Freshman Camp Files, 1938-2006

Collection number: UA 7/1/10
Size: 10 boxes (3.30 cu.ft.)

About Freshman Camp

Freshman Camp was first held in 1932. Its purpose was to provide an occasion for incoming freshmen to meet a number of the students and faculty at UNH before the academic year began and a chance to become acquainted with opportunities and problems that may await them during their college years. Originally sponsored by the Christian Student Movement and other religious organizations, it eventually became entirely student-run; facilitated by upper-class student counselors and an executive staff of five.

Camp was a four-day event held off campus at a campground in New Hampshire. Throughout the four days, freshman meet with discussion groups that address questions concerning UNH academics, class scheduling, roommates, social life, homesickness, university organizations, and any other questions the freshmen might have. During Faculty Day, Faculty members from the university join camp for an afternoon to discuss academics and answer questions on an informal basis. Sport, skits, shows, and traditional summer camp activities were also part of the Freshman Camp Experience. The organization was discontinued in the fall of 2008 after an investigation into reports of misconduct.

The wagon wheel was the Freshman Camp's logo. The wheel consists of three parts: the rim, the spokes, and the hub. The counselors represent the spokes of the wheel by reaching out and connecting with the freshmen, represented by the rim, with the Exec staff represented by the hub of the wheel.

About the Freshman Camp Files

This series contains the files of the Freshman Camp organization including programs, handbooks for campers, handbooks for counselors, history, executives notes and record and photographs.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], Freshman Camp Files, 1938-2006, UA 7/1/10, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

This first accession was transfered from the Freshman Camp Office, May 22, 1984. The remained was tranferred after the program was discontinued in June 2009.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11938Program
Box 1, Folder 21942Program
Box 1, Folder 31945Program
Box 1, Folder 41946Program
Box 1, Folder 51946Letters to Faculty
Box 1, Folder 61951Handbook
Box 1, Folder 71952Handbook
Box 1, Folder 81953Handbook
Box 1, Folder 91954Program
Box 1, Folder 101954Handbook
Box 1, Folder 111954Letters to Faculty
Box 1, Folder 121955Exec. Info
Box 1, Folder 131955Secretary's Report
Box 1, Folder 141956Handbook
Box 1, Folder 151956Secretary's Report
Box 1, Folder 16 1957Program
Box 1, Folder 171957Handbook
Box 1, Folder 181958Handbook
Box 1, Folder 191958Secretary's Report,
Box 1, Folder 201959Program
Box 1, Folder 211959Handbook
Box 1, Folder 221959Acceptance Letter
Box 1, Folder 231960'sHistory,
Box 1, Folder 241961Letters to Faculty
Box 1, Folder 251962Program
Box 1, Folder 261963Handbook
Box 1, Folder 271964Program
Box 1, Folder 281964Handbook
Box 1, Folder 291964Letters to Faculty
Box 1, Folder 301965Handbook
Box 1, Folder 311965Letters to Faculty
Box 1, Folder 32 1966Handbook
Box 1, Folder 331967Handbook
Box 1, Folder 341968Exec. Info
Box 1, Folder 351970Handbook
Box 1, Folder 361970Letters to Faculty
Box 1, Folder 371970-1971History
Box 1, Folder 381972Handbook
Box 1, Folder 391973Handbook
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11974Handbook
Box 2, Folder 21974History
Box 2, Folder 31975Handbook
Box 2, Folder 41975History
Box 2, Folder 51976Handbook
Box 2, Folder 61976History
Box 2, Folder 71977Letters to Faculty
Box 2, Folder 8 1977History
Box 2, Folder 91978Letters to Faculty
Box 2, Folder 101979Handbook
Box 2, Folder 11 1979History
Box 2, Folder 121980History
Box 2, Folder 131981Handbook
Box 2, Folder 141981History
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11982Handbook
Box 3, Folder 21982History
Box 3, Folder 31983Handbook
Box 3, Folder 41983History
Box 3, Folder 51984History
Box 3, Folder 61984Counselors, Exec's and Advisors-photos (1 of 2)
Box 3, Folder 71984Counselors, Exec's and Advisors-photos (2 of 2)
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11985History
Box 4, Folder 21986History
Box 4, Folder 31987History
Box 4, Folder 41988History
Box 4, Folder 51990Camper's Handbook
Box 4, Folder 61990"The Saga of Camp 1990" (1 of 2)
Box 4, Folder 71990"The Saga of Camp 1990" (2 of 2)
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11991Handbook
Box 5, Folder 2Executive Facebook1991
Box 5, Folder 31991History
Box 5, Folder 41992History
Box 5, Folder 51993Camper's Handbook
Box 5, Folder 61993Counselor's Handbook
Box 5, Folder 71993History
Box 5, Folder 81994Handbook
Box 5, Folder 91994Manual- Executive Board Information
Box 5, Folder 101994Manual- Schedule and Programs
Box 5, Folder 111994Manual- Correspondence
Box 5, Folder 121994Manual- Cards and Notes
Box 5, Folder 131994Conselour Photos
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11995Camper's Handbook
Box 6, Folder 21995Manual (1 of 3)
Box 6, Folder 31995Manual (2 of 3)
Box 6, Folder 41995Manual (3 of 3)
Box 6, Folder 51996Handbook
Box 6, Folder 61996Co-Director's Notes
Box 6, Folder 71996-1998Postcards
Box 6, Folder 81997Handbook
Box 6, Folder 91997Exec. Notes
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11998Handbook
Box 7, Folder 21998Facebook
Box 7, Folder 31998Exec. Notes
Box 7, Folder 41999Facebook
Box 7, Folder 51999Conselour Handbook and Drafts
Box 7, Folder 61999Skit and Drafts
Box 7, Folder 71999Exec. Notes
Box 7, Folder 82000Program
Box 7, Folder 92000Facebook and Draft
Box 7, Folder 102000Conselour Handbook
Box 7, Folder 112000Flyers
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 12001Handbook and Draft
Box 8, Folder 22001Camp Info
Box 8, Folder 32002Handbook
Box 8, Folder 42002Facebook
Box 8, Folder 52002Applications
Box 8, Folder 62002Camp Info
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 12003Handbook and Draft
Box 9, Folder 22003Facebook and Draft
Box 9, Folder 32003Camp Info
Box 9, Folder 42004Handbook and Draft
Box 9, Folder 52004Facebook and Draft,
Box 9, Folder 62004Camp Info (1 of 2)
Box 9, Folder 72004Camp Info (1 of 2)
Box 9, Folder 82004Probation Info
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 12005Handbook
Box 10, Folder 22005Application
Box 10, Folder 32005Camp Info
Box 10, Folder 42006Handbook
Box 10, Folder 52006Facebook
Box 10, Folder 62006Camp Movie and Slideshow
Box 10, Folder 72006Camp Insurance
Box 10, Folder 82007Counselor's Handbook
Box 10, Folder 92007Facebook and Draft
Box 10, Folder 102007Re-Application
Box 10, Folder 112008Facebook
Box 10, Folder 122008Camp Info
Box 10, Folder 132008Alumni Surveys
Box 10, Folder 141996-2000Misc. Photos
Box 10, Folder 152004-2006Newspaper Articles
Box 10, Folder 161981-2007Handbook Covers
Box 10, Folder 171997-2006Certificates and Awards
Box 10, Folder 18Letters From Alumni
Box 10, Folder 19Role of the Spirit Leader
Box 10, Folder 20Misc. Camp Info


Letters & Postcards
Manuscripts & Typescripts
Minutes & Reports
Photographs, Slides & Negatives