Guide to the Charles "King" James Scrapbooks, 1880-1930

Collection number: UA 8/3/1
Size: 2 and 1 oversize boxes (3 cu.ft.)

About Charles "King" James

Charles James was born in Earl's Barton, Northhamptonshire, England in 1880. He was educated at University College in London from 1899-1904. He came to the United States in 1906 and was asked to join the faculty at the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts as Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the same year. He went on to become head of the Chemistry Department in 1912 and remained in that position until his untimely death from cancer in 1928. He became internationally known for his work in the rare earths and for discovering several new compounds.

About the Charles "King" James Scrapbooks

This series contains two scrapbooks prepared by Marion E. (Templeton) James, wife of Charles James. The first scrapbook consist of letters and photographs that Charles received from people all over the world. Most of the letters refer to his work as a chemist and most request samples he had prepared. The scrapbook was in poor condition and has been taken apart and the material placed in folders in their original order.

The second scrapbook is a timeline of Charles' life that was complied by Marion James for their daughter, also named Marion, who was a young girl when her father died. The scrapbook is in its original binding, some of the items have become loose and it is very fragile.

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[Identification of item], Charles "King" James Scrapbooks, 1880-1930, UA 8/3/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

This collection was donated by Prof. Marion James, daughter of Charles James, August 20, 1979

Collection Arrangement

The series is divided into two subseries: Subseries I: Scrapbook 1: Professional life; Subseries II: Scrapbook 2: Personal life.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Scrapbook: Professional life, Aug. 1907-1929

(1 box)

The contents of Scrapbook 1.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Charles James - Portrait
Box 1, Folder 2Charles James, the Chemist by B.S. Hopkins
Box 1, Folder 3Charles James - Photographs
Box 1, Folder 4Laboratory photographs
Box 1, Folder 5Aug. 1907William Ramsay portrait
Box 1, Folder 61900-1915Correspondence with William Ramsay
Box 1, Folder 71899-1913Correspondence with William Crookes
Box 1, Folder 81913Correspondence with G. Urbain
Box 1, Folder 9L'Affinite' Chimique by G. Urbain, Professeur de Chimies a la Sorbonne
Box 1, Folder 101915-1921Correspondence with other British Chemists: F.G. Donnan
Box 1, Folder 11ca. 1914Correspondence with other British Chemists: H. Mosley (killed at Galipoli)
Box 1, Folder 121908Correspondence with other British Chemists: Henry Bassett
Box 1, Folder 131910Correspondence with other British Chemists: J.R. Mines (killed when experimenting)
Box 1, Folder 141912-1913Correspondence with other British Chemists: Edward C. Cecil Baly
Box 1, Folder 151913Correspondence with other British Chemists: H.F.V. Little
Box 1, Folder 161914Correspondence with other British Chemists: Leplure
Box 1, Folder 171912-1915Correspondence with other British Chemists: R.W. Gray
Box 1, Folder 181913Correspondence with other British Chemists: Raphael Meldola
Box 1, Folder 191904-1912Correspondence with other British Chemists: Cecil H. Desch
Box 1, Folder 201927Receipt for subscription to the Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland
Box 1, Folder 211911-1912Correspondence with other British Chemists: W.M. Hicks
Box 1, Folder 221906-1912Correspondence with other British Chemists: K.A. Burke
Box 1, Folder 231923Correspondence with other British Chemists: Gordon
Box 1, Folder 241919Correspondence with other British Chemists: Edward Cahan
Box 1, Folder 251925Correspondence with other British Chemists: G. Morgan
Box 1, Folder 261910Correspondence with other British Chemists: J.W. Mellor
Box 1, Folder 271911-1917Australia: Correspondence with W. Terment Cooke
Box 1, Folder 281913Australia: Correspondence with S. Radcliff
Box 1, Folder 291912-1924Australia: Correspondence with T.H. Laby
Box 1, Folder 301913Correspondence from Holland: F.M. Jaeger
Box 1, Folder 311924-1933Correspondence from Holland: J. Zernicke
Box 1, Folder 321911From Germany: Sitzungsberichte der Konglich Preuessischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Box 1, Folder 331911-1913Correspondence from Germany: R.J. Meyer
Box 1, Folder 341912-1924Correspondence from Germany: C. Richard Bohm and Otavi-Minen und Eisenbahn-Gesselschaft
Box 1, Folder 351911Correspondence from Austria: J.M. Eder
Box 1, Folder 361926-1927Correspondence from Asia - Calcutta, India: P.B. Sarkar
Box 1, Folder 371913Correspondence from Asia - Turkey: A.O. Arozian
Box 1, Folder 381920-1921Correspondence from Asia - [Korea] sic. Japan: I. Katayama
Box 1, Folder 391919-1920Correspondence from Asia - Calcutta, India: R.L. Datta
Box 1, Folder 401912-1926Correspondence from Canada: J.C. Cain and unidentified writer
Box 1, Folder 411923-1924Correspondence from Trade Commissioner and Deputy Trade Commissioner in the Office of the High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa
Box 1, Folder 421904-1905Correspondence from South America - Sao Paulo, Brazil: Decby; Eugene Hussack
Box 1, Folder 431909-1925American Chemists: Theodore William Richards
Box 1, Folder 44Notes for a letter written by Charles James
Box 1, Folder 451920-1926Fund Research
Box 1, Folder 46Publications, list of
Box 1, Folder 471926Publications: correspondence from Karl T. Compton
Box 1, Folder 481915-1952Publications: correspondence from Arthur Lamb, Editor of Journal of American Chemical So
Box 1, Folder 49Publications: The Separation of Rare Earths by C. James
Box 1, Folder 501927Publications: Contract with the Chemical Catalog Company
Box 1, Folder 511928Correspondence with H. Monmouth Smith regarding purchase of tulip bulbs
Box 1, Folder 521911-1919Ramsay Memorial Fund Committee
Box 1, Folder 531908-1921Supplying Chemicals for Medical Research
Box 1, Folder 541909-1926Supplying Chemicals to Laboratories
Box 1, Folder 551924Portrait of Hans Mannhardt
Box 1, Folder 561924Correspondence from Hans Mannhardt and Charles Parsons
Box 1, Folder 571928Proposed cooperation with Professor Hopkins
Box 1, Folder 581908-1928Speaking Engagements
Box 1, Folder 591914-1921Requests for job references
Box 1, Folder 601927Correspondence from John H. Gerould regarding membership in a chemical society
Box 1, Folder 611915-1929Newspaper articles
Box 1, Folder 621911-1924Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity and Phi Kappa Phi
Box 1, Folder 631922Correspondence from S.L. Swasey and mineral sample
Box 1, Folder 64James Hall on the University of New Hampshire campus photographs
Box 1, Folder 651922Group photo of the meeting of the Northeastern Section of American Chemical Society at Durham
Box 1, Folder 661916Offer of a position, Univ. of Illinois
Box 1, Folder 671911Personal announcement of Prof. Parsons's coming resignationn
Box 1, Folder 681912Announcement of Nichols medal
Box 1, Folder 691917-1928College Contracts
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Commercial Chemistry: Price List Rare Compounds
Box 2, Folder 21921-1922Commercial Chemistry: Consulting Chemist for Western Electric Company
Box 2, Folder 31925-1926Commercial Chemistry: Consulting Chemist for Bell Telephone Laboratories
Box 2, Folder 41916-1918Commercial Chemistry: Consulting Chemist for Foote Mineral Company
Box 2, Folder 51924Commercial Chemistry: Consulting Chemist for Bureau of Mines
Box 2, Folder 6August 8, 1928, Letter from A.D. Mackay requesting information on chemical/metal prices and availability.
Box 2, Folder 71911-24Supplying samples to the Welsbach Light Company
Box 2, Folder 81925Work for Union Carbide and Carbon Research Laboratories
Box 2, Folder 91928-1930Patent
Box 2, Folder 101917Business Venture - Nursery
Box 2, Folder 111926Obtaining compounds from the Christiana Minekompani

Series 2: Scrapbook: Personal life, 1880-1930

(1 oversize box)

Scrapbook 2 includes family photos, letters, postcards from his travels abroad, early campus and his hobbies, which included beekeeping, stamp collection, raising orchids and delphiniums.