Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Boston Branch, 1848-2012

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Size: (10 boxes) (10 cu.ft.)

About the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Boston Branch

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Boston Branch was formed in 1950 and was both the first branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society established outside the United Kingdom and the first branch in North America.

About the RSCDS Boston Branch Papers:

The collection, which has been minimally processed, consists of various organizational materials relating to the Boston Branch of the RSCDS, including by-laws, minutes, event materials, such as the annual Highland Ball, photographs, publications and recordings. The arrangement described below reflects the current contents of the boxes and is not necessarily intended as a final organization.

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This collection is open.

This collection is housed in our offsite storage facility. Please contact the archive a minimum of 48 hours in advance for access to the materials.

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[Identification of item], [Folder Number], [Box Number], Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Boston Branch Papers, 1984-2012, MC 203, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donations, RSCDS, Boston Branch, Boston MA, 2009-2013 (accession numbers: 2009.12; 2013.18)

MC 280 George Fogg Collection

MC 288 Pinewoods Camp Collection

Collection Arrangement

The collection is organized into four series: Papers, Photographs, Publications, and Audio-Visual Materials. A partial original order was maintained.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Papers, 1948-2013

(6.5 cu. ft.)

Subjects include Cambridge Scottish dance classes, highland balls, camps, RSCDS in the US, Executive committee and other committee minutes, programs, Jeannie Carmichael, RSCDS-BB, some dances and music materials, and various serial publications (Tartan Times, The Independent, others).

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Cambridge Class Contracts
Box 1, Folder 2Cambridge class committee history
Box 1, Folder 3-20Binders: Cambridge Classes 1991-2001
Box 1, Folder 21-24Boston Branch Teaching Committee Minutes & Correspondence, 1963-1989
Box 1, Folder 25TAC Weekend, Worcester 1980
Box 1, Folder 26Music Committee 1987-1988
Box 1, Folder 27Burns Night Programs 1979-2004
Box 1, Folder 28Burns Night Flyers 1976-2005
Box 1, Folder 29-30Burns Night Reports 1983-1994
Box 1, Folder 31Burns Night Newspaper articles
Box 1, Folder 32-49Boston Highland Ball 1992-2006
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1-25Boston Highland Ball 1968-1991
Box 2, Folder 26RSCDS North America Directory
Box 2, Folder 27Boston Branch History 1948-1973
Box 2, Folder 28SDCEA Articles of Organization, 1987
Box 2, Folder 29RSCDS Bylaws
Box 2, Folder 30RSCDS Boston Branch booth at the 1976 Whole World Festival
Box 2, Folder 31Whole World Festival budget summary
Box 2, Folder 32History of the Scotch Bluebonnet of the Highlanders, 1958
Box 2, Folder 33Partial Newspaper Clipping, Highland Games 1960?
Box 2, Folder 34Evelyn Murray - Scroll award, 2000
Box 2, Folder 35RSCDS welcome fliers, 1976-77
Box 2, Folder 36Boston Branch workshop with Paul Sarvis, 1972
Box 2, Folder 37Boston Branch Budget for 1987 NEFFA food booth
Box 2, Folder 38RSCDS Tokyo branch newsletters, 2000. Photographs of Jean Milligan gravesite
Box 2, Folder 39Music Weekend 1974-1975
Box 2, Folder 40Music Weekend 1976
Box 2, Folder 41Tenth Anniversary materials, 1960
Box 2, Folder 42Branch Party Flyers, c. 1986-1993
Box 2, Folder 43Event fliers, 1986
Box 2, Folder 44Dances: Hadrian’s Wall, Skullduggery. Correspondence, 1957
Box 2, Folder 45Boston Branch demonstration team materials
Box 2, Folder 46Scottish Country Dance Logo materials
Box 2, Folder 47RSCDS Annual General Meeting materials, 1999
Box 2, Folder 48Jean Milligan materials. Obituary - correspondence
Box 2, Folder 49Hamish kidnapping message and clues
Box 2, Folder 50Jeannie Carmichael - memorial materials, photograph
Box 2, Folder 51Muriel Gibson - obituary
Box 2, Folder 52Kay Jacobs - clippings - photograph - programs - correspondence
Box 2, Folder 53-55Semi Annual General Meeting Minutes, 1964-2005
Box 2, Folder 56-58Annual General Meeting, 1957-2006
Box 2, Folder 59-60Boston Branch packets – classes – memos, 1988-2004
Box 2, Folder 61Outside publicity
Box 2, Folder 62-72Executive committee minutes, 1990-2000
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1-19Executive committee minutes, 1972-1990
Box 3, Folder 20-32Pinewoods, 1954-1977
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1-21Pinewoods, 1978-2006
Box 4, Folder 22-33Boston Branch committee minutes, 1950-1971
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1-4Executive committee minutes, 1966-1977
Box 5, Folder 5-13Unpublished dances and music
Box 5, Folder 14-17Membership directories, 1953-2006
Box 5, Folder 18-50"Tartan Times," 1956-1996
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1-10"Tartan Times," 1996-2006
Box 6, Folder 11-1750th anniversary project
Box 6, Folder 181950s era scrapbook
Box 6, Folder 19-22Hal Robinson scrapbook
Box 6, Folder 23Cambridge class Basic Level notebook 1991-1994
Box 6, Folder 24Ball programs 1973-1985
Box 6, Folder 25-38Concord, MA class records 1950-1989
Box 6, Folder 39-53Jeannie Carmichael papers
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1The Independent – Jan 2, 1983
Box 7, Folder 2Ball programs, 1974-2006
Box 7, Folder 3-5Boston Branch events, 2008-2013
Box 7, Folder 6-10Tartan Times, 2007-2012
Box 7, Folder 11-12Executive minutes, 2008-2013
Box 7, Folder 13Annual and Semi Annual General Meeting minutes, 2008-2013
Box 7, Folder 14Boston Branch class information and mailings, 2008-2013
Box 7, Folder 15Celebrate 50 Years of Scottish Dance – Submissions
Box 7, Folder 16-31Boston Highland Ball, 1980-2012
Box 7, Folder 32Boston Highland Ball nametags
Box 7, Folder 33Dissertation – Devin Shepard McLachlan, 1996

Series 2: Photographs, 1952-2006

(0.5 cu. ft.)

Photographs of Scottish dancing at NEFFA, Highland Balls, and Scottish country dance parties.

Box 7
Box 7, Folder 34NEFFA Demo, Worcester 1952
Box 7, Folder 35Scottish Dance Team 1961
Box 7, Folder 36Northampton SCD party, 1990
Box 7, Folder 37From Concord SCDS Book IV, 1991
Box 7, Folder 38Intermediate Workshop, Salem, Nov 18, 1995
Box 7, Folder 39-42Highland Ball, 1999
Box 7, Folder 43Highland Ball, 2000
Box 7, Folder 44-46Highland Ball, 2006

Series 3: Publications, 1948-2012

(3.0 cu. ft.)

Scottish dance music, dances, indexes, and related materials. Some of these may be duplicated in library's catalog.

Box 8
Published Scottish dances and music
Box 9

Box 9 contains the following materials:

  • Published Scottish dances and music, continued
  • Indexes to Scottish dances
Box 10

Box 10 contains the following materials:

  • Scottish Dance/Scottish culture publications
  • Scottish Dance Periodicals: Scottish Country Dancer magazine, Oct. 1949-Spring 2006

Series 4: Audio-Visual Materials, 1952-2010

(2.0 cubic feet)

Recorded lectures, dances, and commercial music recordings in several formats, along with the RSCDS Boston Branch's certificate of Incorporation from 1950 (box 12).

Box 11
Audio Visual (Mostly Digital)

Box 11 contains the following materials:

  • VHS Tapes – RSCDS Boston 50th anniversary celebration; First Lady of the Dance; Highland Ball, 2000
  • DVDs – RSCDS Concert, November 13, 2004; RSCDS Demonstration Team, November 8, 2008; RSCDS Concert, November 7, 2009
  • DAT tapes – RSCDS Boston 50th anniversary celebration
Box 12
Audio-Visual (Analog) & Incorporation Certificate

Box 12 contains the following materials:

  • Film Reel 1: “Mrs. McLeod”; Film Reel 2: “River Cree”
  • Reel-to-reel tape: “St. Andrews Summer School 1963 Pre-Recorded tape.” Jean Milligan lecture
  • C-60 1: Side A: Mina Corson, Folk to Boston, Teachers at Tea, 10/51/75; Side B: Mina Corson, Talk to Boston Teachers, 10/15/75
  • C-90 2: Side A: Bill Clement, 14 July 89 Pinewoods; Side B: Pinewoods SCD Orch. 15 July 1981
  • C-60 4: “Tartan Stew” - Ralph Thompson, Sylvia Miskoe, Ralph Jones, R.P.Hale, Cal Howard
  • CDs: Boston Branch Project, September 28, 1999; Celebrate Fifty Years of Dancing With the Boston Branch RSCDS (2 copies); Pinewoods 2010
  • Framed Document: Certificate of incorporation for the Scottish Country Dance Society of Boston, Massachusetts, Inc., May 8, 1950
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