Stevens, Patrick, Collection, 1992-2019

Collection number: MC 331
Size: (7 boxes) (2.0 cu.ft.)

About Patrick Stevens (1953-2007)

Patrick Stevens was an architect by trade, as well as a leader of New Hampshire's Seacoast dance scene during the 1980s-2000s. He was a prolific and award-winning photographer, capturing vivid images of dancers and musicians at local dances, NEFFA, and Star Hampshire. These images are complimented by many hours of painstakingly labeled audio tapes of live dances. He was also a caller, and organizer of such influential ongoing events as the Star Hampshire Traditional Music and Dance Weekend on the Isle of Shoals. This festival began in 1992 and continues to be held annually on Star Island, Rye, N.H. Through his tireless organizational efforts and friendly inclusiveness of all dancers both new and experienced, Patrick left an indelible positive mark on the dance community which continues to be felt to this day.

About the Patrick Stevens Collection (1992-2019)

The Patrick Stevens Collection contains organizational records for the Star Hampshire Traditional Music & Dance Weekend between 1992 and 2018. These records are followed by two boxes of artistic photographs of that festival and many other local dance events. Finally there are ca. 100 audio tapes containing live recordings of some of the finest contra dance callers and musicians from the late 1980s to the 2000s.

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[Identification of item], [Folder Number], [Box Number], Patrick Stevens, 1992-2019, MC 331, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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Donation by Penny Reynolds, 2018

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Collection is in original order as received.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Papers and Photographs, 1992-2019

(1.33 cu. ft.)

Boxes 1-2 contain organizational materials for the Star Hampshire Dance Weekend, including rosters, evaluations, schedules, musician information, and correspondence. Boxes 3-4 contain photographs of Star Hampshire and other events in local dance halls. Most photos were taken by Stevens; some are the work of others.

Box 1
Star Hampshire Dance Weekend Materials, 1992-1998
Folder 1Star Hampshire 1992
Folder 2Star Hampshire 1992, continued
Folder 3Star Hampshire 1993
Folder 4Star Hampshire 1994
Folder 5Star Hampshire 1995
Folder 6Star Hampshire 1996
Folder 7Star Hampshire 1996, continued
Folder 8Star Hampshire 1997
Folder 9Star Hampshire 1998
Box 2
Star Hampshire Dance Weekend, 1992-2016
Folder 1Star Hampshire 1998
Folder 2Star Hampshire 1999
Folder 3Star Hampshire 1999, continued
Folder 4Star Hampshire 2000
Folder 5Star Hampshire 2001
Folder 6Star Hampshire 2001-2002
Folder 7Star Hampshire 2002
Folder 8Star Hampshire 2004
Folder 9Star Hampshire 2005 evaluations
Folder 10Star Hampshire 2005
Folder 11Star Hampshire 2006
Folder 12Star Hampshire 2006 continued
Folder 13News coverage of Seacoast dances, 2007
Folder 14Star Hampshire Rosters, 2010, 2012, 2014
Folder 15Star Hampshire Time Capsule, 1992-2016
Box 3
Star Hampshire Photographs, 1997-2005
Folder 1Star Hampshire Photographs 1997
Folder 2Star Hampshire Photographs 1998
Folder 3Star Hampshire Photographs 1999-2000
Folder 4Star Hampshire Photographs 2000-2001
Folder 5Star Hampshire Photographs 2002
Folder 6Star Hampshire Photographs 2003
Folder 7Star Hampshire Photographs 2004
Folder 8Star Hampshire Photographs 2005
Box 4
Dance Photographs, 1994-2007
Folder 1NEFFA & RPDLW, 1994-1996
Folder 2RPDLW, 1997-1998
Folder 3RPDLW, 2003-2005
Folder 4Star Hampshire 1992 (1st). Dance photographs (Madbury Town Hall; Kittery Grange; Lamprey River Band; Maple Sugar Band, Mt. Agamenticus, NEFFA): 1992-1994.
Folder 5Star Hampshire (2nd), Lamprey River Band, 1993
Folder 6Star Hampshire, other dances, 1994
Folder 7Dance in celebration of Donna Maglin
Folder 8Star Hampshire, 1996
Folder 9Rod & Randy Miller, house concert, 2001
Folder 10 RPDLW Dudley Laufman Retrospective materials, 2007
Folder 112018 Star Hampshire materials (roster, welcome letter, schedule); Star Island Waltz (written for Patrick Stevens by Gayle Giovanna, 2004)

Series 2: Audio Tapes, 1995-2006

(0.66 cu. ft.)

Audio cassette tapes recorded at live music and dance events. Some are unedited, while others are compilations of callers and events.

Box 5
Recorded Dances, Ca. 1995-2006

This box includes various years from the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend 1990-2004, Star Hampshire Dance Weekend ca. 1994-2006, the Lamprey River Band at the Kittery Grange Hall in the early 1990s, NEFFA festival contras from the early 1990s, and well-known bands such as Swallowtail, Moving Violations, Old New England, Rodney Miller's New England Chestnuts, Nightengale, and recordings of Patrick Stevens himself calling. Ca. 60 cassette tapes.

This box is stored with the audio-visual materials in Room 104.

Box 6
Recorded Dances, Ca. 1996-2006

This box includes the Lamprey River Band at the Kittery Grange, dances at Kensington, Peterborough, Star Hampshire ca. 2000, NEFFA 1999, and Wild Asparagus, Yankee Ingenuity, Fresh Fish, Wake the Neighbors, Scrod Pudding, Reckless Abandon, Swallowtail, Nightengale, Latterday Lizards, among others. 18 cassette tapes.

This box is stored with the audio-visual materials in Room 104.

Box 7
Recorded Dances, Ca. 1997-2006

Cassettes including NEFFA, Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, and various live dances called by Ralph Sweet, Tony Parkes, and others. Also included are tapes of house concerts given by Larry Unger. Two thumb drives of digital photographs are stored in this box. 13 cassette tapes.

This box is stored with the audio-visual materials in Room 104.