NH Public Television Papers, 1959-1996

Collection number: MC 340 [Stored Offsite]
Size: (60 boxes) (60 cu.ft.)

About New Hampshire Public Televsion (Channel 11)

Founded by the University of New Hampshire System, New Hampshire Public Television (Channel 11) first aired on 6 July 1959 under as the "New Hampshire Network". The station provides an emphasis on educational and local programming content to residents of New Hampshire through its flagship broadcasting station in Durham. During its initial expansion phase it operated stations in Hanover, Berlin, and a low power station in North Woodstock, but these were shut down during NHPTV's financial crisis in 1981. In 1968 stations in Keene and Littleton were added; these continue to operate along with low power stations in Pittsburgh and Hanover (another low power station in Colebrook was shut down in 2016 when television switched from analog to digital transmission).

New Hampshire Network became New Hampshire Public Television in 1976, still under the umbrella of UNH. In 2011 separated from the University it became a community supported non-profit separate from UNH, governed by a board of directors. This resulted in a loss of state funding. Today NHPTV is the New Hampshire Public Broadcasting System and is funded by the donations of ca. 22,000 members. Its slogan is "Engaging minds. Connecting Communities. Celebrating New Hampshire."

About the New Hampshire Public Television Papers

The New Hampshire Public Television Papers consist of 60 cubic feet of programming files, membership information, board of directors files, material about buildings/towers/equipment, and misc. other organizational files related to the station's history and broadcasting. This collection has been minimally processed; all box dates are approximate.

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This collection has restrictions: Human Resources material in Boxes 37, 38, 39, & 49 requires staff review prior to access.

This collection is housed in the Library Storage Building; access requires 48 hours notice. Please contact the Special Collections staff prior to visiting the library.

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[Identification of item], [Folder Number], [Box Number], New Hampshire Public Television Papers, 1959-1996, MC 340, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donation from NHPTV, after 1996.

Collection Arrangement

Collection is in original order as received - alphabetical by box heading.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Antiques Programs, undated

Subject files generated during antiques-focused programming. Files are alphabetical by type or title of item, e.g., Textiles, Art, Firearms, Glass, Photos, Objects, Furniture, etc. Each file contains photographs, historical paperwork, scripts, and other information about that particular item.

Box 2
Auction Files, 1992-1993

Reports and research on materials donated and auctioned during fundraising for NHPTV. Also included is some broadcasting and phone switchboard materials.

Box 3
Board of Governors Files, 1981-1995

Correspondence, minutes, and annual reports.

Box 4
Board of Governors Files, 1980-1984

Correspondence, minutes, and annual reports. Includes the minutes from the very first B.O.G. meeting in February 1980.

Box 5
Board of Governors Files, 1991-1992

Office files, correspondence, and minutes.

Box 6
Board of Governors Files, 1986-1990


Box 7
Board of Governors Reports, 1969-1995

Reports on various topics, including educational programming at other public stations and annual NHPTV reports.

Box 8
Broadcast Center Files, 1985-1990

Capital expenditure and equipment purchase/maintainence plans.

Box 9
Broadcast Center Files, undated

Several binders marked: Pending Legislation; NHPTV Center Physical Plant/Grounds/Computers; Construction; Correspondence; Furnishings; Budget Committee.

Box 10
Budget, 1990

Fundraising/Budget, membership, mobile unit funding, etc.

Box 11
Budget, 1985-1992

Fundraising/Budget, as well as special program fundraising like the Dr. Who Convention.

Box 12
Budget, 1988-1990
Box 13
Budget, 1990-1991
Box 14
Budget 1988-1991

Including bills and associated expense files.

Box 15
Budget & Finance, 1991-1992

Planning, expenditures, and operating costs.

Box 16
Budget & Finance, 1989-1993

Time sheets, revenue, expenses.

Box 17
Budget, 1992-1994

Direct mailing materials; Budget materials

Box 18
Building Files, 1986

Subject files from construction of the new Channel 11 building in Durham.

Box 19
Campaigning & Budget Drives, 1989

Subject files about fundraising.

Box 20
Coos County Files, undated

Finances, fundraising, legal files, correspondence, feedback from viewers, news, and transmitter information from the stations in Coos County.

Box 21
Educational Services Outreach, 1985-1990

Alphabetical subject files include Alcohol, Drunk Driving, Justice, Drugs, Aging, and various other topics.

Box 22
Educational Services Outreach, 1988-1990

Alphabetical files, including Environmental and Youth programming.

Box 23
Educational Services Outreach, 1985-1990

Alphabetical programming files, including NH Parks, Voting, AIDS, Viet-Nam, and SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving).

Box 24
ITV Enrollment Forms, 1986-1993

Enrollment and employment paperwork generated during NHPTV's remote educational initiatives.

Box 25
Equipment Files, 1988-1990

Comprehensive information about the various types of equipment owned and operated by NHPTV, from computers to photocopiers to station towers on Saddleback Mountain.

Box 26
Granite State Challenge, ca. 1985-1989

Files from NHPTV's popular Granite State Challenge quiz show for schools from across New Hampshire.

Box 27
Granite State Challenge, 1987-1988

Press releases, schools involved.

Box 28
Granite State Challenge, undated

Planning files for school involvement.

Box 29
Granite State Challenge, 1990-1991

Forms and organizational materials for the 1990-91 school year season.

Box 30
Granite State Challenge, undated

Blank forms, organizational materials, school selection files.

Box 31
Major Gifts, ca. 1990-1994

Organizational binders for how to handle and acknowledge major gifts of stocks, etc.

Box 32
Membership & Office Files, 1978-1990

Projections, policies, membership drives, and planning.

Box 33
New Hampshire Public Broadcasting, 1977-1981

Legislation, incorporation, bylaws, annual meeting materials, and the like.

Box 34
New Hampshire Public Broadcasting, 1978-1983

Annuel meetings, membership dues, programming, direct mailings, and fundraising.

Box 35
Office Files, ca. 1980-1985

Planning for the new building in Durham - pre-1985 files (it was built in 1985). Architectural, technical, subcontractor, and other files.

Box 36
Office Files, ca. 1987

Workers, job fairs, programming, budget materials.

Box 37
Office Files, 1990

Human resource files, equipment, programming, credit applications.

Box 38
Office Files, undated

WUNH (UNH's student radio station), physical plant files, human resource materials, antenna information, computerization.

Box 39
Office Files, 1990-1991

Advertising, physical plant, human resources proceedures, NHPTV goals for the 1990s.

Box 40
Office Files, 1991

Membership, equipment, Board of Govenors, Affirmative Action files, station licensing.

Box 41
Office Files, 1985-1988

Annual banquets and scholarship information.

Box 42
Office Files, 1988-1991

Participant releases for dubs of programming recordings.

Box 43
Office Files, 1982-1989

Program guides 1982-1989, Reading Rainbow Ratings, taxes, cartoons about public broadcasting, printing direct mailings, and the 1986 Challenger space shuttle tragedy.

Box 44
Office Files, late 1980s

Broadcast transcripts and logs from the late 1980s.

Box 45
Office files, early 1980s

Broadcast transcripts and logs from the early 1980s.

Box 46
Office Files, ca. 1985-1993

Calls with politicians, subject files, transcripts and broadcast schedules.

Box 47
Office Files, 1990-1992

Auction and membership drive materials for those years, as well as some programming including Ken Burns' series on the Civil War and his one on Baseball (produced by NHPTV).

Box 48
Office Files, 1989-1990

More files related to the baseball and Civil War series, as well as audience surveys of programming, discrepancy reports, and financial reports.

Box 49
Office Files, undated

Human Resources applications, banking information, underwriting/underwriters information.

Box 50
Office Files, 1990-1996

Corporate and trade agreements, underwriter surveys.

Box 51
Office Files, 1993-1996

Corporate materials, thank you materials, budgets

Box 52
Pledge Drives, 1987-1991
Box 53
Pledge Drives, 1985-1988
Box 54
Public Relations Materials, 1980s

Including mailing lists, direct mailings, photographs.

Box 55
Program Files, ca. 1983-1985

Mostly from the nature-themed "Up Close & Natural" series.

Box 56
Program Files, 1984

Programming (Dr. Who, UNH hockey, Dracula, dogs, historical books, and other topics), as well as Channel 11's 25th anniversary.

Box 57
Program Files "Show", undated

Transcripts, events, and information about various programs, filed by title.

Box 58
Program Files "Show", undated

Transcripts, events, and information about various programs, filed by title.

Box 59
Program Files "Show", undated

Transcripts, events, and information about various programs, filed by title.

Box 60
Program Files "Show", undated

Transcripts, events, and information about various programs, filed by title.

Box 61
Program guides, undated
Box 62
Program guides
Box 62
Seabrook and clamshell, undated
Box 63
volunteer hours, undated
Box 64
tear sheet, newspaper clippings


Letters & Postcards
Manuscripts & Typescripts
Newspapers & Publications
Photographs, Slides & Negatives