Browne Center Files, 1968-2004

Collection number: UA 17/28
Size: 6 boxes (1.85 cu.ft.)

About Browne Center

The Browne Center is an experiential education campus operated by the University of New Hampshire, which offers team-centered programming to assist organizations and individuals in their quest for excellence. The center is located on a 103-acre wooded sanctuary and includes two meeting facilities: a retreat-like seminar building and a yurt, a large circular structure that offers space for gathering and reflection.

The Browne Center was named for Evelyn Browne (1915-1994), a visionary leader with a drive for excellence and an ability to bring out the best in people.

Evelyn “Ev” Browne had a passion for teaching others the value of living in balance with nature. Her love for the outdoor life brought her to the University of New Hampshire in 1943 to teach horseback riding and riflery. She remained at UNH and taught various skills and topics until her retirement in 1981. Her accomplishments were many. As a beloved teacher and activist, she educated community members and organized a movement that prevented Aristotle Onasis from building an oil refinery in Great Bay. Later in her life, Ev was instrumental in the establishment of the Great Bay National Estuary Research Reserve.

About the Browne Center Files

These files cover the establishment of the Browne Center and some of its programs and operations.

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[Identification of item], Browne Center Files, 1968-2004, UA 17/28, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

This collection was transferred to the archives from the Browne Center office in 2005

Evelyn Browne Papers, 1961-1995. UA 17/18

Separated Material

Maps: Knight Lot, aerial photo and topo map; Bid Package seminare building; nautical chart Great Bay and Browne Center. Located on top of map case D.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Correspondence and Publicity, 1984-2004

Series includes letters and emails that document the inception of an outdoor education center and some of the objections to it. The series also includes brochures and pamphlets that advertise the Browne Center.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11984-85Correspondence: Evelyn Browne
Box 1, Folder 21994Correspondence: Evelyn Browne
Box 1, Folder 31986-1999Miscellaneous Documents and Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 41993 and 1999Newspaper Articles
Box 1, Folder 51994Letters and Correspondence (Land proposal, bid package)
Box 1, Folder 61995Correspondence: Dennis Meadows
Box 1, Folder 71994-1999Correspondence: Fish and Games
Box 1, Folder 81999Correspondence: Candace Corvey
Box 1, Folder 91997Letters of appreciation and complaint
Box 1, Folder 101997-1998 Yearly Report and Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 111998-2004Emails and Letters amongst co-workers
Box 1, Folder 121991Thank you Letters
Box 1, Folder 131992-1993Articles of Appreciation
Box 1, Folder 14variousBrowne Center Brochures
Box 1, Folder 151993-1994Evelyn Browne Correspondence and Information
Box 1, Folder 161982-1987Articles about Fireside
Box 1, Folder 171993-1994Publications and thank you letters
Box 1, Folder 181993-1995Promotional Materials

Series 2: Finances, 1992-2004

Series includes information about the finances of the Browne Center including but not limited to deed descriptions and quarterly fiscal reports. The series also includes some correspondence concerning the finances of the Browne Center.

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11992-1996Grant Proposals
Box 2, Folder 21993Outward bound and Action Learning Center problem
Box 2, Folder 31993-1994Deeds and Taxes
Box 2, Folder 41993-1997Browne Center Finances
Box 2, Folder 51994-1995Preliminary Cost Estimate
Box 2, Folder 61995Correspondence in regard to taxes
Box 2, Folder 71996Letters and Correspondence- Brown Center Client/ Income overview
Box 2, Folder 81996-2002Fiscal Year Quarter Reports
Box 2, Folder 91997Yurt Materials and information (including finances)
Box 2, Folder 101998-2001Revenue for the Browne Center Charts
Box 2, Folder 1120044th Quarter Fiscal Report
Box 2, Folder 121987Deed Description for Evelyn Brown and Knight Lot
Box 2, Folder 131994Projected revenues and costs for the proposed in-door ropes facility

Series 3: Easement and Land Expanding Documents, 1968-2000

Series includes documents regarding the various land expansions that have occurred since the opening of the Browne Center, the Easement debate as well as information about the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11968State of NH Tax on Transfer of Real Property
Box 3, Folder 21987Legal Paperwork (portion of premises with reference/deed)
Box 3, Folder 31988Letters and Correspondence Conservation Easement Deed
Box 3, Folder 41989Draft: Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Management Plan
Box 3, Folder 51994-2000Fish and Game Easement Documents
Box 3, Folder 61994-2000Fish and Game Easement Documents
Box 3, Folder 71996-1998Proposed Road Extension
Box 3, Folder 81997Eight Facts about the Browne Center and the Easement (4 copies)
Box 3, Folder 91998NH Revised Statues Annotated
Box 3, Folder 101998-2000Correspondence regarding Easement
Box 3, Folder 111999Browne Center Contract

Series 4: Buildings, Proposals and Construction, 1984-1996

Series includings building proposals and blueprints of the Browne Center as well as Construction bills and information.

Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11984Reports of proposed outdoor center- Draft Management plan
Box 4, Folder 21987,1997,2001Browne Center Maps
Box 4, Folder 31993Proposals for next step in the development of Center for Action Learning (ALC)
Box 4, Folder 41993Correspondence in regards to Action Learning Center
Box 4, Folder 51993-1995Building Designs
Box 4, Folder 61993-1995Septic System and Composting Toilets- plans and costs
Box 4, Folder 71994Maps, Letters/Correspondence Exhibits
Box 4, Folder 81994Browne Center Opening
Box 4, Folder 91994-1995Yurt blueprints and construction documents
Box 4, Folder 101995Barnett Memorial
Box 4, Folder 111995Propsed High Elements Building Photos
Box 4, Folder 121995Building Addition Information
Box 4, Folder 131995-1996High Element building construction plans
Box 4, Folder 141997Yurt Insulation Information
Box 4, Folder 151997Yurt Article
Box 4, Folder 161994, 1997Browne Center Maps
Box 4, Folder 171995-1997The Yurt Foundation

Series 5: Browne Center Management, Programs and Committees, 1984-2002

Series includes information and correspondence on the different Committees and programs within the Browne Center. Along with Staff manuals, information on ropes course, lists of guests and safety statistics there are multiple folders in regards to the management at the Browne Center.

Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11984-1999Outdoor Education Center and other Committees’ paperwork
Box 5, Folder 21986Draft Interim Report to Gordon Haaland from the Steering Committee
Box 5, Folder 31987-1998Information on UNH Rope course
Box 5, Folder 41984-1986Yurt Guest Log Book
Box 5, Folder 51988-1990Yurt Guest Log Book
Box 5, Folder 61992-1993Teamwork Committee
Box 5, Folder 71993The Browne Center list of Staff and Visitors
Box 5, Folder 81993Agreements; Attachments; Exhibits and appendix
Box 5, Folder 91993Information on Excellence in Outdoor Education
Box 5, Folder 101994Mission, Goals and Strategic plan
Box 5, Folder 111994Action Learning Center Administrative
Box 5, Folder 121995-1996Browne Center Management
Box 5, Folder 131997-2001Browne Center Meeting Notes (Environmental, strategic planning etc.)
Box 5, Folder 142000Staff Manuel
Box 5, Folder 152002Browne Center Information Packet on Programs
Box 5, Folder 162001Safety Statistics
Box 5, Folder 171995Orienteering Maps
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1no dateDocuments in regards to UNH Outdoor Education Program and Outdoor Learning

Series 6: "From Dream to Reality: Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve with Easement Papers", 1970-1989

These contents of these folders were contained in a box with the title "From Dream to Reality: Great Bay National Estuarine Research" written on the lid. They appear to have been the personal property of Evelyn Brown and document the establishment of the Great Bay The series includes correspondence, newspaper articles and informational packets about the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and the easement.

Box 6
Box 6, Folder 21987-1989Documents about the National Estuarine Reserve Research System
Box 6, Folder 31970-1989Documents about the land easement