Elenore Freedman Collection, 1960-2002

Collection number: MC 339
Size: (42 boxes) (42 cu.ft.)

About Elenore Freedman

Elenore Freedman (b. 1926) has been called the "dean" of educational reform and advocacy in New Hampshire. She graduated with a B.A. in English from Radcliffe College in 1947 and began her career with the formation of a chapter of the League of Women Voters in MA in 1955. Over the years she held many important posts as director, trustee, and consultant to various educational and non-profit organizations in the state of New Hampshire and beyond. Below is a sampling of her important contributions which are reflected in the collection:

  • Executive Director for the NH Council for Better Schools (1957-1969)
  • Assistant to the director of the Center for Educational Field Services & NH School Board Association (1970-1974)
  • Director of the NH Association of School Principals (1974-1988)
  • Director of the NH Alliance for Effective Schools and the NH School Improvement Program (1988-1991)

Ms. Freedman also found time to sing with the Manchester Choral Society, serve as a trustee of the Currier Gallery of Art, and sit on the board of NH Public Television. In 1990 Freedman received the Granite State Award for Outstanding Public Service from the University of New Hampshire, in recognition of her substantial contributions to the quality of education in New Hampshire during the last 40 years. After her retirement in 1991 she founded her own consulting firm to work with schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

About the Elenore Freedman Collection

The Freedman papers consist of 42 boxes of subject files, publications, speeches, correspondence, and similar materials related to Freedman's advocacy for educational quality, funding, and reform in the state of New Hampshire. Most of the materials are subject files generated during her professional career; a small amount of personal correspondence is included. The approximate dates of the collection are 1960-2002.

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Acquisitions Information

Donation of Elenore Freedman, 2002

Collection Arrangement

Collection is listed in order as received; several donations were made over a period of several years.

Collection Contents

Box 1
National Education, 1960s

This box focuses on public education policy and quality on a national level, including reports, publications, conference programs, and works on philosophy of teaching and administration.

Box 2
NH Education 1990s

A few publications continue the material contained in Box 1. The rest consists of newspaper clippings and business correspondence related to New Hampshire education in the 1990s.

Box 3
Currier Gallery, 1970s-1980s

This box contains a brief continuation of the material in Box 2, as well as programs and other internal materials related to the Currier Gallery of Art (Manchester, NH) during the 70s and 80s.

Box 4
Newsletters and Reports, 1960s-1980s

Newsletters and other publications from the New Hampshire Council for Better Schools, as well as national reports on subjects such as school literacy programs and educational funding. Some personnel files are included.

Box 5
Politics and Education, 1970s

Publications and newspaper clippings related to educational legislation on a state and national level during the 1970s.

Box 6
Miscellaneous Files, 1960s-1980s

Raw data for reports, job performance evaluations, Radcliffe Class of 1947 40th reunion, Elenore Freedman speeches, clippings, and misc. information related to New Hampshire schools.

Box 7
NH LEADership Conference

New Hampshire LEADership Conference materials, as well as information on the Manchester schools, workshop notes, speech data, and Maine schools.

Box 8
NHCF and NHSIP, 1990s

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (clippings on school funding controversy of 1992-1993, after Freedman was head); New Hampshire School Improvement Program files.

Box 9

Miscellaneous books; many are from the Currier Gallery dealing with the history of New Hampshire.

Box 10
NH Education in the 1970s

Files on New Hampshire education in the 1970s, including NH School Boards Association and educational legislation.

Box 11
Reports, 1970s-1990s

Reports from the NH Charitable Fund and the Currier Gallery, as well as some files related the Currier.

Box 12
Consulting, 1990s

Consulting activities undertaken by Freedman after her 1991 retirement. Included are several files of clippings on state and national educational politics.

Box 13
Office Files and Publications, 1970s-1980s

Files from the NH School Boards Association, NH Association of School Principals, and others; also conference proceedings and newsletters writing and/or edited by Freedman.

Box 14
Volunteer files, 1990s

Files related to Freedman's involvement with NH Public Television, Manchester Choral Society, Harvard-Radcliffe College Press, the board of the Currier Gallery, and the establishment of the Caroline and Martin Gross Fellowship at the NH Charitable Foundation.

Box 15
Publication and Media

Publications and VHS format video tapes, the latter primarily generated by the Currier Gallery and the Manchester Choral Society.

Box 16
Consulting, 1990s-2000s

Mostly consulting work undertaken for NH SAD 21 including Deerfield, Wakefield, and Rollinsford. Some additional materials relate to teacher certification during the 2000s and Freedman's speech/article ideas.

Box 17
School Leadership, 1990s-2000s

Files from Freedman's time on the Deerfield school board from 1996-2002, and surveys/speeches/correspondence from her work on Jeanne Shaheen's Governor’s Educational Steering Summit 1997.

Box 18
Publications and Ephemera, 1970s-1980s

Currier Gallery bulletins, books on educational philosophy and NH Charitable Fund audits.

Box 19
New Hampshire Education, 1980s-1990s

NH School Improvement Program (NH SIP) files from the 1980s, materials from Freedman's 1990 Granite State Award, and information on NH politics.

Box 20

Misc. publications on NH politics, non-profit organization finances, and several editions of the NH Political Almanac.

Box 21
SIP, 1990s

NH School Improvement Program files, including programming, facilitators, and personnel searches.

Box 22
New Hampshire Education 1960s-1970s

Files from the NH Council for Betters Schools board, state educational conference materials, and materials from the 1976 Bedford community study.

Box 23
LEADership, 1990s

LEADership conferences, speeches, clippings.

Box 24
School Improvement Programs, 1990s

SIP controversies, 1991-1994; files on communications, fund-raising, and computers.

Box 25

Educational administration, identifying special needs students/early intervention, studies on national school.

Box 26
SIP, 1989-1990

School Improvement Program files (budget, governance, annual meetings, board minutes).

Box 27
National Education, 1960s-1970s

National Commission for Support of Public Schools (NCSPS) 1960s-1970s (including fact sheets and office files), NH Association School Principals, 1963 congressional hearings on education.

Box 28
SIP 1992-1993

Reports, legislation, and clippings related to the NH School Improvement Program.

Box 29
SIP and Volunteer Activities, 1980s

Early materials from Freedman's involvement in the NH Charitable Fund (1981-1982); LEADership Conference materials, School Improvement Program (SIP), board materials from the Regional Laboratory for Education Improvement in the Northeast and Islands.

Box 30
SIP, ca. 1980s

NH School Improvement Program board minutes, retreat materials, business correspondence, and other misc. organizational materials.

Box 31
Non-profit Materials, 1980s

Materials from various non-profit organizations with which Freedman was active, including the NH Charitable Fund.

Box 32
Speeches, 1980s

Speech texts and backing data as well as more material from the NH Charitable Fund.

Box 33
Education in the 1960s

Issues in public education during the 1960s, legislation, organizational budgets, and files from the NH Council for Better Schools.

Box 34
Educational Reform, 1980s

Educational reform, including the reactions to Reagan's "A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform" (1983). Some newsletters related to northeast US education are included as well.

Box 35
Organizational Materials, 1980s-1990s

LEADership Conference files, board minutes from the Business & Industry Association of New Hampshire 1980s-1991, Regional Laboratory for Education Improvement in the Northeast and Islands 1985, and other organizations.

Box 36
NH Association of School Principals, 1980s-1990s

Organizational files, publicity, funding, staff evaluations, other internal materials.

Box 37
Conferences and Doctoral Research, 1980s-1990s

Regional Laboratory for Education Improvement in the Northeast and Islands 1986, research materials from a 1988 PhD in Education at UNH, and a Joint Educational Council Excellence Report 1975-1990.

Box 38
SIP Beginnings, 1980s

Early School Improvement Programs and the start of its interactions with the NH state Board of Education.

Box 39
Educational Administration Organization Files, 1980s-1990s

School Improvement Program (SIP), Alliance for Effective Schools, a successful PEW grant written by Freedman, interactions with SRI International 1991-1992, origins of educational programs (SIP?) 1987-1988.

Box 40
Conference and Volunteering, 1980s-1990

Regional Laboratory for Education Improvement in the Northeast and Islands, NH Public Television board minutes.

Box 41
Correspondence, Outreach, Documentation, 1990s-2000s

Correspondence (both personal and professional), lectures given by Freedman, and newspaper clippings.

Box 42
Reform and Consulting, 1990s

Educational reform during the 1990s, national and state educational politics, School Improvement Program (SIP) personnel and politics, consulting activities, and NH women in education and politics.



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