6 Ways to Get Involved

February 12-16, 2024, marks the 9th annual international celebration of Love Data Week!
The theme this year is “My Kind of Data.”

What is Love Data Week?

Love Data Week is a week-long global celebration hosted by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). The celebration aims to foster engagement with data, promote data literacy, and highlight the importance of data in various research fields. It's a unique opportunity for students, researchers, and professionals to come together, celebrate their love for data, and expand their data horizons.

My Kind of Data

The theme "My Kind of Data" celebrates the individuality of our data experiences. Explore the ways in which different disciplines, industries, and individuals interpret and leverage data to create meaningful impact. While our relationships with data may be unique, "My Kind of Data" also emphasizes the power of shared interests. Connect with others who share similar research interests, challenges, or goals during Love Data Week, fostering data community and collaboration.

6 Ways to Get Involved
  1. Attend Love Data Week Events 
    ICPSR has a calendar of events where you can find and attend online workshops and talks. We are hosting our own Love Data Week event Crafting Effective Data Management Plans for Your Research on Thursday, February 15 from 12:40 – 2 p.m. on Zoom. Registration is free!
  2. Join #CaptionTheChart 
    Participate in Love Data Week’s #CaptionTheChart where each day a new graph or chart is featured on social media. We will be sharing our own #CaptionThatChart posts on our Instagram and X (Twitter) pages, too! Comment on our posts with your unique captions using #LoveData24 and #UNHLovesData!
  3. Adopt a Dataset from ICPSR 
    Participate in ICPSR’s yearly Adopt a Dataset Program, where you can bring a dataset to life and share your findings! Review available datasets, select one, and share what you learn using #LoveData24 #UNHLovesData. Be sure to tag @ICPSR and @UNHLibrary! 
  4. Explore Citizen Science Projects 
    Discover your research passion by joining a citizen science/community science project! Check out projects at UNH Extension or explore Citizenscience.gov or Zooniverse.org, to see hundreds of citizen science projects. Get involved and explore the world around you through scientific research. Are there other citizen science/community science projects on campus we should know about? Let us know @unhlibrary Instagram or X using #LoveData24 #UNHLovesData
  5. Play Some Games 
    Take a break and have some fun with data-themed word searches, choose your own Research Data Management Adventure, and an online escape from a data horror room!
  6. Showcase Your Data Story 
    Embrace this year’s theme by showcasing your data story—whether it's a project, research findings, or a creative endeavor.  Share how "Your Kind of Data" contributes to the broader narrative of data exploration and understanding. Use #LoveData24 #UNHLovesData and tag @LoveDataWeek and @UNHLibrary!

Love Data Week is all about exploring, learning, and embracing your love of data. Follow @unhlibrary on X (Twitter) and Instagram and share your love of data using the hashtags #UNHLovesData and #LoveData24. For more information about Love Data Week at UNH visit our Love Data Week guide.


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