Student Television Network Programs, 1981-1986

Collection number: UV 7/1/1
Size: 5 boxes (4.33 cu.ft.)

About the Student Television Network

The Student Television Network began as the Student Videotape Network in 1974. The purpose of the STVN was to provide interested students with an opportunity to gain practical and educational experience with small format television. The STVN attempted to provide UNH with quality television centering on activities on campus and campus topics.

About the Student Television Network Programs

This series contains tapes of various STVN programs. The tapes are in various formats -- reel-to-reel and early videotapes -- which may need special equipment to view.

This collection is housed in the Library Storage Building and will need to be requested for viewing.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], Student Television Network Programs, 1981-1986, UV 7/1/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Thesse records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

The STVN Constitution, clippings, equipment inventories and other records relating to the STVN are filed under UA 7/1/1 and are housed in the archives.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Tape 13/1/86UNH vs. Northeastern (basketball)
Box 1
Box 1, Tape 21986Sportsbeat 3/5/1986; Perspectives #I-Spring 1986
Box 1
Box 1, Tape 319831982-83, UNH Hockey Review
Box 1, Tape 4undatedMaster Football tape
Box 1, Tape 512/4/86URI vs. UNH-tape 1 (basketball)
Box 1, Tape 612/4/86URI vs. UNH-tape 2 (basketball)
Box 1, Tape 712/4/86URI vs. UNH-tape 3 (basketball)
Box 1, Tape 8undatedUNH vs. Lehigh
Box 1, Tape 9undatedUNH vs. Lehigh
Box 1, Tape 10undatedUNH vs. Northeastern-tape 2 (basketball)
Box 1, Tape 11undatedUNH vs. Northeastern-tape 3 (basketball)
Box 1, Tape 12undatedHomecoming
Box 1, Tape 13undatedSTVN Commercials
Box 2
Box 2, Tape 1undatedEdited Symphony Topics
Box 2, Tape 219841984 Christmas Special
Box 2, Tape 3undatedHerb-Burger King
Box 2, Tape 44/10/1986Broadcast Panel-Alumni Center-tape 1-April 10, 1986
Box 2, Tape 54/10/1986Broadcast Panel-Alumni Center-tape 2-April 10, 1986
Box 2, Tape 69/9/86Audio Auditions-September 9, 1986
Box 2, Tape 7undatedSTVN Mobile Unit
Box 2, Tape 8undated"And Through It All" (Soap Opera Episodes)
Box 2, Tape 9undated"And Through It All" (Soap Opera Episodes)
Box 2, Tape 10undatedLa Cruelle Nudiste
Box 2, Tape 11undated"Things People Want To Know"
Box 2, Tape 12undated"Garp" part 1
Box 2, Tape 13undatedUniversity Topics
Box 3
Box 3, Tape 1undatedPerspectives "New" (Opening!)
Box 3, Tape 2undatedPerspectives opening
Box 3, Tape 31984-1985Perspectives #2 and #3 Semester I (1984-1985)
Box 3, Tape 4undatedPerspectives 1; Perspectives 2
Box 3, Tape 5undatedPerspectives 3-"The Big Deal", "Shanty" and "Outback"
Box 3, Tape 6undatedIntro-Perspectives III
Box 3, Tape 7undatedPerspectives 3
Box 3, Tape 8undatedPerspectives 3 and 4
Box 3, Tape 9undatedPerspectives #1 1)Springfest 2)Registration
Box 3, Tape 10undatedSVR edit
Box 3, Tape 11undatedBerlin Final
Box 3, Tape 12undatedMilitia Piece
Box 3, Tape 13undatedGordon Haaland
Box 3, Tape 14undatedApartheid
Box 4
Box 4, Tape 1undatedFoundation and Analysis
Box 4, Tape 2undatedGeorge F. Kaufman; Strawbery Banke
Box 4, Tape 3undatedUniversity Probation Piece
Box 4, Tape 42/13/1986Line on 55
Box 4, Tape 5undatedLat Rot-World
Box 4, Tape 6undatedHeadline News 2
Box 4, Tape 7undatedStar Fields; If I Had a Rocket Launche
Box 4, Tape 81985Topics #3; Topics #4 1985
Box 4, Tape 9undatedPromos
Box 4, Tape 10undatedAncient News Shows
Box 4, Tape 111983News Show-3/16/1983 to 4/26/1983
Box 4, Tape 12undatedHeadline News
Box 4, Tape 131982-1983News 1982-83
Box 4, Tape 141983News 4/1983-1/1983
Box 5
Box 5, Tape 11981News Show-Fall 1981
Box 5, Tape 21981News Show 1981
Box 5, Tape 31982News Show-2/11/1982
Box 5, Tape 41983-1984News Show 11/16/83-1984
Box 5, Tape 51982News Show-9/1982-10/1982