Durham Town Records, 1732-1993

Collection number: Mc 149
Size: 83 boxes (30.00 cu.ft.)

About the Town of Durham, N.H.

The town of Durham was settled in 1635 at the mouth of the Oyster River on Great Bay, and incorported in 1732. It is situated within Strafford County. The town government consists of a town council, town administrator, and annual town meetings. For more information, see the Town of Durham Website.

About the Durham Town Records

This collection consists of materials pertaining to the town of Durham, New Hampshire. The records included in the collection are selectment's records, various club records, and records pertaining to Durham's libraries, fire department, churches, and post office. Also included are photographs. For more information, see further notes at the beginning of each series.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], [Folder number], [Box number], Durham Town Records, 1732-1993, MC 149, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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Donations: multpile sources, May 7, 1976-April 21, 1994 (Accesion numbers: 95, 109, 008, 8191, 8470, 8536, 8841, 8860, 911, 9230, 94.008, 94.018)

Collection Arrangement

This collection is arranged into ten series. The series are divided by the type of record they contain and the organization those records represent. Information about each organization and its records are found at the beginning of each series. Box numbering starts over with "1" at the beginning of each new series. Therefore it is important to specify the series number when requestion materials from this collection.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Selectmen’s Records, 1732-1926

(23 boxes and 1 oversize box)

These records – dating from 1732 to 1923 – contain various and considerable information about the town of Durham. They include numerous receipts, information on road, bridge, and building construction, meeting records, tax lists, writs, poor relief, voting lists, and other materials relating to the governance of the town.

Box 1
1732-1789 (25 folders)
Box 2
1790-1796 (17 folders)
Box 3
1797-1803 (15 folders)
Box 4
1804-1812 (15 folders)
Box 5
1813-1816 (15 folders)
Box 6
1817-1819 (14 folders)
Box 7
1820-1821 (14 folders)
Box 8
1822-1823 (13 folders)
Box 9
1824-1826 (14 folders)
Box 10
1827-1828 (12 folders)
Box 11
1829-1832 (14 folders)
Box 12
1833-1838 (16 folders)
Box 13
1839-1843 (16 folders)
Box 14
1844-1850 (18 folders)
Box 15
1851-1856 (17 folders)
Box 16
1857-1859 (14 folders)
Box 17
1860-1864 (19 folders)
Box 18
1865-1870 (11 folders)
Box 19
1871-1875 (12 folders)
Box 20
1876-1884 (16 folders)
Box 21
1885-1891 (16 folders)
Box 22
1892-1903 (21 folders)
Box 23
1904-1926, undated and miscellaneous materials (33 folders)
Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Item 1Account: Selectmen to Robert Lapish, 1791
Oversize Box 1, Item 2Account: "Boston," 1832-1862
Oversize Box 1, Item 3List of voters, 1834
Oversize Box 1, Item 4Account: Durham to George Ffrost, 1839
Oversize Box 1, Item 5Petition: "Aid to Ireland & Scotland," 1847
Oversize Box 1, Item 6List of voters, 1848
Oversize Box 1, Item 7List of voters, 1857
Oversize Box 1, Item 8Accounts of the Town Farm, 1859
Oversize Box 1, Item 9Notice: Town meeting, 23 Feb 1861

Series 2: Tuesday Afternoon Club, 1857-2019

This series has been moved to MC 357 Tuesday Afternoon Club Collection.

Series 3: Scammell Grange (Durham, NH), 1857-1981

(6 boxes)

The Scammell Grange (No. 122) was organized and incorporated in 1887 as a subordinate of the National Grange. In 1893 they purchased a building in downtown Durham, where they resided until selling the building to the town in 1981. The collection contains secretary and treasurer’s records, meeting minutes, membership information, correspondence with the Knights of Pythias, and various legal records.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Secretary's Records, 1887-1889
Box 1, Folder 2Secretary's Records, Dec 1889-Dec 1893
Box 1, Folder 3Account Book, 1891-1901
Box 1, Folder 4Secretary's Records, Jan 1894-Dec 1899
Box 1, Folder 5Secretary's Records, 1897-1906
Box 1, Folder 6Secretary's Minutes, Jan 1900-May 1905
Box 1, Folder 7Account Book, 1902-1930
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Secretary's Record, May 1905-Feb 1911
Box 2, Folder 2Secretary's Minutes, Feb 1911-Dec 1918
Box 2, Folder 3Secretary's Minutes, Jan 1919-March 1924
Box 2, Folder 4Secretary's Minutes, April 1924-Dec 1931
Box 2, Folder 5Secretary's Minutes, 1932-Oct 1934
Box 2, Folder 6Account Book, 1932-1959
Box 2, Folder 7Record Book - Secretary's Report, March 1935-June 1938
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Record Book - Secretary's Report, 1938-June 1948
Box 3, Folder 2Record Book - Secretary's Report, June 1938-March 1941
Box 3, Folder 3Record Book - Secretary's Report, March 1941-Feb 1944
Box 3, Folder 4Record Book - Secretary's Report, March 1944-Dec 1947
Box 3, Folder 5Record Book - Secretary's Report, 1948-1958
Box 3, Folder 6Record Book - Secretary's Report, Jan 1948-August 1952
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Record Book - Secretary's Report, Sept 1952-March 1957
Box 4, Folder 2Record Book - Secretary's Report, April 1957-Nov 1961
Box 4, Folder 3Record Book - Secretary's Report, 1958-1968
Box 4, Folder 4Treasurer's Account, 1958-1969
Box 4, Folder 5Record Book, Nov 1961-Oct 1966
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Record Book, Nov 1966-Nov 1971
Box 5, Folder 2Treasurer's Account, 1969-1975
Box 5, Folder 3Record Book, Nov 1971-1976
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Inventory of the Collection
Box 6, Folder 2First land purchase, 1857
Box 6, Folder 3By-laws and incorporation, 1887
Box 6, Folder 4Record of organization
Box 6, Folder 5Articles of association and land purchase from Durham School, 1893
Box 6, Folder 6Correspondence and committee with the Knights of Pythias, 1897
Box 6, Folder 7Records and deeds, 1898
Box 6, Folder 8Membership information and application, 1899-1903
Box 6, Folder 9Bank notices, 1904-1908
Box 6, Folder 10Lease of Sullivan Lodge, Knights of Phythias, 1914
Box 6, Folder 11"The Granite State Granger," 1974
Box 6, Folder 12Lease of the Scammell Grange, 1978-1981
Box 6, Folder 13Mortgages and loans, 1966-1983
Box 6, Folder 14Sale of Grange property, 1943-1981
Box 6, Folder 15Treasurer's accounts and receipts, 1966-1981
Box 6, Folder 16Ribbons and awards

Series 4: Fire Department, 1964-1975

(3 boxes)

The records of the Durham Fire Department contain several log books that document calls for fires (real and false) and telephone dispatches. Also included are several scrapbooks that contain photographs and newspaper clippings relating to the town’s fire department from 1956-1975.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Meeting records, 1964-1965
Box 1, Folder 2Attendance and records of bi-monthly meetings, 1966-1968
Box 1, Folder 3Time log, Jan 1969-Dec 1969
Box 1, Folder 4Time log, Jan 1970-Nov 1970
Box 1, Folder 5Time log, Dec 1970-Sept 1971
Box 1, Folder 6Time log, Oct 1971-July 23, 1972
Box 1, Folder 7Time log, July 1972-October 1973
Box 1, Folder 8Dispatch telephone log, 1973
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Fire calls log, record book, 1966-1967
Box 2, Folder 2Fire calls log, record book, 1968
Box 2, Folder 3Fire calls log, record book, 1969
Box 2, Folder 4Fire calls log, record book, 1970
Box 2, Folder 5Fire calls log, record book, 1971
Box 2, Folder 6Fire calls log, record book, 1972
Box 2, Folder 7Fire calls log, record book, Jan-April 27, 1973
Box 2, Folder 8Fire calls log, record book, April-Dec 15, 1973
Box 2, Folder 9Fire calls log, record book, Dec 16, 1973-July 7, 1974
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Scrapbook of newspaper clippings and photos, 1956-1965
Box 3, Folder 2Scrapbook of photos, Durham fires, 1960-1974
Box 3, Folder 3Scrapbook of photos, mutual aid, 1966-1975

Series 5: Libraries, 1815-1920

(3 boxes)

Libraries of Durham:

  • Durham Social Library (1815-1857?): This library was incorporated by act of the N.H. State Legislature in 1815. The library contained several hundred books and had a membership numbering nearly 50. The Special Collections Department maintains nearly 200 books from this early library as well as a single manuscript volume that contains a catalog list of the collection, accession records, circulation records, and membership information.
  • Durham Agricultural Library (1862-1881): Formed Feb. 3, 1862 with Benjamin Thompson as President, this library was small (approximately 72 books) and vocationally-based.
  • Durham Social Library (1881-1892): Organized March 9, 1881, the library had a membership of 80 and several hundred books. In 1883 the Richardson house was purchased to house the library. It eventually merged with the Durham Public Library. Several bound volumes make up this collection. They contain accession records, membership lists, catalogs of books, and circulation records.
  • Durham Public Library (1892-1906): Established in 1892 through the provisions of a N.H. state act, this was the town’s first “public” library. It contained more than 3,500 books and eventually merged with the the library of the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts.
  • Library of the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts (1893- ): Came to Durham with the arrival of the College in 1893. Initially, the College housed the library in a single room in Thompson Hall. In 1900 Hamilton Smith gave the University $10,000 to construct a library, another $20,000 was obtained from Andrew Carnegie. In 1907 – a year after the town and the college agreed to merge their collective library resources – the building (Hamilton Smith Hall) was completed.
Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Durham Social Library, record book, catalog of holdings, accessions, and circulation, 1815-1857
Box 1, Folder 2Durham Social Library, by-laws and list of subscribers, 1881
Box 1, Folder 3Durham Agricultural Library, list of proprietors, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 4Durham Library Association, "Catalogue of the Durham Social Library," n.d. (ca. 1885)
Box 1, Folder 5Durham Library Association, catalog, 1890
Box 1, Folder 6Durham Library Association, catalog of books (vol. 1)
Box 1, Folder 7Durham Library Association, catalog of books (vol. 2)
Box 1, Folder 8Durham Library Association, catalog
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Durham Library Association, catalog - fiction
Box 2, Folder 2Durham Library Association, circulation records, 1881-1889
Box 2, Folder 3Durham Library Association, circulation records, 1892
Box 2, Folder 4Durham Library Association, contract with the town of Durham, 1893
Box 2, Folder 5Durham Library Association, contract with the town of Durham & the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts to consolidate the town's libraries, 1906
Box 2, Folder 6Durham Library Association, delinquent stockholders, 1895
Box 2, Folder 7Durham Library Association, list of members, n.d.
Box 2, Folder 8Durham Library Association, records, 1892-1907
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Durham Library Association, records, vol. 2
Box 3, Folder 2Durham Library Association, stock book, 1893-1907
Box 3, Folder 3Durham Library Association, treasurer's book, 1881-1908
Box 3, Folder 4Durham Library Association, treasurer's records (v. 2)
Box 3, Folder 5Durham Public Library, records, secretary (vol. 1)
Box 3, Folder 6Durham Public Library, records, treasurer (vol. 2)
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Durham Public Library, accession and circulation records (vol. 3)
Box 4, Folder 2Durham Public Library, records, Committee on Building & Appurtenances (vol. 4)
Box 4, Folder 3Durham Public Library, Committee on Account & Finance (vol 5)
Box 4, Folder 4Durham Public Library, records, town funds (vol. 6)
Box 4, Folder 5Miscellaneous, record book containing transcriptions of information relating to the Durham Agricultural Library Association and the Durham Social Library (organized 1881)
Box 4, Folder 6Miscellaneous, "Durham Libraries," a brief history
Box 4, Folder 7Miscellaneous, Cushing, Helen Grant, "A Library Survey of the Town of Durham," 1920
Box 4, Folder 8Miscellaneous, deeds for Durham Library Association land, 1877-1936
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Durham Library Association, circulation records, 1881-1887

Series 6: Church Records, 1752-1973

(9 boxes)

Subseries A: Durham Community Church, 1752-1973

The history of the Congregational Church in Durham began in 1655, when the people of Oyster River first agreed to build a meetinghouse and pay for the support of a minister. For centuries the church has been an important part of community life: a place of gathering and socializing, an organizer of community and charitable events, a moral judge of its congregation, and a source of pride for the people of Durham. The records of this collection include annual reports and treasurer’s accounts, meeting minutes and programs, historical sketches of the church and its ministers, and materials from church-based organizations like the Durham Men’s Club, the Women’s Guild, and the Ladies’ Aid Society. See also Church Records and Boxes 37 and 38 in the Thompson Family Papers.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Adams, Hugh (Reverend), miscellaneous notes on
Box 1, Folder 2Annual report, 1897
Box 1, Folder 3Annual report, 1898
Box 1, Folder 4Annual report, 1899
Box 1, Folder 5Annual report, 1900
Box 1, Folder 6Annual report, 1901
Box 1, Folder 7Annual report, 1902
Box 1, Folder 8Annual report, 1904
Box 1, Folder 9Annual report, 1905
Box 1, Folder 10Annual report, 1906
Box 1, Folder 11Annual report, 1907
Box 1, Folder 12Annual report, 1948
Box 1, Folder 13Annual report, 1955
Box 1, Folder 14Annual report, 1956
Box 1, Folder 15Annual report, 1957
Box 1, Folder 16Annual report, 1960
Box 1, Folder 17"Articles of Admission to the Congregational Church in Durham, N.H., 1827."
Box 1, Folder 18Beard, William S. (Reverend) and Telesphere Taisure (Reverend), biographical sketches by Augusta J. Edgerly, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 19Broadhead, Reverend John and Abel Cutler, 1810-1811
Box 1, Folder 20Burt, Federal, 1826-1829
Box 1, Folder 21"A Chronological History of the Church," Marian E. Mills, 1960
Box 1, Folder 22Church and college co-operate, 1908
Box 1, Folder 23Committees and teachers, list, 1909
Box 1, Folder 24Complaints against and repentence of Ebenezer Parsons, 1818
Box 1, Folder 25Confession of faith, 1808
Box 1, Folder 26Durham Men's Club, meeting list, 1930-1939
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Durham Men's Club, reports of secretary - treasurer, 1940-1946
Box 2, Folder 2Durham Men's Club, by-laws and resolutions
Box 2, Folder 3Durham Men's Club, meeting minutes, 1920-1921
Box 2, Folder 4Durham Men's Club, proposed road sign for Durham, 1932
Box 2, Folder 5"The Durham Pageant," 200th anniversary of the church, 1919
Box 2, Folder 6"The Durham Pageant," service, letters and address, 1919
Box 2, Folder 7Ecclesiastical council, 1844
Box 2, Folder 8"Ecumenical - In Minature," Emerson G. Hangen, 1946
Box 2, Folder 9"Historical Articles," from the Manchester Union Leader: 1923 - Church enlargement; 1924 - Dedication
Box 2, Folder 10"Historical Sketch of the Congregational Church in Durham, N.H.," ca. 1900
Box 2, Folder 11History committee, 300th anniversary, 1955
Box 2, Folder 12Invitations to Church Council meetings, 1851-1862
Box 2, Folder 13"Journey from Scrooby," a dramatized historical narrative, 1955
Box 2, Folder 14Lovell, Dr. Moses (Reverend), biographical sketch by Vella M. Smart, n.d.
Box 2, Folder 15Manual of the Congregational Church, 1895
Box 2, Folder 16Marriage intentions, 1804-1859
Box 2, Folder 17Minutes (v. 1), 1854-1879
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Minutes (v. 2), 1868-1908
Box 3, Folder 2Records, Jan 1, 1917-Jan 1, 1930
Box 3, Folder 3Old Meetinghouse and parsonage, 1781-1827
Box 3, Folder 4Pettee, Charles H. (Dean), correspondence, 1887-1895
Box 3, Folder 5"A plea for the better care of kitchen equipment," 1910(?)
Box 3, Folder 6Proceedings of the committee to build a meetinghouse, 1792 (transcription)
Box 3, Folder 7Durham Community Church Bulletins, 1923 - 1962 (with gaps)
Box 3, Folder 8Programs, miscellaneous events
Box 3, Folder 9Reports for the Church fairs, 1923-1926
Box 3, Folder 10Scrapbook: 300th anniversary, kept by Mrs. O.V. Henderson, 1913-1955
Box 3, Folder 11History of Durham Community Church
Box 3, Folder 12Misc. publications
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Sunday School, 1923
Box 4, Folder 2Surrender of pews, 1893
Box 4, Folder 3Tobey, Alvan (Reverend), biographical sketch by Carl Lundholm, 1945
Box 4, Folder 4Tobey, Alvan (Reverend), correspondence to, 1842-1847
Box 4, Folder 5Tobey, Alvan (Reverend), correspondence to the church
Box 4, Folder 6Tobey, Alvan (Reverend), invitations to church councils, 1840-1856
Box 4, Folder 7Tobey, Alvan (Reverend), school committee, 1845-1865
Box 4, Folder 8Treasurer's accounts, 1884-1895
Box 4, Folder 9Treasurer's records, 1889-19091924
Box 4, Folder 10Treasurer's report, 1907
Box 4, Folder 11Durham Missionary Society, 1895-1929
Box 4, Folder 12Ladies' Aid Society of Durham, 1909-1920
Box 4, Folder 13Ladies' Aid Society of Durham, 1920-1922
Box 4, Folder 14Ladies' Aid Society of Durham, treasurer's book, 1923-1933
Box 4, Folder 15Ladies' Aid Society of Durham, 1923-1929 and Women's Guild, 1929-1937
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Women's Guild, minutes, 1937-1947
Box 5, Folder 2Women's Guild, minutes, 1947-1957
Box 5, Folder 3Women's Guild, minutes, 1957-1961
Box 5, Folder 4Women's Guild, minutes, 1961-1962
Box 5, Folder 5Women's Guild, minutes, 1963-1973
Box 5, Folder 6Women's Guild, treasurer's book, 1937-1944
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Women's Guild, constitution, 1929(?)
Box 6, Folder 2Women's Guild, constitution and bylaws, 1934
Box 6, Folder 3Women's Missionary Society of Durham, N.H., 1895-1911
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Adams, John (Reverend): Letter of calling and settling, 1752
Box 7, Folder 2Church bulletin, 1958-1959
Box 7, Folder 3Coe, Curtis (Reverend): Receipts, salary payments, dismissal, 1779-1812
Box 7, Folder 4Congregational church committee, 1841
Box 7, Folder 5Congregational church property, 1829
Box 7, Folder 6Congregational Society, 1824-1875
Box 7, Folder 7Contract for repairs to the Congregational church, 1906
Box 7, Folder 8Expelled members, 1827-1847
Box 7, Folder 9Invitations to installations and ordinations, 1817-1843
Box 7, Folder 10Invitations to installations and ordinations, 1844-1865
Box 7, Folder 11Membership transfers, 1817-1857
Box 7, Folder 12Meserve, Winthrop Smith, correspondence, 1855-1868
Box 7, Folder 13Miscellaneous church records
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1New Meetinghouse, building dedication, 1848
Box 8, Folder 2Records, 1779-1829 (transcription)
Box 8, Folder 3Records, 1779-1894 (transcription)
Box 8, Folder 4Records, 1833-1894 (transcription)
Box 8, Folder 5Records, 1893-1901 (trnscription)
Box 8, Folder 6Report of Pulpit Fund, 1920
Box 8, Folder 7Steele, Richard vs. Abraham Perkins (Deacon), 1829
Box 8, Folder 8Tobey, Alvan (Reverend), accounts, 1844-1847
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1Treasurer's ledger, 1896-19151752
Box 9, Folder 2Treasurer's ledger, loose papers, 1896-1915

Subseries B: First Christian Church, 1819-1864

Organized through the efforts of Rev. William Demeritt on December 4, 1819, the First Christian Church held its first meetings in private houses and an old school house. The members of the church erected and dedicated a brick meetinghouse in 1825. The First Christian Church was incorporated in 1850 and soon there after gradually declined to only a few members. By the 1880s the church ceased services. The meetinghouse and adjoining lands were sold to the town’s school district at auction in 1889. Special Collections maintains a record book that documents committees, meetings, and membership of the First Christian Church.

Box 9
Box 9, Folder 3First Christian Church (Durham, N.H.), record book, 1819-1864

Series 7: Woman's Club of Durham, NH, 1896-1990

(11 boxes and 11 oversize boxes)

Helen Murkland, wife of college president Charles Sumner Murkland, organized the Woman’s Club of Durham in September 1896. The group functioned on the principle that it should “foster a spirit of service and be a power for good in the community.” Within two years of organization, the Woman’s Club had more than 55 members. The Club was involved in numerous civic-improvement projects (putting up street signs, Post Office murals), the beautification of the Durham area (general cleanup projects, Garden Club), charitable fund drives, and efforts for both World Wars and the Red Cross. The collection contains meeting minutes and tresurer’s reports, information from various departments and associated groups of the Club (the Art & Literature Dept., the History Dept., the Music Dept., the Mothercraft Group, etc.), recipe books, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and other related materials.

Subseries A: General Records

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Anniversary celebration (50th), 1946
Box 1, Folder 2Anniversary celebration (60th), 1956
Box 1, Folder 3Anniversary celebration (65th), 1961
Box 1, Folder 4Anniversary celebration (75th), 1972
Box 1, Folder 5Annual reports, 1929-1946
Box 1, Folder 6Annual reports, 1945-1955
Box 1, Folder 7Annual reports, 1955-1960
Box 1, Folder 8Annual reports, 1960-1970
Box 1, Folder 9Annual reports, 1970-1971
Box 1, Folder 10Annual reports, 1980-1982
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Art and Literature Dept., 1914-1924
Box 2, Folder 2Art and Literature Dept., 1924-1936
Box 2, Folder 3Art and Literature Dept., treasurer's book, 1926-1946
Box 2, Folder 4Art and Literature Dept., 1946-1963
Box 2, Folder 5Art Needlework Dept., 1914-1922
Box 2, Folder 6Art Needlework Dept., 1922-1932
Box 2, Folder 7Art Needlework Dept., 1932-1938
Box 2, Folder 8Art Needlework Dept., 1939-1946
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Art Needlework Dept., 1946-1956
Box 3, Folder 2Citations (mostly for civic improvement), 1960-1989
Box 3, Folder 3Civic Committee, 1924-1954
Box 3, Folder 4Community Church of Durham, correspondence and rental agreements
Box 3, Folder 5Constitutions and by-laws
Box 3, Folder 6Endowment Fund and Memory Books Committee
Box 3, Folder 7Fine Arts Dept., 1936-1944
Box 3, Folder 8Fine Arts Dept., 1964-1984
Box 3, Folder 9Griffiths, M. Effie, book of poetry, ca. 1924
Box 3, Folder 10Historians' reports, 1939-1959
Box 3, Folder 11"History," the first paper given at a Woman's Club of Durham meeting, by Ada J. Stevens, 1896
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1History Dept., Constitutional Sesquicentennial Committee, 1937
Box 4, Folder 2History Dept., "Portraits of Women of Durham," 50th anniversary, 1947
Box 4, Folder 3History Dept., secretary's records, 1935-1949
Box 4, Folder 4History Dept., 1949-1964
Box 4, Folder 5History Dept., 1986-1993
Box 4, Folder 6History Dept., W.H.E.B. radio program, "Life of General John Sullivan. Commemorating the 200th anniversary of his birth at Somersworth, N.H.," 17 Feb 1940
Box 4, Folder 7History Dept., misc. papers, 1938-1954
Box 4, Folder 8History of the Woman's Club of Durham
Box 4, Folder 9Joint meetings of several of the women's organized groups, 1934-1946
Box 4, Folder 10Minutes, 1913-1917
Box 4, Folder 11Minutes, 1917-1924
Box 4, Folder 12Minutes, 1924-1926
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Minutes, 1926-1929 (part 1)
Box 5, Folder 2Minutes, 1926-1929 (part 2)
Box 5, Folder 3Minutes, 1929-1940
Box 5, Folder 4Minutes, 1940-1950
Box 5, Folder 5Minutes, 1950-1960
Box 5, Folder 6Minutes, 1960-1970
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Minutes, 1970-1974
Box 6, Folder 2Minutes, 1974-1977
Box 6, Folder 3Minutes, 1977-1980
Box 6, Folder 4Minutes, 1981-1983
Box 6, Folder 5Minutes, 1984-1985
Box 6, Folder 6Mothercraft Group, 1944-1957
Box 6, Folder 7Mothercraft Group, meeting minutes, 1944-1954
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Mothercraft Group, 1950-1956
Box 7, Folder 2Mural project in the new Federal Building and Post Office, correspondence, records, and clippings, 1958-1959
Box 7, Folder 3Mural project in the new Federal Building and Post Office, records and accounts, 1959-1960
Box 7, Folder 4Music Dept., 1943-1944
Box 7, Folder 5"A Pilgrimage," 1937
Box 7, Folder 6Presentations and papers, various
Box 7, Folder 7Programs, misc. events, 1900-1941
Box 7, Folder 8Recipes and cookbooks, 1898-1939
Box 7, Folder 9Restoration of the Sullivan Cemetary, 1907
Box 7, Folder 10"Service to Youth, WENH - TV," 1964
Box 7, Folder 11"Service to Youth, WENH - TV," Youth Conference on Smoking, 1964
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1Signatures and lists of attendants at special meetings, 1925-1927
Box 8, Folder 2Skit for Jan 8, 1960
Box 8, Folder 3Treasurer's book, 1897-1920
Box 8, Folder 4Treasurer's book, 1932-1949
Box 8, Folder 5Treasurer's reports, 1972-1990
Box 8, Folder 6U.N.H. Library, correspondence, 1956
Box 8, Folder 7Miscellaneous papers
Box 9
Biographies of Members, photocopies, 1925-1927
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1Tuesday Afternoon Women's Club - History Committee
Box 10, Folder 2Presentation Notes - The Life of James Sullivan, 1744-1808
Box 10, Folder 3Presentation Notes - Mary Thompson Letters from Europe, 1873-1877
Box 10, Folder 4Presentation Notes - History of Durham for Youths
Box 10, Folder 5Presentation Notes - A Sketch of the Life of Ralph D. Paine
Box 10, Folder 6Presentation Notes - Town Meetings of Durham - Events, 1732 - 1889
Box 10, Folder 7Presentation Notes - Landmarks of Durham
Box 10, Folder 8Presentation Notes - Garrisons of Durham
Box 10, Folder 9Presentation Notes - Churches of Durham
Box 10, Folder 10Presentation Notes - In Commemoration of Hamilton Smith and Family
Box 10, Folder 11Presentation Notes - Social Customs of "Old Durham"
Box 10, Folder 12Presentation Notes - Main Street, Durham
Box 10, Folder 13Presentation Notes - "Old Dover"
Box 11 and 12
2 Volume Set of Decriptions and Pictures of Durham's Old Graveyards done by Durham Womens Club 1989-1990

Subseries B: Scrapbooks

Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Item 1Volume I, 1925-1929
Oversize Box 1, Item 2Volume II, 1929-1934
Oversize Box 2
Oversize Box 2, Item 1Volume III, 1934-1938
Oversize Box 2, Item 2Volume IV, 1938-1942
Oversize Box 3
Oversize Box 3, Item 1Volume V, 1942-1949
Oversize Box 3, Item 2Volume VI, 1949-1956
Oversize Box 4
Oversize Box 4, Item 1Volume VII, 1956-1966
Oversize Box 5
Oversize Box 5, Item 1Volume VIII, 1966-1971
Oversize Box 6
Oversize Box 6, Item 1Volume IX, 1971-1974
Oversize Box 7
Oversize Box 7, Item 1Volume X, 1974-1981
Oversize Box 8
Oversize Box 8, Item 1Volume XI, 1981-1985
Oversize Box 9
Oversize Box 9, Item 1Memory Book I, 1920s-1980
Oversize Box 10
Oversize Box 10, Item 1Memory Book II, 1980-
Oversize Box 11
Oversize Box 11, Item 1Scrapbook, 1962-1964 Community Improvement Program
Oversize Box 11, Item 2Scrapbook, 1964-1966 Community Improvement Program
Oversize Box 11, Item 3Scrapbook, 1966-1968 Community Improvement Program
Oversize Box 11, Item 4Scrapbook, 1970-1972 Community Improvement Program

Series 8: Post Office Records, 1813-1847

(1 box and 4 oversize boxes)

The establishment of the first post office in Durham, NH was due in great part to the New Hampshire Turnpike Road, which was built in 1791 and stretched from Portsmouth to Concord. Benjamin Thompson served as the first appointed postmaster (1796). During the early years the post office moved to and from any number of locations within the town. The post office records primarily contain the records of 4th and 5th postmasters, George Ffrost, Sr. and Jr.. They include numerous accounts that detail the delivery and sending of letters, pamphlets, and newspapers, various official correspondence, and several histories of the post office in Durham. Also included is an account book maintained by Benjamin Underwood Lapish, the 3rd postmaster of Durham (1808).

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Account book (kept by George Ffrost), 1813(?)
Box 1, Folder 2Account book (kept by George Ffrost), 1814-1815
Box 1, Folder 3Account book (kept by George Ffrost), Feb 11, 1819-Aug 31, 1820
Box 1, Folder 4Account book (kept by George Ffrost), Sept 5, 1820-Feb 15, 1822
Box 1, Folder 5Account book (kept by George Ffrost), Feb 16, 1822-Feb 24, 1823
Box 1, Folder 6Account book (kept by George Ffrost), July 1, 1826-Sept 30, 1826
Box 1, Folder 7Account book (kept by George Ffrost), Oct 1, 1826-Dec 30, 1826
Box 1, Folder 8Account book (kept by George Ffrost), Jan 2, 1827-March 31, 1827
Box 1, Folder 9Account book (kept by George Ffrost), April 2, 1827-June 30, 1827
Box 1, Folder 10Account book (kept by George Ffrost), July 2, 1827-Oct 31, 1827
Box 1, Folder 11Accounts and correspondence of George Ffrost, 1809-1842
Box 1, Folder 12Account book (kept by Benjamin Underwood Lapish), 1808
Box 1, Folder 13"Early Post Offices in Durham," George D. Stevens, 1904
Box 1, Folder 14Newspapers, accounts of, 1833-1847 (see also: Oversize Box 1)
Box 1, Folder 15"Post Office and Postmasters," William Hartwell's report to the Durham Historic Association, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 16Post-Office Laws, Instructions and Forms, Published for the Regulation of the Post Office; Washington, D.C.: Way & Gideon, 1828 (Xerox copy)
Box 1, Folder 17"Report of Kenneth Carlisle - January 1975," regarding the Durham Post Office records
Oversize Box 1
Newspapers and pamphlets, accounts of, 1829-1836
Oversize Box 2
Postal accounts, 1807-1826
Oversize Box 3
Postal accounts, 1829-1836
Oversize Box 4
Postal accounts, 1837-1846

Series 9: Miscellaneous Records, 1791-1976

(6 boxes and 1 oversize box)

This collection contains information about various groups and organizations in Durham (League of Women Voters, Durham Historic Association), various histories that document places, events and people in the town’s history, typed transcriptions of the town’s records, and miscellaneous historical documents.

Subseries A: Various Records

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Account of the taking of gunpowder from Fort William & Mary, 1774 (copy of an 1849 letter from Ballard Smith from an account by Capt. Bennett) with newspaper clippings from late 19th/early 20th centuries
Box 1, Folder 2"Adams - Sullivan House, ca. 1741," paper by Calvin Fowler, 1957
Box 1, Folder 3Anecdote of Mrs. E.E. Nelson (daughter of Dean C.H. Pettee), n.d.
Box 1, Folder 4Bailey & Glines, store records, 1866-1868
Box 1, Folder 5"Bloody Fishing at Oyster River and Sad Work at Groton."
Box 1, Folder 6Budget information
Box 1, Folder 7"Cemetery Progress," Phil Wilcox, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 8Channell, Robert, militia and tax records, highway surveys, and militia calls, 1822-1886
Box 1, Folder 9Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions
Box 1, Folder 10Copy of property deeds (Historic American Buildings Survey?) - Bennett Place, odds and ends
Box 1, Folder 11Copy of property deeds (Historic American Buildings Survey?) - Giddard Mute
Box 1, Folder 12Copy of property deeds (Historic American Buildings Survey?) - Goddard, Robert Channell
Box 1, Folder 13"Copy of the Town Records of the Town of Durham, NH, Vol. I, 1732-1739," (transcription 1942)
Box 1, Folder 14Copy, Original Town Papers of Durham, NH by Historic American Buildings Survey
Box 1, Folder 15"Durham in 1825," Philip Marston, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 16Durham Historic Association, "An Act Relative to...," 19 Feb 1953, with constitution of Association
Box 1, Folder 17Durham Historic Association, lantern design, 1923
Box 1, Folder 18Durham Historic Association, Philip M. Marston, correspondence, 1943-1946
Box 1, Folder 19Durham Historic Association, Phil Wilcox, correspondence, 1967-1969
Box 1, Folder 20Durham Players, programs and information, 1930-1931
Box 1, Folder 21Durham Town Dump, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 22Durham Village Improvement Society, open letter from C.H. Pettee, 1912
Box 1, Folder 23"Early Industries of Durham," no author, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 24"Early Life in Durham, NH," George D. Stevens, 1942
Box 1, Folder 25"Early Railroad Fatalities," Phil Wilcox, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 26Economic and Social History of New England, 1620-1789, by William B. Weeden, notes on Durham
Box 1, Folder 27Garden Club of Durham, 1933-1937
Box 1, Folder 28A Gazetter of the State of New Hampshire, by John Farmer and Jacob B. Moore, 1823 - description of Durham
Box 1, Folder 29"Historical Tour of Durham" by Dorothy Wilcox, n.d.
Box 1, Folder 30"My Visit to Newmarket, 1870
Box 1, Folder 31Nathaniel Stevens vs. David Chapman, both of Newmarket, 1817
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1"A Hundred Years of Frost Family Enterprise in Durham, NH," Robert W. Lovett, 1958
Box 2, Folder 2"Inscriptions from Some Homestead Cemeteries and other Burial Places in Strafford County...," 1946
Box 2, Folder 3"Interesting Events or Actions Proposed or Passed in Durham Town Meetings, 1732-1888"
Box 2, Folder 4"James Monroe in Durham, a brief historical sketch of the visit of James Monroe, Esq....July 18, 1817," by William Coker, 1976
Box 2, Folder 5League of Women Voters of Durham, correspondence, etc., 1930-1937
Box 2, Folder 6"A List of Durham Residents Who Fought in Wars of Their Country," by Arthur P. Stewart, 1954
Box 2, Folder 7Marriages and Funerals in Durham, kept by H.L. Talbot, 1873-1903
Box 2, Folder 8Marriages, births, and financial records, 1856-1884
Box 2, Folder 9Norton, Rebecca, last will and testment, 1852
Box 2, Folder 10"Oyster River Creamery Company"
Box 2, Folder 11"Piscataqua Bridge," Philip Marston, 1963
Box 2, Folder 12"Prominent Persons of Durham," Oren V. Henderson, 1944
Box 2, Folder 13Scammell, Colonel Alexander, biographical information
Box 2, Folder 14Schools, construction, 1908-1909
Box 2, Folder 15Schools, Durham Academy, 1817
Box 2, Folder 16Schools, formation of the 1st kindergarten, 1917
Box 2, Folder 17Schools, records, history and programs
Box 2, Folder 18Smith, Joshua B., biographical information, ca. 1923
Box 2, Folder 19"Some Old Houses in Durham," n.d.
Box 2, Folder 20"The Spirit of '76," Phil Wilcox, 1976
Box 2, Folder 21"Trade by Water," Helen Brett, 1959
Box 2, Folder 22Turnpike Road, records and accounts, 1791 (for maps, see: Oversize Box 1; see also: Series IX, Box 6
Box 2, Folder 23Various town documents, 1932-1961
Box 2, Folder 24Waugh's description of Durham area and people (Historic American Buildings Survey?)
Box 2, Folder 25"Woodman Garrison," Philip Marston

Subseries B: Transcriptions of Durham Town Records, 1732-1841

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Original, 1732-1739
Box 3, Folder 2Original, volume 1, 1732-1793
Box 3, Folder 3Original, volume 2, 1793-1808"
Box 3, Folder 4Original, volume 3, March 14, 1809-Nov 1820
Box 3, Folder 5Original, volume 4, Oct 21, 1820-March 29, 1832
Box 3, Folder 6Original, volume 5, March 1832-Dec 1841
Box 3, Folder 7Miscellaneous notes
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Volume 1, draft
Box 4, Folder 2Volume 1, draft
Box 4, Folder 3Volume 1, carbon
Box 4, Folder 4Volume 2, carbon
Box 4, Folder 5Volume 3, carbon
Box 4, Folder 6Volume 4, part 1, carbon
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Volume 4, part 2, carbon
Box 5, Folder 2Great Bay Bridge, typescript report
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Original typescript of New Hampshire Turnpike Records
Box 6, Folder 2"The First New Hampshire Turnpike," Oren V. Henderson with records of the New Hampshire Turnpike, 1800-1825
Box 6, Folder 3ibid
Box 6, Folder 4Copy 2, history and records
Box 6, Folder 5Complete set of Turnpike records
Box 6, Folder 6Records, copy 4

Subseries D: Oversized items

Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Item 1Scrolled map of the Turnpike Road, 1791 [in orange box]
Oversize Box 1, Item 2"Plan of a road laid out in Madbury, Durham, Lee, and Epping on the petition of John Dow and others, by Jeremiah Eastman, John Wingate, and Jeremiah Wilson, a committee appointed by the Court of Common Pleas, October 5, 1832."
Oversize Box 1, Item 3Feather pen used by Gov. John G. Winant to sign "Mill Tax Bill," April 22, 1925
Oversize Box 1, Item 4O.V. Henderson, feather pens
Oversize Box 1, Item 5Diploma for Margaret Alice Coe, Smith College, 1896

Series 10: Photographs, mostly undated

(4 boxes and 1 oversize box)

The collection mainly consists of photographs of old houses and various notable locations in Durham, many of which are identified by exhibit captions. Also included, are a number of postcards and some images of people. The collection is largely a gift of the History Department of the Woman’s Club, who gathered the pictures over a period of several years.

Subseries A: Photographs

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Lt. Col. Winborn Adams House:
  • Envelope 1: Lt. Col. Winborn Adams Inn built by Adams around 1750 (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 2:"Jenkins Mill": Old mill by the dam, formerly owned by "Friend" Jenkins and originally built before 1762 as an "ordinary" by Winborn Adams (b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 2B&M Freight House looking east, 1892 (b&w, 8x10)
Box 1, Folder 3Bunker Garrison:
  • Envelope 1: Bridge Road with Bunker Garrison in the distance (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Six views of the remains of the Bunker Garrison house taken by W.S. Appleton, 1910-1911 (all b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 4James Bunker House/Fowler House, built by James Bunker soon after 1855 (b&w, 4x7)
Box 1, Folder 5Col. Burnham House:
  • Envelope 1: Col. Burham House built circa 1845. Later owned by Albert Watson; negative No. 1. (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Grave of Elizabeth Burnham. (b&w, 3x4)
Box 1, Folder 6Chamberlin House:
  • Envelope 1: Chamberlin House remodeled (b&w, 6x9)
  • Envelope 2: Two views of the Chamberlin House front stairwell (both b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 3: James Chamberlin front stairwell, 1921 (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 7Chesley Garrison, intersection of Bagdad and Old Bagdad Roads, built in 1716:
  • Envelope 1: Chesley Garrison, western side, possibly 1920s (sepia, 6x7 and b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Chesley Garrison, eastern side (sepia, 6x7 and b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 3: Chesley Garrison, eastern side, 1927, then owned by Samuel Jones, showing addition of three dormer windows (b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 8Benjamin Chesley/Mathes House:
  • Envelope 1: Chesley House, n.d. Built by Benjamin Chesley and later owned by Charles Mathes, then burned. The site is now occupied by the residence of the President of the University of New Hampshire; negative No. 27 (b&w, 9x12)
  • Envelope 2: View of Chesley House Mill in distance (left); negative No. 29 (b&w, 7x12)
  • Envelope 3: Chesley/Mathes house rear view, ca 1890 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 4: Same shot as e.2 (sepia, 4x7)
  • Envelope 5: Same shot as e.2 (2 x b&w, 3x4)
Box 1, Folder 9Philip Chesley House:
  • Envelope 1: Chesley House, Mill; negative No. 21 (b&w, 8x10)
Box 1, Folder 10Stephen Chesley, Sr.
  • Envelope 1: Doorway of Stephen Chesley, Sr. house (b&w, 2x3)
Box 1, Folder 11Coe-Buzzell House, 1825
  • Envelope 1: The Coe-Buzzell house built by James Joy circa 1825 on site once occupied by Delta Pi Epsilon fraternity on Newmarket Road behind the old Town Hall, now the Durham Historic Association Museum (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 12Daniel Coleman House, n.d. (b&w, 2x3)
Box 1, Folder 13Dr. Jonathan Crosby house, built in 1718. Later owned by Dr. Fred T. Murphy and known as the "Murphy House." Became the George Ffrost house in 1960. Two views, 1915 (both b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 14Albert Demeritt Farm:
  • Envelope 1: Residence of Albert Demeritt, c.1910; negative No. 7. (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Later view of above when owned by Walter O'Kane. Now owned by the University of New Hampshire (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 3: Staircase showing French wallpaper dating from 1809 (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 4: Fireplace (b&w, 3x4)
Box 1, Folder 15John Demeritt House, Madbury (sepia, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 16Durham Community Church, (in 1957 became the Congregational Church):
  • Envelope 1: The Congregational Church, ca. 1831 (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 2: Durham Community Church, view from front (b&w, 5x7
  • Envelope 3: Durham Community Church, view from back (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 4: Durham Community Church, view from side in snow (b&w, 2.5x4)
  • Envelope 5: Reverend Vaughan Dabney, pastor 1916-1920 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 6:Rev. Vaughan Dabney pictured in pulpit (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 7: Rev. Vaughan Dabney, deacons C.H.Pettee, A.E. Grant, O.L. Eckman, A.E. Littlehale (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 8: Mrs. Hamilton Augustus Mathes, pictured at pulpit. She raised the money needed to restore the mahogany pulpit for the 200th anniversary exercises (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 9: Women of the Community Church choir, 1920. Mmes. Sanders, Richards, Titsworth, Smart, Chamberlin, Pettee, Huddleston, Morgan, Grant and Hetzel (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 10: Women of the Community Church choir, 1920. Different view of above (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 11: Women of the Community Church choir, 1920 with Dr. Richards, director, and Rev. Dabney (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 12: Community Church Interior (color, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 17Durham Public Library, c.1893 (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 18Durham Schools:
  • Envelope 1: The Village school, built in 1890. Photo taken ca. 1900 (b&w, 5x7 and 6x10)
  • Envelope 2: District school with children and teachers pictured in front of it, ca. 1890 (sepia, 4x7)
  • Envelope 3: Durham Village School after addition of second story, c.1917; negative No. 8 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 4: Durham Village School, c.1900; negative No. 10 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 5: Children outside school house, c.1900; negative No. 9 (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 19Ffrost Store:
  • Envelope 1: Ffrost store on Oyster River, Newmarket Road, n.d.; negative No. 12 (b&w, 8x12 and 8x10)
Box 1, Folder 20Ffrost House, Valentine Hill House:
  • Envelope 1: Ffrost House; negative No. 13 (b&w, 8x11
  • Envelope 2:Valentine Hill House c.1910 (Ffrost House) (b&w, 3x4)
Box 1, Folder 21Prof. John M. Fuller Home on Broth Hill:
  • Envelope 1: View from front, March 1979 (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 2: Another view from front taken at different time of year (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 3: Side view (b&w, 3x4)
Box 1, Folder 22Griffiths Farm
  • Envelope 1: Griffiths Farm, postcard, undated (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 2: Griffiths Farm, postcard, dated March 20, 1912, and signed by M.E. Griffiths (b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 23Langley house; Maillard house:
  • Envelope 1: Edward Langley house. Built by John Mathes at Durham Point (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 2: William Maillard house. House built by James Bunker (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 3: Doorway of above (b&w, 3x4)
Box 1, Folder 24Marshall house, 1926. Built in 1806 and originally owned by Stephen Mitchell, it was first a private residence, then a boarding house, and was variously named The College Inn, the Hotel, and the Hi-Hat Club:
  • Envelope 1: Marshall House, c.1926; negative No. 26 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: The College Inn, 1940 (Marshall House) (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 25Comfort Mathes camp:
  • Envelope 1: Comfort Mathes Camp, Durham Point. In operation from 1911 to 1914, the camp, run by Fanny Mathes, was a summer retreat for young women. Two postcard views (one color, one b&w, both 3x5)
  • Envelope 2: Mathes House at Durham Point. This was the main building at Comfort Camp (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 3: Mathes House. Once owned by Mrs. Zella Mathes, the house was built on the site of an old garrison house and was home to eleven generations of Mathes. It was later owned by Horace M. Poynter. (b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 26Mellen house, Meserve barn:
  • Envelope 1: Mellen House, opposite the Durham Congregational Church (b&w, 4x6)
  • Envelope 2: Meserve Barn; negative No. 14, two prints (both b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 27Meserve House on Ballard St., later owned by Beta Phi (b&w, 3x3)
Box 1, Folder 28Nason family gathering, house in background (b&w, 5x9)
Box 1, Folder 29Nute house, John Odiorne house doorway:
  • Envelope 1: Nute House at Piscataqua Bridge. Birthplace of Mrs. Joseph Smith (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 2: Two shots of doorway of John Odiorne House (both b&w, 2x3)
Box 1, Folder 30Oyster River:
  • Envelope 1: Oyster River, 1910 (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 2: View of a bridge over the Oyster River, late 1800s? (b&w mounted, 6x7)
  • Envelope 3: View of Oyster River from the General Sullivan House, n.d. (b&w, mounted 6x7)
  • Envelope 4: Different view of a bridge over the Oyster River, late 1800s? (b&w, mounted 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 31Oyster River: Old Mill and Dam. Two postcards (color, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 32Paine House, Paul House:
  • Envelope 1: Ralph D. Paine's house on Durham Point: Shankhassick Farm; negative No. 31 (b&w, 4x6)
  • Envelope 2: James Paul House, 1910 (b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 33Pettee Block - Durham Cash Market, College Pharmacy (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 34Home of Hamilton Smith:
  • Envelope 1: Red Tower (home of Hamilton Smith); negative No. 34 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Smith Memorial Fountain; negative No. 35 (b&w photocopy)
Box 1, Folder 35Squire Richardson house, Gamma House; Image and postcard. (both b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 36Runlett's Store:
  • Envelope 1: Runlett's Store and B&M railroad station, May 7, 1905; negative No. 36 (b&w, 4x5)
  • Envelope 2: Runlett's Store; negative No. 37 (b&w photocopy)
Box 1, Folder 37Scammell Grange, No. 122., c.1918; negative No. 38 (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 38Cpt. Andrew Lapish Simpson and Lydia Kelley Simpson:
  • Envelope 1: Portraits of Captain Andrew Lapish Simpson and Lydia Kelley Simpson, ca. 1865 (both b&w, 2x4)
  • Envelope 2: The parsonage, built by Captain Simpson in 1840, c.1910. (b&w, 3x5)
Box 1, Folder 39Smith:
  • Envelope 1: Ebenezer Smith house, front hall stairs; 2 views. (both b&w, 3x5 and 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Two views of house built by Major Daniel Smith in 1803 (both b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 3: Ebenezer Smith House and doorway, 1910 (3 views, all b&w, two 4x6, one 3x4)
  • Envelope 4: Inn of Master John Smith, built soon after 1700 (b&w, 6x9)
  • Envelope 5: Mary E. Smith, Durham librarian 1893 (b&w, 4x5) (see Box 2 Folder 14 for daguerrotype from which this print was made)
  • Envelope 6: Doorway of Judge Valentine Smith House (b&w, 2x3)
Box 1, Folder 40Sullivan house:
  • Envelope 1: General John Sullivan House, n.d. Two views, one from further away (both b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Sullivan House, view from other side of house; Two views (b&w, 5x7 and 3x4)
  • Envelope 3: Same view as above, but before repairs, 1910 (b&w, 4x6)
  • Envelope 4: Postcard of house from front before repairs, n.d; similar to negative No. 40 (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 5: Postcard of Sullivan Slave House (so-called). Possibly it was Sullivan's law office. View from one corner (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 6: Another view of the house, n.d.; negative No. 41 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 7: Sullivan Slave House, view from front with man in doorway [b&w, 4x5])
  • Envelope 8: Interior of Sullivan House, stairway (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 9: View of Sullivan graveyard and gateway to same (both b&w, 3x5), gravestone of Gen. John Sullivan and wife Margery (taken by W.S. Appleton, 1920) (b&w, 3x4), and two views of the Sullivan monument (b&w, 3x4; and two postcards, color, 4x6)
  • Envelope 10: Two postcards of the Sullivan house (color, 4x6)
Box 1, Folder 41Thompson: Ben; Ebenezer; George; Lucien; Mary P.; John:
  • Envelope 1: Ben Thompson House, ca 1890 (b&w, 4x7)
  • Envelope 2: Same view of house, but taken at a later date; negative No. 51 (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 3: House built by Judge Ebenezer Thompson after 1694, n.d. but probably late 1800s. Lucien Thompson standing in front of house (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 4: Another view of house taken at a later date, 1927 (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 5: George Thompson House (Red House Farm), Durham Point Road, built in 1825. 1910 (b&w, 4x6)
  • Envelope 6: George Thompson House, different view (b&w, 4x6)
  • Envelope 7: Lucien Thompson house (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 8: Mary P. Thompson House, built before 1837. 1910 (b&w, 4x6)
  • Envelope 9: Dea. John E. Thompson house (b&w, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 42Wentworth Garrison, postcard (b&w, 4x6)
Box 1, Folder 43Lemuel Woodman house; Woodman Garrison:
  • Envelope 1: Lemuel Woodman house, (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Woodman Garrison before the fire (b&w, 4x6 and three postcards, 4x6)
  • Envelope 3: Woodman Garrison; negative No. 49 (same shot as above, b&w, 7x12)
  • Envelope 4: Woodman Garrison, different view; negative No. 50 (b&w, 8x12)
Box 1, Folder 44Yeaton-Runlett House, Dover Road, built pre-1846 (b&w photo postcard, 4x6 and b&w print, 5x7)
Box 1, Folder 45Town Pound:
  • Envelope 1: Durham town pound, built ca. 1700, rebuilt 1868, restored 1908 (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 2: Town pound (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 3: Different view, same period as above (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 4: Different view, earlier (b&w, 3x5)
  • Envelope 5: Different view, (b&w, 5x7)
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Panorama of Main St. looking toward Mill Rd. from Thompson Hall tower, ca. 1893:
  • Envelope 1: Main St. and Garrison Ave., Ballard Hall and Dr. Grant's house; negative No. 18 (b&w, 8x10)
  • Envelope 2: Main St. and Ballard St.; negative No. 22 (b&w, 4x8)
  • Envelope 3: Mill Road house and former Durham creamery; negative No. 20 (b&w, 8x10)
Box 2, Folder 2Panorama of Main St. looking toward Nesmith Hall, ca. 1893. Whitchet's Barn, Nesmith Hall, Runlett Store, Meserve coal yard and train station; negative No. 30 (b&w photocopy)
Box 2, Folder 3Main St., Dover Rd., Newmarket Rd. intersection, Oyster River Tavern, Belle Mathes house, ca. 1896; Town Hall triangle (b&w, 4x6)
Box 2, Folder 4Main St. business district, ca. 1930:
  • Envelope 1: Durham business district, ca. 1926; negative No. 11 (2 views, b&w, 5x7 and 4x6)
  • Envelope 2: Durham, Mill Rd. and Main St. triangle, ca. 1935? (b&w, 5x5)
  • Envelope
  • Envelope
  • Envelope
  • Envelope
  • Envelope
Box 2, Folder 5Main St. looking northwest, Morrill hall on left; negative No. 23 (b&w, 5x7)
Box 2, Folder 6McDaniel field, September 1897; President's house [Mathes house] and Charles Wentworth house (b&w, 5x7)
Box 2, Folder 7Newmarket Rd., Oyster River bridge, Ffrost house, Runlett house, Jenkins mill, ca. 1897 (b&w, 8x14)
Box 2, Folder 8Newmarket Rd., Oyster River bridge, Jenkins mill, Rundlett house, ca. 1910; negative No. 16 (b&w, 8x10)
Box 2, Folder 9Newmarket Rd., site of Ffrost store:
  • Envelope 1: Photo ca. 1910; negative No. 17 (b&w, 8x10)
Box 2, Folder 10Newmarket Rd. (non 108), Mill Pond, Oyster River bridge; negative No. 15 (b&w, 8x10)
Box 2, Folder 11Durham Men's Club, first meeting, 1917:
  • Envelope 1: Group photo; 4 prints (all b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope 2: Same group photo and 2 keys (b&w, 5x7)
Box 2, Folder 12"Indian Stone" in Lee cemetary, wall painting in Hill house, unidentified boat dock:
  • Envelope 1: "Indian Stone" in Lee cemetary (b&w, 3x4)
  • Envelope 2: Wall painting in Hill house (b&w, 4x6)
  • Envelope 3: Unidentified boat dock (b&w, 5x7)
  • Envelope
  • Envelope
  • Envelope
  • Envelope
Box 2, Folder 13Postcards, including Dover Point Bridge (four b&w, one color)
Box 2, Folder 14Daguerreotype of Mary Smith, ca. 1893 with copy negative and proof

Subseries B: Negatives

Box 3
Box 3, Item 1James W. Burnham residence (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 2Burnham family (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 3Congregational Church and Vestry, ca. 1892 (copy neg.)
Box 3, Item 4Community Church, vestry separate from church (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 5Community Church (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 6Community Church interior, ca. 1923? (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 7Residence of Albert DeMeritt (copy neg.)
Box 3, Item 8Durham School house, on site of Brick Meeting House (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 9School House, ca. 1900-1910, with children standing outside (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 10Durham Village School, ca. 1900 (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 11Durham business district, 1926 (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 12Ffrost Store on Oyster River (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 13Ffrost Store before 1900 (flex neg. and copy neg.)
Box 3, Item 14Meserve Barn (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 15Newmarket Rd., view looking towards Newmarket (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 16Newmarket Rd. Oyster River bridge, Jenkins Mill, Runlett house, ca. 1910 (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 17Newmarket Rd., site of Ffrost Store, ca. 1910 (glass neg. and copy neg.)
Box 3, Item 18Panorama of Main St. and Garrison Ave., Ballard Hall, Dr. Grant's house (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 19Panorama of Main St. (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 20Panorama view toward Mill Rd. (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 21Panoramic view; church spire in distance, Tower Tavern, Chesley house Mill Rd., ca. 1900, taken from T-Hall tower (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 22Intersection of Main St. and Ballard, ca. 1904 (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 23Main St., looking northwest, Morrill Hall on left (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 24Main St., looking northwest (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 25Map of Durham, April 1901 (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 26Marshall House, photo by C. Moran (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 27Chesley/Mathes house (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 28Parlor of President's house, former Mathes house (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 29Mathes house and stone wall, ca. 1890 (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 30Meserve coal yard and train station, panorama (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 31Ralph D. Paine's house, "Shankhassic" (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 32Ralph D. Paine on Durham Point, "Shankhassic" (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 33Rand Store front and Scony Gas pumps, ca. 1930 (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 34Red tower, Hamilton Smith house (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 35Smith Memorial Fountain (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 36Runlett store and B&M station, ca. 1905 (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 37Runlett's store (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 38Scammell Grange, no. 122 (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 39Scammell Grange, no. 122 (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 40Sullivan house (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 41Sullivan slave house (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 42Sullivan house and slave (cook) house (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 43Sullivan house and slave (cook) house - side view (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 44Sullivan Monument; house visible in background; granite posts mark outline of third meetinghouse (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 45Sullivan "cook house" and home (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 46Sullivan Monument, dedicated 1894; observer unknown (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 47Sullivan Monument and crowd (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 48Sullivan Monument; crowd at dedication, Sept 27, 1894 (glass neg.)
Box 3, Item 49Woodman garrison (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 50Woodman garrison, ca. 1890 (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 51Ben Thompson's house (flex neg.)
Box 3, Item 52Great Bay? (glass neg.)

Subseries C: Oversized Photographs

Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 1Coe-Buzzell House
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 2Benjamin Chesley House (2 photographs)
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 3Woodman Garrison (2 photographs)
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 4Sullivan House, slave quarters
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 5Oyster River at high tide
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 6Boston and Maine Freight House, Runlett's Store; May 8, 1905
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 7Mathes House (later President's house), ATO, 1892
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 8Parlor of President's house [Mathes]; negative No. 28 (2 photographs)
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 9Unidentified landscape, Oyster River at Adams Point?
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 10Pagoda on Oyster River at Adams Point
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 11Main Street, Town Hall Square, ca. 1895
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 12Church and Vestry, ca. 1892; negative No. 3
Oversize Box 1, Envelope 13Smith Garrison
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  • Map of Durham, 1870