New Hampshire High School Underground Newspapers, 1968-1970

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About the New Hampshire High School Underground Newspapers

The social revolution in the United States, or “counterculture,” was in full swing in the United States by 1968. Developing in response to widespread tensions in American society (the war in Vietnam, race relations, sexual mores, women’s rights, traditional modes of authority, and a materialist interpretation of the American Dream), it flowed along generational lines and rejected the conventional social norms of the 1950s. An underground press, including comics and cartoons, was widely influential among the young. The pervasive effect of the counterculture and its literature could be seen and felt in the nation’s high schools, where self-determination and self-expression became rallying cries.

The high school underground newspaper collection includes the first ten issues of what was initially called The Concord Union Leader (from January-December 1969, issues 1-6), and then The Bane (issues 7-10, February-May 1970) produced by students at Concord High School, St. Paul’s, and Bishop Brady High School; the first four issues of The Barnacle, produced between Dec. 1968 and sometime in 1969 by students at Manchester Memorial High School; The Bosheeto produced by New London High School in May of 1968, and Vol. 1 No. 6 of Insight produced at Dover High School. The papers reflect the issues of the day as described above.

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