Folder 33How Writing Finds Its Own Meaning, 1980
Box 27, Folder 34Listening To Writing 1980, 1980, republished 2009
Box 27, Folder 35The Making of ‘Listening To Writing,’ 1980
Box 27, Folder 36Not-So-Good-Old Days, 1980
Box 27, Folder 37A Program To Improve Writing, 1980s
Box 27, Folder 38Read The Language of Discovery ca. 1980, 0
Box 27, Folder 39Reflections On Language Arts, 1980
Box 27, Folder 40Revision: In the Writer’s Workshop And In The Classroom, with Don Graves, 1980
Box 27, Folder 41Some Notes On Teaching Freshmen English, 1980
Box 27, Folder 42Speech on journalism and editors, for the American Press Institute, 1980
Box 27, Folder 43Variations on a Theme: Truth, 1980
Box 27, Folder 44The Writer’s Seven Steps, 1980s
Box 27, Folder 45Writing As A Process, 1980
Box 27, Folder 46Editors Must Find New Ways To Develop And Retain Writers, 1981
Box 27, Folder 47Flemming, 1981
Box 27, Folder 48Making Meaning Clear: The Logic of Revision, 1981
Box 27, Folder 49Out of Silence, A Voice, 1981
Box 27, Folder 50The Politics of Respect, 1981
Box 27, Folder 51Reading What Isn’t Written – Yet, 1981
Box 27, Folder 52The Revisor’s Craft, 1981
Box 27, Folder 53The Teaching Craft: Telling, Listening, Revealing, 1981
Box 27, Folder 54Which Books On Writing And Editing Should Be In The Newsroom? 1981
Box 27, Folder 55Conference Guidelines, 1982
Box 27, Folder 56From What to Why: The Changing Style of Newswriting, 1982
Box 27, Folder 57Teaching The Other Self: The Writer’s First Reader, 1982
Box 27, Folder 58UNH Campus Journal profile of Charles Simic, 1982
Box 27, Folder 59What Is A Practical Education? 1982
Box 27, Folder 60Wind Turbines, 1982
Box 27, Folder 61Write Research To Be Read, 1982
Box 27, Folder 62Consultive Editing, 1983
Box 27, Folder 63First Silence, Then Paper, 1983
Box 27, Folder 64Listening For Meaning: A Celebration of the Prose Line, 1983
Box 27, Folder 65A Process Approach To Newswriting, 1983
Box 27, Folder 66Writing Badly to Write Well, 1983
Box 27, Folder 67Writing Fiction: A Self-Interview, 1983
Box 27, Folder 68Writing For Many Roles: Newswriting, 1984
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 1How To Write The Lead Notes For the Lead Writer,, 1984
Box 28, Folder 2On The Cutting Edge Of Writing, 1984
Box 28, Folder 3Relating Reading And Writing In The College Years, 1984
Box 28, Folder 4Writing And Teaching For Surprise, 1984
Box 28, Folder 5How I Write? 1984
Box 28, Folder 6Memo to a New Feature Writer, 1984
Box 28, Folder 7Newswriting, 1984
Box 28, Folder 8Switzerland At Its Best, 1984
Box 28, Folder 9What Happens When Students Learn To Write, 1984
Box 28, Folder 10Tricks of the Nonfiction Trade, 1984
Box 28, Folder 11An Essay On Not Writing An Essay, 1984
Box 28, Folder 12The Essential Delay: When Writer’s Block Isn’t, 1984
Box 28, Folder 13Expecting Writing, 1984
Box 28, Folder 14The First Draft: A Celebration, 1984
Box 28, Folder 15Getting Under The Lightning, 1984
Box 28, Folder 16Listening To Writers, 1984
Box 28, Folder 17Publish And Flourish, 1985
Box 28, Folder 18Response To Teaching Of Writing, 1985
Box 28, Folder 19Seven Hints To Improve Any Newspaper Story, 1985
Box 28, Folder 20Tricks Of Our Trade, 1985
Box 28, Folder 21What Makes Students Write, 1985
Box 28, Folder 22The Writer’s I, 1985
Box 28, Folder 23Imagine Not Writing, 1985or later
Box 28, Folder 24The Most Important Development of the Last Five Years for High School Teachers of Composition, ca. 1985
Box 28, Folder 25Is Textbook Writing Writing?, 1985-1986
Box 28, Folder 26Case History Of An Article, 1985
Box 28, Folder 27The Importance of Bad Writing And How We Can Encourage It, 1986
Box 28, Folder 28One Writer’s Secrets, 1986
Box 28, Folder 29Tackling The Lead, Winning Out In The End, 1986
Box 28, Folder 30Rehearsing Rehearsing, 1986
Box 28, Folder 31Writing Is Thinking, 1986or later
Box 28, Folder 32Address at CWP spring conference, 1987
Box 28, Folder 33Notes Of A Long Distance Writer, 1987
Box 28, Folder 34A Tale of Two Cities, 1987
Box 28, Folder 35To Heck With Nostalgia, 1987
Box 28, Folder 36When I Retire, 1987
Box 28, Folder 37Eulogy for George Griewank, 1988
Box 28, Folder 38Exploring The Magic of the Line, 1988
Box 28, Folder 39How The Text Instructs: Writing Teaches Writing, 1988
Box 28, Folder 40Writers Teach Researchers / Researchers Teach Writers / Teachers Instruct Both (as Ian Morison), 1988
Box 28, Folder 41Reading For Surprise, 1988
Box 28, Folder 42Writing On Writing: The Craft of Description, 1988
Box 28, Folder 43Cultivating Surprise, 1989
Box 28, Folder 44Don’t Profess, Coach, 1989
Box 28, Folder 45Lecture on writing news columns, 1989
Box 28, Folder 46One Writer’s Notes On Narrative, 1989
Box 28, Folder 47Read The Reading Before The Text, 1989
Box 28, Folder 48Unlearning to Write, 1989
Box 28, Folder 49Use Genre As Lens, 1990s
Box 28, Folder 50Receiving A Poem, 1990
Box 28, Folder 51Literature Of Tomorrow / Notes on Creative Writing, 1990
Box 28, Folder 52Writing By Ear / Tune Your Creative Writing Voice, 1990
Box 28, Folder 53Fifteen Ways To Make Writing Easy, 1990s or later
Box 28, Folder 54Going Public: The Craft of Writing To Yourself for Others, 1990s
Box 28, Folder 55Pushing The Edge, 1990
Box 28, Folder 56Writing After A Career of Writing, 1990
Box 28, Folder 57Teaching Don Murray To Write (Bonnie Sunstein), 1990
Box 28, Folder 58What A Beginning Writer Needs To Know, 1990
Box 28, Folder 59Case History Of An Essay, 1990
Box 28, Folder 60Why Murray was hired at UNH, 1991
Box 28, Folder 61How Poems Think, 1991
Box 28, Folder 62If I Returned As A Freshman, I’d... 1991
Box 28, Folder 63How Writer’s See the Unseen Text, 1991
Box 28, Folder 64Taking A Poetic Trip To Manitoba, 1991
Box 28, Folder 65All Writing Is Autobiography, 1991
Box 28, Folder 66One Writer’s Curriculum, 1991
Box 28, Folder 67The Writer In The Newsroom, 1991
Box 28, Folder 68What I Need From My Editors, 1992
Box 28, Folder 69One Writer’s Processes, 1992
Box 28, Folder 70Why And How I Write, 1992
Box 28, Folder 71A Writer’s Habits, 1992
Box 28, Folder 72How I Write A Column, 1993
Box 28, Folder 73Following The Voice of the Draft, 1993
Box 28, Folder 74How To Get The Writing Done, 1993
Box 28, Folder 75Write To Teach Writing, 1993
Box 28, Folder 76Letter To A Young Article Writer, 1993
Box 28, Folder 77A Confession of Strengths, 1993
Box 28, Folder 78"Let The Draft Teach" response to Writing Fiction: A Self-Interview, 1994
Box 28, Folder 79The Writing Conference, 1994
Box 28, Folder 80Forward to “How Writers Journey To Comfort and Fluency," 1994
Box 28, Folder 81Memo To A Beginning Essay Writer, 1994
Box 28, Folder 82Where Do You Find Your Stories? 1994
Box 28, Folder 83Laer og Skriv, 1994
Box 28, Folder 84A Preface On Rejection (written in 1994, about article entitled “Pushing The Edge” which was written in 1990), 1994
Box 28, Folder 85My One-Desk Schoolhouse, 1994
Box 28, Folder 86Newspapers Need Writers, 1994
Box 28, Folder 87The Craft Of Telling, 1994
Box 28, Folder 88Writing At Seventy: Still Lost In The Work, 1994
Box 28, Folder 89Knowing Not Knowing, 1994
Box 28, Folder 90How The Draft Instructs, 1994
Box 28, Folder 91Minnie Mae Cooks A Poem, 1994
Box 28, Folder 92Forward to Clark’s “Free To Write”, 1995
Box 28, Folder 93Oklahoma: Fight The Urge To Fight Back, 1995
Box 28, Folder 94My Legs Run My Life, 1995
Box 28, Folder 95Qualities of Good Writing, 1995
Box 28, Folder 96Real Writers Don’t Burn Out, 1995
Box 28, Folder 97Writing Fiction: A Self-Interview, 1995, reprint
Box 28, Folder 98Before Writing: Remember What Makes Writing Easy, 1995
Box 28, Folder 99To Compose, 1995?
Box 28, Folder 100Rewriting Teaching, 1995
Box 28, Folder 101Why I Write The Personal Essay, 1995
Box 28, Folder 102Being Retired Takes Too Much Time, 1995
Box 28, Folder 103What Writers Can Do For Newspapers, 1995
Box 28, Folder 104Some Notes On Revision, 1995
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 1Why You Should Write When You Have No Time To Write And How You Can Get It Done, 1996
Box 29, Folder 2Response to ‘Nutshells, Monkeys, and The Writer’s Craft,' 1996
Box 29, Folder 3An Earfull on Picking and Pecking Corn, 1996
Box 29, Folder 4Rewriting Teaching, 1996
Box 29, Folder 5Do’s and Don’ts of Magazine Article Writing, 1996
Box 29, Folder 6Notes On Creative Writing, 1996
Box 29, Folder 7Why – And How – You Should Write When You Have No Time To Write, 1996
Box 29, Folder 8The Seeing Line, 1997
Box 29, Folder 9Response/Reading of Essay by Bill Mayher, 1997
Box 29, Folder 10Reprints of “How To Develop Your Craft”, “What I need From My Editors”, and “Covering The Self”, 1997
Box 29, Folder 11A Bookstore on the Road to Serendipity [about the Water Street Bookstore in Exeter NH], 1998
Box 29, Folder 12Dual Citizenship, 1998
Box 29, Folder 13Write What You Don’t Know, 1998
Box 29, Folder 14Leaping Onto The Blank Page, 1998
Box 29, Folder 15The Maker’s Eye (1998, reprint of 1973), 1998
Box 29, Folder 16Homeward Bound, 1999
Box 29, Folder 17The Art of the Essay, 1999
Box 29, Folder 18Celebrate Your Life: The Craft of Writing The Family Memoir, 1999
Box 29, Folder 19Twenty Ways To Unfinal A Draft, 2000s
Box 29, Folder 20The Therapy Of The Writing Desk, 2000
Box 29, Folder 21West Running Brook, 2000
Box 29, Folder 22Forward to Christopher Scanlan’s “Reporting and Writing Basics for the 21st Century”, 2000
Box 29, Folder 23How To Cook Corn On The Cob, 2000
Box 29, Folder 24For Garden Lane: The Seeing Hand, 2000
Box 29, Folder 25How To Make Writing Easy, 2000
Box 29, Folder 26What’s Not In The History Books (essay on war), 2000
Box 29, Folder 27Don Murray’s Editing Guidelines, 2000
Box 29, Folder 28A Landscape Of Words, 2000
Box 29, Folder 29Dear Teachers (2001, response to 9/11/2001), 2001
Box 29, Folder 30Finding The News Source Within Yourself, 2001
Box 29, Folder 31Forward to ‘Breaking Traditions: Stories for 2001, 2001
Box 29, Folder 32Some Things I Wish I Had Known About Writing When I Was 21, 2002
Box 29, Folder 33Reading What I Haven’t Written, 2004
Box 29, Folder 34Can Writing Be Taught? 2004
Box 29, Folder 35How To Write Before Writing, ca. 2005
Box 29, Folder 36The Privilege of Giving Care, 2005
Box 29, Folder 37Write Before Writing (not the same as the 1970s article of the same name), 2006
Box 29, Folder 38Teach Writing Your Way, 2006
Box 29, Folder 39Fragments of unidentified, undated writing, undated
Box 29, Folder 40Television series: “Books + Writers” – WNEH-TV, 1965-66, 1965-1966
Box 29, Folder 41Proposal for a series of TV journalism workshops/shows, 1967
Box 29, Folder 42“” – teaching writing through the medium of the web (website sketches, proposal), 2006
Box 29, Folder 43-61Interviews of Donald Murray, 1960-2006 and undated
Box 29, Folder 62Series of interviews with other writers conducted by Murray, dated, ca. 1968-1972

Series 7: Short Stories, Fiction, Memoirs, and Textbooks, 1940-2005

(23 cubic feet)

A single folder at the beginning of this series contains reviews Murray wrote of other writer's works. Murray's own short fiction (box 30) are often kernals of his later novels, which are found chronologically ordered in boxes 30-36. His two published memoirs ("My Twice Lived Life" and "The Lively Shadow") are found in box 37. The rest of the series consists of Murray's published and unpublished textbooks. These are arranged chronologically by date of first publication. Editions are chronologically filed within each title.

Box 30
Box 30, Folder 1Reviews of other’s works, 1950s-2000s
Box 30, Folder 2Untitled: Memories of WWII, undated
Box 30, Folder 3Untitled: Short stories / Fragments, 1970s-2000s and undated
Box 30, Folder 4The Black Temptation / The Beach Temptation, ca. 1940-1950s
Box 30, Folder 5A Gal Called Hackett, 1940s
Box 30, Folder 6The Importance of Journalism, 1940s
Box 30, Folder 7I Live On Sucker Street, 1940s-1950s
Box 30, Folder 8The God Coke, 1950s
Box 30, Folder 9My Brother Cain, 1950s
Box 30, Folder 10The Remembered Gifts, 1959
Box 30, Folder 11Walking Like An Indian, 1960s? (undated)
Box 30, Folder 12Four Eyes, ca. 1960
Box 30, Folder 13The Gun, 1962
Box 30, Folder 14Edge of the Shadow, undated
Box 30, Folder 15When She Could Not Get Ideas For Writing, undated
Box 30, Folder 16Experiments in Beginning, undated
Box 30, Folder 17Untitled story about a veteran named Craig, undated
Box 30, Folder 18Wonderful Long White Apron, 1972
Box 30, Folder 19Waiting: A Woman’s Story, 1977
Box 30, Folder 20Bruce Norden, 1980
Box 30, Folder 21Sweet Mistreaters (1980s, possibly written by Murray under the name “Mark Smith”), 1981
Box 30, Folder 22Drawing From Life, 1981
Box 30, Folder 23Life With Hannah’s Rubber Tree, 1981
Box 30, Folder 24The Weight of Sunlight on a Maple Leaf, 1980s, undated
Box 30, Folder 25Pearl Harbor, 1987
Box 30, Folder 26Untitled, incomplete fiction, 1989
Box 30, Folder 27War Stories, 1990
Box 30, Folder 28Listening To Stories, 1990s
Box 30, Folder 29“Duke’s Secret” and “Ian Morison”, 1991
Box 30, Folder 30Seder Haggadah rewritten from Egyptian Solders’ point of view, 2000s
Box 30, Folder 31Another Dead Solder, 2002
Box 30, Folder 32Emma’s Revenge, 2002
Box 30, Folder 33Envelope with “Stories Don Has Written” on the front, undated
Box 30, Folder 34“The Bayonet”: notebook outline for a non-fiction history of the weapon, 1960s
Box 30, Folder 35-45“The Godplayer” novel materials (begun ca. 1959): correspondence, proposal, drafts, journals, 1959-1966
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 1-2Godplayer (complete drafts), ca. 1960s
Box 31, Folder 3Brainstorming (ghostwritten fiction, contract only), 1957
Box 31, Folder 4Man Against Earth (non-fiction), published 1961
Box 31, Folder 5When Passion Governs (historical fiction book proposal), 1961
Box 31, Folder 6To Be Dying (novel), 1961
Box 31, Folder 6-10The Sensation (romance novel written under pseudonym Ian Morison), 1963
Box 31, Folder 11-18The World Of Sound Recording (juvenile non-fiction), published 1965
Box 31, Folder 19-28Out Of The Thorn (novel), begun ca. 1961
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 1-6Out Of The Thorn (novel), 1961-1964
Box 32, Folder 7-20The Man Who Had Everything (novel), 1960s-1970s
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 1-25The Ghosting of Mantin Blake (novel), 1965-1978
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 1-13The Ghosting of Mantin Blake (later titled simply "Ghosting"), 1979-1985
Box 34, Folder 14One On One (novel), 1968
Box 34, Folder 15-19The Kovel Accountancy (novel, cowritten with Christopher Scanlan), 1986
Box 34, Folder 20-22My Military History of the Twentieth Century (fiction), 1983-1985
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 1-22My Military History of the Twentieth Century (continued), and related short stories, 1983-1985
Box 35, Folder 23-25Untitled novel - possibly a version of "My Military History...", undated
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 1-2Field Of Fire (novel), 1990
Box 36, Folder 3An Ordinary War (novel), 1992
Box 36, Folder 4Letting Go (novel), 1998
Box 36, Folder 5Life Support (novel), 2000
Box 36, Folder 6-8A Military History of the United States 1898-2007 (novel, different from Murray's similarly titled works), 2002
Box 36, Folder 9-25My Twice Lived Life (memoir), 2002
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 1-6My Twice Lived Life (continued), 2002
Box 37, Folder 7-18The Lively Shadow (memoir), 2003
Box 37, Folder 19Book proposals for unwritten works, ca. 1970-2006
Box 37, Folder 20Terminated contracts for unwritten works, 1963-2007
Box 37, Folder 21Contracts whose related work is unclear, 1986-1994
Box 37, Folder 22Textbook fragments, undated
Box 37, Folder 23-32New England School Development Council (NESDC) writing curriculum, 1965-1966
Box 38
Box 38, Folder 1-10NESDC (continued), 1966-1967
Box 38, Folder 11-24A Writer Teaches Writing, 1st edition (1968) and 2nd edition (1985); reissued 2002 (possible early title: “Pushing The Edge”), 1968-2002
Box 39
Box 39, Folder 1-5A Writer Teaches Writing (continued), 1985-2002
Box 39, Folder 6A Writer Writes (proposal for unwritten work), 1969
Box 39, Folder 7-27Write To Communicate, 1973
Box 40
Box 40, Folder 1-23Write To Communicate (continued), 1973
Box 41
Box 41, Folder 1-24Write To Communicate (continued), 1973
Box 42
Box 42, Folder 1-6Write To Communicate (continued), 1973
Box 42, Folder 7-9Write To Know, 1973
Box 42, Folder 10-14Writing As A Process, 1980
Box 42, Folder 15The Card Exercise, early 1980s
Box 42, Folder 16-17Write To Pursuade, ca. 1981
Box 42, Folder 18-25Learning By Teaching (1st edition 1982, 2nd edition 1992), 1982-1992
Box 42, Folder 26-30Writing For Your Readers, 1938
Box 43
Box 43, Folder 1-10Writing For Your Readers (continued), 1938
Box 43, Folder 11Colleague in the Classroom, 1985
Box 43, Folder 12A Writer's Handbook, 1985
Box 43, Folder 12-22Write To Learn (1st edition), 1985
Box 44
Box 44, Folder 1-22Write To Learn (1st edition continued, 2nd edition), 1985
Box 45
Box 45, Folder 1-28Write To Learn (3rd edition 1990, 4th edition 1993, 5th edition 1996, 6th edition 1999), 1990-1999
Box 46
Box 46, Folder 1-23Write To Learn (6th edition continued, 7th edition 2000), 1999-2000
Box 47
Box 47, Folder 1-20Write To Learn (7th edition continued, 8th edition 2005 unpublished), 2000-2005
Box 47, Folder 21-22Read To Write (1st edition 1985, 2nd edition 1990, 3rd edition 1993), 1985-1993
Box 48
Box 48, Folder 1-23Read To Write (1st edition 1985, 2nd edition 1990, 3rd edition 1993), 1985-1993
Box 49
Box 49, Folder 1-25Read To Write (1st edition 1985, 2nd edition 1990, 3rd edition 1993), 1985-1993
Box 50
Box 50, Folder 1-15Read To Write (1st edition 1985, 2nd edition 1990, 3rd edition 1993), 1985-1993
Box 50, Folder 16-23Expecting The Unexpected, 1989
Box 51
Box 51, Folder 1-15Shoptalk, 1990
Box 51, Folder 16-26Craft Of Revision (1st edition 1990, 2nd edition 1994, 3rd edition 1998, 4th edition 1999, 5th edition 2002, 6th edition unpublished 2005), 1990-2005
Box 52
Box 52, Folder 1-24Craft Of Revision (1st edition 1990, 2nd edition 1994, 3rd edition 1998, 4th edition 1999, 5th edition 2002, 6th edition unpublished 2005), 1990-2005
Box 53
Box 53, Folder 1-5Craft Of Revision (1st edition 1990, 2nd edition 1994, 3rd edition 1998, 4th edition 1999, 5th edition 2002, 6th edition unpublished 2005), 1990-2005
Box 53, Folder 6-10Write To Teach Writing, 1995
Box 53, Folder 11-16Crafting A Life In Essay, Story, Poem, 1996
Box 53, Folder 17-23Learning To Write By Drawing / Following The Line 1996-1998
Box 53, Folder 24-25A Writer In The Newsroom, 1996
Box 53, Folder 26-32Working Journalist / Writing To Deadline, 1999
Box 54
Box 54, Folder 1-3Working Journalist / Writing To Deadline, 1999
Box 54, Folder 4-5Welcome To The Writer's Craft, 2002

Series 8: Teaching Materials, UNH Journalism Program, Writing Seminars, Murray on Writing, 1950-2006

(5 boxes (5.0 cubic feet))

This series covers Murray's formal teaching activities, starting with the Boston Globe and continuing through his tenure at UNH (1963-1987). UNH materials include syllabi/notes for specific classes organized by course number, and the creation of the UNH Journalism Lab. Non-UNH teaching materials include syllabi/notes/speeches for conferences, speaking engagements, and writing seminars. The rest of the series consists of printed handouts, quotations on writing and bibliographies which are not identified by specific event.

Box 54
Box 54, Folder 6-14Boston Globe journalist teaching program, 1960s-1980s
Box 54, Folder 15-19UNH Journalism Program, 1960s-2000s
Box 54, Folder 20-29UNH teaching and class materials arranged by course number, 1963-1987
Box 55
Box 55, Folder 1-16UNH teaching and class materials (continued), 1963-1987
Box 55, Folder 17-28Murray's professional UNH activities; hiring, annual reports, tenure, retirement, 1963-1987
Box 55, Folder 29-35Conferences, Speaking Engagements, Seminars, 1950s-1975
Box 56
Box 56, Folder 1-20Conferences, Speaking Engagements, Seminars (continued), 1976-1989
Box 57
Box 57, Folder 1-19Conferences, Speaking Engagements, Seminars (concluded), 1990-2006
Box 57, Folder 20-21Murray on writing (unidentified handouts and notes), 1960s-1980s
Box 58
Box 58, Folder 1-8Murray on writing (continued), 1970s-2006s and undated
Box 58, Folder 9Bibliographies of recommended reading for writers, undated
Box 58, Folder 10-13Collected quotations on writing, undated

Series 8: Awards, Ephemera, Audiovisual, Oversize Materials, 1945-2006

(8 boxes (ca. 8.0 cubic feet))

This series contains the many awards Murry recieved, including his Pulitzer Prize certificate (Box 58 f. 14), emphemera from his employment at Time Magazine and the Boston Herald, and UNH/personal emphemera. A small amount of multimedia contains lectures, interviews and drafts. Five oversize boxes contain large drafts and art, two Pulitzer scrapbooks the Murrays made for their daughters, framed memorabilia/awards, and newspapers/emphemera from his military career and overseas service.

Box 58
Box 58, Folder 14Pulitzer Prize certificate, 1954
Box 58, Folder 15Air Force Association Citation of Honor, 1954
Box 58, Folder 16Awards, 1981-1985
Box 58, Folder 17University of Lowell award, 1986
Box 58, Folder 18NH School Boards Association award, 1987
Box 58, Folder 19Awards, 1990-1996
Box 58, Folder 20Fitchburg State College, honorary doctorate, 1992
Box 58, Folder 21NH Assocation of Teachers of English award, 1994
Box 58, Folder 22New Hampshire College (Manchester) honoary doctorate, 1997
Box 58, Folder 23NH Writer's Project award, 2001
Box 58, Folder 24Awards, undated
Box 59
Box 59, Folder 1"Carols of Glad Tidings Shout" (music by Alison Demarest, text by Murray), undated
Box 59, Folder 2Yankee Quill Award, 1981
Box 59, Folder 3UNH Alumni Association Profile of Service award, 1985
Box 59, Folder 4Time Magazine: "What Makes Time Tick" employee welcome packet, 1954
Box 59, Folder 5Time Magazine: paperweight, 1954
Box 59, Folder 6Sign reading "Don Murray, The Boston Herald", undated
Box 59, Folder 7NH automobile license plates reading "OVER60", 2001
Box 59, Folder 8"nulla dies sine linea" wall art, undated
Box 60
Box 60, Item 1-4015 VHS tapes, 16 cassette tapes, and 9 discs of interviews with Murray, (some have Minnie Mae and Hannah Murray too). Topics include writing and aging. 1977-2006 and undated
Box 60, Item 41-423.5” floppy discs labeled “failed novel drafts”, 1999
Box 60, Item 43-47Cassette tapes of Don Graves talking about writing, 1993-1998 and undated
Box 60, Folder 48New Hampshire Literary Awards: 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award given to Don Murray (glass desk sculpture), 2001
Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Item 1“Occupied Territory” daybook, 1990 or later
Oversize Box 1, Item 2Writing Schedules 1962, including one specifically for the novel “Out of the Thorn”, 1962
Oversize Box 1, Item 3Poster for a reading of "Ghosting", 1970s-1980s
Oversize Box 1, Item 4Original diagrams drawn by Murray for unidentified book, returned by publisher in 1985
Oversize Box 1, Item 5Matted book covers for "Shoptalk" and "The Craft of Revision", 1990-2000
Oversize Box 1, Item 6Tribute book of letters and art from former students, 1996
Oversize Box 2
Oversize Box 2, Item 1Pulitzer Prize: Homemade scrapbook “A Series of Editorials on National Defense / Written by Don Murray / Published in the BOSTON HERALD / in 1952”, 1952
Oversize Box 2, Item 2Large scrapbook about Pulitzer Prize, put together by Don and Minnie Mae Murray for their daughters. Items include the original telegraph informing Murray of his achievement, large publicity and awards ceremony photographs, articles Murray wrote, and letters/telegrams of congratulations, 1956
Oversize Box 3
Oversize Box 3, Item 1Framed book cover: "Write To Learn" 3rd edition, 1990
Oversize Box 3, Item 2Framed book cover: "Read To Write", 1985-1993
Oversize Box 3, Item 3New Hampshire College Doctor of Humane Letters diploma, 1997
Oversize Box 3, Item 4UNH wallclock in commemoration of Murray's Distinguished Teaching Award, 1981
Oversize Box 4
Oversize Box 4, Item 1Poster for the 1991 John McGrath Memorial Speaker at St. Anselm’s College (NH), featuring Murray on the topic “Teaching for Diversity”., 1991
Oversize Box 4, Item 2Topographical map centered on Casper, Wyoming (home of the Wyoming Writing Project), undated
Oversize Box 4, Item 3Boston’s Best of 1991 award to “Best Columnist: Donald M. Murray, Boston Globe”, 1991
Oversize Box 4, Item 4Oversize cartoon map of the writing process, produced by Mayfield Publishers and drawn by David W. Chapman and Preston Lynn Waller, undated
Oversize Box 4, Item 5Fitchburg State College honorary doctoral diploma, 1992
Oversize Box 5
Oversize Box 5, Item 1Boston Herald issues featuring Murray's editorials, mostly 1953-1954
Oversize Box 5, Item 2The Glen Ridge Paper (NJ) announcing Murray workshop, 1957
Oversize Box 5, Item 3Life Magazine, Vol. 18 no. 15 “Overseas Service Edition”, featuring an article about Allied paratroopers, 1945
Oversize Box 5, Item 4Newspaper clippings, including one about Murray’s service in the 17th Airborne (also included in Box 1), the progress of the war, and a small amount of printed Nazi propaganda, 1943-1945
Oversize Box 5, Item 5Newspapers and magazines published by the 17th Airborne Division about their activities and Division. Includes articles about specific soldiers, including Murray, 1943-1945
Oversize Box 5, Item 6The Berlin Sentinel newspaper (in English), 1945
Oversize Box 5, Item 7“The Story of the 82nd All American Airborne Division”, published in Berlin, 1945
Oversize Box 5, Item 8World's Fair caricature drawing of Murray, 1960s
Oversize Box 5, Item 9Ann Murray drawings of Donald Murray, undated
Oversize Box 5, Item 10Drawing of a whale, possibly by Minnie Mae, undated